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Great Dutch Prospects


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Tim BREUKERS Is a RB/RM who players for Heracles Almelo In the Eredivisie he is considered more of a RM because of his attacking mentality. This attacking role that he has adopted has gained him many assts and a high profile at the club because of his raw quality down the right flank he has become a regular for his team. halve way through last season the Eredivisie (Dutch league) was reviewed he got a rise of 6 to 80 since then he has started most of the games and has established a permanent first team place guaranteeing hm games next season. A typical RB at his club is rated 83 so i would predict a rise of 3

SM Rating:80

Predicted Rating:83


Breukers team mate is Bas DOS he is a year younger than Breukers making him just 20 years old he has worked his way to a semi-first team place starting 15 games and achieving 12 subs and scoring 3 goals although at first glance it does not seem much for a player rated 80 on SM but Heracles Almelo's top FWD is rated 83 and has 18 starts 9 subs and 5 goals compared to Dos his starts are not that much better but is rated 3 more. I would personally rate Dos the same as Everton (the top FWD for Heracles Almelo)

SM Rating:80

Predicted Rating:83

both rises may seem small but both players are creating allot of transfer interest with other clubs and i would not be surprised if I saw them playing for a new club this coming season where they will have allot more room to grow.

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