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Gillingham Rise To The Top EC99:

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Re: Gillingham Rise To The Top EC99:


The Gills Get There Man!

Today at around 1:15pm Gillingham named Roy Keane there new manager the team is in need of a manager for some time and are 17th in Div 3 the team has new oners and new managment Roy Keane has been told by his new boss thay will fund him in any way posible and has given him 30M to spend this season and will rise that to 35M if he can keep them in Div 3 this season he is looking to get a new keeper and Antonis NIKOPOLIDIS is most likly to fill that position also he is looking to bring in Newcastle striker Mark VIDUKA for around 2M this is what the manager had to say on his new team:

"I am happy that Gillingham came to me with such a new hope of some cups in the up coming years the team is a good bunch of lads and now I hope we can show Kent and all to over big citys Gillingham is comeing so get redy I have 30M but only plan on spending 5M this season as I think a lot of teams will be relising some Free Agents next season so good luck to all managers but I now have to go and set up traning."

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Re: Gillingham Rise To The Top EC99:

All the best...in leading Gliingham to glory against all odds!:D

thanks I plan on triying to get them to div 2 next season or in the up coming 2 seasons but no 30M is a good amount of cash and have to spend it well so 5M every season on new players is what I will do.

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