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Who should i buy?


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I just got pormoted from division 4 to division 3 and need to redevelop my squad so it can compete there.

This is my current squad:

VAN DER SAR, Edwin Gk 38 94 £662k

CASTILLO, Edgar LB/LM 22 88 £6.4M

ROJAS, Oscar LB/RB 27 88 £5.3M

SANTON, Davide RB/LB 18 86 £5.7M

RAFAEL, Pereira da Silva RB/RM 18 86 £5.7M

CHIELLINI, Giorgio CB/LB 24 94 £10.5M

MALDINI, Paolo CB/LB 41 91 £10k

ORTIZ, Fernando CB 31 88 £3.8M

SÁNCHEZ, Carlos Alberto CB/DM 29 83 £2.4M

DIAKITE, Mobido CB 22 80 £2.0M

ISELLA, Edoardo CB/LB 28 80 £1.5M

CERDA, Guillermo CB 25 78 £1.2M

KONTOGIANNIS, Lampros CB/DM 20 76 £787k

VALENZUELA, Juan Carlos Def/DM 25 86 £4.7M

SILVA, Juan Carlos LM/CM 21 86 £5.3M

TOSIC, Zoran LM/AM 22 86 £5.1M

FELIPE MELO, Carvalho CM/DM 25 91 £7.9M

GAGO, Fernando CM/DM 23 91 £8.4M

COLLISON, Jack CM/LM 20 85 £4.8M

MARTINEZ, José Joaquin DM 22 75 £517k

BAPTISTA, Julio AM/Fwd 27 91 £7.1M

GIOVINCO, Sebastian AM/Fwd 22 88 £6.4M

GONZÁLEZ, Renato AM 20 74 £351k

FIGO, Luís Wing/AM 36 89 £1.2M

BEAUSÉJOUR, Jean Wing/Fwd 25 87 £5.3M

NSEREKO, Savio Wing/Fwd 19 84 £4.3M

STOCH, Miroslav Wing 19 75 £563k

PATO, Alexandre Fwd 19 92 £10.3M

MÁRQUEZ, Daniel Omar Fwd 23 76 £722k

NEYMAR, Silva Fwd/AM 17 76 £853k

HOARAU, Guillaume CF 25 89 £6.5M

MACHEDA, Federico CF 17 80 £2.3M

I have a current budget of like 16.5 mil but by selling all those players i should get around 39 mil.

I plan on selling the ones in green.

It's a very uncompetitive setup so any player is an option really.

I'm looking to buy players that have a good chance of rising.

Also if there is any droppers in there please let me know.

I am looking at buying an RB, CB, RM/W, F/CF and maybe a CM if i have any money left.

Currently i'm looking at

MOUTINHO, João (91 rated) would cost 20 mil approx

Glen JOHNSON (89 rated) would cost 11 mil approx

Heiko WESTERMANN (91 rated) would cost 15 mil approx

Mirko VUCINIC (91 rated) would cost 14 mil approx

They all add up to around double my budget and i am aware of this and don't even fill al the position. I could also sell Giovinco for cash.

So i need an RB, CB/DEF, RM/W, F/CF and maybe CM.

Can anyone help.

(RM/W, CB/DEF and F/CF are the priorities)

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