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Aarrgghh, injuries


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In EC 3706, my Everton side faced Bolton Wanderers at home, in was highly expected to be an easy walkover 4/5-0 tonight.


69% 31%

Total Shots

16 16

Shots On Target

12 10


10 9

Yellow Cards

2 2

Red Cards

0 0

The game ended 1-0 to Everton (phew) but resulted in 3 injuries :eek:

Two to me, with Lescott out for 6 days with a broken foot and Jagielka out for 9 days with bruised ribs. Luckily, I have cover for these players (Baines for Lescott LB) (Evans for Jagielka CB)

However, we are in the middle of the cup/shield fixtures, and will be pushing the depth of my squad to the edge.

Could the stats above ^^ be justified.

My team

Av Rating Av Age Av Value

90 26 £6.6M

Bolton side

Av Rating Av Age Av Value

88 28 £4.4M

Anyone else have any awful days, where you saw the dreaded 'new player news is now available' (I had 2). At least I won, and am second on goal difference to Man U, with 26 points from 11 games.

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Re: Aarrgghh, injuries

This thread is full of similar hard luck stories, some of which are more severe than what your side suffered :eek: :


The two sides displayed are not too far apart in terms of average rating so the match stats do not surprise me too much (it's not unusual for a side dominating possession to end up creating the same number of chances as one with less possession). But as you've said, the main thing is that you won, your players suffered minorish injuries and you have adequate cover :)

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Re: Aarrgghh, injuries

Whilst possession is good, a lot also depends on the formations and tactics....eg short/fast/attacking will generate lots of shots however your attackers will shoot at distance whereas a more reserved approach like short/slow will hopefully keep possession and therefore hopefully your forwards will get shots when closer to goal, improving your chances of scoring.

Injuries can be a pain (excuse the pun) however as Smartdoc says, we've all been there and we've all lost players, indeed including red cards I've lost 3 players before in a match.(ouch!)

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Re: Aarrgghh, injuries

Injuries are so unrealistic in the game. Kolo Toure broke his foot during tonight's match' date=' and will be out for... [b']1 day[/b]. What is he, Wolverine??? :eek::D

Heh Heh Wolverine Toure, the bionic man, shrugs off broken foot in 24 hours. I was at Eastlands yesterday and he had a good game, although I wouldn't guess he was superhuman.

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