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Official Sky Bet Championship Thread


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Heard the name Andre Gray before on SSN, Brentford striker...... £9m to Bristol City. Thought to myself.... Andre Gray? That name sounds familiar..... yup.... its the same Andre Gray that 5 years ago couldn't even make it into the Shrewsbury League Two side, released, ended up playing at Telford and then Hinckley. Chraaaazyyyyy!

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Re: Official Sky Bet Championship Thread

Last time ill get to post about Norwich here for at at least a year so well done canaries, would have preferred Boro mind.


So maybe it will come to pass and i can start teasing Gordon about Norwich back here in only a year as i had hoped hehe.


What a final day script, Boro vs Hove. Really hope Boro ome up automatically, was rooting for them last year, always had a softspot as they were a prem league when i discovered EPL as a young boy and The might Mark Viduka was there slaying it. rough on the one who misses out as they are a long way ahead of 4th but those the breaks.

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Come on the owls. A mate down here in tasmania goes for them, and its rare anyone born down here doesnt support a Global team like Arsenal , United etc. Will be so happy for him if they get up.


That said, #ARSHUL if the tigers get back up at the emirates next year, always a great hashtag.

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