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New EC - Wednesday 15 July

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New English Championship

Hello everyone, i was wandering if you would be interested in joining a new EC going to be made on Tuesday at 5PM and try and get it quite full and make it exciting. Once a lot of people have joined i hope to make a "Knockout Cup" similar to the one in this league for all to enjoy. This would give you an opportunity to start a team similar to EC106 but being able to start the team the way you want it a competitive setup.


I have got a lot of people interested and would love to see you competing in this league.

EDIT: We will attempt to go for the first one made at 5PM on Tuesday.

If one is not made at 5PM then we will try at 6PM.

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Re: A new English Championship! 5PM Tuesday.

I would love to have you in the league.

Mention to all: Of course with it being a EC i have no control on what team you get. you have to be there when its created for your ideal club.

Sure :). Just try to put the correct time (5 PM or 6 PM) a couple of hours before you create it. That way I won´t miss it.

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Re: A new English Championship! 5PM Tuesday.

I would like to remind all people interested in the setup.. that it will be hopefully starting in 3 hours to remind to be on at 5PM.

Good luck to all hoping to get their clubs.

ok i will keep everyone up dated on the setup it will hopingly be made between 5 and 8

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