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'Retro' English Championship Club Challenge

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Re: 'Retro' English Championship Club Challenge


Selby Keen to get Burnley, Moving in the Right Direction

Season 4, is now underway and Burnley Manager has responded to his critics, who have in recent times slated Selby's manegerial style, and criticised his desire to get Burnley moving places in the third tier of English football. Burnley have had a recent slump of form, as the second half of Season 3 was more losses than wins, and took Burnley's hopes of promotion away from them at the last minute. However, it seems that Selby has took a step in the right direction with his public announcement of wanting to make the club move in the right direction. Selby stated the following:

I understand where the ideas for the many stories circulating about my lack of desire to take this club places, or whether i am fully interested in managing the North West outfit, but i can't tell you enough how much this club means to me. Not only is this club an integral part of my Career, but a major part of my life. I am here to do a job, and i feel that in the last six months, the effort hasn't been put in on my account as much as it possibly could have been. This is a public declaration, that i plan on taking Burnley back to the second, and top tier of English Football within the next three seasons minimum, and i want to make The Clarets the driving force of English Football within the next few years.

Also Selby, in his first press conference since the end of Season 3 was asked about whether he planned on any changes at the club. It's commonly discussed around Burnley according to sources on when Selby will choose to add to the current squad, and turf out, 'dead wood' within the squad. Many parts of the media used the idea of Selbys squad age, along with it's size to criticise his manegerial style, but when questioned on the topic of transfers this is what, the experienced manager had this to say:

I'd like to make it known i'm prepared to do what's best for the club. This could pave the way for some transfers, and i will make sure you, the fans and followers of this very club will be updated at all costs. My aim within the next few days, and weeks is to cut the squad down, and free up some cash resources in order to bring in some new faces. We do have some cash currently at the club, and this had been used in deals which are to be announed within the next few days. But more will also join, so don't have any underlying worries over transfers.

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Re: 'Retro' English Championship Club Challenge


An Insight into Burnley F.C, English Championship 1234

Burnley F.C started in English Championship 1234 in March 2008, however were unmanaged until May 2008 when somebody took over for their first season. Despite having a good chance of staying up Burnley were relegated into the third division and have stayed there since Season 2. Up until i took over which was mid-way through Season 3, Burnley have been managed by at-least three managers, however only one bought any players to strengthen the squad, so season after season the finances have been building and when i took over Burnley had a transfer budget of just over £20M. This enabled me to go out and buy some youth, however i missed out some big risers due to the time i took over. Regardless of this, i have earned lots of money on players rising and many have become the backbone and an integral part of my squad. My Burnley are part of an active championship, and i'm slowly begining to build the squad up with risers and quality players to make a team with an average age of under 25, and a rating over 87ish. I hope to build the squad into a team full of 90 ratings and more by Season 5, and this even at an early stage is a work in progress. It's not been easy to do, as the club's average age was very old, but i have combatted this problem, and reports will follow of players leaving Turf Moor, and younger talented players joining within the next few days. Thanks, and i hope this has given anybody a good insight into My Retro, English Championship Club. Thanks, Mr.MCFC. P.S - Please could i ask if you want to be apart of this, do not take a club in this game-world as i would like some privacy to be able to boost my squad without any ongoing bidding wars by budding managers. Please feel free though to take a club in a different EC, and then begin to post. Please only post, if you plan to continue it and post the progress of your teams.

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Re: 'Retro' English Championship Club Challenge

EC 832


Winston vowes to dedicate time to QPR

Welsh manager, Dai Winston has told fans of QPR that he will be making up for his neglect of the team this season and will prove he is the man to take them to Premiership glory.

Rangers are having quite a terrible season and sit safe, but just outside the relegation zone due to a lack of attaention from their manager. It would be such a waste of the talent that has been assembled at the club. Only five games remain this season so next campeign will see Ranger's really take the division by storm.

QPR went through back to back promotions from division two straight to the Premiership. They are yet to make an impact on this division yet. The squad is amazingly good and Winston feels that they are more than good enough to challenge.

The squad:


The Yougsters:



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Guest Toggs

Re: 'Retro' English Championship Club Challenge


Toggs Eyes Rochdale Success

As Toggs'es Rochdale continue too rise up the division, Toggs promises the 'Dale fans sucess both in the league and transfer-wise. Since his arrival in Decemeber last year, he has enjoyed a promotion, and now 2nd place in Division Three of English football.

The transfer side of things aren't looking bad either. Toggs' looks set too attract the likes of
Nemanja Vidic, Samuel Eto'o, Javier Mascherano, Silva Dani Alves & Ronaldinho
too the club aswell as a whole host of world-known players.

Too do so, Toggs will have too sacrifice his vast 95 man squad, including first team and risers too accomidate for the changes, that would leave the Rochdale first team around 20 players strong.

Toggs already has the likes of
Guiseppe Rossi, Gerard Pique, Alvaro Arbeloa, Florent Malouda, Juan Manuel Mata & Sebastian Eguren
but all of these along with a host of others will be sacrifised for the 'Rochdale Galaticos'.

First Team


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Re: 'Retro' English Championship Club Challenge

Cardiff team Going well. - EC1005


Chazza's Cardiff City team who are currently at the top of Division 4 are sailing ahead of the opposition clubs. Cardiff are yet to lose in Division 4 under Chazza and have signed new players such as Pedersen, Jenas, Zanetti and Riise. The club are moving forward under Chazza's managerial efforts to get to division 3.

A first team of which is still under maintenance is starting to take shape and looks like is helping the club move forward has actually shown a new life to Cardiff City Football club. After having to get rid of many players to make space for new players, Chazza admitted that he may have sold good players but needed money for the new Better ones.

Cardiff hope that the current success will keep them top and will take them up.

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Guest Toggs

Re: 'Retro' English Championship Club Challenge

66_1202947790.gif 5-2 65_1195397108.gif

Rochdale Outclass Helpless Reading

G.Hulk (10, 14, 21)

N.Romaric (40)

D.Renato (80)

C.Metzelder (13)

N.Anelka (77)

MoM: Givanildo Viera Hulk

Arguably the biggest rivalry in the setup was played in front of nine thousand at Spotland last night. Two rivaled managers in Toggs & Luke Dent played out one of the most thrilling games of the season.

Hulk's eleven minute hat-trick contributed too Rochdale's crushing victory. Renato & Romaric also got on the score-sheet, both of the goals coming from Malouda corners. Reading did provide some resistance, with Metzelder & Anelka scoring either side of the break, but it proved not enough.


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Guest Toggs

Re: 'Retro' English Championship Club Challenge

35_1197522314.gif 0-4 66_1202947790.gif

Lafita & Rossi Rip Apart Hartlepool

A.Lafita (4, 89)

G.Rossi (10, 56)

MoM: Guiseppe Rossi

A magnificant Rochdale performance saw them move three points clear at the top of division two. Braces from Spanish winger, Lafita & Italian striker, Rossi gifted Rochdale a convincing win.

Lafita and Rossi both scored in the first ten minutes. Hulk the added too the Hartlepool woe's nine minutes after half-time, with the goal of the match. Twisting around in the box, the Italian weaved around and then found the bottom left corner with the inside of his foot. Lafita scored a fourth for Rochdale late on.

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Re: 'Retro' English Championship Club Challenge

This Weeks Results: 13-19th July 2009

Burnley fall to Defeat at The New Den

Wednesday 15th July 2009

The New Den (20,146)


flags_of_Switzerland.gif Massimo Busacca


Milwall 2 - 1 Burnley

Álvaro Gonzalez (1)

Augusto Andrez Mendozo (79)

Javier Pastore (82)

Burnley lost their second league game of the season to lower league rivals Milwall in an un-convincing victory. Starting in a 3-5-2 formation, Burnley started to attack from the opening whistle, but Milwall scored within the first minute, after a stray attack from Burnley resulted in keeper, Gaston Monzon being caught off his line and Álvaro Gonzalez lobbed the keeper from long range to put Milwall one nil up. The score-line stayed at 1-0 till half-time, and looked as if it was going to stay at this scoreline right until the final whistle due to both team's attacks, failing at the first hurdle. But a breakthrough was found on the 79th Minute, with Augusto Andrez Mendozo slotting the ball with pace past Monzon in the Burnley goal-mouth. However, three minutes later, what turned out to be a consolation goal was scored by Argentinian Javier Pastore scoring from a free kick set-piece.

Final Score: Milwall 2 - 1 Burnley

Slight Improvement for Burnley at Doncaster Rovers

Saturday 18th July 2009

Keepmoat Stadium (15,231)


flags_of_Uruguay.gif Jorge Larrionda


Doncaster 2 - 2 Burnley

Paul Green (57)

Mario Balotelli (67)

Chris McCann (69)

Paul Heffernan (71)

Burnley's third match of the season was another away trip to Doncaster Rovers, at the Keepmoat Stadium. Burnley were looking for a win, and began attacking from the openign whistle, providing the most amount of shots on goal recorded all season. However, with some great goalkeeping from the Doncaster shot-stopper, Burnley failed in all goal-scoring attempts, and at half-time the score was at a goal-less stalemate. As the second half kicked off, Doncaster also had a try at going for victory, and on the 57th Minute, Paul Green for Doncaster scored from a Corner to put the Rovers 1-0 up. However, their short lead wasn't kept for long as on the 67th minute, Super Mario, Mario Balotelli put the score back to 1-1 with a low effort beating the Doncaster shot-stopper. And within two minutes, it was 2-1 now, for Burnley with Chris McCann getting the all important goal to send Burnley ahead. But then to dampen Burnley's moods the score was back to 2-2 with Paul Heffernan scoring a contreversial goal. The scoreline stayed at 2-2 despite Burnley's efforts to get the winning goal

Final Score: Doncaster Rovers 2 - 2 Burnley

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