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English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread

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Re: English Championship 3951 - Transfer/Gossip thread


Scorgie lanunched a scathing attach on teams playing weakednd teams.

Lewis scorgie has said when teams played weakend teams they ruin the spirit of the cup and most of them smaller teams go out so there are very rarelly cup-sets..

He also launched an attach on refs Chief Hugh Dallas as the standard of refereeing is dropping considerably.


He also said he expects his team to go and win the league because again the standard is so poor it is though manager Scorgie comments will get him a fine but he wasn’t finished there as he launched an attack on nearest rival Mk dons boss Sean Campbell they haven’t been best friends shall we say a Scorgie has suggested that Campbell is neglted his team and that is why they are losing ground. He was also at christmas party and got very drunk and has already got a £1' date='000 fine for his behave while drunk he had got a some managers for not doing deals.

He said he brian sanndls team go down as he is a hopeless manager and is lucky to still be in a job and doesnt no were he has managed to get all this money. He also said the notts forrest owners are man city will all that money being pumped in they wnat intstead succes and lewis scorgie said he was one in a long line of mangers that has been contcated despite the fact that brian sandalls is still manager of notts forrest[/b']

Charlton's Decline


The above Article is what has tipped Charlton, Since then there fortunes have turned to the worst. Still in Division 3 languishing in mid-table when they should up there challenging. All due to the ref's hatred of Scorgie. But everyone else seems to love Guradiola. Just 4 days ago he received a job offer from Aston Villa. He is widely expected to rejected the offer but you just don't know in football. Hugh Dallas was recently sacked by the SFA and took a post as the Head of English refereeing which infuriated the Charlton manager. And sure enough Charlton result has started to be negative ones. They look to be a slippery slope but will Alitdore save them again?

Scorgie's interview seems to have been true as Mr. Sanndalls and Mr. Campbell have both left there position at there clubs.


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