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Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

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Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Just seen this

From the press thing last night

It was closed doors

Here are some updates from it

UAV is still the reward for 3 kills. 4 kills gives you a care package, giving you a random reward
5 kills gives you a remote contol missile, controlled via a laptop.
Players can unlock emblems, a bit like in SF4. "If you're really into riot shields, you'll unlock a lot of riot shield titles." Opponents will see these in games.
Tonnes of new weapons and attachments. Heartbeat sensor appears top be one. FAMAS also spotted as one new weapon.
Shotguns can have silencers! Oh my....
Right bumper doesn't have to have grenades. Can have throwing knife, blast shield or semtex.
New perk spotted on screen.... commando = increaed melee range.
Can't shoot while using riot shield, plus it's slow to swap. But it stops bullets for you.
New feature.... Deathstreaks. Once you die a few times, a perk kicks in. "Copycat", for example, lets you steal an opponent's class setup once they've killed you four times.
When you use the riot shield, it obscures the bottom quarter of the screen and you move more slowly.
One guy us dual wielding SMGs.... Can't tell what kind,
Another new perk... "Bling". Not sure what it does yet.
"Bling" gives you two primary weapon attachments.
Weapons I have seen include: SPAS-12 shotgun, Colt 44 Magnum, FAMAS and UMP 45. I'm pretty sure you the UMP was the gun I saw being dual-wielded earlier.
Sniper rifles can now be fitted with suppressors. “Run and gun” players may not like the change

If i find more

I will post

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Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

After ages of having no decent game releases it seems theres a good few coming up' date=' that I have to get. This, Halo 3: ODST, Fifa 10 and NFS Shift. Will be on xbox live again soon it looks like, definitely taking my Xbox to college now xD[/quote']

If you have an Xbox don't get NFS Shift get Forza Motorsport 3, it is supposed to be the best racing game ever and is releaed around the 23rd of October:)

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Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

- Perk Slot 1

Perk Name: Marathon

Perk Ability: Infinite Sprint

Pro Perk Upgrade: Marathon Pro

Pro Perk Ability: Mount over obstacles faster

Perk Name: Sleight of Hand

Perk Ability: Faster Reloading

Pro Perk Upgrade: Sleight of Hand Pro

Pro Perk Ability: Ability to aim down the sights quicker.

Perk Name: Scavenger

Perk Ability: Full resupply from dead enemies.

Pro Perk Upgrade: Scavenger Pro

Pro Perk Ability: (N/A)

Perk Name: Bling

Perk Ability: 2 primary weapon attachments.

Pro Perk Upgrade: Bling Pro

Pro Perk Ability: (N/A)

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Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

- Perk Slot 2

Perk Name: Stopping Power

Perk Ability: Increased bullet damage.

Pro Perk Upgrade: Stopping Power Pro

Pro Perk Ability: Extra damage against helicopters

Perk Name: Lightweight

Perk Ability: Move faster.

Pro Perk Upgrade: Lightweight Pro

Pro Perk Ability: (N/A)

Perk Name: Hardline

Perk Ability: Killstreaks acquired in 1 less kill.

Pro Perk Upgrade: Hardline Pro

Pro Perk Ability: Deathstreaks acquired in one less death.

Perk Name: Cold-Blooded

Perk Ability: Undetectable by UAV, Air Support, Sentries & Thermal.

Pro Perk Upgrade: Cold-Blooded Pro

Pro Perk Ability: (N/A)

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Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

- Perk Slot 3

Perk Name: Commando

Perk Ability: Increased melee distance.

Pro Perk Upgrade: Commando Pro

Pro Perk Ability: (N/A)

Perk Name: Steady Aim

Perk Ability: Increased hip-fire accuracy.

Pro Perk Upgrade: Steady Aim Pro

Pro Perk Ability: (N/A)

Perk Name: Scrambler

Perk Ability: (N/A)

Pro Perk Upgrade: Scrambler Pro

Pro Perk Ability: (N/A)

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Re: Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

can u tell me some of the perks casue i cant see it

yh sure

sleight of hand

stopping power

bling ( two gun attachments)

steady aim


hardline (1 less kill to get a kill streak)

lightweight (move faster)

coldblooded( unssen by uav's)

theres a new feature called death streak

if you have a death streak of 4 there is a perk where you can copy the guys perks and gun so u can then use them.

theres more equipment

throwing knives

blast shield

tactical inversion (can spawn where u want)

but you need to watch the video to be as amazed as i am lol

if you write www.gametrailers.com you will find alot more videos on gameplay, gamemodes etc

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