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PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

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I don't know why SM don't review this league.

Portoguese Liga (+ Holland) has finished one month ago and SM review now brazil, uruguay and others who are playing in these days... :huh:


We play 4 seasons in one year and it's boring to wait some +1, +2, +0.5  :lol:


I'm also very curious to know when the League will be reviewed. Maybe after the Euro?...



But so do Nigeria, Mali, Mexico - great at that level but boys arent becoming men. Obviously a coaching issue.


Portugal just cannot produce in numbers top goalkeepers, defenders or centre forwards.


The center forwards are an historical problem, and nowadays it is even surreal! The best that we have for the NT is Éder. With all my respect to him, he is a professional trying to do his best, but we really have a problem there.


And in my opinion defenders will come next: Pepe 33, Ricardo Carvalho 38, José Fonte 32, Bruno Alves 34.


As long as doubtful quality foreign players keep on coming for cents, in order to valuate them fast and then resell, the good quality Portuguese young players will not have a chance. Nothing against quality foreign players, they are good for the League.

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Its not a league question but the national team, who do ye think will rise after the euros win  


Tough to judge quality in an international tournament, but:


Most of the players are at a deserved rating atm. 


If at all I had to rise players I would give a +1 to Guerreiro on the back of his Dortmund transfer and a great tournament, and a +2 to Renato Sanches. 

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Honestly, what in the bloop are SM up to? How about review Portugal and Holland already. The new season is about to begin for crying out. Pathetic.

Yeah, it's ridiculous. I like signing young players to see them develop but it's becoming pointless if SM don't increase their rating when it is deserved.

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