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PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

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On 12/12/2016 at 9:14 PM, RogerioCeni said:

What to expect from Bruno Paulista? Should he rise on the next update?


14 hours ago, zJoaoPedro said:

Felipe (Porto)
Danilo Pereira
André Silva

Predictions Please

Pizzi 50/50 +1 to 90

Coates +1 to 88

Felipe +1 to 88

Danilo stay

Grimaldo +2/+3 to 85/86

Andre Silva +3/+4 to 86/87

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13 hours ago, FunkmasterFlex said:

Will this be reviewed after Spain guys? 

Jota still on for 85? Was hoping for more now that he starts often .

Not sure, yeah he still is, maybe 86 in the summer

12 hours ago, Monolithic said:

Is Portugal normally reviewed after Spain?

It was reviewed in September, so there are plenty of other leagues more in need of a review really.

Don't think they are

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