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PORTUGAL – 1st and 2nd Division extensive thread - Discussion Thread

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26 minutes ago, TMCosta said:

happened in Italy yesterday? hehehe Atalanta 3-0 is amazing..but 7-1 is way to much LOL. I hope they will not let the coach go before Porto hehehe

Napoli, Roma and Juventus out of Coppa Italia!

I am still astonished for the match...

Di Francesco for the moment remain the coach of Roma, you have to hope that win against Milan on sunday!


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3 hours ago, hesselink said:

Is he top talent or ? What to expect from him & Sporting? First team material?

I need to see more from him...he was starting and playing well but suddenly and with the market Keizer took him out...a lot of fans still dont understand why. I have him and i will keep him fore sure.

Sporting won the league cup but yesterday they get smashed by Benfica. No chances of wining the championship...they have the cup wednesday against Benfica again...crucial match but im not expecting good times for them

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1 hour ago, Damian said:

Will Loum rise tomorrow ? Or did they miss him in the Braga update ?

Is he on loan to Porto or did Porto buy him ?

Will he get a big club bonus in rating now he is at Porto ?

Is he a player to keep with chances of minutes at Porto ?


He was loaned to Moreirense from Braga...now hes loaned to Porto from Braga with a mandatory clause of 7,5M for 75%

Will get a big one neverthless (+5/+7 maybe more) 

Thats the million dollar question...keep a bit longer (i will hes a Senegal international)

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14 hours ago, hesselink said:


Keep or trade?


2 hours ago, Damian said:

What are the best Porto players so far this season ? Any signings that really impress ?

Marchesin and Mateus Uribe are impressing. Luis Diaz looks like a very good player. Fabio Silva anda Romario Baro are the kids that are getting minutes.

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