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Pedro Leon,Dzsudszak,Kambarov or Gervinho


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Re: Pedro Leon,Dzsudszak,Kambarov or Gervinho

I am looking to sign one of these wide players' date=' Pedro Leon (Valladolid), Dzsudszak (PSV), Dmitri Kambarov (D Moscow) or Gervinho (Lille) what do people think would be the best long term buy?[/quote']

Gevrinho or Dzsudszak for Long term. :)

They have more potential.

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Re: Pedro Leon,Dzsudszak,Kambarov or Gervinho

Ohh, This is a tough one.

It's between Gervinho & Balázs Dzsudzsák.

Gervinho's not a regular with the Ivory Coast, while Dzsudzsák is a regular for Hungary (They might even qualify for the 2010 WC - Hungary are 2nd in Group 1).

Lille and PSV are both in the Europa League.

From both of them, Dzsudzsák has a higher chance of rising to 90. His club are title contenders for next season's Eredivisie while Gervinho's not plus Dzsudzsák's is a regular for his country while Gervinho's not. I think Gervinho will be a 89 because his club Lille restricts him gaining a 90.

So, I'd go for Dzsudzsák, but Gervinho's a great player. If you have a chance to buy both, then do it! :)

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