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Can you get out??

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Re: Can you get out??

If you want my advice' date=' get out of the game and don't go back.

I read something about a guy who played it before, took him 4 months of every night to solve it, nearly drove him insane.. :eek:

Don't say I didn't warn you. :)[/quote']

Well thanks for the advice but im not sad enough to get myself addicted to this game :rolleyes:

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Re: Can you get out??

Louis Mattis told me about this from a link he found here so thought I would come and post.

Im currently trying to work out the colour code. I just dont know all this piano key ******** to know what colour goes where in the key code.

Ive just realised that inside the briefcase is the colour codes I need for the keys. But I dont have a clue about Piano's lol.

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