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"Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread


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“The OFFICIAL Elite Managers Lounge” NEWS


The LATEST BUZZ all around the world today is about the BRAND new league that has been started which is named “THE ELITE MANAGERS LOUNGE” and it was unveiled today in front of the whole world that this league is to have THE BEST TEAMS, THE BEST PLAYERS and only the BEST MANAGERS in it.

It is also rumored in the MEDIA that this league might even give the PREMIER LEAGUE, the LA LIGA and the SERIA A, a run for their money. The President of the “ELITE MANAGERS LOUNGE” was heard quoting

“The ELITE MANAGERS LOUNGE is here to break all the niche’s, all the records, all the norms in the game and this league is going to raise some serious eyebrows In the Footballing world”

The entire World is talking about it and the fans cannot wait for the League to Start.

The Teams in the League and their divisions as given below –

Division 1:

1. Barcelona - Rohit Gautam

2. Real Madrid - Niks "The Special One"

3. Inter Milan - Tom Rodwell [subject to change though]

4. AC Milan - RGibbs

5. Manchester City - Mr.MCFC

6. Juventus - REDDEVIL FC

7. Liverpool - Mr. Adamski

8. Manchester United - SonOfPluto

9. Chelsea - Nathan Kirby

10. Arsenal - General Gipsy

11. Werder Bremen - PhillipT

12. Lyon - Balig

Division 2:

1. Valencia - Paul Hart

2. Bayern Munchen - Tom Barker

3. Sevilla - Ibracadabra

4. Tottenham Hotspurs - MuntasirT

5. FC Porto - Derbypower

6. Aston Villa - King Kolo

7. Napoli - GozGozzy8

8. Standard Leige - Nick Justice

9. Boca Juniors - Fadedwolfz

10. Athletico Madrid - Synster

11. Benfica - Monty

12. Everton - Alladin

There is going to have Lots of HIGH DRAMA ACTION in the league, with combustible situations already arising between quite a lot of managers even before the league has started. It’s already expected to cross of the DANGER LEVELS and it’s being termed as ADULTS only because people believe that the fights might get UGLY soon.

Stay tuned for MORE NEWS from the OFFICIAL news station.

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

Ludovic Tenzema Vents Frustration

Manager Ludovic Tenzema Has Let Off A Bit Of Steam As He Tells Us About His Narrow Miss Out On One Of SM's Most Wanted Teams In The "Elite Managers Lounge"

We At CNN Bring You A Exclusive Interview With Manager Ludovic Tenzema.

CNN Interviewer: So.. Igor How Did You Miss Such A Inviting Opportunity?

Tenzema Said:

Well, I Made My Intrest Known But Naturally I Knew I Wasn't Going To Be First In Line, I Mean I Haven't Quite Got The Re-Known Rep Of GozGozzy8 And The Others Who Are Brilliant Managers And Forumers A Like. It Looks To Be A Great League And The Prize At Offer Really Made Me Want To Take Part, Which Is Why This League Has A Astronomical Amount Of Interest From Everyone. But Yes, I Am Disappointed To Say The Least But I Have Been Put On The Waiting List And Should Anyone Drop Out I May Still Get The Chance.

CNN Interviewer: Your Love For Football In General Is Undoubted, But What Team Would You Have Wanted To Manage Should You Have Been Hand Chosed?

Tenzema Said:

Well, Initially I Wanted Tottenham Hotspur As I'd Love To Work With Modric And Tinker The Squad Around Him And The Likes Of Lennon But As Long As The Squad I Deal With Is Equally Stacked In Each Position, I Am Not To Bovered

CNN Interviewer: Are You Angered By The Fact You Were Over-Looked?

Tenzema Said:

Angered? Not In The Slightest, It's Understandable, Your A Fairly Unknown Manager And You Are Surrounded By The Towering Figures Of The Likes Of GozGozzy8,Niks,Synster,King Kolo And All The Other Brilliant Forumers, Your Going To Have Your Work Cut Out Getting Noticed, No I'm Not Angered At All, Fair Play To Him. Its His League And He Decides Who Is In And Who Isn't, I Simply Frustrated I Didn't Quite Cut The Grade And I Could Have Done A Bit More In All Fairness.. But Thats Football. Hope All The Manager Taking Part Have A Fair Bit Of Banter With Each Other As I'd Love To Read About It.:P

CNN Interviewer: Thanks For Your Time.

Tenzema Said:

Not A Problem.

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

“The OFFICIAL Elite Managers Lounge” NEWS



In a twist of fate today, Board of Directors of the "ELITE MANAGERS LOUNGE" decided to hand MR.IGOR the MANAGERIAL POSITION at FC Internazionale Milano commonly known as INTER MILAN.

Ever since Jose Mourinho and Niks decided to join forces at REAL MADRID, the Inter Milan managerial post was vacant and "Mr. Tom Rodwell " was earlier given that slot but due to the selling of IBRAHIMOVIC to Barcelona without his consent Mr.Tom Rodwell lashed out at the BOARD members at the SAN SIRO and thus resulting in him losing his JOB.

Mr.IGOR was at the right place at the right time and caught the attention of the INTER MILAN directors and he was offered the post of INTER MILAN manager today evening

The official Inter Milan web site stated

"We are looking someone to replace Mr.Tom Rodwell and were were impressed by Mr.Igor's interest and talents and we'd be glad if he could gracefully accept the INTER MILAN JOB"

Now, everyone's eagerly waiting for Mr.Igor to reply to the job offer and lets see what new twist this whole INTER MILAN JOB takes.

The ball's in Mr.IGOR'S court now.

Stay tuned to know the latest happenings.

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

Igor Gouveia Set To Be Unveiled As New Inter Boss.

Igor Gouveia Had This To Say To The Job Offered To Him By Niks:

Igor Said:

I Would Love The Job As FC Internazionale Milano Boss And Would Take The Opportunity With Both Hands And With The World-Class Players At Inter Milan, I Am Sure That Inter Milan Could Mount A Serious Title Challenge.I'd Also Like To Say Thankyou To Niks For Offering Me A Place In This League, And I Hope To Finalize My Arrival As FC Internazionale Milano Manager Very Soon.

CNN Will Closely Watch This Story As It Unfolds As Talks Between Igor Gouveia And Niks Begin And A Inside Source Has Told Us That Igor Looks Set To Be Unveiled As Inter Boss Soon After Jose Mourinho Decided To Ply His Trade Else Where And New Boss Mr.Tom Rodwell Dramatically Quitting As Manager Of FC Internazionale Milano Due To A Transfer He Didn't Particularly Like.

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread



The Santiago Bernabau Unveils Niks “The Special One”


“Let the Galactico Era Begin!!!!!!”

Today in the presence of more than 80,000 fans at the Santiago Bernabau, Real Madrid unveiled Niks “The Special One” as their New Manager. It was an absolute frenzy at the Bernabau with fans screaming at the top of their voices with “Niks ‘THE SPECIAL ONE’ “banners all around the stadium.

Niks was presented at a press conference and there here made some of his “SPECIAL” statements and the reporters were pretty excited to hear about some of his targets and some ever even skeptical about some names which are going to be leaving REAL MADRID.

Niks said

RONALDO, CASSILAS, SNEIJDER, HIGUAIN, RAUL,SERGIO RAMOS will be the one’s SURELY staying at the Bernabau and everyone else maybe or may not be present at the start of the new season.

Niks was very enthusiastic when asked about his main Targets and he was heard using several names but the prominent one’s were FERNANDO TORRES [LIVERPOOL], LIONEL MESSI [bARCA] and DAVID VILLA [VALENCIA], TERRY [CHELSEA], GERRARD [LIVERPOOL], CESC FABREGAS, THEO WALCOTT and SAMIR NASRI[ARSENAL], CAMBIASSO [iNTER MILAN], PATO [MILAN],PATRICE EVRA,NEMANJA VIDIC and MACHEDA[MAN UTD]. There were many more names but the most prominent were all named there.

Niks also shocked everyone by announcing the KAKA might be leaving REAL MADRID along with Rafeal VAN DER VAART and KARIM BENZEMA, HUNTELAAR and LASSANA DIARRA.


*is he leaving?*

“These are some Big names I’m letting go off but I’ve no other choice. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions in life and I think this is one of them. Letting go of KAKA isn’t easy. He’s a very close friend of mine and it’d be great if he could stay”

On Being asked whether anything can stop REAL MADRID maybe like a thing called “MONEY”.

Sir Niks said “MONEY Is NO BARRIER. Money is made to be spent and be assured that REAL MADRID will be spending lots of it” *smiles*

There’ll be lots of signings and selling going on at REAL MADRID this summer so watch out for them.

So stay tuned all you REAL MANIAC’s .

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread


Barcelona unveil new coach today!

Laporta confirmed the signing of a Rohit Gautam to lead the Blaugranas. Laporta was commented saying the following "I am extremely happy we could get Rohit Gautam as manager and I believe he can lead us to victory. It will be difficult but I think he is the right man for the job."

Rohit Gautam also hinted to a few players maybe leaving the Nou camp and one player that he must have.


Rohits first order of business seems to be securing the services of Inter's Captain.

More to come as Rohit Gautam becomes settled in his new surroundings as he said he will hold another conference.

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread


Valencia has new boss

After Agustín Morera have announced the sacking of Unai Emery after the Manager failed to bring Valencia into the Champions league last season.He Announced that Former Portsmouth manager Paul hart would eb the Man to take them to glory and would Valencia prosper under Paul Hart or would they fail??More news coming up.


Paul hart has arrived and would Valencia prosper???


Fans welcomed the Arrival of Paul hart

"To strengten the team,we need to buy in players,my very 1st assignment,to get the service of Heiko WESTERMANN and Jack WILSHERE."Said Paul hart in the welcome interview.


Wesstermann says that he feels hornered and wishes to play for Valencia.

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread



Moyes gets the sack and Vlad comes in!

This morning a huge number of fans from around the world watched Everton sign Vladan Draskovic as their new head manager.The very devious fans were watching as they watched Vlad say the magic words ''I will lead Everton to Victory this season!.


''A lot of our very good players will be leaving - possible moves are wonder-men Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta also Yakubu and Jo might be leaving the Everton outfit'' said Vlad enthusiastically to Sky Sports.

''That's it for today and I am your reporter

David Brown.

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

Boca Juniors newsflash


Fadedwolfz takes over the realms as manager.

"I'm delighted to be given the job as the new manager of Boca Juniors. While my chairman expects me to avoid finish bottom of the league, I have higher aspirations. Although the team is significantly weaker than the other teams in div 2 such as Bayern, Valencia and Atletico, I will try my best."

more to follow..

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

Bojan on the move!


It has been confirmed that Bojan Kirkic will be loaned out to Boca Juniors.

"I feel this is necessary for his growth, as we have a lot of forwards here and he would be used limited. Now if Bojan is needed due to fitness or players injuries he will surely return but I expect him to play a lot of football for Boca as I will be monitoring that closely."

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread


Inter Milan Unveil New Manager

Inter Milan Today Have Officially Unveiled Igor Gouveia As Their New Manager After Talks With The Inter Milan Chairman Progressed, Igor Gouveia Signed A Contract With Inter Milan And Once Again CNN Were On Hand To Ask Igor Gouveia A Few Questions On His New Managerial Position As Inter Milan Coach

CNN Interviewer: Igor Gouveia, How Does It Feel To Have Gained The Managerial Position At Internazionale After Earlier Venting Your Frustration Of Missing Out On A Place.

Igor Said:

Well, I Was Stunned To Get The Call For The Inter Milan Job, I Was Planning To Go In For A Interview For A Club Who I Shall Not Name, When I Suddenly Got The Call Up And I Immediately Canceled My Job Interview And Began Talks With Niks And Then The Inter Milan Chairman, It's Been A Brilliant Turn Of Events For Me And I Hope To Bring Big Things To My New Club

CNN Interviewer: What Are Your Aims For Inter Milan?

Igor Said:

I Have 3 Basic Aims And I'll Build On Them As The Season Progresses, My Main Aims Are:

1. Mount A Serious Title Challenge

2. Bring In And Sell A Couple Of Player To Build Around My Chosen Formation And My View For The Club

3. To Play Entertaining Football That The Fans Will Enjoy.

CNN Interviewer: The Sale Of Ibrahimovic And Maxwell To Barcelona Before You Were Appointed Is A Big Blow For You And Your Title Dreams Surely?

Igor Said:Like You Said At The Time I Was Not Appointed As Manager It Was My Fellow Countryman Jose Mourinho Who Decided To Part With These Players, But Yes Ibrahimovic And Maxwell Will Be Huge Losses For Inter But We Have Got The Quality To Replace Them And Sometimes You Have To Lose A Star Player For Others To Shine.

CNN Interviewer: Any Specific Names You Would Like To Bring To Inter Milan?

Igor Said:

We Will See. Nothing Has Been Agreed For Any Player Yet But We Will Have To See The Possibilities In The Transfer Market Then We'll Make A Decision.

CNN Interviewer: As Usual It's A Pleasure Talking To You.

Igor Said:

The Pleasure Is All Mine. Thanks For The Interview.

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

Boca Juniors latest


Juan Roman Riquelme, argubably the best player at Boca Juniors

Fadedwolfz announces captain.

Juan Roman Riquelme has been handed the captain armband by manager Fadedwolfz hours after taking over the hot seat.

"He is a superb player with the leadership qualilties that I'm looking for. I believe his team-mates will look up to him and together, bring the team to greater success." said Fadedwolfz of the player.

Meanwhile, the manager announced two loan signings from Barcelona - prodigy forward Bojan and cultured midfielder Sergio Busquets.

In what was viewed as a shrewd tactical move by the manager, not only to strengthen his team but to deprive the others of these players, Fadedwolfz has definitely gotten off to a fine start at Boca.

more to follow..

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

Inter Milan Identify Targets


Inter Milan Coach Igor Gouveia Has Went Public And Declared That He Aims To Attempt To Buy Higuain, Mata And Pandev And An Inside Source Has Told Us His Willing To Part With Mancini Or Quaresma Plus Money In Order To Secure The Signatures Of Mata And Higuain While He Has Stated That Zanetti Who Has Been Named Club Captain Will Remain A Inter Milan Player And Only A Historic Offer Could Tempt Him Into Selling And Real Madrid Have Been Told Cambiasso Is Not For Sale At Any Price Due To His Popularity At Inter And The Fact That He Would Be Irreplaceable.

Viera Has Been Transfer Listed Has Igor Gouveia Has Deemed Him Surplus To Requirments And Has Told Him He Has No Future, And Joining Him To Exit Inter Milan Will Be Veteran Keeper Orlandoni Who Is Avaliable At 1M And Youngster Napoli Is Also Up For Transfer At 20K And Defensive Midfielder Motta Can Also Go For 4.2M

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

Ac Milan 'News Flash' !


Reece Gibbs Is Their New Manager

Im So Shocked To Be Milan, I Was Looking At The Roma Job Going But Insted I Got Milan ... Im Getting Involved Allready For Players To Come In ... And Out Ronaldinho Could Be Leaving For 35million If Anyone Can Cough Up The Cash But I Will Consider For All My Players To Go ... For Part Exchange


Joining Milan ?

Sorry For Such A Small Report And So Basic ... I Will Do Another Update Later (Alot Better Than This)

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

Catalonia News!

Rohit Gautam unveiled that that under him Puyol will retain his captain's armband.

"Puyol is a great player and has been the heart and soul of Barcelona and always leads with a fiery passion. This is why he deserves the captains armband. Co captain will be unveiled in due time but not now. I cannot comment much on transfer news as that is still in the process but we are in talks with some clubs."


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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread


Theres a Standard Around Liege


New Kit Modeld by Standard Liege's Models!

Today Belgium side Standard Liege appointed Nick Justice as Head Coach, He had this to say " I am Delighted to be here i know were an Underdog but we will relish having that Tag on us and prove were no push overs in the Competition and show that We are oe of the best teams in Europe!, and i believe with one or two Additions we can do well, we have VERY small Funds, and we face a strong Bayern Munchen in our First Game which will be a hard game for ourselfs. Our Chairman has given me a Small Exspectation as he knws they're are some Stronger teams than ourself in our Divison, but i will Relish the chance to manage here and show we can sucseed in divison 2! and the Cup!"

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread




Niks "The Special One" in a short statement released on the OFFICIAL REAL MADRID web-site has OFFICIALLY announced that KAKA is on the market and surely going to leave REAL MADRID before the season begins.

All offers will be considered and the BEST OFFER will be accepted.


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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread


Villa to leave but Mata will stay

It is known today that Spainsh Striker Divid Villa is set to complete a dream move to Real after both Clubs agreed in a deal which would see Talented Forward,Benzema and Former Defender Raul Albiol Move to Valencia.Defender Raúl ALBIOL Regreted moving to the spainsh club last season which he so fared has been on the bench for Madrid and is very Happy the Valencia fans still wants him and he hopes he can help them to get to Division 1 this season.MeanWhile,Valencia has eyed on other Real madrid players that isn't in the team with players like Fernando GAGO and recently Felled out Brazilian Attacking Midfielder Ricardo KAKA.


Rual Alboi Thanks the Valencia Fans for giving him the 2nd chance.


Valenica Wishes Villa All the best at Real And if he Needs them,Contact them at all times.


Are these players going to join???

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread



REAL MADRID have agreed terms with Valencia to bring DAVID VILLA to REAL MADRID at the BERNABAU. It's been NO secret to everyone that DAVID VILLA's dream is to play at the Santiago Bernabéu in front 80,400 fans.


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Guest King Kolo

Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread


Today Aston Villa chairman appointed Randy Lerner appointed Liam O'Connor as manager. Ex manager Martin O'Neil was sacked after the chairman found out he was actually a drug dealer called Adrian Mutu. Liam said he wanted to bring some golden oldies to the club, could this be his latest signing for 50 Million?


(Pavel Nedved?)

Liam also announced the new club mascot to be WWE Champion Randy Orton, the chairman accidently called him Gandy Smelton so he gave him a RKO. Orton was hired to RKO the opponent's defenders if John Carew or Emile Heskey was trying to get past them.


(Orton RKO's the chairman)

Liam also gave us a photograph to give to all the other managers in the league, this is what the photograph looked like...


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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

Talks Resume!

Talks have seemed to resume on the side of Barcelona for Javier Zanetti.

"I would like to bring him here as Messi also hinted interest in bringing him over to Spain" said Rohit Gautam. Messi was also along side Rohit Gautam for this meeting.

"I look up to him during our international matches, he provides me inspiration with the national team and on club level Puyol inspires me. I can have the best of both worlds having both my captains on the team" said Lionel Messi


Messi with his teammates Riquelme and Zanetti.

It has been hinted that with Zanetti's arrival he would assume co captain position on the team and finish the defensive needs.

"With Zanetti on our team we have depth in defense and believe we can win our division. We are not intimidated by Real Madrids list of players to sign as we will not give them Messi or Xavi said Rohit Gautam"

Catalonia grows quiet as they await the decision of Inter

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Re: "Elite Managers Lounge" Transfers/Match Report Thread

Ac Milan

Ronaldinho Can Leave ... Hes Allways Too Busy On Beach Eating Kebabs And Doing This


Pirlo For P.e !


I Have To Offload These For Younger People Due To Having So Many Old Players in My Squad, These Include Nesta,Seedorf,Oddo,Zambrotta
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