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SM Forumers on Football Manager

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I know this was done a bit before, but I hope I'll get a bit more forumers to participate So now, I'll explain, what I'm going to do : I'm hoping to get a lot of forumers to tell me details about wh

Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager Why is this not really surprising?

Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager And ya, if you're shy to put into your real life info, you can put in a fake name (like Bob Loblaw ) or something like that. The point of this is to make a team wi

Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager

Oh Right Cheers.

So am i in the youth team?

If so One MR from that would be cool.

Yes' date=' you're in the youth team. Match reports of youth will be done, but those will be with youth matches in the mid season, because making a match report eats at least a hour and I'm not going to spend the next year making reports ;)

Wow, 2 goals and a MotM! 7.26 is a decent average rating in FM too.

Five good buys by the way, especially Hernanes if it goes through. Post a screenie of me please. :)

Yup, you're one of the top performers so far ;)


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Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager

Breaking news!

Hernanes has joined Leeds United for an undisclosed fee (thought to be around 10.75M euros). The 23 year old has joined Leeds this Monday and will be training with the rest of the squad. Having been one of the most sought out players from Brazil in the recent years, it has been quite a surprise, when he joined Leeds United recently. When asked, why did he chose to join a League 2 outfit instead of Serie A Milan he answered very briefly : "It won't be a League 2 club in few years. Now excuse me, I've got training to attend to" . This response caused quite a controversy a split Milan fans to 2 sides : 1) Side which say Hernanes is an arrogant poo. 2) Side that said, that someone has to murder Galliani and Berliusconi for ruining the club. Whichever side will win, there's going to be only winner - Hernanes.


Whichever side will win, there's going to be only winner - Hernanes.

Omer Lagumdzija is traveling to Summer Olympics to play for Nigeria. Outstanding performances for Leeds United earned nigerian a call up for his national team. There will be a further report about Summer Olympics football tournament, when it will end.

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Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager

Nice reports' date=' Tom, and right results too.

Baseball Furie, you missed a penalty! Obviously I stepped up 2 minutes later and told you to "Watch and learn." ;)[/quote']

I lol'd. Thanks.

I made 10 minutes! :D finally! :P

Let's hope there's more where that came from ;)

I just finished first League 2 match, but I'm too tired to the report now, so I'll do it later tonight, but I also can't tell the result, as it would ruin the fun.

Cheers everyone

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Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager

Finally... The season is off!

Coca-Cola League 2 finally began,as Morecombe took Leeds, Rochdale took Bournemouth, Exeter took Notts County , and et cetera. Dozens of League 2 football fans went to stadiums to support their favourite teams (or, let's be honest, their local teams). The biggest attendance was at Valley Parade, where local team Bradford played against Grimsby. However, Christie Park attracted much more audience at home, because everyone was anxious to see how will the new revamped Leeds will do (Not everyone wanted them to do good, though).

Morecambe - Leeds United



Match Preview

Let's see, what our experts have got to say about this :

Alan Dawson, Goal.com - I'm going for a tie at 0-0. As we all know, pre-season doesn't show anything and I'm still certain that Leeds won't be able to adjust that fast. However, since they have a good goalkeeper, I can see this ending in a boring, scoreless draw.

Peter Beagrie , Sky Sports - I think that Leeds will take a win here. They've got a young, ambitious squad and I think that they should take a victory after a long battle. As it is said : victory is victory.

Jon Smith, a beggar from London - Leeds to dominate through out the game and win by at least 3. Could you spare some change?

14:59. The sky is dark, the rain is pouring. Way too hot, way too humid. There are 22 guys in the pitch, who are ready to run around for 90 mins kicking a balloon full of air and 4 more guys, who are ready to tell them how to kick that balloon. And we're off... Right from the kick off Leeds started to press their opponents, hardly letting them to touch the ball. However, in the 9th minute there was the first danger. Leeds new signing Hernanes dribbles through 2 defenders and crosses a beautiful cross - Kirby at the other end of it ready to head it into the net. Wide! He really should have scored from here...

13th minute : Leeds managed to get the ball once again as Chalimavicius tackled and passed to Kieksa. Kieksa dribbles through 2 defenders, passes to Hernanes and he shoots from 30m - IT'S IN!!! NO KEEPER IN THE WORLD COULD HAVE SAVED THAT! WHAT A GOAL! PURE INSPIRATION! THE PERFECT DEBUT FOR HERNANES !!!

Leeds continue to press Morecambe... However, all of their shots go wide. Finally, at 24th minute, Hernanes once again shows what a player he is. He gets the ball and with a 1 touch pass get Chalimavicius through with goalie 1 on 1. Despite Tom making a great shot, Barry Roche saves. Tom really should have scored.

Leeds are all over the place with Kirby, Kieksa again getting clear cut chances to score, but both failing miserably. As it is said in Sao Paulo - "It takes a Hernanes to get a goal". Hernanes yet again cuts through defence like butter and then plays a beautiful ball to Wainwright, who makes no mistake from 3 meters out. 2-0 Leeds are in front.

Despite the dominance, it ends only 2-0 after the half time.


Hernanes looks very happy, when he's being interview at half-time.

The 2nd period once again starts very stormy as Kirby and Kieksa yet again fail to score. Then a certain Friel goes through the defence yet again, but is stopped by the keeper.

61th minute : Sam Wainwright gets a yellow card for a dangerous tackle and gets subbed out along with Chalimavicius, while Daniel Johansson and Anthony Wood make their debuts in competitive matches. Finally 8 minutes later Kieksa manages to score as he powers in a perfect cross (assist by Friel).3-0 for Leeds. He's also subbed right after the goal , letting 16 year old Tom Field to get 21 minute of competitive football. The youngster gets few pretty good chances, but both times Roche saves.

What a horrible tackle again Friel! However, the ref doesn't even give a card for the Morecambe player, although he does give a penalty. Up steps Nathan Kirby - straight into the top right corner. 4-0 as Leeds are crushing Morecambe. Till the end of the match Leeds do get few decent chances, but they're once again wasted. As the final whistle sounds, the Leeds win 4-0.

MoM on his debut - Hernanes. He scored a goal, got an assist and made plenty of chances.

Flop - Nathan Kirby. Much was expected from the 21 year old, however he only managed to score a penalty goal with all the wasted chances.

Official Result


Official match stats


Official match ratings


Post Match Quote from Tom Erdenay

"Well, to be honest, I'm proud of Hernanes, Daniel, Anthony and Tom - they've all did very well. Same can be said about the midfield, however, I'd like to point out, that with the amount of chances we had, we should've won at least 6-0. If this will continue, we might need to look for other strikers"


14 year old swedish sensation makes his debut.

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Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager

News around the World

Espanyol player Coro was offered to Leeds United and his transfer will commence after the players medical.

A.C. Milan get 50% of Fiorillo's shares for 2M.

Aleksic's transfer to Leeds fails after the player isn't given working permit.

Manchester City sign Lennon (11M) and Defour (7.5M).

M. Ballack comes back to Bayern for 4.2M.

Leeds draw Stoke City in the 2nd round of League Cup.

Real Madrid win 1st leg of Super Copa against Valencia 2-0 with Faubert being a MoM.

Gudjohnsen switches Barcelona to Athletico Madrid for 2.4M.

Sao Paulo continue to be leaders of Brasileiro after 17 matches with 40 points.

Nigeria crash out of the Olympics tournament with only 2 points. Their supposed saviour Lagumdzija fails to impress and casts even bigger doubts about Leeds United actually having a good team.

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Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager

From now on I'm going to some reports as it was scouts, who report the players, they've founded. Next ones : Tom Field and Daniel Johansson.

Scouting : Player Reports


Name : Tomas Chalimavicius

Club : Leeds United

Date of Birth : 1990/03/23 (18 year old)

Position : DM, CM , AM

Nationality : Lithuanian

Height : 192 cm

Weight : 85 kg


This guy was never considered to be a talent. A big tall guy, neither fast, nor agile enough for football. However, he's been working really hard the past 2 years and was on the verge of the debut for F.K. Vilnius, when he got the amazing news - Leeds United (with his former manager becoming Leeds manager) offered 100k euros! Even though he was a bit reluctant to leave, he was sorta forced out by the club, because F.K. Vilnius was in a deep financial trouble and on the verge of being relegated for it. So Tomas ended up at Leeds.

Leeds United

It was quite a surprise, when he featured on the pre-season, but, to be honest, it was a great choice by Tom Erdenay, as Chalimavicius really controlled the middle of the park and got a goal and an assist in 7 pre-season games.

I was really impressed by the tall guy so far, as in 3 competitive matches he scored a goal and got an average rating of 7.43 (being 3rd best player in the team so far). The young lad's impressive form got him a call up to the senior national team as well. He might be a player to watch for the next few seasons.

International prospects

Tomas Chalimavicius got his 1st call up and is expected to debut against Romania. Since Lithuania isn't exactly famous for good footballers , he should be a regular in NT, however, he's very likely to be seen in World Cup 2010.

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Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager

Woo! Lee got to show what he can do! :D Where was I playing in that match? Right-wing? Anyway, hope to get some league action soon, and can I have a look at my profile please? Ta.

::EDIT:: I find it a tad confusing that I got 4 assists when one goal was a penalty... Unless I assisted myself for my goal. :rolleyes:

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Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager

There, the 1st scouting post in this thread is finished :o


Excellent work Tom :D

Thanks ;) at average of 7.35 in 4 matches' date=' he has the best 4th best average in the team being behind only Chalimavicius , Hernanes and Kirby (although, I sorta disagree with some of his ratings).

Woo! Lee got to show what he can do! :D Where was I playing in that match? Right-wing? Anyway, hope to get some league action soon, and can I have a look at my profile please? Ta.

::EDIT:: I find it a tad confusing that I got 4 assists when one goal was a penalty... Unless I assisted myself for my goal. :rolleyes:

Yes, you usually play as the right winger :)


ANSWER : In Football manager, if you are fouled in the penalty area and some else realizes the spot kick, you get an assist (same with FK's). And if someone scores an own goal with your help, you also get an assist. I love this system :)

Who's on the sub bench!
i want to see the u-18 because i'll be on! :D

I try to post as much as I can, but reports take a lot of time, so I'm doing only important ones, although you will definitely get some U-18 and reserves action ;)

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Re: SM Forumers on Football Manager

Leeds left short on players!


Special congrats too these (for being such young internationals) :

England U-19s - Field (16), Sutcliffe (15), Hall (14), Griffin (14) , Neller (14).

England U-21s - Tom Sinar and Monty (Both at 15 :eek:)

Wales U-21s - Gazza (15) and McCarthy (14)

Croatia U-21s - Marinic (15)

ROFL @ Kirby (21) and Friel (22) for not becoming full internationals with stats like that :o (I'm just teasing :P)


Tbh, nr 3 and nr 2 were not good (Hernanes had a way better goal), but the 1st one - :eek::eek: I'd say, a contender for a goal of the season ;)



Stats for competitive matches


I'm going to do a cup match report against Stoke City pretty soon. If you've got suggestions or requests, feel free to PM/post.

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