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why can't I win?


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I am a manager of an everton team in the 3rd division. All my mates are in the second division so i want to get up their so i can play against them. I am mid table and just get to many draws. I have checked the teams in the league and my avarge rating is much better (for the team i start) so why do i keep drawing.

Can anyone help me with tactics and who to play?

My Team


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Guest Football8

Re: why can't I win?

If your standard formation isn't providing you with decent results then I think 3-5-2 will sharpen your team out and start pulling out some results. Try going with an attacking mentality when playing against inferior teams (in your case), that way you can possibly get more goals and even get the victory, so basically your aiming towards something. The 3-5-2 works well against most formations, if you look at the last fixture of the upcoming opponent then you'll soon work out whether to play a 3-5-2 or your standard formation. Here's the formation I'd go with for your team:


Dainelli, Alex, Godin,


Trochowski, Meireles, Guti, Kone,

Frei, Kiessling.

Attacking mentality, counter-attack, men behind ball and keep the rest normal.

Give that a go and see how it goes.

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Re: why can't I win?

As you don't seem to have a dedicated LM or RM then you'll have to play with wingers in a 3-5-2. This is still ok however not as effective as playing with dedicated wide players. I'd suggest you use the arrows to point forwards plus go for a mixed style. If you had and LM and a RM then point the arrows towards the centre and attack through the middle. Simple stuff...always play to your strengths.

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