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Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.


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This is my blog for my favourite team on SM, Huddersfield Town. I will be giving an end of season review, and a rating of my squad. This is not the first blog of it's kind though. There is another which I have been reading, and gave me the impetus to continue with my thoughts. This is not a place for match reports or any kind of tiddle taddle which occurs within each setup thread.

I would prefer if people don't spam on this thread, I just want to keep a record of my time on SM. I also got a girlfriend pestering me for to hang out with her, so thread might cut out. I may also give time and weather and the like while I am doing this, but I have college and the like getting in the way in September.

Well I have finished the season second today, after finishing very strongly from 2 months ago where I was outside the playoff places. I got 1.7 million in cash for that, so it takes my money up a bit, nothing special. My squad is friggin' huge, so I will have no want for money when the next season kicks in. I also managed to sign Montero, for twice his worth, but I am hoping he will feature heavily for Villareal next season. He will be a big player next season.

This is my blog for one of the most heavily supported EC's about, not me going on about any old EC.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Time is 1950, temp is 80ish North American temperature. It was hotter earlier today. Next season will kick off soon wit a much smaller attendance then what I have been getting. That is not good, as I have 100 or so players. I am lucky enough to have 30, but after I go checking for 1 year contracts, 26 tonight.

I am not going to sell to many of the loan players either.

Sitting where I am, all I here is sirens, all the frickin time. I will go through my team in a bit. Depends on my girlfriend. Again, I will go through my team for the sake of History. I will keep it to the important players, I won't bother with the risers, might mention their rises though.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Goalkeepers. Right now I have Handanovic, I had to pay quite a few million over his value to secure his signing. Before that I had Nikopolidis, the Greek keeper. He did very good for me, about average 7.38. That is good, but I had the chance to sign Handanovic who was a much wanted keeper in my setup. I had to pay a few million over for him, but, what the hey. I also could not loan him out, so in the interests of player wages, I sold him. (Before the overated old player values today.)

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

My extra goalkeepers are moneymakers. I am lucky to have got Botvinyev, he rose by 7, so I can make a bit of money on him. Marinescu has started about 6 times, so he should get a small rise. I have heard a lot about Galev, he is one to watch out for, and Bruno, well he should get a small rise anyways.

I have also made a bid today on a young keeper, which I need for the youth tournament. The likes of Delac are long gone. I had to use Consigli in a player exchange. I got a brilliant p/e deal for him.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

My defenders are good, I am now playing 3 at the back. I had to overpay, I believe as there was only 1 other bidding for that player, Chygrynskyy. That was suprising, you will find few young 88/89 defenders in this setup. So I made sure I got him, 6.7 million and 2 players, 1 was Geromel of Koln. I had heard a lot about this player, from 1 year back, so when he came up for grabs. I had to make sure I got him, so I paid a lot more than he was worth. Bocchetti was a player I had been looking at for a long time, and he was available, so I snapped him up.

Important defenders are Compper who should get a rise to 88, probably in the second German changes. That also depends on Hoffenheim playing like they did before their Xmas break. His wages are 12,3k. I spent 4.8 million on him, and he is value 7.1 million. Chavez, Def, of Atlas got a nice rise to 83, and I see he is starting in Mexico. I am hoping for 86, and him to make the World Cup team. 900k well spent. I made sure to get him before someone posted about Mexico. I am hoping De Laet will get a few games, in the cups maybe, and give him a tasty rise from 73.

Moisander I am keeping for as long as I have him on 7.6k. He will probably go up to 87, unless AZ are shocking, but I am playing 3 at the back, so I will loan him out. My form was inconsistent when I played 4 at the back, when I changed to 3, I kept winning. 5 wins and a draw in the last six games, and more wins before that, helped me to second place, pipping 2 teams on equal points. Emerson, same age, rating and position, I will see if he starts at Lille. Maybe a rise of 1 for him, but I will probably swap him out. Still a +5 from him was great. Another same age and position and rating is Schaffer, +10 from him, and he should get some games at Benfica. Tiago Pinto is on loan from Porto, so I will be keeping him. For 4 years on 3.5k wages.

Biava is 88, and on loan. I will see how he does at a good Genoa side. He is not playing to well, and the chairman is unlikely to let me loan him out, so I will se if I get a good swap deal, as his value has not gone up, unlike the other elder players in my squad. Jaissle is 86, and I will wait and see what playing time he gets at Hoffenheim. I had a lot of players from that team, and they all got good rises. Forlin, 86, great buy for 10k, perhaps my best ever. Boca had tonnes of risers, and everyone was going for Viatri and Gaitan, who were well established. Forlin had only a few appearances, so I went for him instead. I put him on a 5 year contract of 12k, as he would only have 1 new season on 3.5k. He will be in my team for a long time, along with the Ukranian and Bocchetti. That will be a good back 3.

Maicon was another +5, and he is now at Porto, and I think he will start now Alves is gone. Another keeper, and a few more rises for him. Trasch broke into Stuggart late enough, and he went unmentioned in the Germany risers because of this. He is sure to start somewhere, and like Chavez, is 83 and a Def. That is a useful position, keeper for the cups and youth tournament perhaps. I managed to snap him up just before the changes as well. Brandao for some unknown reason was available even though he was long mentioned as a super high riser. I assumed he was taken, but I found him after looking at another player. Another keeper for the fact that he is on 3.5 wages. You got to keep these guys as backup, too many teams sell after they rise to buy someone on higher wages as backup. I try and keep them if they are playing in a good league. Another I got before he got too well known about was Schennikov, and I will be keeping him of course. My squad is full of LB's. I have no RB's worth holding on to. Only a few risers.

I am looking at a few defenders, who I won't name, for the short to medium term. Long term wise, is Forlin and maybe Maicon. As my back 3 consists of an 88 and 90, and I am keeping the 3rd place open. I have Marcellis on loan, thanks to Darlington, and he has done okay in 8 starts. Talking about starts, my sub in's usually get a high rating of 7 or 8, then if I start the. Funny that. I don't hold to much stock in the match ratings. My defenders average maybe 6.2 to 6.7. Midfield is around 7, and attack is 7.2 or 7.3. But I usually sub in attackers and midfielders, who get a high match rating, and rarely defenders. MY goalkeeper and 2 attackers finished 1,2,3 in order of best average rating. Palermo finished with 7.57, 16 starts, 8 subs. Hoarau, missed 2 months of the start had 24 starts and 6 subs, and 7.43. My keeper, who is turning out to be money well spent, I bid twice his value, cash and good p/e, had 7.41, after 17 games. I had Nikopolodis before him. Next highest on more than a few games is Negredo on 7.01. My player of the season willl be Hoarau, especially after losing him for abuot 4 months, 2 towards the end of last season, 2 at the start of this just finished season.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

On to my midfielders. I signed Senna for 3.9 million and 2 defenders, 1 was Camara, 89. He gave me good value. It was a lot of money, but if I was to sell Senna now, I would get 17-18 million for him. Nice profit. 1 player I am selling is Juninho, who I signed for 4 million and an 88 rated defender who gave great value. He has been good, average 6.89 and a few goals and assists. I needed these high rated players to push me up to the higher end of the table. It has payed off. And so will Juninho. I have got a bid of 13.9 million for him from Milan. I have 2 weeks to see if I can get closer to 15 million I guess, or I will take that if I need money quick. Rounding out my trio of older 90+ players is Semak. I managed to sign him from another team for a measly 3.5 million. He has played 22 games for 6.79, not great, but a 6.79 for a 91 is better I guess than it is for an 88. We will see him in the CL, and he has a chance for 92. But his rating is safe.

I signed Marchisio for 11 million. It is hard to buy players for cash, so I am especially happy with that deal. 8 starts and 8 subs for 6.97 is a great return from him. I feel he will come off the bench more than he starts, but that won't rule him out from hitting 90 I feel. Elias I signed ages ago when he was 72, and he is due a good rise to maybe 84. Willians is another Brazilian that should get a good rise from 80. Muriqui will get a great rise from 74, Coutinho and Zezinho are for the future. Eduardo, 77, is another good riser and out on loan is Jean, important player for Sao Paulo, and Maicousel who has transferred to Germany. I don't know if he will start at Hoffenheim, but he was a talent in Brazil I heard, thanks to MsF and his superb threads.

A few youth I will be keeping are Wijnaldum who I am hoping for a rise to maybe 87, Flum of Freiburg rated 82, Chipev of CSKA Sofia, 78, Capoue of Toulouse who got a rise of 4 to 86. Danny Murphy will prove to be an able backup, and I am looking forward to watching him at overachieving Fulham. Same goes with Clint Dempsey, who is only 87. Pezzoni I am hoping will have a starting spot at Koln, might not happen with Maniche and Petit, but a rise is fairly likely. He was signed for 475k, so a tidy profit will be made if I sell him. A few from Argentina is 87 rated Salvio, big talent, and Pio, 84, and Leandro Torres who is the same rating. Chedjou is like Emerson, someone I want to see if he gets some games at Lille. If not, a player exchange is likely as he is worth half his SM value.

Out wide, it is more difficult to sign wingers. One I am happy to have got is Ziani. Got him before he moved to Wolfsburg. That move and CL football should hopefully see a rise to 90. Probably the second German changes. But his value is only 5.4 million, below his SM value. I stumped out 2 players and a small amount of cash for Valeri, before it became known that he was going to Porto. I will wait and see if he starts, but it is a good move for his rating chances. Dempsey had a great season, 6.91, after 22(13). Weis again of Hoffenheim, is out on loan, not sure of his chances next season. I also had Salihovic and Carlos Eduardo from that team, both rose by 3. Biseswar and De Federico round out my wingers, both have big futures.

I am happy with my midfield, I cannot buy anyone over 90 unless I am rid of a few from Senna, Semak and Juninho. I got a second bid from Porto for the Brazilian of 12.5 million. 1.4 less than Milan's bid. I am hoping Senna keeps an average over 7 in the new season. I might make him my captain as well. I don't think it will make a difference. Would be a sensible choice. Plenty of moneymakers in the team, problem is I will get to small an amount of cash for them. So 2 for 1 p/e is what I will have to do. Hopefully my attendances don't drop too much from 17,784. My wages are still within acceptable limits, what with about 70/75 players and 25/30 on loan. 3 players on 45k wages. One will be sold. Juninho was my best overall in midfield, with Marchisio and Dempsey thereabouts as well.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Up front I have starting next season Berg and Negredo. Negredo I signed from RM Castilla. So I used 2 players for good value and cash. I am unsure where he will be, he won't be playing much at Madrid, that's for sure. Marcus Berg had 10 or 12 teams interested in him. I was watching and waiting for his ban to come up. I gave out 2 players for him, 1 who I wanted to keep, but didn't badly need. I have him shortlisted. The other was Consigli, who gave tremendous value in the exchange. I put in 2.3 million as well. It was a massive bid, players like him don't come around that often. But only 1 other team bid, out of 10 shortlisted. I was expecting a mad rush. Same with Handanovic, big interest, I put in a big bid, and only 2 other teams bid. If there are players I need, I have to put in the big bids, lest I lose out.

Hoarau I signed when he was 87, I had less money back then, but I was suprised he was available. But I lost him to injury not long after signing him. I signed Palermo when he was cheap, and he has done well. I will probably sell him, unless he scores a goal a game. I payed 10k and risers for him. I can get 5 million for him. My best early signing was El Hamdaoui for 4.7 million. He went up by 4, big rise, and he has scored in his first game in the new Dutch season. A rise of 1 beckons soon. I will be keeping him as long as he is scoring goals. He will be third or fourth choice. I won't have to buy anyone else up front, unless someone is selling, or if none of my forwards can score.

Dentinho is loaned out, I will keep him for the future. He is a bright talent, and should rise by 2 or 3. I signed him for 4.5 million a long while ago, in season 7. Season 9 starts next week. Lenny is another talent, but he is not playing much at top of the table Palmeiras. I will give him more time. Ciro, 77 and Wallyson, 75 and Talles Cunha round out my Brazilian contingent. Good risers include Wilfried, 74, Orozco, 74 and Solano 73. I might hold on to them, keeping an eye on their future. They are on small wages, and can rise higher in the future.

The money from Juninho will hopefully stay in my transfer budget. I won't accept until the new season starts. I got about 2 million for finishing second. I am hoping for a good run in the cups, I got to the semi's of one, and went out on penalties. To a manager who had not logged in for ages, which made it worse. There will be new players to buy when the new season kicks off in Europe. Holland should prove to be especially fruitful. I have a few players earmarked there. Mexico has begun as well, and Germany will be worth looking at. I will have to buy earlier as the setup is more competitive than when I started. And with the amount of threads made about countries and players, I will have to be quick. I have a few players shortlisted, might put in okay bids and see what happens, unless I really want the player, than I will have to pay for them.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Today is cool, 73 degrees it says, so I am happy staying in. Watching Lille, who I have a Emerson and Chedjou at. Emerson is playing, but not much happening to report. Tomorrow will be 90+, so off somewhere with water I will be. I am still waiting for the new season to start, I don't feel like accepting transfers quite yet. I don't trust that my money goes into the chairman's pocket, and not my balance. Today there is a top player available, but I think it would be wiser to keep my transfer money from Juninho than swap for him. Much wiser. That money will be going towards some players who are establishing themselves in the top leagues.

I missed out on a target because of the fact that I don't know what I can pay for a player of 75, I made a bid and it got rejected. Actually I offered a 77 player, and my chairman would not let him go, he was worth less than twice the other players value. I don't know what's up there, but it has happened before when I have tried to offload this guy. My chairman won't allow it. I bid twice his amount, but got outbid by a few grand. That's okay, but if I ever bid a little bit too much for a low rated player, it get's stopped, and we have to bid again. And I know that 2.5 times a chairmans value will get rejected, and maybe 2.2 or 2.3. I don't know the magic formula.

I have, however, signed Badstuber in a player swap with a high riser Filipe Seymour. I overpaid by over a million in that deal. But I am sure it will be worth it. Badstuber will fill in for Demichellis and appear in a few of the cup games, so a rise by 3 would be welcome, then another 3 even more so. But I am only guessing here. I have also earmarked, on paper, a few from Holland that should see a rise, then a bigger one later on. I will look at France and Germany later. But I nned to know what my finances will be like next season, with the attendances "improvement" by SM. Remember it is a game FIRST, reality should come second. Games are fun, reality is usually less so.

Outside the game I am on the last disc, season 4.5 of Battlestar Galactica. Anybody reading should see this now. I am waiting for these Section 4 ratings to hurry up so I can swap up a few players. There are a few in Brazil I am looking at, and it seems that there is no end in sight to the talent that gets produced there. But with the European leagues on again, there is fair impetus to buying there. There will be a second rating change that will be worth holding onto, keeping an eye on your player of course. So it would be nicer to sign just before the rating changes, so I have less to wait on for the next changes early in the new year.

Edit. That Badstuber deal got stopped by my chairman. I don't know why.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

A very cool day, today. 67 right now. Which keeps me in for these updates. I am not happy with my chairman blocking me player exchanges using my risers. I tried to sign Badstuber who was worth about 2 million, for my Seymour, 83, who fetched me 3.3 million, and won me the bid. Or so I thought. How come I am allowed to sell him. For about half of 3.3 million. Manchester United won with a bid well over 4 million. Same happened with my bid for Darley of Feyenoord, I tried swapping a 77 midfielder, and it got stopped by my chairman. Anyways, it wasn't all bad news. I have had a couple of players go up from section 4. I have lots to come from Colombia.

I did sign Rosina, 89 rated from Sunderland, who needed money badly, so it seemed. His price. 8.5 million. Bargain for a player of that age and rating. I will be playing him and Ziani on the wings. He is at Zenith now, and he is still around the Italian setup I believe. I have bids in for minor players, using an exchange. I am waiting to see if my chairman interferes again. There are a lot of players I have shortlisted, but I will be waiting on some to see if they are starting in their leagues. The better risers are the ones who rise by 3 or 4 in the eighties, they double their value, and make a better profit selling than a 70 to 80. I will maybe sign 1 or 2 who are 88/89 with the cash I am getting for Juninho and a few others. Juninho gets me 14 million, and I can double that with some fringe players. But I am waiting to see if I can get more players out on loan before I sign more, and I want to see what my attendances will be. I would prefer to use p/e with some players I am selling, but it's no harm having bids in ready to go.

I spent some time going through my shortlist, which is a fair 4 pages long. Some players I will sign just to sell on. This is the only way to survive unless you are Arsenal or United. I am looking through the starting teams so far, and I will be signing a good 8 or 10 players who are a rating in the eighties. Or so I want, as my finances may not allow all. I can't wait long as someone will flag them up on the forums. Some are on the forums already, but not at the top of the threads. I have more than enough players I can cash in on right now, but I will keep them until the first round of changes. To put it into context, I have 3 LB's rated 85, aged 23. I don't use LB's right now, as using 3 at the back kicked up my results big time. But I am unsure who to sell, so I will see after the changes take place. I could sell the 3 for 14 million tomorrow. I am hoping for 20 million if and when I do sell them. But I am sure all 3 will rise to 87/88 after 2 changes. But I would like to have them out on loan.

My team was, using some kind of Betting Odds system and whatever else, as second favourites for the title. Behind a Liverpool with 19 players over 91. 8 are 95+. So I am unlikely to win the league, but there are so many good teams in this division, that I don't know how my odds were so good. I will try and find the links to it wherever it is. My top rated players include:

GK Handanovic, 89

CB Chygrynskyy, 90

CB Biava, 88

CB Bocchetti, 88

CB Compper, 87

W Ziani, 89

W Rosina, 89

W Valeri, 88

CM Senna, 94

CM Semak, 91

CM Marchisio, 89

CF Negredo, 90

CF Palermo, 89

CF Hoarau, 89

CF Berg, 89

I have other players of 86 to 88 out on loan. But I will be looking for more high rated defenders if I can, 89 rising to 90 would be good, but unlikely. There are a few over 90 that will be available, like Westermann and Lugano. I don't know if I can get away with signing them, maybe 1. I am sure to have the finances though. And a good player exchange.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

It's pretty hot today, AC on full time. Time to go swimming soon. I started the season with a 2-2 draw at home with Watford. They are a well balanced team of 88/89, but I should have beat them on average rating. But it's football. 2 goals from Palermo, who I brought on in the 75th. He scored 2 late goals to come back from 2-0 down. The changes have not been what I thought they would be. A lot of +2's. It seems, maybe, they are downgrading Colombia. I have my eye on 2 players right now that I will bid on in the coming days. Players that will be among the starting competition. With Palermo scoring, I might have to hold out on swapping him.

Right now I have 17 players loaned out. I would like some more, but most of the high earners who won't play are gone. I have some non first team targets set, I will soon be signing some. I just like holding on as close to their changes as I can. That makes it easier to hold onto them for the second changes after. My attendance is 16,913 from my first game in division 2. It's down a bit from last season, but not as much as I thought it could be. Is it from setup to setup? I have heard 12 or 13 thousand bandied about in other setups. This small drop should not effect me too much. I should be able to keep an even keel, like last season.

I went swimming in the sea for a bit. The water was lovely and warm. Anyways, I have missed out on a few bids after my chairman intervened. He did not want me to lose a few rising players. That happened with Badstuber. I made the mistake of saying I had him, after it was accepted. But my chairman said he won't trade out my outgoing player.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Another hot day, a heatwave we are having, it seems. Anyways, I lost 3-1 away to Norwich. It was okay until I changed to an attacking formation in the 75th, and then they scored 2. Well, what can you do. I find altering the tactics like that can do good or bad, never will you keep the same score. So, I will have to be more conservant with my tactics the next time. Norwich were a good side though. Only 2 games gone, no harm done.

A couple of signings I made. Antoine Devaux of Toulouse is only 79, but is starting right now for his team so far. I expect Toulouse to be a good team again this year, and Devaux to start a fair amount of games for them. I see him going to 83/84 in the next changes with 86/87 after that. The best thing is that he is on 7.5k wages. A lot of risers are from 80, and that's 12k wages, so I'm saving a few bob on wages. How many players can you buy that are 79, I got Moisander which is one, but how many do you buy that are 80. For that matter how many risers that you buy go to 80. Most. 80 is the most common rating I think.

I signed 2 lower rated players from Switzerland that should see good rises. The other ones were gone. By low rated, I mean 74 or less, so the wages are cheap, and if they hit 80, thats good. I have been looking through a few leagues, and there are players to sign. So anybody who thinks it is too hard to sign players, well I can guide you, as I can't sign everyone. I don't even bother shortlisting everyone, as it is still to early. But the Swiss leagues are 6 games in, and so it's a bit easier knowing who will stay a first teamer, rather than if they only started 2 or 3 games so far.

Another signing I made was Michel the RB of Boavista. I am expecting him to be the regular at that position for them, so a big rise could be in store. I have made a bid for a young keeper so I can take part in the under 23 tournament we are having. All my keepers are to old. I don't really like a tournament where Pato and Aguero can play because they are young, but it may not matter. This match engine, or sometimes lower league dreams, can allow for those guys with all the players to get knocked out. That's always good. I would like a cap of 82 or something, even less, because most of the teams are averaging 80 or so. But it's fun, for a knockout round,anyways.

I still have my players I might bring in, but to complicate matters, I made a bid for a top rated striker, with him asking for a p/e, I gave him one of my own, and some cash. I have not heard back, but he is a forumer I believe. That deal would be good to my team, I want someone to score. FRACKIN score. I don't have a 20 a season striker, so it would seem. But , I guess I have to give Berg and Negredo time. I'm sure they will put a few in the back of the net.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I am typing this and watching Liverpool against Aston Villa. Suffered a big loss against Stoke, both of us averaged 90. Oh my god, such an incredible run of events in that chance, 9 minutes in. Anyways, most of the teams will be of a much higher rating than in league 3, so it's going to be very difficult to get wins. I might not be able to play 3 at the back anymore, that works when you are a more dominant team, or are far better than the opposition. Right now, I'll stay with 3 at the back, and try different match tactics. But it is early, I have lost lots of games in the opening of new seasons in many setups. And went on to finish quite high. I am aiming to finish top half anyways, unless I choose to self destruct and sell or swap any youth of value to try and get high rated players, and that's not going to happen.

Speaking of youth players, it's getting much harder to find them, lower rated ones, before they get snapped up by someone. That just goes to show the quality of managers in the league. It also shows the amount of people scouting a player and putting them on the forums earlier and earlier. As a whole, more people are buying youth I think than a year ago. And the talent scout section of the forums is growing bigger and bigger. But there are always going to be players that will be missed. And I am buying one right now, one who hasn't been named and shamed on the forums. I am hoping for a big rise from him, I can't give a decent amount of time for the game as I would like, and I will always miss out on players. I'm going to be in work and school full time from the 8th of September, so I will have to do some strong scouting before then. I am also hoping to do plenty of other, non sitting in front of the computer drinking some beers activities, maybe play some football myself?

On to the signings I have made. I signed 2 Swiss youth, Ben Khalifa from Grasshoppers is 17, Fwd, 74, and 19 year old Etter from Luzern is 19, DM, 74 and both should see a good rise. I have them to hold onto for the future if I can, so wages of 3.5k are the order of the day. Most other Swiss players I looked at are owned elsewhere in EC106, otherwise I could have 6 or 8 players signed. I am kind of happy I don't have to choose from them though. I am the slowest to order in a restaurant.

Antoine Devaux is 79, a rare rating as most players on SM tend to be 80, I signed and should see a big rise. He is at Toulouse now, so 79 to 83/84 would be good in the French ratings, with another good rise after that. The most important thing is that he is on 7.5k, so I can keep him a bit rather than selling him for a quick buck. Toulouse are a top six team, so he could be rated among their best midfielders at the end of the season. He is 24, if he was younger than 21 he would have been mentioned ages ago on the forums. In fact, there are a lot more players over 21 that I can buy that will rise big. They are much less likely to be announced on the forums thankfully. What I would love is to have the option of having a reserve squad rather than a youth squad, to have less clutter in my first team.

Fabio Coentrao is a 21 from Benfica. He is a winger and should see a rise from 83 to 86 in the next Portugal ratings. Davino Verhulst is a 21 year old keeper from Belgium. He should rise from 82 to 84 all things going well for him. I needed a keeper for the Youth tournament, and he was the best available, so I am happy with him. I have a lot of keepers over 21, so it's nice to have him in my youth team. My best signing could be Donizeti Mauricio of Palmeiras, CB, 24 and rated 84. He is one of the best CB's in Brazil today, and a rise to 87/88 would be likely for him. I had him ages ago, but I sold him in a swap. I am happy to have got him back, and I am hoping he will continue to be among the premier defenders in Brazil. He cost 2 players and cash, I overpayed by about 1.2 million for him. Reason being that my chairman stopped me swapping Ignacio Torres, 85, for him. Then another team bidded, so I had to pay a bit over chairmans value. My chairman should be shot for the amount of deals he has meddled in. I missed out on Badstuber because of him.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I lost again, 2-1 to Charlton. I went with a 343, and I thought it would counter his formation, but he played 442. I don't believe too much in the sophistication of the match engine to make much of a difference how I played anyways. 3 at the back is not working for me, but, I'm not sure if playing 4 at the back would improve my team either. It's hard to buy full backs, CB's are easier to find. I have a few shortlisted. But even bringing in higher rated CB's will probably not solve the problem of me losing. My defenders average low scores, midfielders are better, and strikers average the highest. It's still early though, but I would like to be picking up a win very soon.

I am scouting through the leagues, but it is a waste of time mostly as nearly anybody that springs up from the screen has been bought before. I mentioned in my last post that I was signing a youngster, I did not say anymore. After I bidded for him, I looked the next day to see someone bidded a wee bit more than me for this guy, never, and still never mentioned on the forums. Bad luck I guess. But I would like the option of being able to shortlist, and nobody else sees it. It works the other way, but I don't mind missing out on a player that someone else has shortlisted before me.

It's fairly cool right now, 67 degrees, compared to the last few weeks. I am hoping for better to come, especially for the big holiday weekend to come next week. Summer here goes on till the end of September, but good weather continues into November, much like today. I'm going out later on to see District 9. That should be good. I am also playing Millwall tomorrow, I am hoping to get my first win there, at least a draw.

This would be near the point where the supporters are getting a bit miffed with me. After getting them promoted. How many managers have gotten the sack after getting promoted, and they proved to be **** in their new league. The Derby County manager would have still had his job if he lost out on the promotion race. It's funny that. I could sell a lot of players for more money to pay for the better players that are becoming available, I don't want to sell certain players of course. But things can get desperate, and measures have to be drawn. Just like real management. I'm watching the Super cup and a German game right now, so this message is taking a long time.

I am going to bid on a few more players in the coming days. My squad is large enough, but I am aiming for players who are in their 80's already, and hopefully I can send them out on loan. There is too much competition for a new 70/75 rated player, and I don't see them quick enough to sign them. So, hopefully I can get some more players in that I want to keep, and be able to send them out on loan after that. I have a few 70 rated players looked at, and I will wait a bit longer before signing, so that the transfer ban comes up close to the their next rating. Actually, I like to hold out so that there are less players for me to choose from before signing. That is not the must buy's, but those that are on the fringe. Example, signing a player who is rated 73, for 200k, I sell for 1 million. That's made worse if 1 or 2 other teams bid and I have to buy him for 450k. I don't make much money on him, especially if you include wages. So there's a lot of financial thinking ahead as well. I have to keep the books balanced.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Time for another update, I will be leaving it longer to do this as I'm going to be very busy at work and college and whatever else these days. I lost to Millwall 5-2, and 2-0 to Middlesbrough in the cup. I forgot about that Monday match, and had the same team from the game the previous Saturday. So I had to play a second team against Plymouth and I managed to win 4-1 at home. Most importantly I played a 442, which is maybe what I should be doing. I don't really know why I won with a much lower average team playing, would I have won playing with my strongest team? Anyways, it's given me food for thought. Maybe playing a weaker team won't be a very bad thing for me.

That win has given me a slight boost up the table, to 17th anyways. I don't doubt that I will lose plenty more games however. And I think I should still play as strong a team as I can put out these days. But 2 goals from new signing Fabio Coentrao was really nice. I am really finding a lot of wingers available who will rise far. I signed a guy from Galatasary, Aydin Yilmaz rated 82, and he is starting most of the games for his team. Also signed at wing is a Polish guy, Gancarczyk rated 76. He looks to me that he may rise to 82. Also De Bruyne is 74 from Racing Genk, and he has been playing enough to rise to 80 and then more after the changes.

I managed to sign Schieber after my chairman getting in the way (as he has been doing, I don't think he will let me swap for a player of a lesser rating) twice before the deal was done. He seems to be the third striker at Stuggart, and he has a goal in 3 appearances in the league, at that rate I should see him hit 83/84 this time around, with more to follow. I have got a few other players signed for my youths, nothing more than moneyspinners, Paun I had shortlisted before he was put on the forums, so I had to buy him once I seen that. He is a possible +10 player from 69. I have a good few players scouted over the few days, I just don't want them posted, so I can buy them at my leisure, or when a few more players I have come off the transfer ban.

Speaking of that, the TB, it seems to take forever. I am waiting to trade out my 3 South Africans I have seemed to have for the whole summer. 2 rose to where I expected, but 1 did not rise. That won't be the first low rated player who played a clutch full of matches and did not rise that I have. I am getting rid of 1 today, Vinasco, who is still 70, after some 12 or 15 games for his team. There was huge controversey about him, in Colombia they have to start a number of youth players. So he played a lot of matches, but came off after 7 minutes or 15 or 30 minutes. Sort of like a reverse substitute. But I am swapping him out, he is 10k, for someone I hope to see a rise of 7 or 8 instead. But you never know with SM.

I am puzzled by all the new players on the database that have no club. I must find out why that is. I know some players have no club now, but they do, but these are new players.And you wonder why it will take 3 weeks to get through Africa. It's taking longer since when I started, that's for sure. And there are very few players going off the database compared to all those that are added. I am looking forward to the Brazilian changes when they come, I have a few big risers there. Most notably Elias who should hit 84 at the least, maybe 86. Muriqui could get a +10 as well, and Willians will go from 80 to 85 for sure.

I'm up against fellow promoted team, Carlisle in the next game. They are struggling as well, so I am wondering whether to send out the team I did for my last game, or stick to a strong team instead. I will learn a lot, whichever team I play. My attendance is a decent 16385, down a small bit from last season, but not enough to worry me. But I can't go far above the size of squad I have now, because when you go into the red, it's hard to get out without selling your best players.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Another update this American holiday, Memorial Day. Sitting in to do it because I'm broke, but what the hey. I also have my mother over visiting. I have not been busy this weekend, or been watching the forums lately, but I have been doing a tonne of work on other teams I have, even though that it is fairly pointless keeping them. But I feel like I should still give them a go for now.

I have not much to give since the last day, apart from a few teams bidding on my shortlisted players. I have been househunting today, and I think I got sorted, it's a great looking place within my scanty budget, in fact I think it is a bargain. Sommerville, not a bad place to live. The weather is cool enough, compared to where I grew up, it's still frackin deadly.

I have put my bid for 1 player who is bidded upon at this stage, he has been bidding on a lot of players, but this one I hope to not let him get away with, the dirty er. I have hopefully, since a lot of my signings did not happen, got a really good winger who should be 90 very soon. But the counting chickens thing comes into play. I'm listening right now to the Groove Salad, and it's deadly if you like some downbeats.

I will try to put on a player and team review soon. I do a lot of freewriting, so it might not make sense to anybody watching, least of all me at times.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

There are a lot of happytimes for me with the Brazilian changes. Muriqui up 11 to 85, Willians up to that number from 80. Elias I had when he was 72, went from 78 to 86. Frackin deadly. Wallyson goes up 6, but his name dictates that I sell him now. Not serious about that. There are other minor ratings that I had, but all in all it was a good time for me. Not as good as I could have had, I underestimated a lot of risers, and I see one team in the setup has the monopoly on them, and have tonnes of Brazilian risers. Which there was a lot of.

I lost 2-0 at the weekend, but this is no excuse, I had a hectic first week at college and homework, I never got about to my team. I am mad, because I always put my team down, but I do work and college on the same day. I will try to bring Huddersfield to the best they can maybe do. :)

I have made minor signings, especially in the wake of the Brazilian changes. There are few left to do.


I thought, a few times, to have purchased a player, and the frackin chairman intervenes. Anybody reading this finding it hard to offload an 80 player for a 78 or something like that, it's not going to happen, it's fracked me up countless times.

This is a blog, so I should not be to bothered by it all.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Well, with another post. Congratulations are the order of the day, I signed the lease on my new, brilliant apartment. I've got to be more grown up than if this was a student kip though. The ratings have been good, I'm still waiting to loan out some 85/86 risers. Is that not good enough. Everybody wants an 88 or 89 I suppose. It's the same bleedin' wages anyway.

As I stated, homework will be in frequent circulation, I will be on less, and more less that I had been. But in the free time I had,I shortlisted a tonne of players, some are going right now, some I hope will be around closer to the changes. You have to confirm everything, otherwise it could be cr-ap. I have signed a few minor players, but hopefully, another winger who is destined for big things, will be signed. A lot of players I would think I have, I lose out on. Varela is a golden example. 85 to 89 at the end of the season, methinks. Wel I do have Valeri, who was brilliant for Lanus last season.

I am wondering if I should sell any of my risers. I think that some will all still rise, so I have some of them out on loan. I am going to have to quit a few setups due to the lack of availabe time, but I wil keep the important setup, EC106. I'm not doing well there, but another setup I am in, where it's hard to buy anybody I have a huge number of vents, I cannot go on and on about thrm though. No complaints here, just an underlvalued situation

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I lost 1-0 today, but I had a few decent results lately. I am unimpressed by SM's new rules not allowing me to swap down, so to speak. But when I cannot swap an 81 that I have for an 84, I don't know what to say. A few more players I have signed, including wingers. I am still above the relegation zone, but that cannot last for long.

Weather wise, it was not too hot today, but yesterday and before it was 72 to 79, today was 60ish K. It's getting colder, but there are still going to be hotter days. Anyways. The loss puts me, or should I say keeps me in the same zone, but I am sure I can recover by that time. It would also be nice if the crowd at EC106 had a good thread to go on about anything, because I could at times.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I am still sitting at the wrong end of the table, but I have won a few games since changing to 4 at the back. I guess moving up a division changed things, I don't know any real life teams playing 3 at the back in real life, even if they were 6 divisons over their opponents. 352 works well when you are 3 or 4 ratings above the opposition.

It's lovely weather, I love going on about the weather, it's not the auld sod, that's for sure. I hope it continues well into November. Thats why the seasons are different here, it's still Summer here, and Autumn finishes close to Christmas.

I have been a busy bee in the transfer market. I have brought in Martins from Wolsfburg as he is a player either playing in a trio up front, or he will be rotated with Dzeko and Grafite. Ciani came from Bordeaux, and he is a regular in what is now, or other than Lyon, the best team in France. It's important to get these players that will be playing in Europe as well. That gives them an extra boost when the ratings come around.

Bruno Saltor comes to secure the RB slot. He is playing well at Valencia, and like JC's guide says, buy players at big clubs. This is good advice, obviously they have to be playing. Wagner I signed from Preston, I like to be able to buy from other managers for a fee that is not to inflated. I expect him to rise, 6 goals from 6 starts should see him rise to 82. And he is a big talent in Germany. And the German second division would be as good as in England, meaning I would have to compete with 10 other clubs to buy him.

Oh I nearly forgot, I have also signed Zokora, who is out on loan to Crewe. He is sure to rise as things stand, an I hope he can break the 90 barrier. Also, Elson of Stuggart I have signed, and he is only 84, but is a regular there. I am hoping for 86. He is Brazilian which also helps. There are a few other minor players I have signed since then, and all will get a decent rise. They include Milanov, a 17 year old who seems to be a regular in Bulgaria, and Anderson, who I am looking at a good rise from 77 to 83.

There are so many risers, I have to stop myself. Some won't go as far as reckoned, some will over exceed expectations. I look through some countries, but by then, someone has named and shamed the player. This game is a bit different from 2 years ago.

I still need a 1 or 2 players in the right position, and hopefully I should be done then. For now. I will have to sell in time. But right now, my finances are going swimmingly. And long may that continue. But my attendances have dropped off from what I stated first. Right now it is 14,794. Down a quid an a half. So my performances may hold the key. I know some will be hit very hard in the league.

I will soon be a third of the season through, and I will do some kind of review. But I am confident that I will move up the table, and reach my goal of sitting happy in the middle somewhere. I am only 8 points away from the mighty Preston and a play off place.:D

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Things are going alright for me in division 2, although I am drawing a lot of games, I would prefer to win some and lose some. I am 5 points above safety, and 7 points from the play off positions, after 17 games.

Going through my team, Handanovic is going to keep his rating at least. My second keeper who I signed for the youth tournament, Verhulst, will likely rise 2 to 84, and I will probably cash in. Galev and Marinescu I may p/e, but they will both break past 80 in the next changes. Speaking of that, I don't know how long I will have to hold on to them for. The database is expanding at a huge pace, and so are the number of players that need to be rated. So, do I hold on to them for another 6 months? If I can trade them in for more promising players, I'll do that. Szatmari rose 5, and I'll get rid of him. A goalie I recently signed is Thebaux at Caen who are top in the second division. 75 to 82 would be nice, and I'll hold onto him as long as Caen maintain their position.

There is still no sign of goalies getting injured. So there is no need for me having a high rated backup, unless someone pops up who will challenge Handonovic. I regret not buying Carrasso when he was 86. I do have a few others shortlisted, and may buy them on the eve of their change.

At RB, Bruno Saltor may rise to 89, Scarlatache only rose to 82, I will sell him. Krizko only rose to 78, I was hoping for 80. Paun had a big rise of 11 to 80, and I may keep him as he is on 1.3k. Nikkila will be swapped, and I am hoping that Thompson of Hearts will keep his position and rise to 78/80, and he will be worth keeping. Trasch will maybe change to RB.

I got to run for college, will update more later.

At LB I am well covered. I brought back Schafer for 2.2 million and Muriqui and Tachtsidis. I would have liked to have kept Muriqui, but I got a good deal for him. Shafer will rise to 89, and if Wolfsburg improve, 90+ is a possibility. Tiago Pinto and Murillio, both 80, are getting sold. Out on loan, Schennikov will be kept for as long as he keeps rising. Moisander, Schaffer and Emerson all look like rising by 1 or 2, I will probably sell 2, so who do I keep? If Schaffer proves to be the no.1 LB at Benfica, I'll keep him. It will be a while yet before Portugal gets reviewed. It could be Moisander, as I will have him for 1 more season after this for his 7.5k wages. Emerson will be sold, with someone else at the end of the season, unless I need money sooner.

My balance is much lower than my budget, so I am going to have to try and not overspend, as I will be up a creek once I go negative. That should not be too hard to fix, but some of my first team players who I would sell have poor chairmans value, I would have to sell for a few million less than I would like. Like Weis who is 87 and valued by SM at 5.4 million, well my chairman values him at 4.4 million, so I would get 5 million at best for him. And I spent 4.1 million and player/s on him.

My CB's are a strong position for me. Bocchetti is a safe bet to rise to 90 by the end of the season. Biava, his team-mate, can also rise to 89 in the next Italian changes. Chygrynskiy will have plenty of competition at Barcelona when Marquez and Milito come back, but he will keep his well deserved 90. Ciani will rise to 89 at Bordeaux. So that will be 4 strong CB's for 2 places, although Bocchetti can play left back and Biava at right back.

In my youth, Majao is being sold, Sadlok who rose 4 to 82, will probably be sold, I will keep an eye on him. He is 20, and worth 3 million to my team, so he is worth selling. If he turns 21, he will drop a fair amount in value. Malic will rise about 5 from 77, as will Anderson who is the same rating. Toranzo should have changed a long time ago, he changed clubs at the wrong time. Now he is not playing in Argentina after being touted for a big rise at his old club. I don't know what SM will do with him. It's possible he will be passed over for rating. It has happened before with players I signed.

Tomasevic will get a small rise, he has stopped playing recently. De Laet I am hoping will get a chance in the cup games, he will be worth holding onto for the long term. On loan, Mauricio Ramos is 87 at Palmeiras. I think he will rise some more. Compper is playing well at Hoffenheim, and I expect him to rise to 88. These 2 may be kept or sold, won't know yet. Forlin will be kept, and I hope to see a rise to 88 for him. Brandao and Maicon are 85, only Brandao looks like rising by 1 or 2. Maicon has not got his chance at Porto, and may be sold before all the others. Perez is 84, and from what I can remember, is set to rise by another 2 in Mexico.

So I am healthy at CB, and I have 3 players at Def. Trasch will rise, and maybe be in the reckoning for Germany as well. Chavez will also rise from 83. He may reach 86. Eduardo at Botofago I have on the transfer list. He is 82, but being only 20, he is worth 3 million from my chairman, so I can take cash for him. But he will rise again. I will wait and see, his birthday is 24 October, I might see how much his value drops by. I don't have many players who won't rise, but I am going to have to be realistic and sell a few. And when the AI thing starts, I might be forced to sell better players.

DM I have Senna. I will be selling him before the end of the season, as this is his last year on 45k. His next contract will be 75k. I have made him available for now. I would like some cash and a decent player who will start in my team. Or 2 decent 88/89 rated players who have a future. Someone might be willing to pay a lot of cash for him somewhere, that would keep me safe from going under for a long time. Also, Flum may rise to 85, Mandjeck will rise from 77. And Etter from 74. May sell them all after rising, but I may loan out Flum if possible. He is 21, rated 82 and valued at 2 million. If he was 20, he would be worth 3 million. So, I want to sell Eduardo for 3 million plus if I can.

Zokora may rise to 89 at Sevilla. He has 5 starts so far, it may be too early to tell. Capoue should get hit 87 at Toulouse, who aren't playing as well as last season. Pezzoni will rise by 1 or 2, but his team are down at the relegation end, and I may sell him. I don't really play with a DM, but I find they do a lot better than AM's in the centre of midfield.

RM's I have include Weis out on loan, who is not playing for Hoffenheim. I hope he can keep his 87, I would like to keep him, but I'll probably have to sell. Maicousel is getting some minutes of the bench, and some starts at Hoffenheim, and a rise to 86 would be good. Than I would sell him at the end of the season. Jean at Sao Paulo is 87, and I will hold onto him as long as he is starting in Brazil. Roman went up 4 from 80 recently in Romania. I hear he is a big talent, so I might do well holding onto him. He also gets game time for Romania.

LM, Tomasik rose only 1 to 77, which is like he only played 1 game or something. He has 2 or 3 starts and 4 or 5 sub appearances for the third team in Poland, this season. Last season he was starting as well. I can hold onto him for a bigger rise, but I should have sent in a ticket. If he was playing for Everton or Spurs, he would have got a nice rise. Gorter, who I have had from nearly when I started, will rise to about 82, and I'll probably say goodbye to him. Moroz was a decent riser I am selling from the Baltic's. Zezinho will be a long term, I hope to hear a lot more from him next season.

At AM I have lots of players, but I don't use that position. I am getting good results with 442, and I don't want to mess around with that unless forced. Rosina is not getting a lot of minutes at Zenith right now. I might have to sell him if he looks like dropping, but I should still make a small profit over the 8.5 million I paid for him. Coutinho is another long term prospect. I am unsure about Montero, he is out on loan somewhere, I am hoping for him to rise as he is playing for Ecuador. Iguess I can file him under prospect as well. Same with Milanov who rose by a measly 1, but I guess he did not get added to the database early enough. He is 17, but has 6 games and 2 goals so far in Bulgaria. Stojanovic gets a smaller than expected rise. I think I won't bother anymore with scouting these minor countries for unmentioned players. Rasmussen should see a nice rise from 72. Torres is out on loan, and I think I'll sell him before he turns 21. I will get over 4 million for him.

Wingers include Ziani and Valeri who are likely to keep their ratings. I will sell Gancarczyk who rose to 80. SM love rising players to 80, few rise to 79 or 81. I am hoping for Fabio Coentrao to rise to 86, and Yilmaz of Galatasaray to hit 85. Reus will rise to 83, Gosztonyi will be sold, De Bruyne, Risse and Salinas are 74,75 and 76. I hope all 3 can rise by 5 or more.

Out on loan are Dempsey who I want to see reach 88. I hope he has a good world cup if I should keep him. I hope Salvio moves to Europe for him to go past his current rating. Bisewar will likely rise by 2 and I am hoping De Federico proves himself in Brazil. All 4 are worth holding onto, as well as Yilmaz and Fabio Coentrao. This gives me much depth out wide.

In CM I have Semak who can rise to 92. Marchisio should hit 90, possibly 91. Bruno Coutinho got his big rise and will be sold. As will Devaux who has not nailed down a starter spot at Toulouse. But a rise to 82 would not be bad. Chipev did not rise, so I will sell him and Barahona. Pomerko is 74, but has 9 appearances in the Russian league for Amkar.

Loaned out are Wijnaldum who will only rise by one I think, but is still only 18. Murphy is unlikely to rise for Fulham, I may sell him at the end of the season, but I payed only 2.6 million for him. Elias is 86, but can go 1 or 2 better for Corinthians, and a move to Europe is a possibility. Elson I am hoping to rise to 86, but he is not a starter at Stuggart and they are struggling.

In CF, I am well covered. Negredo, Berg, Palermo and Hoarau out on loan are all going to remain at their respective ratings. Maybe Berg or Negredo can rise. Wilfried got his big rise, I may sell him, but he will rise again, Mosquera and Nothe will rise by 5 in Germany's secon tier.

I have a few too many forwards. Martins will keep his 89, Uskovic is being sold after his +10. Wagner signed from Preston should hit 82. Schieber might hit 84, Milic hit 82. Maciejak did not rise from 74, but he will, he has appeared in nearly every game. Maybe SM should have when he was added to the database next to his name, for all I know he got added last week, or last year after a few cup games. Ben Khalifa is only 17, but has 9 games and 2 goals to his name. Stracqualursi will get a nice rise from 75 in Argentina. El Hamdaoui and Dentinho are loaned out.

So I will be having to see some strikers in the coming weeks. Nobody looks like dropping, so I will have to keep an eye out on the league form of their teams. My crowds are above 16k again. A few weeks ago it was 13k, so performance and winning points are a factor in getting bigger crowds. I have more players shortlisted, but I think it would be more prudent to cash in on a few names before I start spending money again.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Yesterday was snowing and today is nice and sunny, funny the weather here at times. I sold Danny Murphy to the mighty Crewe. I figure that there is little point in keeping him around, as I will be getting some more rises from players that are out on loan. And I have Zokora who will hit 89 in the Spanish changes. Also out on loan at Crewe, thanks Sean.

Manoel comes in from Brazil, and MsF has been going on a bit about him. I only wish I could sign more Brazilians. And I wish I did not have to sell the one's that rise. I have accepted a bid for Eduardo, so I won't have many left. Playing in Brazil. Also in is Calabro from Holland who has 5 goals in 10 for VVV, and is only 79. So I am hoping for 82/83 this time, and I can keep my eye on him after.

Biggest signing was Govou for Palermo and Biava. Both players I have used a lot, and will keep their ratings, but I wanted a strong wide player, and I got a good deal there. He has 44k on 4 years, why do some players sign for only 2 years? I wish when I sign a player I can put him on a 5 year contract. Now I have to give new contracts to Negredo and Chy... next season and they will go straight to 65/70k. Why could I not give them 5 years on 22k when I signed them? I got them recently, now they will go up to a huge wage for me. I will still keep them. Senna, I might cash in on, but I don't mind if he drops, unless I get a good offer.

The radio show in America has 2 guys that support Chelsea and Rangers. They respect Liverpool, but frackin hate them. So through the show they play "99 Red Ballons". That is funny. And they say that is good karma, so they have snippets of "Karma Police" playing. It must be so easy for them. Dermot Gallacher is coming on the show, and they will all agree that the goal should not have stood. It's "World Football Daily".

I will have more players coming in soon on trades, and I will be selling a few. To get the best chairman value, sell them young. I have recalled Torres to get 4.5 million for him, like Murphy. I also have earmarked more players to sign from the later countries, like Spain and Turkey. I have trimmed my shortlist to 4/5 pages, and a lot are not done by other teams. Which I like.

I need to score goals, and I am not. Give me Jovetic. I sent out Chavez, 83, on loan. He should get a rise to at least 85, maybe 86. But Lord knows how long it will be until Mexico gets reviewed again. Around 40 new players are added every day, and few retire. The database is expanding hugely. Ratings are going to slow down big time.

I am waiting on Germany and Holland mostly. Most players I have on loan will rise, and I can maybe wait for the next changes after that. I will probably have to sell a few after that. But that's okay. I will be paying for a few players on 70k. If I swapped Negredo for another 90 player, I would be getting the new player on 45k, not 70k. So, wages will play a big part in the future, wages that 93/94 players are on.

Thank you to all the guys that have been reading this, you know who you are. This is part of the reason to write this thread, it also makes you think more about your squad. Like 'active reading'.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Interesting day. It's a decently warm and sunny day. No more snow for a while I hope. Snow in the city looks s?it. I am bidding for a few players that should help my team nicely, and I have my eye on a few others. Madlung, 88, is a centre back who will be joining from Wolfsburg. He has been ever present in their team in the league and Champions league, so a +1 is possible.

He will join Schaffer, Ziani and Martins. If ever real life team-mates could mould in our SM teams, that would be great. Last season I had a good few guys from Hoffenheim, and I figured I would sell after their poor form after Xmas. I still have Compper, who is on for a +1, and Weis, who I am trading in. He is not playing much this season. Maicousel is 84, and should see a +2 at Hoffenheim.

I have a lot of risers in Germany, and there are more. But I got to limit myself. 17 players I have are in Germany, Holland and France have a few also. I signed 2 youth players who should see small rises. Jonathan Reis, 77, is playing a few games in Europe and in the league, and Van Der Heijden, 73, is on loan from Ajax at Willem II. He has 5 appearances, so a +4 would be nice with more to come. But the team is near the bottom of the table.

I will wait and see if I get the players I am bidding on, as one has sparked a bidding war. Watch this space. I have also spotted a weird thing, not a bug, but something unusual with regards to some players I have seen. I don't want to say more for now. But it is good. It's only a few players so far I have seen, and I have not seen anything similar in other setups, but then again, I don't scout around them as much.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Still listening to the anti-Liverpool show in the US. You should hear them. Madlung is signed in place of Biava, and Bendtner is signed in place of Palermo. So, I am still doing okay, I am midtable, where I would be happy to be. A few players are coming in, and a few are going out. Same as usual.

I spoke of an unusual thing in the last piece. I have to take care of that. I will explain, but it's mad, in SM anyways. I am sure of keeping up a winning score going, I wish I had not lost all those games at the start, but right now, I should make the play-offs, thats how I feel. If SM have a night, in say , London, or Boston, where I am, or, wherever, I would be there.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Plenty of rain today, looking forward to the last day in October. I lost today, but that is the first time I lost in the league for a long time. I am kind of glad. I am still only 29 points from 22 games. Which leaves me 12th, but only 7 points from the playoffs. That would be my goal, the playoffs.

Bendtner came in at a cost of 18 million, including player exchanges. And I use smart player exchanges, ie 200% of my chairman value if I can. I will be getting back to you on quality use of p/e, I have a player seen, and I should get excellent value for him. Actually, I see a few once in a while. This one is tied into something I said before, I want to spell it out, but there might be others watching. To hell with it, I will do the deal and add it at the end of this post. And it is a rare, or never seen thing on SM. My goalie Galev is worth 600k by my chairman, but 2.4 million by the other team.

These are the things I look out for, that's how I build a team. Looking at defiencies in the other squad. I see a few more defiencies here and there with players I want to buy. But anyways, I signed a few midfielders who will hit a good rating soon, Martin whom I had about the time I first started EC106. I sold him when I had seen he was not playing. I wanted to keep him, like any 3k players, but he seemed to be dropped as I seen it. But I have heard he is playing very well, and is up to rise by 2 and 2 again I hope. But that is a conservative estimate, 3+3 would be better.

Poli is signed, and he should see a rise of 4 to 86 this time. Adrian Gonzalez is going to rise to 85 this time, and he is young. I have a lot of players. 100 right now. My team is worth about 327 million, I don't know if thats chairmans or SMs value. But there is only 1 team worth more than me. Darlington. Nobody comes close. My wages are about 815k that I pay, and 318k that I have loaned out. And I have had a few players returned, that were out on loan.

More players will be coming in. I am wondering what I will do with the players I have now that I can sell. 327 million for 100 players is about 3.27 million obviously. And obviously I will be keeping the bulk of the team, but I could still make a bagful of money. Anybody seen the film, "The Sting". Well, I am going to try out my hand of that show, to get a big return for a couple of players, by, well see the film. A few players have to go though, or will have to. And that is not Senna, who I won't mind holding onto even though I got an offer of 27 million. I don't need to sell, ever, and I have a very healthy transfer budget, and that other thing is plus as well.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I may still sell those players, but not until the new season. I'm not sure what I meant with the reference to "The Sting" though. Anyways I have been asked if I know any 80 to 84 risers not mentioned on the forums. And I do, but I don't want to tell about some if I can buy them later. These are guesses of what they will rise to. All are available in EC106. Real clubs listed.

Anderlecht. Chatelle 84-86, Proto 84-86, Kanu 77-80

Mechelen. A few players that will rise, highest is 84, the team is third in Belgium.

Zulte. Same as Mechelen, fifth in the league.

Gent. Thompson, 83-85 Lepoint, 83-85, Rosales 83-84/85, Azofeifa 83-85, Wils 84-85/86, Suler 84-85/86

Germinal. McDonald 82-84, Monteyne (26) 84-85, De Decker 84-85

Sint-Truidense. A good few risers there. Average of 80 for the eight team.

Westerlo. Van Hout 81-83, De Petter 82-83/84

Genk. Daeseleire 78-82, Anele 78-82, Hubert 78-81

Kortrijk. Ibou 79-82, Benteke 79-81, Lazarevic 80-82, Hempte 80-82, Capon 80-81/82, Vandenbroeck 81-83, Benko 81-83

Mouscron. Diakite 75-80, Maah 76-80

Here is France, and this has taken a while.

Montpellier. Camara 83-85, Dzodic 84-86/87

Lorient. Diarra 82-85/86, Mvuemba 84-86, Ducasse 84-85/86

Nancy. Sami 82-85, Bakar 82-84/85, Loties 83-85, Ca 84-85/86

Rennes. Marveaux 84-86

Sochaux. Mikari 84-85/86

Lille. Chedjou 82-84

St Etienne. Sako 82-83/84

Boulogne. Das Neves 79-81/82, Soumare 82-83/84, Cuvillier 83-85

Lens. Hermach 83-84/85, Yahia 84-85/86, Jemaa 84-85/86

Le Mans. Loriot 82-83/84

That's all the best risers I can see in the French top flight.

France 2.

Angers. Oniangue 76-79/80, Bourgaud 75-80, Deble 74-78

Dijon. Boateng 78-81/82

Chateauroux. Roumegous 77-80/81

Tours. Tomas 78-81/82

Laval. Hamouma 78-82, Pichot 75-79.

They are the ones I have shortlisted. I found Diaz, 74-80/81 doing a quick look a few days ago.

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