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Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.


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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

That weird thing I was talking about got fixed, as someone obviously saw my message in my profile and just had to have it fixed. Basically it was 2 players from Espanyol were at a non-league team full of 65 rated players. How did they end up there? Don't know, but 2 players, 87 and 89 (Coro and Tamudo) could have been bought for 2 cheap risers. If could have signed them and sold them on for a big profit. Coro might rise from 87, Tamudo should drop. I would have signed Coro for a 78 rated keeper and an 80 player. Those players would sell for less than 2 million. Coro would have sold for 5-6 million. Maybe I should have taken advantage of the situation.

I have had a few risers so far in Germany and Holland. El Hamdaoui rises to 89, Wijnaldum and Moisander to 86, Calabro to 82, Reis and Milic to 80. In Germany's second division I had 5 players rise to 82. So not a bad day for German rises for me. I have a lot more players due a rise, including Schieber who should hit 84. I will probably hold onto these risers until the next changes, unless some other targets come up for a swap deal.

A few players joined recently, Bunjaku 80 from Nurnberg, 4 goals in 7 for him, Joneleit 75 should rise past 80, Poli was available and I spent a bit on him, Martin (I sold him when I had him, stupid, but he had stopped playing before I made the decision) is 82 also and should hit 85, Mingolet 79 from Sint-Truidense should hit 83, Van Dessel 78-82, Papazoglou 77-81, Mitroglou 82-85. I have had a lot of players shortlisted who then get mentioned on the forums which forces my hand to buy or let them go. A lot of players I have to let go, especially if they are older than 21, as my first team has a lot of risers, and I don't want more clutter. Please SM, let me have a reserve team along with, or instead of the youth team. I still have plenty of money left and will be keeping an eye out for more players to add. But it's so hard to want to sell as everyone will rise again, who should I swap out?

More changes to come that will be good, Germany and France, and a few Swiss youth. I don't have much from England as everyone is buying there. To put into perspective, I had 5 good risers from Germany 2, and I could have signed a few more +3 or +4. It would be much harder to do the same in England, some teams sign up all the newest English talent. I will look through more divisions close to when they are reviewed, and hope that nobody makes a thread on them. Italy and Spain second divisions, I have looked at some from Turkey and Greece. All this looking takes a lot of time. Time which would be better served doing some projects from school.

I have put some ratings for France and Belgium in the last post. These are players of 84 and under, so it might help someone in EC106 to improve their team. I may do the same when I look through other countries. I will leave some bones. 6 points off the playoffs with 15 matches to go. The playoffs are 1 of the biggest improvements that SM made since I started. It gives me something to shoot for. Although I still hate being in them, I lost out on promotion the last time I was in one. Last season I took second, and was so happy that I did not have to go through them again. Dave's Millwall are up today, and he wrote a flattering piece about me in his match preview. Good look Dave. I will listen to any good player exchange offers for my top players, I have gotten some poor cash offers.

Squad of 103 worth 347 million.

101 worth 348.5 million.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Not happy with the German changes. At all. Marco Reus did not change from 80 even though he has 11 starts and 2 goals at BM. I was expecting a change to 83. SM overlooked him, that is my main peeve. I will hold onto him as he will just be due a bigger rise in the next changes. I would send a ticket, but I don't know if evidence off sites that says he is a regular there will do. And I doubt they would answer me, any time I've sent them a ticket, as in blatant cheating or whatnot, they have ignored me.

Compper remains at 87, his brothers at Hoffenheim, Carlos Eduardo and Salihovic (who I owned before I sold them after their bad post Xmas, expecting no more rises), and Stein went up to 89. Was he not playing as good as them? I doubt it. I will still hold onto him. For all those up and coming clubs in EC106, try and not sell every riser you have. For me, most will rise again. I am keeping hold of my risers that I have just signed so that I can see them rise again in as short a time as possible.

Other Geman ratings went like this.

Schieber went from 78 to 80 and he got rerated to 82. He is worth holding onto for sure.

Flum goes up to 84, he will rise again.

Risse goes up to only 78, I think he can rise a bit further.

Pezonni goes up to 85, he will be sold.

Schafer gets a +1 as was predicted.

Some new players came in, most notably Pedretti who I put out on loan. I signed Proto before he rose by 2, and he will rise again. I signed him for only 3 million, and he is worth it. I also signed Makeev for a larger amount then I would have liked. Diarra should see a rise of 3 or 4 from 82. Diaz should hit 81 or 82 from 74 and M'Vila will rise past 80 from 75. I am happy with my French signings, I hope they do better than my German players.

Belgium has been good. Mignolet went from 79 to 82 and Joneleit goes from 75 to 80. Van Dessel goes from 77 to 80 and De Bruyne goes from 74 to 77. I learn now that M'vila has hit 78 from 75. I would hve thought he would have reached 80. Well you can't have everything.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

France was better. There were a lot of players who went from 82 to 85 or so, and I did not see it coming. Martin went from 82 to 86 for Sochaux, Flum goes from 82 to 84 for Freiburg. Germany seems to have got lower overall ratings to France. I thought Germany was ranked higher than France. I am still phissed that Reus stayed at 80 rather than rise to 83.

Thebaux rises 7 up to 82, but he is in a good team and will go further, but I may have to sell him anyways. Ciani goes up to 89. Sorry Sean, you wanted him a while back. Devaux has been out injured a long time but went up 3 to 82. I will sell or swap him. Diarra of Lorient rises 3 to 85, there were so many others who did the same. I would only have expected +1/2 for them, but this guy I was hoping for a +4. Martin goes up 4, I was thinking a +3. Diaz and M'Vila got small rises, but should be worth holding onto. In fact, most of my team is worth holding onto. And Capoue goes up to 88.

The team is worth about 370 million right now, but I may be forced to sell some of my better players because of the poxy wage renewal system. My results have been less than average of lately, I am in 14th place, 10 points ahead of safety and 8 points from the playoffs with 9 games to go. So it is still possible to get promoted, but a lot of teams have to start losing. I have shortlisted a lot more risers, I will have to get some cash to buy as I am short. Otherwise, I am doing okay, and will find a way to massively improve before next season. Thank you gents who are still watching.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Big thank you to all who are reading, and have mentioned this thread on the forum. It's coming very close to the end of the season and I am sitting in 12th with 51 points. It's very close from the last playoff spot, 55 points, and just safe 17th, which is 44 points. The relegated teams finished on or below 31 points, so they were long gone, and I was well safe from the drop. I will do some kind of a team review at the end of the season.

A couple of major players signed. Arteta covers my weakness for width on either side. A fantastic player in real life, he was signed for Hoarau, Roman (80-84 in Romania) and 65k. In total about 15 million and change. That is all my chairman would let me pay, and there were plenty of teams bidding. I came across him by accident. I was looking through wide players and then I seen TBD beside this player. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I put in my bid. I always try and get the best value for my p/e players. If Hoarau netted me less than his cv, than I would try someone else. Thankfully he went for 11-12 million, more than I could get for him in cash.

Otamendi was my splurge. I don't need him, and he may or may not rise, but he carries a big pedrigee. I had him shortlisted for a few months, and I cannot pass up the oppurtunity to snag one of the top young defenders going. He will join Forlin who I have big aspirations for. He signed for 7.4 million, Elson 84, and Trasch. Now I got good value for those players, and with the fee, it was the max I could pay. Over 18 million.But hey, people would pay that for a new player in England easily, I have more faith in Otamendi than just about any new player. I don't usually spend that amount on someone who won't start, but I am in a good financial situation. Maybe 10 or 12 million would have sufficed, but certain clubs were bidding, who I know have plenty of cash to spend. I was not happy to lose Trasch, he is a promising player, and a DEF, he would have had some cup games next season. But his team are in the doldrums, and this won't have helped his rating in the near term.

I cashed in on El Hamdaoui for 10 million from his tea,. I had Rosina on the list for a long while, and I had a bid of 9.2 million which I let go away. But then I noticed I got a bid of 11.3 million from him, from his team, which I took. For some reason, 88 and 89 players in my team had about 2 million more put on their chairman value. I'm not complaining. I bought him for 8.5 million at the start of the season from Watford. I sold a few more players for cash, including Sandro Wagner for 2.4 million. I signed him from Preston for 1.6 million previously. The younger the player, the better it is to get cash for him if you need it, as they are valued highly in cash.

Makukula is scoring goals for fun in Turkey, and I was suprised to see him available. I doubt he will rise by 2, from 87, but he should hit 88 and be a backup to Berg, Negredo and Martins for next season. I will sell Martins if I can get a good offer for him, but people are very shy to bid. They will shortlist him and pay more cash from an external, however. With the new season looming over the horizon, I have a lot of decisions to make regarding my players that are currently loaned out. I will sell some for cash, and a few for p/e. Most will go back out on loan. Anybody reading can set up a loan for next season. Zokora will go up to 90 I think, but he has to go out on loan at his current rating, lest the chairman may interfere.

Emerson will be sold for cash as I may get close to 7 million, after paying 1.4.

Schennikov is a big talent. As he is on 3.6k, I may use him in the cups.

Compper, should have hit 88, will be kept for next season.

Mauricio Ramos may hit 88, but I will cash in after Brazil.

Moisander, I may keep for cups as his wages are cheap, and he may rise again. I could easily use him in a p/e either.

Forlin may rise to 87, but he has a lot of talent and will be loaned out again.

Maicon may have to be sold as he is not getting a chance at Porto. I should be able to get 5 million for him, after signing him when he was 80.

Perez will get another rise for Pachuca, and will be sold on as Mexico does not look the place to hold out for 87/88 rated players.

Sadlok is 82 after I seen him as a 78 playing for a suprise Polish team. He will rise by 3 again. As he is only 20, I would get a great cash deal for him.

Jean will rise to 88/89, and is a decent talent from Brazil. I may keep him for backup as his wages would be 12.3k. Better than 22k.

Capoue I could cash in on for close to 10 million, but I could use him as backup for his wages like Jean.

Zokora will rise to 89/90, but I will probably send him out on loan as I will have Senna, Semak and Marchisio.

Pezzoni is playing for another rise of 1, but I may sell him for cash as he is still 20. But, I could use him for the cups.

Pedretti will probably be used in a p/e, as his chairman value is only 300k more than Pezzoni. Maybe when I get him back his real value will be more, just like the rest of my 88/89's.

Wijnaldum will go back out on loan, and will rise more.

Dempsey got his 88. I will keep him for the World Cup, he may suprise.

Bisewar will rise again like Wijnaldum. And go out on loan.

Maicosuel is playing plenty at Hoffenheim and will rise by 2. Loan him.

De Federico is a major talent, will play in the cups.

Bendtner was another splurge, but he will keep getting games at Arsenal, and his name carries if I decide to sell him.

Dentinho will probably rise again in Brazil, and I may or may not keep him after that. I could get 7-8 million for him now.

That's all my loaned out players. I will be signing a lot of players over the next 24 hours as I may as well before someone does a thread. I will also be trying to sign players that will be playing at the World Cup, any country and decent prospect/riser. It will give this great tournament an extra angle to look from, and who knows, SM may be watching too.

Just to add, player concerns might change everything, I don't know how it will work on my large squad.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Merry Christmas everyone and good luck in your endeavours for next season. I am happy to have finished 10th after jumping 3 places after a great away win against Liverpool. Those poor early results cost me dear.

Dadda joins, 60 rated and all, from VVV. He has a few sub appearances, but the most important thing is his pocket change wages. If he was 70, I would not have bothered. VVV are doing okay, and he will surely be around next season. Bertoglio also joins for the max I could pay, 2.1 million. He will be a big star.

Season review. An annoying thing in SM is the fact that they give poor ratings for your defenders. Your highest player might be your 93 CB, but he only garners a 6 rating every match. Your 86 forward destroys defenses and he has a 7.46 rating after the season. In fact, a forward has only 2 goals in 30 games and has a good 7+ rating. Sort this discrepancy out please, SM. Goalkeepers are a banker to bet on for best player of the season.

Speaking of goalies, Handanovic averaged a respectable 6.82 after 38 games. He is one of the better keepers about, and we will see how good he is in the World Cup. Proto is an able backup who can go on to 88/89 for Anderlecht. Thebaux will rise again, by 4 or so, so he will be held onto. Mignolet, 82, may be sold on, but otherwise the likes of Galev and Marinescu are in for better rises after their +4/+7. 2 Goalies from Spain, who will get decent rises. I do have a lot of goalies.

Bruno Saltor got a 6.09. Not a great rating.

Chygrynskiy averaged 6.26. Ciani gets 6.2. Bocchetti gets 6.1.

Madlung has 6.74, most as a sub. Subs get better ratings.

Schaffer got a 6.14. That was my defenders, see how low the ratings are.

I will finish this post later on.

Midfielders are, Senna got 6.71. Not to bad. I will keep him for the season.

Semak gets 6.91, and my player of the season.

Govou finishes on 6.62 after 18 games.

Marchisio gets 6.91, but with 16 sub appearances.

Ziani ends with 6.48. I may sell him later on, but he has a low value.

Strikers are, Berg gets 7.20, but scores only 1 goal in 17(6).

Negredo has 6.63 after 8 goals in 32 games.

Martins gets a good 7.23 and 4 goals in 25(15).

All in all, I hope to have a season similar to last's without the horrific start.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I have made a good start with a 2-0 win against Preston, Martins with the 2 goals. Is he giving me reason not to sell him? 2 new important players join, Gabriel Hauche has an impressive scoring rate in Argentina and he cost me Nicklas Moisander and 650k. Not a bad deal, although Moisander will probably rise again, I don't see him going past 88 anytime soon. Hauche is an 87 who will hit 88/89 and a move to a good European side. He is only 23 as well which will help him in that matter. I was thinking of Barrios for Dortmund, but I would have had to give up a lot more, and I believe Hauche will become the better choice in the long term.

The second signing is Jaroslav Plasil of Bordeaux. He is a semi-regular for his team, and a Czech international to boot, and I feel that 88 is to low of a rating for him. He will take over if Ziani goes. I will try and use Ziani in a player exchange later on, but I won't sell him cheap as the most his team will offer is 6 million. That is not enough. 2 other players joined who are moneymakers, 1 from Egypt will get a great rise. Buying moneymakers is the only way to go forward as a small team in this game. Buying and selling.

An important player joined after all the games finished last season. He is Maxi Pereira of Benfica and he is an 89 who has a good shot of 90 sometime soon, probably not in the changes coming up though. I was very happy after getting him for 10 million, as the selling team was in a hurry to get cash. My other RB is out on loan and due a rise to 89. I may use him in a p/e, or he will be sold for a proper amount of cash, ie, not his chairman value. I did not build the team I have by selling everyone cheaply.

Speaking of selling, I sold my LB, Emerson, 87, to Man City for 7.5 million. I needed to bulk up my cash as I could have used him in a p/e. Lille are flying at the moment, and I may regret not keeping him, but I don't see Lille finishing that highly and he probably won't rise past 89 in the future. I signed him when he was 80 for 1.4 million, so good business on my part. Also out are Yilmaz, back to Turkey for 3.5 million and Maicon to Nottingham Forest for 6 million. Maicon is a good prospect at Porto I have heard, but he has not played any games that I have seen and I have to trim where I can. I signed him when he was 80, so I made good money on him.

Also gone are Coutinho, 78, to Southend for 3 million. I have heard he is joining Inter Milan, but that might not be good for him, I heard elsewhere that he is one of those overrated Brazilians. Remember Lulinha? I am happy with the cash. One riser I sold was Stracqualursi, for 750k. The reason I sold him was that it is to hard to type out his name, I had to check back to my team 3 or 4 times to spell it. :D He went as he would have been sold after anyways, and his selling price would not be huge so I didn't make much loss. Also, he is still a few months away from his rating and I was holding onto him for months after his TB was up. I was sick of looking at him. Thanks for the cash Sean, he has played a lot of games, and will hit 80/81 I think. 1 million cash out, 20.7 received. But that ignores the p/e's used. Calabro and Maicousel were used in the Plasil bid.

I was confused by the fact that I was able to use Maicousel, an 85 W, to get an 88 W, and get a really good amount for him. Same with Calabro. Generally if you are using a lower rated player in the position than the one you are bidding on, than you get a poor p/e deal. With this new AI thing coming in, I will be doing a lot more 2 for 1 deals like that.

Our setup is very healthy, and there are a number of higher rated players on TB, which I am looking at as you all probably know. Highest profile is Carlos Puyol, and comes off tonight. I will bid for the laugh, but it will be to much of my resources to sign him and would be a waste. I will have some players to use in other swap bids, and some cash to back it up.

New season now, and I am giving myself a tip for the playoffs. After that, you may as well flip a coin twice. The average rating is 90, but that means nothing against good management. Look at Millwall, Dave has done a splendid job. Elliot at Rochdale has done the same, getting promoted with a lower than average team than his compatriots. I don't remember seeing what message my chairman left for me, but I imagine he wants at least the playoffs. But it won't be easy.


Handanovic, 89. He is one of the better keepers in Italy, but I think he need to move to a better team to progress.

Proto, 86. I was suprised that he was not picked up before I got him while he was an 84. He is going to rise to 87 and then 88. Not a 90, but a good backup. Out on loan at Portsmouth.

Thebaux, 82. He will rise again to 84 but I have him TL. He is in the best second division team in France, and he could be a high rated 80 player in the future. I don't know whether to sell now or hold onto him.

Galev, 78. I imagine a rise of 4. His team is third and underrated.

Marinescu, 77. I was thinking he was still no. 1, but it seems he is not. I was looking for him to hit 82, but he will go out on a p/e.

Biel Ribas, 75. Rise to 80 and will be sold.

Juan Carlos, 74. Another riser to 80. He is in Villarreal's second team.


Marcel Schafer, 89. He is safe at 89 but he is good enough to go past 90. There are few players over 90 in the wingback position.

Schennikov, 83. A player who can hit the high 80's very soon.

De Laet, 77. Have a verbal agreement with another manager to sell him. Great prospect at Man. United. But I need to sell.


Maxi Pereira, 89. Like Schafer, possible 90+.

Bruno Saltor, 88. A dead cert for 89, and another possible 90+ in the future as he is an ever present player for Valencia.

Makeev, 82. He was signed for big money and he like his compatriot Schennikov, he will be a high rated 80 player within 2 changes.

Vinci, 77. A riser from Italy's second division.

Colic, 74. From Bosnia and a good riser.

CB's. Here I am overloaded.

Chygrynskiy. Hard to spell, but a safe 90 with more to come in time I'm sure. He is not playing enough at Barcelona for a bigger rise, but Barcelona are full of ageing defenders.

Ciani, 89. He is a future 91+ within a year for sure.

Bocchetti, 88. He may rise to 89, but his team are only midtable so that may count against him. But a possible 90 player he is.

Madlung, 88. Playing a lot at Wolfsburg, but I will use him in a p/e soon.

Mauricio Ramos, 87. Out on loan at Crewe, and he may rise to 88, but he will be someone I am looking at to sell in the near future.

Compper , 87. I think he should have rose the last time, and he should do the next time Germany comes around. I may sell him after.

Forlin, 86. He is certain to rise soon, and he is a future 90 cb.

Otamendi, 86. Signed for big money, and like Forlin, will hit 90 at some time.

Brandao, 85. He is sure to rise to 86 but his team are sure to be relegated and he will be sold.

Marco Ivan Perez, 84. He will hit 86 when Mexico comes around and will be sold after.

Kesimal, 84. Rose recently and may be sold later on, although he will surely rise again.

Sadlok, 82. A player out on loan who will hit 84 in Poland.

Soares Anderson, 82. He is highly rated in the German second division, but his team may not get promoted. I have him TL.

Joneleit, 80. I will sell him soon.

Van Dessel, 80. Ditto above.

Coronel, 80. I have heard he is a big talent, but a rise to 82 should come.

Pardo, 78. A good riser from Chile.

Apostolopoulos, 78. Disappointing rise for him in Greece. Sell.

Manoel, 77. Big riser and talent in Brazil.

Tomasevic, 74. Will be sold after hise rise to 80.

Pryima, 74. Big riser in the Ukraine.

Bogdanov, 70. Big riser from Bulgaria.


Arteta, 90. I payed a good amount of money for him. He has been out a long time but he has the talent to hit 92.

Jean, 87. A good player in Brazil who should hit 88/89 in Brazil.

Yohan M'vila, 78. A riser from France who will be sold.

Schiattarella, 77. A good riser from Italy's second division.

Jidayi, 76. Ditto above.

Muntean, 74. A big riser in Romania.

Igor Petrovic, 74. A big riser in Serbia.


Maciej Rybus, 84. He is TL right now, but I'm unsure whether or not to sell him as he is sure to hit 86. We'll see, he is only 20.

Adrian Gonzalez, 82. A good riser to 85/86, and I will probably keep him for the next Spanish ratings after that.

Zezinho, 76. A huge talent, more than Coutinho I have heard, but will he go down the path of similar players with massive abilities?

I will finish the rest at another date as this takes a lot of time. I edited my last post which was unfinished.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Big signing today was Juanito who should help my defense a bit. I swapped out Madlung and a riser from Germany's second division for him. I had to battle Crewe out for him, but his defense is pretty good, but why did he sell Friedrich? Anywhoo, I signed another keeper who will have a great rise.

The setup is full of players that are 90+ and will be available to buy soon enough. I am licking my fingers as I want in on 1 or 2 to bolster my team. I do have players to swap out, and I do have a bit of cash, but I fear that because of my large squad, some of that money might start to syphon away after every game. Having to give some high rated stars bigger contracts did not help. I will finish some more of my team.


Senna, 94. I have him on the TL, but I have never got any kind of bid for him bar the 27 million offer a few months ago. He will still be worth keeping after he drops to 93. If I sold him to an external than there would be a lot of teams throwing money to get him I'm sure.

Zokora, 88. Out on loan for Tranmere and likely to rise to 90. I will still keep him unless I get a great offer for him.

Kevin Pezzoni, 85. A riser I got when he was 75, and is still playing strong at a team that has Maniche and Petit. He is sure to rise to 86/87.

Ionut Neagu, 73. A riser to hit 80.


Semak, 91. The Russian legend is one of my best purchases after moving for 3.5 million back in the day when elder players cost a lot less. Nod to you Sean, I have seen your post. ;) He also got a good rating for his performances last season, and is a small shout to hit 92. I'll shout it.

Marchisio, 89. Great signing for 11 million 2 seasons back. Who says cash is useless in this setup? Played great for me, albeit a lot from the bench. Subs get great ratings. Should rise to 90, and he is 92/93 material.

Pedretti, 89. He is having a great season at Auxerre, and I signed him cheap enough. He is my insurance to cover a major injury, but I may use him for a p/e later on. It's no harm signing a few players you don't need that will help you later on get someone you do.

Wijnaldum, 86. A massive Dutch talent, expect him to be 89/90 very soon or I'll eat something unpleasant. He will surely hit 87 in the next changes and he is available for loan at the moment.

Mendes Elias, 86. A player who is highly rated in Brazil and one who I've had since he was 72. A move to Europe is likely. Out on loan.

Poli, 82. A rise to 86 for him and a great talent to boot.

Tasaka, 78. A good riser from Japan.

Javier Calle, 75. A big riser from the Colombian champions.

Van Der Heijden, 75. On loan from Ajax at Willem II, and going to rise more.

Hasebe, 70. Another Japanese star.


Martin, 86. A player who I resigned after his rise from 74 to 82, and I got another good rise from him. He is on the TL.

Mauro Diaz, 82. A rise to 84/85 for him and he is highly regarded.

Yoshi Yotun, 78. A decent riser from Peru.

Holodyuk, 77. A good riser from the Ukraine.

Grazzini, 76. A good riser from Argentina.

Milanov, 75. A big talent and riser from Bulgaria.

Bertoglio, 75. Ditto above from Argentina.

Milosavljevic, 70. A big riser from Serbia.

Markovic, 70. Ditto above.

Well that's all for now, I will update it a bit later on. Thanks to all that are reading. I'll try and keep it up.

Edit, Javier Calle has had a position change to CM/RM. No ratings today but a fairly minor positional change, from CM/DM. What's the point?

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

My second game, and a 1-0 away win against a Villa team with 11 players between 91 and 95, six 93's included and many more on 88-90. A team like that should not be in the second division. I want to keep it up against Charlton on Saturday, but I am getting more canny at the tactical end of things. I still don't trust the match engine or like those **** poxy end of game player ratings, I was on 5 and 6 mostly and Villa had a better match rating than I. I wish it was more like the old days, 8's and 9's, even though that was not realistic either. SM don't do things unless it's extreme do they!

Another major signing is Laurent Bonnart. He is a safe 89, and even though I don't need him, his 7.5 million price was really cheap for a player of his rating. I will likely get a lot more for him in a p/e down the road. I have still plenty of money left, and players to swap, for a few players that will be available later on. I doubt anybody looks at the transfer list, instead there are cries out on the forum for a such and such for a cheap price. I notice that English players fetch massive prices on this game, or at least in this setup. I may have to try and sign a few myself. A serbian and a pair of Swedish kids were signed to sell later on. My squad stands at 114 players, but I aim to cut that down drastically soon enough. My problem is every player will rise again so I am always reluctant to sell.

Now onto the last part of my squad review. I really should not bother with the risers and the like but I will.


Govou, 91. He was a big signing for me last season, and I hope that he can put in a good match average. Otherwise what's the point signing them. Also, does an 91 who averages 7 play better than an 87 who scores the same? If it doesn't matter, than should I ditch those underachieving players.

Karim Ziani, 89. He is TL, but I'm not giving him away for peanuts. I will probably use him in a p/e down the road.

Dempsey, 88. A player who may have a great World Cup, and is still good enough to hit 90 at some stage I believe. It's great having an American player seeing as I live here and all.

Plasil, 88. A semi-regular for Bordeaux, he will have plenty of games to play and I give him a good shout to hit 89 if he remains playing.

Salvio, 87. Another major talent from Argentina I have here, and one who is surely bound for a good European time in the not to distant future.

Bisewar, 86. A player in Holland who is still young and set to rise again.

Sigamary Diarra, 85. A good riser from France who I will sell on.

Matias De Federico, 84. We'll see how he does in Brazil but he should do okay and rise a few more.

Fabio Coentrao, 83. A very good rise still to come from this young player from Portugal. He is an international to boot.

Elias Hernandez, 83. A good riser to come from Mexico. One that should hit 86 or so. And one that should be added to Bezron's thread.

Marco Reus, 80. He should have rose to 83/84 the last time, and right now I am hoping for SM to make up that rise and put him to 85/86. I have him TL for 4 million which is what I would be able to sell him for if he got his rise, but I'm not giving him away. If he was English I would get 6 million tomorrow.

Sismanoglu, 78. A riser I had seen that played a few towards the end for a suprise first team in Turkey. So a bigger rise is on the cards, but do I hold onto him for another 6 months?

Diaz, 78. Another who should hit 82 maybe in the next French changes, but can I hold onto him for that long? I think he will go well before then.

Rodrigo Salinas, 76. One player who I have held onto. He only rose 2 from 74, and I was expecting 80. Well I am expecting 83 to make up for that, although it will likely be a lot less.


Martins, 89. He is on the TL, but I will be using him in a p/e deal. He may be kept if he scores a few more for me though, but I don't think that the SM match engine deserves that much credit.

Bendtner, 88. A signing I payed a lot of money for. I was looking through forwards one night and I seen Liedson available so I put in a bid. Later on I seen Bendtner available and so I took the players I was using in my earlier bid and used them for Bendtner. That was a big bid. But now I wish I took Liedson. At the time Bendtner was looking for a rise, but he got injured. Anyhoo, I could still fetch a big price for him if I decide to sell.We'll see.

Hauche, 87. He should hit 87 and move to Europe. He was cheap, Moisander and cash I think, as I was going to bid on another Argentinian, Barrios, but he would have cost me 2 players.

Dentinho, 86. Should rise to 87, but then I may sell him unless the Insider says not to. He is still young, but so are most of my team.

Schieber, 82. Someone who got rated twice in two days. A regular for Stuggart and someone who should hit 85/86 then.

Jonathan Reis, 80. He will be a big riser for PSV, and one I will be holding onto. 85 or 86 is expected from him.

Papazoglou, 78. I thought he would have got a bit more in the Greek ratings, but he will be swapped out for someone.

Antenucci, 76. A good riser from Italy's second division.

Carlitos, 76. A decent riser from Portugal.

Prgomet, 70. A great riser from Croatia.

Soufiane Dadda, 60. My first player of that rating and one who should go way over +10, and is worth holding onto for the fact that he is only on 300 bob a week. He has had a few games in Holland.

Centre Forwards.

Negredo, 90. I hear he may hit 91, but I doubt it. I remember buying him elsewhere when he was an 89, and expected to rise. But he did not. SM don't throw out those high ratings to easily. He should be a future 91.

Berg, 89. He is safe on his 89. I payed a lot of money for him, but he was injured for so much of last season for me.

Makukula, 88. I was suprised to see the top scorer in Turkey available when I signed him at 87. If he keeps it up, 89 is there for him. I will sell him though.

Mitroglou, 86. A great +4 from him in Greece, and I expect a +2 next.

Edgar, 83. He is scoring a lot in Portugal and 85/86 would be welcome.

Bunjaku, 83. Was signed when he was 80, and will be sold even though he is still scoring in Germany.

Emilio Nsue, 78. A talent and a riser from Spain's best second division team.

Vasiliou, 75. Another I thought would rise higher from Greece.

Bahoui, 72. A riser from Sweden.

Pandza, 70. A riser from Bosnia.

Panic, 70. A good riser from Serbia.

Well that's all my team right now, but I will have to sell some when this new AI lark comes about. These posts have taken too much out of my short life. Thank you all that are still reading, you know who you are, Sean. ;)

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I should have 10 good risers in tomorrow. This will take my team over 120, minus 3 players going out. I will be needing to trim it down though. Bocchetti has gone out on loan for the rest of the season, but if I do sell, than you will be the first to know, Sean. I have a few good CB's to replace him who will rise further. Otamendi and Forlin are two, may be a future Argentine CB partnership.

My last match ended 1-1 away to Charlton, but I was hoping to win it or lose it. I had too many draws for my liking last season, and I hope my team does not go down that road this season. I'm up at home this season against a good Bolton team who are full of good players, but find themselves 17th after 3 games. Let's see how I do.

I still have a few of my better players on the list to see what kind of offers come in. One thing I am certain of is that few people bother themselves looking at it. You get people on the forums looking at signing someone, and asking on the forums. But there are a few players on the TL that suit you sir. Take a look at it now and again and you will find a few bargains.

Things are going well at Huddersfield Town, I am looking to improve my team with some available players coming up, but who can I afford? I could have had Puyol, but he would have been like getting two players that are coming up. I don't know if I need any new players unless they are really good, ie, a 91 RB or LB, but I do need to concentrate on the defense first. A good goalscorer would be helpful also.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I am in such a tug of war with Sheffield United for my Negredo. He has been making bids of 20 million, and sometimes that money and a player. I had been looking at a few million and Defoe, but he does not want anything to do with it. We have been going back and forth for about 8 bids, and a good few PM's, and last I offered him is 14 million and Pjanic. I will not let Negredo go for nothing less than a good price.

I may have been out of order saying that he is available for 30 million, but I would hear of 27/28 million, but nothing less. I have no other players above 90 in that position. I have still not heard back on my offer, whether he is thinking, or doing something else is up in the air right now. I have PM'ed him that Negredo won't go too cheaply. But I have my own thoughts on these kinds of deals, and I know if I do sell, well than I need to pick up someone else.

None of the offers are to bad money wise, but I can easily sell a few players and make that kind of money in a short amount of time. He has not cancelled or changed the deal as of yet, so it's still all good. I may have pushed too much money on the lad, but I don't really need Pjanic as of right now, his position does not fit my formation, although he could probably do a fair job in the centre of my midfield.

Still no word after quite a length of time. If I do sell him, well I will be all out for any forwards that may be available. But I'm sure my 89 rated forwards will be able to cope.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

That counter for Negredo was way too much I guess, but I don't want to sell him for anything but a large sum if I'm still unsure. I have gotten a few bids from Liverpool, but none that meet my long term valuation for the player. I am certain that he has the ability to be a 92 rated player sometime in the future, and he will be worth it. But I am not sure how long I will still be playing the game, so a bid above 20 million, or a good player/s will do. He has a fair chance to hit 91 in the Spanish changes, but I am doubtful of that.

Two good 2-1 wins over Bolton and Birmingham have put my team in first place so far. It will be important to try and keep up this run of form and not get any major injuries if I have a chance of keeping my lofty position. A new striker to score goals would help, and I found one. Daniel Guiza joins from Fenerbache for 4.6 million and Marvin Martin, 86, and Simon Mingolet, 82. Not too bad, there was only one other team interested, but I got him as my players were well valued. Guiza won't be long term, I'm sure he will drop in 8/9 months when Turkey gets reviewed again, and by that time Berg should have risen to 90, and Negredo will be 91 or looking at it imminently.

I signed a lot of decent risers from the second divisions in Spain and Italy. One I signed, or rather, resigned, was Jefferson Montero. I had signed him for the first time a long time ago, that just goes to show how long these SM changes are taking. I've signed a few players from Villarreal's second team, and they all should rise over 80. I have now got 120 players, and my wages are very high. But at least 28 are out on loan, saving me 431k. The average age of my squad is abut 22.5. Well done on the table that Pipbig put up on one of the threads that put me as the most valuable team on SM. What I do need is to start selling some players very soon. If I do get promotion I will likely keep my squad about 50-60 and still make income off the matches.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Well my great start had to go at some stage, and down it went with 2 losses against Leicester who were last in the bleedin' table, and Watford who are only 2 places better. These were matches I should have been looking to win. A win and a draw came after. I did manage my biggest win for quite a while, 5-1 against Cheltenham before my 2 losses. But it's not all a disaster, I am third, but Manchester United will be the team who should romp to glory this season.

Kameni comes in on loan, Handanovic is on the TL right now, but I'm not giving him away. I will see how the new keeper plays, but I may have to send him back and keep Handanovic who is highly regarded in Italy. If he transfered to Milan or Roma tomorrow, there would be a lot more interest in him than there is currently. I will wait, I'm kind of glad that Preston's 17 million bid which I accepted fell through, as I was having second thoughts on it afterwards. I am still hoping to get a good player or two for him if I can.

A few minor transfers were made, I am trying not to sign players I have shortlisted who are many months away from review. To put it into context, I have had to sell, or am selling on some players I bought as risers. To counteract this, I go through the leagues and look at whats left. I get a grand feeling when I see a few possible good risers left over. I got a few in Spain's second division, and I've got a few in Italy's second division so far. Good risers I got include Antenucci +7 to 83, who is banging them in, and Vinci and Coralli with +5 each, and a few more on +4. Italy has not finished and I might have 1 or 2 left. But a lot of the time, these rises don't greatly expand on your initial outlay for the player, and hence, may not have been worth the bother. But what I've learned is, that there are many good players out there that may be overpriced in cash terms, but a quick p/e soon sorts out that little headache.

I'm unsure of when and where the ratings will be next, as was put forward by Johnny C's thread a few days ago, one well put forward. I have a few from Argentina, and Russia who will be getting good rises. That reminds me, one big enough signing from me yesterday was, Sergei Parshivlyuk, who may get a rise to 88 soon. He was signed for Brandao and Joneleit and 200k. I spent 2 million more as there was 1 other bid, which suprised me. He came from a minor team somewhere, so I got good value for my players to push my bid over 10 million. He is on the loan list, along with Rafael Jean, who is a starter for Sao Paulo. My squad stands at 121, and shows no signs of losing decent amounts of cash. And there are know signs yet of player concerns. When that happens, I will have to sell or swap somewhere. I fear what will happen is that my best youngsters, rather than my risers, will get major concerns, and I may be forced to sell. I hope not.

Another transfer I made was to swap Schafer for Moretti and 3.5 million. Moretti is 28 and 90, so I made a step up in rating with a bit of cash. Schafer has not been playing as well as he was last season, nor his team, and his consistent 6 rating let me make my mind up on his future. I think SM should bucle up and improve the match ratings for the players, especially for defenders. And on the subject of match ratings, if my 75/85 player get a rating of 8, does that mean he made more of a difference than my 90 who got a 6? Or does it mean that just because my 90 got a 6, his superior rating of 90 supersedes the 75/85's match rating. In other words, if an 85 gets the same match rating as a 90, are they equal in terms of what they contributed on the pitch. I know that if Match or Shoot rate Rooney and Machuca as 8's in a game, it means that both were as good as one another in the game, but Rooney is so much better, but cannot be rated better. I'm rambling, I'm not sure igf the match ratings make that much difference anyway.

I may go through my loaned out players, who to keep and who to sell. I would welcome some thoughts from any readers here who can drop me a PM. I know myself, but always welcome second opinions. I am sure that I want to keep most of them, but there is just too long of a gap between rating changes for my liking, and I would consider selling right after the rise. Anyway, thanks for reading. If anyone wants to make a good offer for some of these players, then give me a shout.


PROTO, Silvio GGk 26 86

£4.5M £3.8M 0-



£5.7M £5.4M 0-

Doncaster Rovers

BOCCHETTI, Salvatore CB-LBCB/LB 23 89

£6.9M £9.4M 0-

Sheffield Wednesday


£5.8M £5.5M 0-

Sheffield Wednesday

COMPPER, Marvin CB-LBCB/LB 24 87

£5.4M £4.6M 0-

Crewe Alexandra


£5.4M £4.6M 0-

Rushden & Diamonds

OTAMENDI, Nicolás CBCB 21 86

£5.3M £4.7M 126696960024 Feb

Queens Park Rangers

KESIMAL, Serdar CB-DMCB/DM 21 84

£4.0M £3.2M 1265673600 9 Feb


PEREZ, Marco Iván CB-RBCB/RB 22 84

£3.9M £3.1M 0-

Hartlepool United

SADLOK, Maciej CB-DMCB/DM 20 82

£3.1M £2.8M 0-

Tranmere Rovers

ZOKORA, Didier DM-DDM/Def 29 89

£5.7M £4.5M 0-


CAPOUE, Étienne DMDM 21 88

£6.6M £7.6M 0-

Wycombe Wanderers


£4.8M £4.3M 0-

Port Vale


£5.7M £4.5M 0-

Hull City

WIJNALDUM, Georginio CM-AMCM/AM 19 86

£5.6M £5.3M 0-

Wycombe Wanderers

ELIAS, Mendes CM-DMCM/DM 24 86

£4.8M £3.1M 0-

Wycombe Wanderers

POLI, Andrea CM-AMCM/AM 20 86

£5.4M £5.2M 0-

Crewe Alexandra

DEMPSEY, Clint W-FWing/Fwd 26 88

£5.7M £4.3M 0-

Notts County

PLASIL, Jaroslav W-AMWing/AM 28 88

£5.3M £4.0M 126835200012 Mar

Crewe Alexandra

SALVIO, Eduardo W-FWing/Fwd 19 87

£6.3M £6.3M 0-

Bolton Wanderers

BISESWAR, Diego W-FWing/Fwd 21 86

£5.3M £3.9M 0-

Queens Park Rangers

FABIO COENTRAO, Alexandre W-FWing/Fwd 21 85

£4.6M £3.2M 0-


DE FEDERICO, Matías W-FWing/Fwd 20 84

£4.2M £3.5M 0-

Port Vale

BENDTNER, Nicklas FFwd 22 88

£6.4M £6.1M 0-

Carlisle United

HAUCHE, Gabriel F-AMFwd/AM 23 87

£5.6M £5.0M 126835200012 Mar

Swindon Town

DENTINHO, Bruno Bonfim FFwd 21 86

£5.3M £4.5M 0-

Rushden & Diamonds

MITROGLOU, Kostas CFCF 21 86

£5.3M £4.5M

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

In the last couple of days a few major signings were unveiled at Huddersfield Town. Mauro Camoranesi joined despite a bid from Crewe, for a total of 3.5 million and Mauricio Ramos and Thebaux. I payed about 3 million over his value, but was otherwise delighted to have got him after getting great value on the 2 players offered. He is still a regular for his country, which is why he kept his rating, even if he is not so at his club.

The second major signing is Santi Cazorla of Villarreal, who somehow kept his 92, as he has not been the player he was last year. But to have 2 92's on either side will give me a lot of hope for an automatic promotion. Govou has lost his place, and is otherwise available for 16 million or a good p/e. I overpayed a bit for him after some nutter let it loose that he was available and a team I know has money then bidded on him. He was signed for 6.7 million, Ziani and Martins, who were 2 important squad players for me. Not quite the bargain that Camoranesi was, but sometimes you have to shell out a bit now and then. I payed about 8 million or so over his chairmans value. By the way, I got great value on my players. If I did not get good value, I would not have bothered.

A fer other players joined, David Addy I signed before everyone became known about his transfer from Randers to Porto. He is someone I hope to see at the World Cup for Ghana, as he already has a few caps for them. Neto is a good young goalkeeper who is starting, I believe, for Athletico Paranaense. Also a player from Sweden who is 70, and may get a good rating comes in. This expands on my squad, although a few players have gone out to counter it I guess. I have some money in the bank to complete a few more transfers if I need to, and there are a few of them.

I've had a few wins to retain second place in the league. The game against United will be an important one. One I will aim to win. That is why I am trying to sign some higher rated players even if it means shelling out a bit more than I would like to. But Uniteds team is very strong, and even if the manager played NMF players, he would still be favourite. I hate losing to teams of NMF players, SM need to fix this. They also should let us know which teams are coming next to be rated. I don't know myself, and that would stop me signing players if I started a new setup tomorrow. Do I sign the Brazilians, or are they not included with Argentina? Will Argentina come first, and so I would buy there, or will Russia come first, so I'll spend there? Who knows, SM are remaining tight lipped. Also, it is taking far too long between the ratings, this needs to be addressed, before adding every minor player to the game without taking any who have long since disappeared, out. I would prefer shorter spans between the major leagues, and maybe 6 months between the smaller leagues. I would like SM to finish 1 division in a day. It took a break in between 4 days to finish Seria B. :confused:

That's my rant over, I usually don't have any major problems with the game, only minor niggles. Think of it as if you were a video game reviewer, SM has great qualities, but it takes ages to review players. I have sent Arteta out on loan to Preston, and will probably sell him if I get a good offer. Ii don't need to sell him as he can play in the centre of midfield, and I may need the cover there. Raphael Jean goes out on loan again. He will rise to 88/89 at Sao Paulo. I sold Clint Dempsey for 7 million, he has a long term injury I believe. Capoue goes out for 14 million, that is a great price for him.

I hope to win next week, and good luck to James, I hope he beats Manchester United. Speaking of James, my brother is coming out for two weeks around Paddy's day, and I will try my hardest to get him addicted to this game. He says that he may even come over here to the States and lives after he finishes college. My college is going great, World Religions, Cultural Anthropology, Statistics and College Writing 2 should all be aced. At least I hope so, I don't like my English teacher, and Anthropology is so boring, videos of tribes in various countries. My Statistics teacher is so funny, he uses great language which I cannot say here, but they are fairly mild, and World Religion class is so interesting, and will be full of controversey. Good day to you all that are reading this. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

A win and a draw since the last post has me keeping second place in the league so far, 2 points behind Man Utd, who I play on the 24th. This will be a big test of my managerial abilities. It's still too early in the season to call this a crunch game. A loss, will still keep me second. Well done to Preston for taking 3 points from their match with that team. I am happy to go into that game as the underdog. Playing away from home though, not sure if that matters on SM as it so invariably does in real life.

Some new signings are in, Taddei comes in to give me the option to play an AM for certain games, although he is a winger, I find that the secondary position works fine. Tranmere were bidding, and I knew Callum had some cash, so I had to bid the most my chairman would allow, which was not too much more than the chairmans value. 4.1 million and Bisewar and Adrian Gonzalez. I would have wished to hold onto Gonzalez for another rise, but that is a long, long ways away. Bisewar has not been playing much at Feyenoord, and would likely not rise again, so I decided to send him off as well. He was one of my earliest buys when he was 82.

Mancini comes in, and at 7 million, a snip for an 89 rated winger. God how I needed wingers 6 months ago, now I'm loaded with them. I will try out Govou as a forward with Guiza, who has been playing well to date. Mancini may become a starting winger at Milan, and that will be good for his rating. It was not too long ago that he was 92. Magrao joins from the top team in the Ukraine, Dynamo Kiev, and there was stiff competition from Crewe. A rise of 2 would be welcome. Pavel Pashayev joins from Dnipro, and he will be another who rises by 2, I imagine. I payed 3 million for him after interest from Rotherham, but he should net me a decent profit if I decide to sell. I will likely have another few decent risers from the Ukraine that were not mentioned on the forums. Which I like. I think the Ukraine is the only country in the world preceded by THE. You would never say, the Italy or the Spain. Actually you have to say the Czech Republic. But anyhoo.

Now onto players that I will be looking to sell. Mikel Arteta is out on loan at Preston, who gave me 14 million for Bendtner, which I was happy with. Arteta has lost his place, and I would love a good quality player exchange, or a big cash amount. He may or may not regain his form, but he is still a highly valued player in the Everton team. Some were saying he could play for England, too bad he cannot make the Spanish squad. I will be willing to listen to offers for Zezinho, who is supposed to be a special lad. He will probably not be allowed to be signed for over 3 million by the bidding team, so a p/e compromise would be welcome. Maxi Pereira may go, but not as cheaply as I managed to buy him, and Jonathan Reis too. I will be looking to sell some players for cash, some for p/e, but I will need to be constantly shaking things up at the Galpharm Stadium.

I am really happy at my squad, I have so many good players out on loan, and so many assets. I am lacking in strength in defence though. I am strong in midfield, and the attack is alright, but needs more goals, but I could do with a few 91 or 92 rated defenders. But at the moment I am the meanest defence in the second division with only 10 goals allowed, but the fans are looking for more goals. So a regular goalscoring forward would be welcome. I misse out on Pandev as my chairman would only let me bid a certain amount, 29 million, so hopefully Govou will help out the Guiza a bit. But you should build your team from the back, and so a higher average of defence to match the midfield would be welcome. And higher match averages too.

I was wondering what role form comes into play, as some teams only pick their team by form. Well, it's alright having a player go on a constant run of 7's or even a few 8's, but if he is only rated 88, and your 91 is only pulling off an average of 6, with a few 5's, what does this mean? I am in the camp that if a 91 only gets a 5, than he is still a better player to have on the field to the 88 who gets a 7. We'll never know for sure, other than getting results, but this game can be far to random. What does matter is that Man Utd are top with a superior team average, and the manager is sticking with his best players. And so shall I. It has stood me in good stand so far.

A home game against Leeds Utd is coming up and I wonder whether to stick with my best 11 and the right tactics, or try and outwit the other manager by guessing what their tactics will be like. They lost 7-2 in their last match, so I'm thinking they will likely change things around. Or they might no, and so this gives me a headache, but playing the strongest 11 usually does the job. What formation do I go with? 5 in midfield, and how? 442 is safe, but can lead to a lot of draws. My head gets wrecked on matchday, but I love it.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I'm always wondering how the hell I find myseld second in the league? Not sixth, or tenth, which is where I would have guessed myself being at. But fracking second. I also how long that run can hold. I began to think a bit. After a minute, it dawned on me. My gut feeling coupled with the best tactics to meet the opposition, even if all I can see is their last game. And that's all I do see. The last game of the team I am to play. And what happens if they change things around? Well, then, your up the auld creek my son.

Well, not to worry. The best way of countering any teams formation, or their countering of your formation, is having better players. That has served me well since I joined this league. Each season since I started, I had creeped up, little by little to get a squad average of 87,88,89 and right now 90 or 91. I love getting them risers in, and replacing some to swap with others and so on. And it's equally important to keep a few, or so it was, or rather, is, for me. Where would I be if I had decided to sell Capoue after his 82 to 86 rise? About 7 or 8 million worse off. Where would I be if I sell off Salvio, Dentinho or Wijnaldum? And not to mention Elias or Jean who are 2 of the very best in Brazil. They will be worth a lot to me in time, hence why I keep them, even if I could swap them out for other players who would have good rises.

I, as a lot of the EC106 guard, have started a new competition, thanks to that old git, Longnose, called the Foxhunters League setup. Not to get into to much detail, we all get to be a top European team, and fight it out over 4 divisions. Poor auld Dave got a team that is one of the worst of the bunch. And it's his setup, I say kudos to the man for not putting himself in the position where he could have picked a team. Hats off to you, sir. I'm sure he will do okay at Fenerbache. After all, he did get promoted very recently through great tactical prowess, with Milwall, to the first division. Well my team, Sporting Lisbon, does not look a whole lot better. I cannot really sell anybody, unless I get a man and cash kind of deal. And there are nobody giving out them kinds of deal, as nearly everyone is selling most of their team. This would go against, me included, what this setup should be about. I think an idea to have second division clubs in the major leagues would be more fun, or even better, a collection of nobodys across the world. I just feel that the league is not quite even as if I was Barcelona, I could trade, or sell 10 players without leaving much of a dent. But, I'm not really complaining. I want to prove my qualities with a small and average squad. Luckily I am in division 1, and so my crowds should be good, to sustain my usual plunge into the transfer market. My first plunge was signing a defender from Sean's Sevilla. Fazio joins for 5.2 million. Cheers Sean.

A few of my Ukranian players got reviewed. Magrao went from 84 to 87. That was 1 more then I expected. A few others get the expected review. That leaves my team worth about 355 million. I am waiting on a few risers from Argentina and Brazil, if them changes are coming next, than deadly. As usual, any bids for my risers will be considered. :D

Has anyone else noticed anything with their players contracts. I noticed this in other setup's a while back, but them setups make no difference to me as EC106 does. In those setups, players sent out on loan on 7.5k a week, came back to me on 22k a week. I did not understand how, but I left it alone.

But today in EC106, I have seen some contract changes that were not mine. Let me go back a bit, and to anyone who reads my blog will see this. I was slightly miffed after signing Negredo and the Ukranian CB and they got 1 year contracts on 22k when I signed them. So, last seaon before the finish I offered them new contracts in case they left the club on a free. (Has this happened as this happened to me once with Gonul Gokhan who was a massive 3k riser left at the end of the season on loan a while back.)

Anyways, I offer the both of them new contracts, and they were 60k each. (59.7 or so.) I said this on the blog, and I was considering selling them as I thought that would be too much. But, at the start of this season, I was able to bring it down to apprxomatley 50k for both. And I was so chuffed, and I posted that on the blog. That was a good saving, as I had been mad that I could not offer them 45k, nevermind that when I sign a player, I want to offer him a 5 year contract.

Well I looked today, and Chygrynskiy is on a 5 year contract worth 44.7k, and his 90 compatriot Negredo, well he is on slightly more, 44.85k. I cannot offer a second contract in the same season. So, I don't know how this happened, but I'm sure others may have a similar situation to describe. Sorry for the long and boring post, but I just got out of a 2 and a half hour long statistics class earlier on.

Lets go onto the future for Huddersfield Town. In between the stick is the ever solid, Samir Handanovic. He is a decent keeper by any standards, but not a must have I think, and I hope I am wrong as he will be in the World Cup. That is why I was selling him to Preston for 17 million, and that was making me have second thoughts. Luckily the transfer did not go through, and neither did I drop my valuation. There are only a few good keepers around, strikers are a second story. My second keeper is out on loan, and will rise further as he is the number one keeper at Anderlecht. Silvio Proto is his name, but he is average I hear. But will rise anyways.

Right backs include, Bonnart and Maxi Pereira, each 89 and should remain so in the next rating change. Pashayev went up, and should be held onto, but the ratings changes between countries take too much time. Makeev is a keeper, as is his team-mate, Parshivlyuk, although I don't know which is the premier RB at that club. Bruno Saltor throws his name into the mix as well, and seeing as he is regularly appearing for a top Spanish side, he should be kept as well.

Left backs are Moretti who is keeping up the poor SM fullback rating of 6.17, and Magrao who was an AM, and went from 84 to 87. Schennikov finishes off my LB team. LB used to be my strong suit, but my how things change.

Centre backs are plentiful. Chygrynskiy and Juanito (ex of Preston), are the starters, Bocchetti and Ciani are able backups. One of those will be going out soon enough. Forlin and Compper are 87 and will rise again. Otamendi is a big star. Perez in Mexico I have held onto, and will rise to 86/87. Depending on how they rate Mexico after downgrading them.

At DM is Marcus Senna, and he has been playing okay this season so far. 6.47 is down from last season's 6.71. And look where we are in difference of club standings. It's raining like hell tonight, which is unusual in the Winter, but what the hell, at least it ain't minus zero. I may sell him for a good cash bid, or more unlikely, a good p/e bid. Keep in mind that I never p/e deals with another manager if my initial, or concluding bid, do not be the business. If anyone has any tips on how to conduct player to player exchanges, than let me know as I am getting a bid or two here and there.

Central midfielders include Semak, who could be 92, would be if he was somewhere else, and Marchisio, the best moment to have cash available at that time. During that period, I was as poor as something coming out of a slum. Pedretti is an outstanding player in France, who won't go past 90 anytime soon, and whom I very well may likely sell or swap. Elias, Wijnaldum and Poli are all on 86, and I will sell two out of the three.

RM includes Mikel Arteta who will be sold, as I have plenty to cover, but not on the cheap. I would love two of someone's players for him, but alast, life rarely deals you the cards you need. Cash on it's own is no good, and it would have to hit 20 million. On a second note, Raphael Jean should hit 88/89, as I'm not sure how those tables or minutes work. But he is a true Brazilian talent, and like Elias, one who will pay off in the long run. Camoranesi is my premier RM player, and one who should maintain his rating, and everything else that goes along with it, for the forseeable future.

LM is Zezinho, who is a far better player than Phillipe Coutinho who I previously held, and has a contract with Internatzional. Going to a big club like Inter could be the end of your career, and I am banking on it. I don't have any LM's worth talking about as opposed to the right side. And I have no AM's worth the bother.

Wingers are a plenty. Salvio is out on loan at Bolton, but has plenty of admirers. Govou will be used as a makeshift forward, and Taddei, as an AM when the need occurs. Plasil is playing a lot at Bordeaux, and we all know what that means for his rating. Mancini is also there after signing for 7 million, a snipnshould I say. He is available for loan. The wing position is my strongest by far, it was a different story six months ago.

Onto the forwards. Dentinho and Gabriel Hauche should both go up 1. Other than that, it is all CF's. A Guiza called Daniel, has been playing good, along with one of my earlier signings from Real Madrid Castilla, Alvaro Negredo. Along with him is the mighty U21 striker for Sweden, Marcus Berg, Makukula who is out on loan at Port Vale, and Mitroglou who should rise a wee bit to 89/88. Like Bukharov. There you are Sean mate.

And also, away from the grit and grime that is EC106, has anyone seen Caprica? The show that gave you the absolutely brilliant Battlestar Galactica.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I am still second, after a brief flirtation with first. F off anyone who has a match against me and praises my tactical nous in overcoming other teams. I drew 1-1 thanks to that. It's like being on who wants to be a millionaire, answering a tricky question from your gut, because it's right, presumably, and having the jackass who has no pressure on him whatsover say, "and is that your final answer," even though you are not totally sure. But now you begin to doubt yourself, and so you backtrack through your mind. Well that's how it was before that game, any plaudits for you should be completely ignored.

So, I am still second with a gap towards the playoff places. No big transfers, although Cassio should hit 84 from 78. Or else I'm reading things wrong and I should give up. I am always conflicted with regards to any South American changes, a couple of halves here and there between breaks, and some players don't appear in the second half of it all. I'm looking at you Uruguay and Colombia. I cannot make my dam mind up here nor there. A few players went up in Argentina, but not worth making a dam paragraph out of.

Now, with second comes great responsibilities. And well done to Callum, I shouted for you mate, and cheers to those who voted for me. I do not know who you are, but I'm sure if there was a division by division choice, than I would have walked division 2. Thanks for that message my man in Division 1 DAVE, who would be my close second in that thing. You are, how should I put it, well overachieving somewhat, although I was thinking of other ways of saying it which cannot be put forth on this, or any, thread. You have fallen a bit, but mid table should have been a dream, as opposed to relegation. But you should bonce back to a European place. If there was.

But what about my team you cry. Well, all's going well, I could talk for hours as if it was Paul McGrath in front of me, and paralysed. I have some players out for transfer, and a few available for loan, but apart from that, all's golden right now. I would like some better defenders rating wise, but, I am not conceding. I would also like that prolific goalscoring forward, someone to hit that nail on that head, but it's not hit me. But it has not hurt my chances of being promoted so far. I'm a bit worried how another manager knows my finances, but it makes little difference right now.

If I get promoted? Then I can be confident of staying up I suppose, and maybe then, with the bigger crowds afforded, I may be willing to sign an English player or two. To the detriment of my usual who/ha of buying what's best for my club. I may copy the Millwall principle , and keep up the canny tactics and that, or I just may go down, and then the auld team will probably drop away to mid-table what-ifs, next season.

So far, who is my player of the season. Well this is a weird thing, a few players are fairly equal.

Negredo has 13(6) and 6.98.

Marchisio has 13(6) and 6.98.

Weird huh. Well my player of the season so far is, DRUM ROLL.

Take a wild guess. I stupidly had him on sale for whatever reason.

Sergey Semak who was my best bit of business at 3.5 million. He averages 7. In these topsy turvy times, he has been worth more than his weight in gold so far. That is a great rating, after 16 starts, and no sub appearances. Keep in mnd I say no sub appearances as subs always get a good rating, always 7's or above. I've never seen 6.

What I need is a goalscorer. I don't have one. My best performer is the Guiza, with 6 goals from 12. I don't have anyone above that. Can you imagine in real life, someone in second place with their top scorer having only 6 goals. Halfway through the season. The problem is, if I was to sign the best goalscoring striker right now, then he would more than likely score squat, nil, niet, for me. Dam it. I just don't score, I rarely win by two clear goals. What can I do?

There are a few players I will need to sell, right now, or in the future. Going by loaned out players first, Magrao who was a suprise 84 to 87, sorry Sean mate, I didn't think he would change from what you have a crapload of, AM, to LB, which you could do with. Compper, Forlin, Perez after his good rise, and someone who I've held onto after their initial rise, Sadlok after his good rise in Poland, Chavez, same story so far, Arteta who will be TL at 18 million, I'm in no hurry to sell him, Pezzoni, Wijnaldum (who Elliot first asked about when he first joined.), De Federico, Dentinho and finally Makukula. There are a few who I would sell in the first team to appropriate offers.

Good luck me, I hope to be in another higher division, but God forbid I frack it up, and stay where I am, then I'll look forward to the best from division 3. You know who you are, and also thanks again to Pipbig who has overestimated my status in division 2.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

My status in Division 2 is bloody brilliant. First in the league, and going on strong. I still don't know how long that will go on for, but, hey, what the f. A few players are, or have been looked at, and a few have been bought so far. I don't want a situation where my risers are off a TB with many weeks to go before they rise, as can happen. There are so many outside influences on me putting ahead a superb job of this post. Meaning, the girlfriend is looking to get her computer back, as my charger won't work for my laptop.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Another quick update, otherwise I'll be here for quite some time. More victories are coming, the last a tough away 3-2 against Preston. This puts me on top, but Manchester United don't look like losing the 2 games in a row that I did earlier on in the season. I am happy enough at the squad I've got, more importantly what I mean is that I've got the players to come in if I suffer any kind of injury to my main team. I have, in essence 2 good teams. My second team is better than the one I came up with last season.

I have a few too many players in one position, like a few more good wingers than I would like, and a few decent RB's. But I remember in the third division where I could not sign a decent winger, at least there were none about I could sign from an external. But it is still hard enough to sign a decent player from another team. They want my Otamendi or Marchisio as a p/e. That's no good, so I look out for cash deals, and there are few about. And a few that are there, don't respond to you. That sucks as they say here.

Cash bids suit me, as I don't have the range of players to give away, I have mostly a lot of good cover and good risers, but nobody wants them anyway. I cannot give away Pedretti who is a safe 89 foer 8 million. If I was Huddersfield last season or the one before, I would be leaping at that offer. But, them days are over. Now I'm looking for the over 90 players rather than the 89's who could hit 90. My better attendances also help, they are slightly better than they were before the realistic thing took over.

So, what's the future like for Huddersfield Town. It's kind of good, but what is needed are more definite golden players. There are not a lot of them going around, but I know IF I get promoted, IF, than I will concentrate on bringing in more of those superbly talented players than I do right now, and will be sticking with them for the long term I hope. But I always get the itchy trigger finger to do away with those who are not playing for those that are, every now and again. But, hey, that's what I like to do. I've got that bleedin' statistics class in about five and a half hours so I'll say adieu. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I'll start this of with saying well done to Sean and Crewe for signing Juan. I had my bid accepted for him, and then I realised I was offering way too much for him. I'm not swimming in cash, and I realised that I have Semak out for a few weeks and I should not be offering Maxi Pereira, who is one of the few good young RB's on 89. I put in a second bid, but I was not going to go near 29 million as my last bid was. Juan is a top signing, and one who should send the team up the leagues. There are too few good CB's available that can be signed. As opposed to strikers that is.

On towards my team then. I have been keeping up my good run, an away 2-1 to Bolton keeps me still in the top 2. All this adjusting the formations about rather than sticking on your best team is paying off. Most teams change their formation about I'm sure, but don't recognise the importance of tactical changes. They are super important. Third place Charlton, who nipped a point from our game, are a decent 9 points away, so it's not too late for me to go on a drastic downhill change, but I'm confident of the team I've got. No new signings, I've been kept up with the 2 new setups for that, but I'll be keeping an eye out for new signings.

Actually, I did have 2 new signings recently, both I payed a bit over the odds for them. N'Koulou joins for 5 million, Kesimal who was a great riser from Turkey, and M. Diaz. Delvin Ndinga joins for 2 million and a pair of good risers from Italy and the Ukraine. David Meyler comes in, and I was suprised that nobody bidded earlier, and Marwin Hitz joins from Wolfsburg where he seems to be the starter now. A few other risers joined but there were no major movers or shakers at Huddersfield Town. I'm still using this on my girlfriends Mac, as my computer is out for a while still, so she'll be looking for it very soon, so I'll have to update this later.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Well, 2 losses in a row have not helped me, but I'm still second, and only 3 points behind Manchester United. I am 5 points ahead of Charlton, and they are 10 points ahead of fourth. I am still well in for qualifying automatically, I'd love to win the league. I still have to play Man. Utd again, and I am hopeful that I can beat them again. The problem is that I can only check a given teams last formation/tactics. I would like to see what changes they made, for which team. In essence, I need to see if the opponent is changing around things a lot, depending on the opponent. I sometimes think that even if I check on the last team's game, they will look at mine and change it themselves. So, what's the bleedin' point in checking the other team's frackin' last game. I guess it evens itself out. Watford at home next.

The weather has changed rapidly from the huge amount of rain that caused flooding and the national guard to come out, and Obama up into the disaster relief place in Boston, to great weather with loads of sunshine. This year so far has seen more dam days of rain, 3 days in a row at times, than I've seen since I came here. That was the third time there was major rain, tonnes of it, my basement was 6 or 8 inches deep each time. Tomorrow and the weekend will be about 80+, or the mid twenties. My, how the weather can change. It could easily be a snowstorm coming tomorrow like in other years. I might be out for these great days coming up.

Anyhoo, on from the talk about weather. I love it when it begins to get warm. Today I signed Jan Vertonghen for 10 million and 2 strikers who won't be rising anytime soon. That's not a whole lot I believe for a Def who should hit 89 in the next changes. That is the position I need to cover my wing back positions. I am fairly strong at CB though. I brought in 2 lads from Sunderland that should see a good rise each. Dreska comes in from the Czech Republic, I had spotted a few more players there through scouting that league. But Southend got there just before me with a few ABD's. What luck was that! A day or two earlier would have had me sign quite a few more youngsters before Southend came in. That just goes to show the strength of the league, when I go out to look at players and a few teams got there before me. Well, what can you do.

Goulon joins, and he is someone that can go onto bigger things than he can at his current club, who may go down. Teddy Chevalier joins, and he is on for a rise of 3 or 4 from 80. A few Germans who should get decent rises join, from the second Bundesliga. Before they get mentioned. Bony Wilfried rejoins the club, he has been playing a lot in the Czech Republic with Sparta Prague. A couple of more players join, as they tend to do, including Matias Mier who should see a great rise in Uruguay. Sidney Govou goes out for 15 million. He should do the job for Crewe, maybe get them promoted? Forlin is going out for 9 million, and Darvin Chavez went out for 4.9 million. I signed Darvin for 900k, so I made a good profit on him.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

We had 90 degree weather 2 days ago, and now we're back to rain and cool temperatures again. Such is the weather here in New England. I'm sure it will be boiling again in another week or two. A few players have come in, mostly Belgian and Romanian risers. Also, Kouyate joins, my 2 keepers given were worth more than 9 million. That was grand, but I also signed Felix Bastians who is playing nearly all his games at Freiburg. A good rise is expected from him, and I signed him in a swap with Coronel. There will be a few players coming in later on. :D

I was going through my loaned out players the other day, and I thought, what if they were in a league with my team. And I thought, so I'll put them out ...

GK- Proto, 86, regular for Anderlecht, and a rise to 87/88 for him.

LB- Magrao, 87, Dynamo Kiev first choice. A rise to 88 in the future. Schennikov, 86, CSKA Moscow first choice and 88 for him.

RB- Bruno Saltor, 89, should hit 90 at Valencia, Parshivlyk, 88, will probably stay at 88, although he may rise, Makeev, 86, may rise to 87.

CB- Otamendi, 88, should be moving onto Europe at some stage. Compper, 87, should hit his long deserved 88. N'koulou, 86, should get a rise of 1.

Def- Vertonghen, 88, he should hit 89 and cover for all my defenders in the next season.

RM- Arteta, 90, has come back strongly since his injury. He is 92 player material. Jean, 87, is lower rated than he should be.

CM- Elias, 87, is as good a player as there is in Brazil, and should hit Europe soon, Poli, 86, is getting the starts for Sampdoria, 88 for him next time.

Wing- Mancini, 89, is a player who was 92 not so long ago, and even at 89 is still a good player. Plasil, 88, shoud hit 89, but don't discount 90 for his efforts at Bordeaux. Salvio, 87, is another, I'm still waiting on him, though.

Up front, Makukula, 88, is still banging them in, Mitroglou, 86, should go up 1 and Hauche, 87, is someone who I could probably sell.

There are a few more players, but I can't be arsed naming them.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Three 0-0 games in a row are wrecking my head. Thankfully the third placed team, Charlton, is also giving up points. I am on a really bad streak, but I do know that I don't let in a whole lot. That leaves me needing to score a few, and I need some more goals soon.

Well, to help try and solve the scoring issue is the legend Raul. He is coming in for 5 million and Marcus Berg who has not scored enough, or nearly, for my liking. It's time to send him on. Frank Rost comes in to give my team some experience in the goalkeeping region. Handanovic goes out on loan to Hull.

Jose Mane joins from Granada. I swapped him for Nsue, and got a deadly deal. Basically, Mane will double my money if I sell him for cash, even if the wages are a lot more. A few more good risers have joined as well, these will make me enough money for the new season, where I hope to be in Division 1, and challenging for the honours if possible, but more likely avoiding relegation.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Huddersfield Town are still in second, but we have been faltering since the start of March. I fear looking at that record, but it's pretty bad. Charlton have closed the gap on me, and it's now a tight 5 points with 6 games to go. But I am hopeful of a few more wins as I do not want to go into the playoffs. That is like playing Russian roulette, without the severe consequences. :D

Jack Hobbs comes in, and should hit 85 if SM are fair, he has been an outstanding defender in the championship. Also coming in is Ondrej Mazuch for a combined player and cash total of over 9 million. Like Kouyate. And he just went up to 86, as did Kouyate, in this mornings changes. I got him by the skin of my teeth before the changes, and he will be worth holding onto for the long term. As will Kouyate. And going on changes, I've had a few good ones from the last few countries, all will be sold on. I only wish I had signed Coates when I had the chance, but well, oh well.

Onto my nominations for various achievements in my team, the goalie position won't be nominated for obvious reasons.

Best defender with me.

Maxi Pereira, Dmytro Chygrynskiy, Emiliano Moretti.

Best defender out on loan.

Evgeni Makeev, Grau Bruno Saltor

Best midfielder with me.

Sergei Semak, Claudio Marchisio, Marcus Senna, Santi Cazorla

Best midfielder out on loan

Kevin Pezzoni, Mendes Elias, Andrea Poli, Allesandro Mancini

Best forward with me

Well I've sold off a few forwards leaving Alvaro Negredo and Daniel Guiza

Best forward out on loan

Gabriel Hauche, Kostas Mitroglou

There will be other awards given out, but none need any nominations. Like signing of the season or best player I got rid of, or best price, or most promising youngster I've signed, but because this takes so long, I thought I would leave it for another day/night. My best signing easily is Sergei Semak for a grand total of three and a half million. Cheers to anybody reading.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Getting to the squeaky bum time. I've seen West Ham storm up the table with every game won under the new manager. And well done to all those who have achieved promotion so far, I should be going up, but I reckon it will be on the last day of the season. A nil all probably. I'm not sure why things have been going so wrong since March, none at all. No major change of players or tactics. None since my great form. I'm always chopping and changing in accordance with the days fixture and their last fixture. But I cannot see more than the last, at least thats the best I can get. Maybe I should revert back to my preferred (in most setups) 352 or any which requires 3 CB's.

Its hot and sticky outside, uncomfortable at times, but makes it great for kayaking and other water activities. I've spent a few hours mulling over players that are available, and who to kick from my team. It would be easier if I knew if I was going up or not, who to kick. I hope to sign a few more higher rated players, regardless of age, if I can achieve that promotion. I will be looking for 2 for 1 deals, and so maybe cull my squad a bit. A few loaned out players will go, but I have a few more waiting in the wings. Here is my best 11 loaned out, with backup. 442.

Gk, Handanovic 89, backup Proto 86.

RB, Bruno Saltor 89, Makeev 86.

LB, Jose Mane 88, Georgi Schennikov 86.

CB, Jan Vertonghen 88, Nicholas Otamendi 88, Marvin Compper 87, Nicholas N'koulou 86.

RM, Allesandro Mancini 89, Raphael Jean 87.

LM, Jaroslav Plasi 88, Eduardo Salvio 87.

CM Mikel Arteta 90, Benoit Pedretti 89, Mendes Elias 87, Andreas Poli 86.

Fwd Gabriel Hauche 87, Bruno Bonfim Dentinho 86.

CF Ariza Makukula 88, Kostas Mitroglou 86.

There are a few more handy players who didn't make it, and I decided to put Arteta in the middle. If I took over that squad, that's where he'd be, and I believe that's as good a squad as you could take over. It's my B team. I wish there was a reserve league, perhaps it could be implemented. I kn ow how hard it is for the normal results to be computed. But a simpler system that is separate would do. That would be my favourite ever update. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

A time to look over the nominations and decide on who are the winners. But before that, well done to the team who have went up at the second time of asking. It's not easy to go straight up. 2 seasons in division 3, and 2 here in the second one. That's a fairly successful reign under Dermot O' Brien, myself, in a short amount of time. Lets dispense with the trivialities and get on with the meat and two veg. :D

Goalkeeper of the year. Handanovic, now out on loan and likely to remain out on loan for next season. A good keeper with a great future, but I felt his performances overall had dropped compared to last season, and so I brought in Frank Rost to add experience for my final push in the league. Unless I can bring in a better keeper, I will give Rost a go in the top league. His performances haven't been great, and if he continues, he will be sold and Handanovic recalled. Handanovic will be heading to the WC as well.

Best defender with me. Dmytro Chygrynskiy. His name is so bleedin' hard to spell, as I've probably said before. He's a long way off breaking into the Barcelona team, but he is a quality defender, and I'd like to see him prove it elsewhere. He is battling with the 2 M's, Milito and Marquez for the third spot in that CB pairing. Pique is doing the business, I wonder how the Man. Utd supporters feel?

Best defender out on loan. Evgeni Makeev. QPR were helped along by this Russian startlet, and very nearly went up, just missing out on a round of Russian roulette. He is well on his way to an 88 rating, and he is a strong candidate for becoming a Russian regular. The funny thing is that he shares the same position on SM with Parshivlyuk and as I have both, I'd love to know who plays where? He is a good talent though.

Best midfielder with me. Sergei Semak walks it. The best midfielder in all of division 2 during the season. Another Russian, and joining Arsenal next season, and we'll all have a look at his talents. Also my best ever signing. He will also be in the CL again, and age or not, 92 would suit him better.

Best midfielder out on loan. Andreas Poli also walks it. Along with Elias and Pezzoni, he helped a good Wycombe team achieve promotion. He will be another player that will see a good rise and will be worth holding onto for the long term. Sampdoria had a great season, and we should see him in Europe next season.

Best forward with me. Guiza gets it, and 12 goals in 31 games isn't too bad. He is still on the Spanish roster, and I'm not sure if he will stay or drop 1 in Turkey, but he was an outstanding signing at the time.

Best U21 keeper. None played, but there are a few prospects.

Best U21 defender. Makeev.

Best U21 midfielder. Poli.

Best U21 forward. None really played under me, but Dentinho did okay with Swindon Town.

Best signings. To be continued as that will take up buckets of time as I want to put them in category etc. :D

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