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Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.


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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

On to the best signings, and there are a few of those.

Best goalkeeper signed. Well, in the last few hours, Akinfeev was signed, for Negredo and 15 million. That will be one of my best ever signings, money is easy to replace, and forwards are fairly plentiful. He is a top keeper who should be moving on to bigger and better things.

But, before he was signed, there was Frank Rost for 6 million, not a lot, but Silvio Proto when he was 84 has to be a top signing. He is still only 86, and will be sold off to a decent bid.

Quick aside. Handanovic is now available for a good sum. I won't say how much, but I would say I would splash out on him. Otherwise he can go out on loan again. 18 million+ for him, or a good striker.

As I'm typing this, I'm pondering whether to sell off a few players and try to sign Higuain for 70 million. I am lacking good young strikers and would appreciate any outside thoughts. 70 million means selling off a few starters and squad players, and hoping that he doesn't sell before then.

Defenders. Bonnart only cost 7 million. I think he will hit 90 after starring for Marseilles. Mazuch came in for maximum price, but he'll be worth it. I also signed him right after his TB was up, and the transfer went through and on the morning he went up. :D Before SM changed around things, my Nsue, 82, was able to swap for Mane, 88 in a swap deal. I loved it. I loved scanning out players like Mane, who ordinarily I wouldn't buy, for a deadly p/e deal. Those days are gone. Jan Vertonghen is best defensive signing. 10 million and a pair of youngsters who I wanted shot of. Although I was mad to see him sell Tremoulinas for 15.1 million when I had placed a 15 million pound bid.

Midfielders. Goulon was signed chep enough, and he should be heading away from Le Mans on a free transfer to a bigger team. But, I have to say that Camoranesi was my best midfield signing, 2 risers and 3.5 million for a safe 92 was a great deal, regardless of how old Camoranesi is. I am particularly happy with have signing Kouyate as well, as he is a 90+ once he moves abroad. Ndinga and Plasil were great signings by me. David Meyler and Jack Colback were great CM signings too.

Forwards. Raul for cash and Marcus Berg has to be my best one yet. Even though Raul should fall, he will still be high enough that he will score goals for me in division 1. Berg hasn't done much. I am sure Caleb is watching and agrees, but he has a player who can only rise in the future. Arnautovic was signed for a big price, but he can only rise once he's found his bottle, and decided to play for Fc Twente again. He has a tonne of goals in him.

Overall, I have been happy with the season. Promotion is hard to achieve, even if your team is higher rated. Some lesser teams can upset the balance. I have a goal, and that is at the least, staying up. I'm waiting on what my chairman has to say though. Maybe mid-table is my expectancy? I might just pull off a shock and try and win the thing. But will be more going for the cups, and keep the league in mind. :)

Another thing. The thing that SM rate all players equal in a p/e is doing my head in. That's what I partly built the Huddersfield Town revolution on. Getting good prices for a certain player. I liked exchanging my goalie of 82 to a team that has an 88 winger who might rise. In the old days, that 82 goalie would fetch many a million because they only had a 79 rated, 34 year old keeper. But, even though I could play the field, so to speak, the new rule has given me a lot less head scratching to do. So it's 50/50. Has anybody got any high rated players to get rid of in an exchange? :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

I've started off with a win, a loss and a draw. My first crowd was near 22,000. That should help me with the high wages I have. I am almost getting tired with all the players I have to have, but it is the only way to make a bit of money on SM. I'm at home to Spurs, and they have a good team as well, so I hope my tactics will have worked.

I've noticed that a lot of players in the second divisions of France and Germany were not reviewed, and I'm not happy with that. Why only review the top division and leave out the other divisions. The other divisions would be the ultimate sweetener to the top league.

The team is going okay, I could do with a forward or two and a CB or two. Some I've gone for have been outpriced, 2 of my best young players for someone else who ain't a top player seems like a lot to ask from me. I did shell out a bit with Akinfeev, and now with Nani. 4 million and 2 good 89's, Ciani and Pedretti was a lot to give, but I'm going out on Nani going far enough in the game. I also needed to start culling my team. I still do, Handanovic is one of a few who needs to go to reduce my wages.

I will be going for the cups this season, and I should have the players to go for it, as well as loan out a large chunk of my team. The players out on loan represent a large proportion of the players I think will be in my first team squad in about 2 real life football seasons. I have kept a few players for my team to compete in the cups and league that would be sold or loaned out. The loaned out players are...

Jose Mane, 88. Good LB who may hit 89 at Getafe. I will recall him if he rises and I sell Moretti.

Sergei Parshivlyuk, 88. I'm waiting to see what I should do with him. I can get a great price for him because he is very young.

Evgeni Makeev, 86. Same team as above, but who is the RB, and who plays elsewhere?

Nicholas Otamendi, 88. Going to the WC and starting.

Nicholas N'koulou, 86. Same name, same story as above.

Ondrek Mazuch, 86. A player I signed for big money, just before he rose. By a xxxx hair as we say. I expect him to be a player for me in 2 years.

Felix Bastians, 85. A Def role gives him versatility on the pitch, but I would have sold him before he was loaned out. He could rise further, but when? He has done very well since his days at Nottingham Forest.

Fabio Coentrao, 87. Great LM who will be 90 soon enough, I also expect him to feature in the WC.

Raphael Jean, 87. One of the younger Brazilians in Sao Paulo's team, I feel he has the ability to make a move to a good European side.

Mendes Elias, 87. Same country, similar setup, except he will surely be joining a top Spanish team next season. 93 material.

Cheikhou Kouyate, 86. Has been described as being Viera like, and that's good enough for me. Like Mazuch, will rise further in Belgium.

Delvin Ndinga, 86. Another who should be worth holding onto, but I'll keep an eye out on him, especially in the CL with Auxerre.

Andrea Poli, 86. Soon to be 88 and in the CL. I will expect him to be a squad player for Italy soon, once they clear out the older guys.

Georginio Wijnaldum, 87. Liverpool were pawing him over, and I will expect him at a top club somewhere next season.

Jaroslav Plasil, 89. A player I would sell, out of all the younger loaned out players I have. But, as he's out on loan, I'll give him a miss. Good though.

Luis Nani. Big money/players signing. I expect him to buckle up at Man Utd, and hit the 93 range soon enough, and star in the WC, over Ronaldo.

Eduardo Salvio, 87. Should get plenty of games next season in Madrid, and is another bound for 90+ soon enough.

Matias De Federico, 85. Not sure how far he will go, and so his rating, but being young, and Argentine always helps. May consider selling.

Joao Aurelio, 83. I signed him expecting 85. But SM don't comply with me as usual. :D One to hold onto I've heard.

Dentinho, 86. I would have sold him off but I lack promising enough forwards, and he is fairly decent. And his name reminds me of the dentist, although thats not a good thing. :D

Marko Arnautovic, 85. Signed with Werder Bremen, and one to look out for in Germany next season. 90 material I'm sure.

Kostas Mitroglou, 86. I was expecting him to rise, but he didn't, but he is still one of the best in Greece, and will be in the CL next season.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

As I'm awake in these warm nights with not a lot I can do to put me asleep, I may as well go through the youth team. The first day of the WC was decent, first game was good, the second one did not have my full attention.

GK. Wolf, Zivkovic, Dreyer, Neto, Sandomierski.

Neto and Dreyer are the ones to keep, Dreyer could be no.1 for Sochaux next season, and Neto will get a big rise.

LB. Addy, Silva, Vila, Schennikov.

No question who the talent here is, but Gabriel Silva is a massive talent in Brazil, he better be after I payed the max for him. Vila will get a good rise.

RB. Odoi, Patric, Planic, Strifler, Tomecak, Colic, Bjorkstrom, Jung.

Patric is the one to keep from here, on loan at Avai from Benfica. And Jung of course, another big rise for him later. The rest will be swapped on.

CB 1. Too many to name in one so I'll split them in two.

Siebert, Bagaric, Tok, Hobbs, Demir, Heurtaux, Dreksa.

Hobbs is the pick of that bunch, although Heurtaux will rise again with Caen. The rest are risers of some sort, although Tok only went +1.

CB 2. Sadlok, Manoel, Nizam, Gentzoglou, Pryima, Coates, Manolas.

Coates was signed for cash and Bruno Saltor, which was a big enough deal, but he has a lot of talent, the question is, how long do I have to wait for him to move to Europe. Sadlok will rise to 85, Manoel is a top talent in Brazil and Pryima is on for a good rise.

LM,RM. Firtulescu, Zezinho, Antal.

A few more Romanian risers, and a long term Brazilian talent.

DM. Goulon, Toribio, Pezzoni.

The latter I've had a long time, and wanted to sell for a fair price, but will loan out again. Goulon is heading to a big team next season.

CM. Israelsson, Iturraspe, Meyler, Anastasopoulos, Mazalovic, Colback, Krcamevic. Mazalovic is a talent in Croatia I've heard, but his wages, among others will mean bye bye when he rises. Meyler I thought would hit 82, God knows if he was at a bigger team it'd be 83/84. Colback, I'm not sure yet.

AM. Markovic, Milosavljevic, Medojevic, Bertoglio, Milanov.

Ha ha, 3 M's from Serbia. All 3 will get big rises. Don't really know who is the best, although I would stump for Markovic as I scouted him a long time ago. If I could do a report, he would be one. The other 2 are well known. AM's seem to be my forte, even though I don't use them.

Wing. Reus, Voutsias, Mier, Verdi.

The latter was another big splurge, I'm under the impression that he can break through next season at Milan. Reus is an outstanding talent, waiting to go out on loan.

Fwd/CF. Waghorn, Alexe, Wanderley, Bujor, Wilfried, Konoplyanka.

The latter is the biggest talent, although Wanderley may develop into a top Brazilian talent as well. Brazilians are tough to sign in EC106. Alexe will be sold after his big rise, Wilfried should get a +3.

Decent youth squad, I've signed a few Greeks and Turks thinking they would have risen a wee bit more. I always scout ahead, but sometimes I scout way ahead, and end up selling them before they get rated. A lot of these players are long since off their bans, but goodness knows when they will be rated again. I want to cut them in two, although I typically go for 2 for 1 player swaps. I have a few players I've bidded on tonight. But 130 players, 22 out on loan, is hurting me financially. But, then, it means I have money to compete with the big boys. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Onto the first team squad, which has a lot of risers. I would prefer an addition from SM to shift those 22 or 25 year old players which I don't want in my first team squad. And I could put my injured players into the reserve team squad as well. It wouldn't be too hard, just who can I ask?

I'm just after realising that my thread title is good, but it lacks some important information in the title. Which will distinguish it from other Huddersfield Town, or whatever threads. Mine does not include signing every great riser and talent thing. It's a wee bit harder to sign players here.

GK 1. I will spit it into 2.

Adel, Marino, Verbauwhede, Codina.

Codina is a good riser, and may be worth keeping, if SM ever introduce keepers getting injured. The first two will get good rises.

Gk 2. Proto, Handanovic, Rost, Akinfeev.

I will sell 3 out of those, but I would appreciate a bid or two from some teams within EC106. Christ, I'm not looking for a lot, just a bit more than what I would get from external. Handanovic will be in the WC also. Akinfeev was a splurge, 15 million and Negredo.

LB. Moretti, Schachten, Stankovic.

2 risers there, although with some players I've signed, off their transfer bans, from the second division of major countries not getting rated, well I am just having to swap them out again. Moretti is up for sale as Mane may get a rise to 89, and 89 is as good as 90 for half the wages.

RB and Def. Bonnart, Pereira, Vertonghen.

Well, I have had Bonnart up for sale for 10 million for a long time. He will be in the CL, and he is RB/LB. A bargain. If I was a new team, I would sign him in a heartbeat. Why does nobody bid? I may keep him for the versatility, and up his price as he is a decent full back. Pereira is at the WC, and I will view him with interest. Vertonghen is a deadly player, and a Def to boot. He was a great signing for 2 youngsters not going far and 10 mil.

CB. Perendija, Vandenbroek, Compper, Bocchetti, Chygrynskiy.

Compper is on sale for a fair price, he should be 88. If I don't get it, I will keep him, I've had him a long time, like Pezzoni. Bocchetti is one of 3 Italians I have at the World Cup.

LM/RM. Traore, Camoranesi, Straut, Barladeanu, Schiattarella.

No question who the RM is. The rest are risers of some sort. 2 are playing in the second divisions of Germany and Italy. When will they be rated?

DM. Senna, Zokora, N'Diaye.

Senna will drop again and Zokora may rise to 90.

CM/AM. Semak, Arteta, Marchisio, Kamel, ****.

I'm glad that Arteta changed to CM. All 3 names will rotate for 2 CM spots.

Wing. (Nani was signed for Pedretti and Ciani, a big price, but neither 2 would start. He is back out on loan at Arsenal.)

Taddei, Mancini, Cazorla, Kurtulus, Germano, Muller, Schneuwly.

2 there compete for 1 position. Taddei fills in at AM if I play it.

Fwd. Raul, Jelen, De Paula, Ivan Perez, Prgomet, Hauche, Chevalier.

Jelen was a great signing, just before he rose. There are not a lot of forwards worth buying that were/are left in EC106. Raul will drop, hopefully to 92 rather than 91. Please SM.

CF. Makukula, Guiza, Varea.

I have Guiza on the TL, although I may keep him unless I can sign a fairly good striker of equal rating.

All in all, a team to compete in the first division. But what I wish for is a forward or Cf with decent stayability at his current rating, if not a chance to rise further. Money alone will not make anyone sell, and teams are unlikely to sell the way I got Nani. I got him because, A, I noticed he wanted to sell him, why TL him? B, I looked and seen he needed a CB of decent quality, and a good CM would help also. C, loaning him back tipped it back to me rather than him waiting for more offers. Now the funny thing is most teams with a player for sale will not touch players nearer 30 than what they would wish for. They would prefer Otamendi and Salvio. And for that I congratulate Swanseajack. A great addition to EC106. And one I miss, and don't know why, is Barracuda. Top forumer who gave me great recognition for the advice I gave on the assistance thread.

Anyways, I'm getting away from the snaffle. I am looking for some kind of decent deal for Cazorla, a striker like Pazzini :D would be welcome. Or 1 or 2 decent prospects. Taddei will slot i there, and Nani would be the backup. But if no good bids are forthcoming, than he will still fit the bill as a 91. Bonnart can go for a good price, or a promising player, which will be few or far around. Otherwise, he will sub in and out at both RB and LB.

On an interesting note, Fox Soccer Channel have Richard Keys as the presenter with Andy Gray at the helm. Warren Barton was always there, before the WC, and there is a well respected ex US international as well. I forget whom, but it's nice that there are some good presenters that are over here for the WC. Stevie McManaman and Shaun Bartlett for the first game!

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Time again for another update. The heat has been immense over the last few weeks, and I for one need to be sat under an air conditioner anytime I'm at home. I've been out for a few WC matches when the USA were playing and every pub was jammers for the game. Some of the US supporters have taken the kind of hardcore crowd atmosphere into the pub I would go to, and there was a lot of pride and passion in the singing. I wish Ireland had qualified, but I've put that defeat with France to bed now. I am certain that some of the French team had that game stuck in their heads, and it showed in their play. I am looking forward to the last 8. I won't even guess who will win, as there were so many crazy results in this, the coldest WC that I have ever seen.

This is the EC106 blog. I would love to debate football on the WC thread but I just don't like it too much. There is less debate and more winding up somebody on it, and I'm always left thinking that it's dominated by a bunch of kids. But the WC is always my favourite summer in 4 years.

I don't bother much mentioning any risers I've had as they are no longer on the club page, and so out of sight, out of mind. But I've been keeping up with them, and Serbia has been good to me. Keep in mind that some players I bought ages ago and then swapped later on got good rises as well. A few players I have are still a while away from getting reviewed, and I'm itching to get rid of them. Spain brought me a few good risers as well, all I want to know, is who to keep, and who to sell from them. I usually keep hold of players for the near future before deciding who to make a p/e with.

I've also had a few players who have fallen far. These would be players I would never have been to give away for a low cash offer anyways. Raul, Senna and Camoranesi fell far. I was hoping for -1 drops and that may have been fair. But, I guess SM may have come down harder based on their ages. All 3 still have a place in my team, but an offer of 8 million for Camoranesi would be fine as he is the one who has lost a starting place. Cazorla got a drop of -1, although I was expecting -2. Maybe his age saved him. But not to be too down, I still have one of the best squads in EC106 of upcoming players. All of these guys should continue to rise towards and perhaps, surpass the magic 90 number.

Under 25 players still going far.

GK. Akinfeev and Handanovic.

LB. Coentrao (LM/LB), Schennikov, Didac, Addy, Gabriel Silva

RB. Maxi Pereira (just turned 26), Parshivlyuk, Makeev, Jung, Patric

CB. Chygrynskiy, Bocchetti, Vertonghen (def), Otamendi, Compper, N'Koulou, Mazuch, Coates, Manoel, Hobbs, Pryima

LM/RM/Wing. Coentrao (LM/LB), Koman, Zezinho, Jean, Cazorla, Nani, Salvio, Reus, DeFederico, Aurelio, Verdi

DM/AM. Wijnaldum, Goulon, Pezzoni, Bertoglio, Milanov

CM. Marchisio, Poli, Elias, Kouyate, Ndinga, Iturraspe, Colback, Meyler, Markovic

Fwd/CF. Le Tallec, Doumbia, Mitroglu, Dentinho, Arnautovic, Waghorn, Konoplyanka, Wanderley

Those are the next class of stars, and some are already there, in Huddersfield Town as of the end of June 2010. One place I certainy need improving is up front, but I am pretty happy with the rest of the team in other positions. There are other players I didn't mention, and it's more than likely they will be sold on. Some of these players I might sell later on. Some of these players won't go anywhere near a good rating, but as it's getting harder and harder to sign good youngsters, then you got to put hope in the players you have got. :)

I would also like to change the name of the title to include EC106, otherwise it looks like any auld Huddersfield Town in any auld setup.

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Re: Huddersfield Town Blog.

Thanks again to all those still reading. A one nil win over WBA still leaves me in sixteenth right now. I will put it down to a bedding in period right now. I've had a few minor rises here and there, but the team value is 443 million. But the league is not about how much your team is worth. I have a few players bidded on, and some outgoing bids, including Makukula which I have accepted 5.2 million for. In a p/e he fetches 700k less. I usually hold onto players for much stronger p/e's. But now and again you have to rake in some cold hard cash. I am also glad that each player now gets the same in every p/e. It means I can now zip through player offers, without all the weighing up of every players value in each bid. :)

I am still waiting on Egypt, Croatia, Poland and the Czech Republic for some deadly risers. Than I have to decide who is worth keeping, and who to p/e on. I find that the best players to sell for cash are the younger ones most of the time. In real life it's an interesting time with all the transfers getting made. It makes it easier for me to decide who to keep if a player I'm unsure about makes a move to a bigger league. I've been spending plenty of hours scouting for players, but apart from 1 or 2 here or there, it's mostly a lost cause. I hate those posts made on the best risers from each league, but they helped me when I first started on SM, so I guess I can't complain too much. I might even make one myself in a few days. ;)

Some transfers I made in the last few weeks were, Koman who I thought could hit 86 if not 85, and was disappointed with 84. Still, well worth holding onto. Jose Nunes is a solid 89, and cost me two Belgian risers. Le Tallec I bid on after his move to Auxerre, and he also cost me 2 Belgian risers. Galeano was signed from that dirty prat Chewett, :D who will prove to be my nemesis in Division 1 next season. I hope I haven't put a hex on him now. :D A chairman max of 12.2 for a player who should hit 86/87 in the next Argentine changes, and a move to a bigger league as well. Wellington is one of the few young players at Sao Paulo, and has been getting his fair share of games. Max of 2.1 paid for him. The final big transfer, in comes Vladimir Bystrov from Zenit. He also cost a chairman max after a few bids, but I'm sure he can hit 90 in the future. He cost 6.1 million, a Belgian and a Serbian riser. He is a RM/Wing, and will prove a useful squad player.

Outgoing players include risers who did not fetch good p/e's Perez (85), Pashayev (84), and Alexe (83), a great riser from Romania. 12 for the trio. Romania was good for me. Moretti I was trying to sell for a while, and I thought he was a safe 90, but he dropped to 89, so I took the computer bid of 9.8 now rather than 7.8 or so later. Stankovic who rose 6 from 78 got me 3.9 million. The greatest of the wheelers and dealers, Sean, bought not 1, but 2 keepers from me. Akinfeev negated the need to hold onto 1, no matter how promising. Rost went for 5.2, and Handanovic, who in time should be at a better club, fetched me 10 million and Sobiech who is a Polish international at 78, and should hit 84. If I could put a sell on clause, I would have done, but there is no use holding onto two decent keepers. Mancini was a bad p/e to use so I was happy to get 5 million for him. The same with Camoranesi, a poor p/e but 8 million for him was good.

I am hoping some of my players get bought up by teams in the summer sales. Goulon should be moving from Le Mans soon, as did Le Tallec. I remember Le Tallec in his Liverpool days, hopefully he can go far at Auxerre. Another big signing to reinforce my weakest position, forwards, is Doumbia who scored goals for fun in Switzerland. His move to CSKA put off his rise, but hopefully he can get 88 there. he was yet another max purchase costing 5.4 million and 2 players. And a lot of players I hope can make the breakthrough at their respective clubs next season. It's a difficult time knowing who to sign and who to sell. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

I've now gotten the name changed to the Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog. Nice one Dave. :) Just to differentiate it from any write ups from ordinary setups. I've been busy enough looking out for risers, and I signed a few good ones from the Czech Republic. It's a cup game at home to West Ham tonight, and I'm down at the bottom in the first division. It's still a long way to go, and I hope to massively improve by mid season.

I think the squad value is at about 439.6 million. The wages are a hefty 1.315 million and 412k saved from players out on loan. That value should go up a good bit with some good risers coming up in the next few weeks. Actually just checking, and I can reduce Senna's wage by 8.5k which I forgot to do when he dropped. I have six players out of 121 aged 30+. Semak, Nunes, Raul, Senna, Bonnart and Taddei. All are important players for me, and not worth selling without getting a good cash bid. 66 players are 21 or younger. The average age is about 23.

Going on the team I have now, and discounting the players I buy in the future, the team I will have in two years, and a 442, would be...

Gk. Akinfeev, Dreyer

RB. Pereira, Makeev, Jung

LB. Coentrao, Schennikov, Gabriel Silva

CB. Chygrynskiy, Bocchetti, Vertonghen, Otamendi, Galeano

Wide Players. Cazorla, Nani, Bystrov, Salvio, Zezinho

CM/AM/DM. Marchisio, Arteta, Poli, Elias, Wijnaldum, Kouyate, Goulon

Forwards. Jelen, Le Tallec, Doumbia, Arnautovic

As things are looking, and I've said it before, up front is my weakest position, but thankfully it's also the easiest position to buy players in, and the one whereby new players occur the most. I left out a lot of players, some I may still have, some will be sold. In fact, some of the above players will probably be gone within 2 years, but most won't. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

Very hot out yet again. Time to look through some nationalities of the players I have right now. I'll look at my African players first.

Ivory Coast. Didier Zokora. A squad player who can fit it all along the back line if needed. I may use him in a deal in the future if needed.

Ghana. David Addy. A decent prospect, will he get any game time at Porto?

Ivory Coast. Bony Wilfried. Due a good rise, I'm not sure whether to keep or sell him after. But he has been rising steadily since he was 74.

Cameroon. Nicholas N'Koulou. A good CB in France, and one who will rise further. I will keep him for the time being, but may sell later on.

Senegal. Cheikhou Kouyate. A good future for a player likened to Patrick Viera. Another who will rise further very soon.

Congo. Delvin Ndinga. A rise to 88 if he keeps his place at Auxerre. CL football for him as well, I'm not sure if he is a long term keeper.

I will look through Russia next.

Igor Akinfeev. Top goalkeeper.

Georgi Schennikov. Top prospect.

Sergei Semak. My best signing at 3.5 million, and my best performer.

Sergei Parshivlyuk. Great talent, I hope he hits 89.

Evgeni Makeev. Another top talent at full back.

Vladimir Bystrov. I hope he hits 90 if Zenith keep things up.

Brazil next.

Rodrigo Taddei. A great winger to have.

Murara Neto. A goalkeeping prospect. He should get a good rise.

Gabriel Silva. LB prospect who I payed the max for.

Cabral Lalau Patric. RB for Benfica on loan at Avai.

Messias Manoel. A top young Brazilian CB.

Santos Pinto Zezinho. Santos LM wonderkid.

Wellington. Sao Paulo's young CM.

Monteiro Wanderley. A riser at Sao Caetano.

Raphael Jean. I hope he can move to Europe.

Mendes Elias. He should be moving.

Dentinho. I will keep an eye on him, but I may sell.

That's just a few regions covered. I will finish the rest soon enough. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.


Sasa Markovic. A fair talent whom I expect another good rise from.

Slobodan Medojevic. Got a big rise, may sell him though.


Jack Hobbs. Good talent for CB in the future.

Jack Colback. Same name, and one for the future at Sunderland.

Martyn Waghorn. Sunderland again, I will look out for him if he plays.


David Meyler. Poor rise, but I expect him to feature in a lot of games for Sunderland next season. 80-84+ perhaps?


Kostas Mitroglu. On the fringes of Greece, he will keep rising to 88/89.


Maxi Pereira. On the way out in a deal for Remy.

Sebastian Coates. A future international CB.


Vasyl Pryima. Another good rise due for the promising CB.

Yevhen Konoplyanka. A future international, and a talent to boot.


Joao Aurelio. Missed out on a rise last time, but get it next time Portugal are rated. Or I may sell him before then.

Luis Nani. Signed not too long before his rise, I expect him to feature in quite a few games for Manchester United next season.

Fabio Coentrao. Top WC from him, and 89 in the next changes. 90+ after.

Jose Nunes. A cheap and smart buy when I had seen he was available. He is a safe 90, and will see CL football next season.


Irenuesz Jelen. Got him just before he went up to 89 after giving a quick look at who was available. His ability to play at wing is great.

Artur Sobiech. Got him from the Handanovic deal. Looking at a good rise, and will be kept for the future.

Maciej Sadlok. This will be his second rating change coming up for him. A good buy who I may keep or sell.


Georgi Milanov. Signed him in September last year, and I should be able to keep him as he's on his original 74 rated wages.

Holland or the Netherlands. (I'd love to know which is the correct name.)

Georginio Wijnaldum. One of my earlier signings, and a big future star recently linked to Liverpool.


Marko Arnautovic. Should be a hit in Germany. And rise to 87/88. Please.

Czech Republic.

Jaroslav Plasil. I'll wait and see if he is a regular for Bordeaux next season.

Pavel Dreksa. A good riser.

Jakub Petr. Same club, same story.

Lukas Vacha. Was first mentioned years ago. A good +2/3 rise I hope.

Ondrej Mazuch. Should get to 88 in Belgium. And become an international.

That's all for now, I'll continue more later. Also, I got an idea from looking at Wijnaldum. I'd like to see who I still have at the club from my first month or two of joining the mighty EC106. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

2 notable transfers in are Loic Remy for 5.7 million, Maxi Pereira and Kevin Pezzoni. I'm sure he will be playing in England next season. Also in is Evaeverson Brandao for 2.4 million, Felix Bastians and Raphael Wolf. He should be playing in the CL next season, and a chance to rise up to 90 perhaps. Makukula and Ivan Tomecak went out for almost 10 million.

Pezzoni who went out recently was a signing from my first week. Other players I still have from late November/December 2008/January 2009 are...

Bocchetti for 3 million. :D

Compper for 4.8 million. He rose 3 from 84, but his value is 4.7 million.

Jean for 2.8 million in November 2008.

Elias for 40k. :D Enough quality to play at a big European team.

Wijnaldum. First or so, signing for 3.3 million. :D

Salvio for 850k. :D

Dentinho for 4.5 million.

What helped was when I took over it was a near original Huddersfield Town with 2 extra players. Gokhan Inler was signed in the second season for 3.8 million. I sold him to Boca Juniors for 17.4 million. Also, Florent Sinama-Pongolle was signed from Darlington in the second season for 8 million. I sold him to Bristol City for 15 million. This cash gave me a good amount to work with in the transfer market where I brought in some of the best risers at the time, and some I still have.

Back onto the countries I have in my team. Argentina next.

Nicholas Otamendi. On to Europe somewhere for him.

Eduardo Salvio. Will he have his breakthrough season?

Matias DeFederico. Still at Corinthians, I hope he can progress some more.

Leonel Galeano. I am hoping for a big move for him, as well as a rise to 87.

Facundo Bertoglio. I hope he progresses at Dynamo Kiev.


Ahmed Adel. Waiting on a big rise.

Ahmed Ali Kamel. Same as above.


Laurent Bonnart. Flexible full back, who I may sell.

Loic Remy. A top quality striker bound for England.

Anthony Le Tallec. Still only 25, and bound for the CL.

Herold Goulon. Bound for a big French team.

Matthieu Dreyer. Possibly the Sochaux no. 1 next season.

Thomas Heurtaux. May keep or sell, but the top defender at Caen.


Salvatore Bocchetti. A future fixture in the Italy side.

Claudio Marchisio. Same as above.

Simone Verdi. A player to feature very soon in the Milan side.


Jose Mane. A top drawer LB in Spain.

Jordi Codina. Goalie for the same team that Mane plays for. May sell.

Marcos Senna. Has fallen far, but an important player for me.

Mikel Arteta. Top quality player. 92/93 quality on his day, which are many.

Santi Cazorla. Has fallen a bit, but still an important player for me.

Gonzalez Raul. Like Senna, he has fallen far, but is a true legend.

Daniel Guiza. Should have kept playing in Spain. On the TL.

Didac Vila. A big rise from 80 I'll wait for.

Daniel Toribo. I will probably sell him when I need to.

Ander Iturraspe. I expect another rise for the Athletic Club youngster.


Tim Bjorkstrom. A big riser in Sweden.

Erik Israelsson. Same as above.


Vladimir Koman. Should have gotten a better rise. Should next time.

Mark Nikhazi. How many 60 rated players on the game?


Marvin Compper. I hope he rises to 88 third time around.

Sebastian Jung. A rise to 85/86 in the next changes for him.

Marco Reus. I'm hoping he can follow suit of Marko Marin.

That's about it. I have about 15 other countries, but most will be sold after their bans are up or whatever. It seems that Spain are the dominant country in my squad. Hopefully 3 points against Newcastle tonight as well.

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

The first coolish day, about 75ish, in a while was so nice. And will allow me to sleep without the AC on full. I was cycling home from work, and in the middle of traffic on a slight hill, the dam pedal broke off. I don't know how I stayed on the bike, but if I had fallen to the left, than the cars would have had a hard time not hitting me. This is in the city, so I am thankful I didn't fall off into the traffic rushing into the traffic lights. I was more embarrassed than anything else, I waited for the traffic to move on at the lights. :o

Well away from my near death experience, it was a great night for Huddersfield Town. A 2-1 win over fellow strugglers Manchester City pushes me just above the Division 1 relegation zone. 19 games played with 18 points tells my poor sorry story. It's not undoable to win a lot more and hit midtable, but it's unlikely I imagine, especially if I keep getting red cards every game. I am resigned to staying afloat, and hoping to nip points off the teams around me, then we'll see what happens at the end of the season. I imagine if I go down, I'll struggle in Div 2. Much like real life, but that's a ways away, and I'm doing just enough, like a drowning man coming up to gasp for air. EC106 is a tough setup.

I got my first +15 riser recently, Nikhazi. Jonathan at Shorpe must be well displeased to miss out on that deadly 10k signing. :D I could afford to hold onto him for a long time, 300 bob a week ain't gonna hurt my finances, but I'll probably sell him off. I did have that Dutch guy who went +15, but I swapped him out a few months before his rise. Hungary brought me a few good risers, as did Bulgaria, and so should Colombia. Carlos Bacca should go from 76 to 82, his striking rate is superb, even if he comes off the bench a lot. I've had a lot of big risers recently, +5 or 6 kind, and I hope to keep up that tradition. What that leaves me with is working out who to trade them in for. I have a few people shortlisted, but just waiting on the new season. :D

My last big signing was Brandao, who I hope should score a few goals in France in the upcoming season. 2.4 million and Bastians and Wolf was paid, and that was the max I was allowed. Better than 12 million cash. The prob;em is that there are less and less players going out to external that I have nobody to swap my players with. I was just looking at what's your worst transfer dealing, and I have not made too many, but one, swapping Trasch, Elson and 7.4 million for the great prospect that is Otamendi. At the time I did not think Trasch was anything more than a player at a good team, but now I was thinking, that was my worst transfer. At The time, he was my best to send out and keep the cash low, but my, how I should have sent out Marcus Berg or something. But if that's my worst, than I'm doing okay.

So, I've looked at a bad transfer, well not bad as I got Otamendi, but giving out Trasch for him, 78-85-88-90 tells something. But, this season, who were my best signings? One name hits home, without looking at my team. Konoplyanka, 79, for about, lets look now, 2.3 millon. I had some competition at the time, but that was a low bid from me and it should pay off dividends. Actually another bad, on paper deal by me was selling Coutinho to Southend for 4 million. If I'm to be here in 5 or 6 years, than he will be much higher rated, but, I needed cash at the time, and I'd keep Zezinho over him anytime. But if I had the money I do now, than I'd keep him for the longer term.

Galeano for 12.2 million could be my best ever cash bid. Nani I gave 2 good French players, Ciani and Pedretti and 4.6 million for. That was okay, but I never like giving away 2 players for 1, especially as I could do with Ciani now. But Pedretti changed to DM/CM, and that made my mind up. Jose Nunes was just the CB I needed for petty change and two low Belgian risers. I've also signed a lot of players for max chairman value, but for some it won't pay off too quickly. Koman was a great signing also, but I'll say that Konoplyanka was the best of the bunch, a future 90, in time, but a +5/6 for him in the next changes at cheaper than 80 wages. :D

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

Back to hot hot weather. It's half way through the season, and I may as well look through the squad to see who is performing. I would also consider players who come on as subs as this tends to inflate their average rating.

Igor Akinfeev, 6.89 in 19 starts.

Laurent Bonnart, 5.6 in 10.

Dmytro Chygrynskiy, 6.25 in 8. He has been out for a long time with injury and won't be back for another 3 weeks.

Salvatore Bocchetti, 6.05 in 15 starts and 1 sub appearance.

Jose Nunes, 5 in 4. (I'm certain I've played him in a lot more games)

Jan Vertonghen, 5.51 in 9(1).

Didier Zokora, 6.03 in 12(3).

Marcos Senna with 6.38 in 16.

Sergei Semak with 6.37 in 13(1).

Claudio Marchisio with 6.66 in 17(9).

Mikel Arteta with 6.24 in 15(6).

Santi Cazorla with 6.09 in 18(1).

Rodrigo Taddei with 6.28 in 18(5).

Gonzalez Raul with 5.71 in 15(2).

Ireneusz Jelen with 6.8 in 5(4).

Evaeverson Brandao with 6.55 in 4(1).

The top goalscorers are...

6 Senna. :eek:

6 Raul

2 Cazorla

The top assisters are...

5 Cazorla

4 Senna

4 Arteta

Akinfeev with 2 and Raul have Motm.

If red cards are worth 3 to yellows 1 point, my bad boys are...

Senna 1 red and 3 yellow

Raul 1 red and 2 yellow

Nunes 1 red and 1 yellow (no wonder why I was wondering why I hadn't played him much.:D)

Huddersfield Town used a total of 27 players in the league of which 23 are still with the club. Poland has started well for me with a +6 for Sobiech (cheers Sean, I'll hold onto him for a while :D), and a +5 for Jakub Tosik. I hope Sadlok gets a +3 and +5/6's for Sandomierski and Siebert. I'll have a quadruple of great Polish risers. :D

Colombia will bring me a lot of good risers I'm hoping as will Egypt and Israel another few. It gets tiring after a while looking through teams for risers, but it's the only way to amass any cash in the game. With the cash I have, I'm still looking out for anyone willing to sell players I can use for a hefty cash sum. CB and CF's would be ideal. I am more than willing to sell any decent players I don't need for cash, as cash is very useful in this setup. There are a number of players out there I would bid on, but until the new season starts, I'm hesitant on doing so.

The Huddersfield Town player of the half season goes to Marcus Senna. He's getting on a bit, but as long as he keeps his 91, oh what a drop from 94, he will be very useful to me. If he drops to 90, than I'll probably move him on and promote Arteta or Marchisio along with Semak to the starting central midfield positions. Zokora is proving to be a more than useful utility player, filling in in so many defensive and midfielding positions.

A tough away game to Fulham tonight, every game in the first division is difficult to get a point from. I will either stay in 17th or drop to 18th as the table stands. To move up through the divisions, you need to bring in better players than you already have, and my team has not improved much since I was in Div 2 last season. Except for goalkeeper, I have gone down in rating through the ratings changes in midfield and forwards since the last season. A lot of players have dropped, and to make in the top division you need to at least keep the same kind of ratings average that you did last season. But it's very hard getting in those players you need. People want 2 of my best starters and cash, and that would be going 2 steps backwards to move the club forward. But, here's hoping everyone at the bottom, excluding me, loses. :D

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

Cold and wet, very wet today. Just like a typical summers day at home. I'm out of the cup on penalties. I won't even get into it, although spending ages to change my team and recall players was a complete waste of time. I know now I shouldn't be rushing home on gameday to change things around.

I'm in 16th, on 26, 4 points behind 15th. No players on sale for cash, and I have loads of it. I stop myself buying every player just for a small rise. It's not easy to buy without giving 1 or 2 of your best. But it's more exciting than being in mid-table. 115 players and 22 out on loan means some players have to go. I shifted a few players out for 20 million or so. Incoming were various Brazilians, Dutch and Portuguese players. Aveldano comes in for a rise of 2/3 from 84.

I had some good risers, Bacca +8, Arias 1 and 2 +4/5, Nikhazi +15, Nagy +6, and a good few more. I have a crapload waiting from the countries coming. I stop myself going for every riser going, as so often, there are plenty of better ones that come about.

I'm still waiting on the youth team league to come about. I think I have a good team for it. It's all 80 or under. Huddersfield Towns 24 man squad is...


Sandomierski, 80.

Dreyer, 78.


Didac Vila, 80.

David Addy, 80.


Patric, 78.

Bovenberg, 74.


Pryima, 80.

Bagaric, 80.

Bura, 76.

Matvieiev, 76.


Dimov, 80.

Puncec, 80.


Konoplyanka, 79

Milanov, 78


Markovic, 80

Meyler, 80

Brigidio, 75

Wellington, 75


Zezinho, 78

Blanco, 80

Toth, 77

Verdi, 75


Wanderley, 78

Boymans, 78

Jelic, 78

Patrick, 75

There will probably be changes to the squad before then, like more 80 players where needed, but it should be a team to give a good go. :)

A lot of these players will get sold, but i'd be looking to buy others to replace.

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

Not much has changed regarding my lowly position in division 1. In 16th place, and 15th is 7 points out of reach. Any of 5 teams can go down, I am on 29 points, the bottom team is on 26.

Konoplyanka got a +7, and was one of my best purchases yet. Bertoglio went +4, and Neto went +8. I also got a good rise from Fagner, +5 to 83. I bought him close to the changes. Not every change went my way, a few +1's or +2's when I was expecting +2 or +4. It's hard to make a correct call on all ratings reviews done by SM.

I've had Semak drop from 91, and I was sure he was safe. I always believed that SM don't care about the age, but right now, I'm not so sure. That one phissed me right off. Makeev stayed, a +1 would have been just. And Schennikov, the second name on the CSKA teamsheet if you go by appearances, got a lowly +1. That's where a +2 would have been more suitable. Ah well, I'll keep the young players as they will keep rising.

I've had a lot of minor rises in the Eastern European leagues and now with Brazil. This pushes my team past the 500 million value. So on that scale, I am fairly successful, but not on the league position front.

Again, I'm always buying players. Some are minor figures from various leagues that I have scouted. I tend to go for U21's so they are out of my main team, and thus, don't clog it up. I have been scouting countries, although some too late, for a few heads to appear on my shortlist. I always go through my shortlists every now and again and clear off a few here and there. But I cannot buy everyone I shortlist, and so I don't even bother when the bids come rolling in. Looking quickly through each country can take a bit of time. And time ain't no luxury.

I'll go through major transfers out. First of all, I have accepted the 11 million quid bid for Zokora from moneybags Tranmere. I've knocked back a few 10 million pound bids in the past as he was proving to be a decent utility player to have on the bench, but this good starting bid made me reconsider. I don't have to sell him to make money, as most who have seen my team would agree, and I feel he has a chance for 90. But, as a team in the doldrums, I will let some players go to bring in others. Some of those others I may have and are loaned out.

Another big outgoing transfer was Laurent Bonnart. Bought last January for 7.5 million, I sold him for 8 million. At the time of me buying him, I didn't need him, but I thought at that price listed on the TL, I'd have a go. He was a starter for Marseille. Now he has no club. I turned down good offers from Crewe, and a few others, thinking he would still be in place, but that was before they signed the young Spaniard.

Onto in transfers. There have been a lot. I like to sign players close to the changes, and sometimes it pays off with better than expected rises, and other times it's a +2 to 80. Come on SM, I would applaud you if you moved my 78 to 79, rather than 80. Or God forbid, you could move someone to 81 rather than 80. There are 16 (exaggeration, but way more) times more 80 players than either 79 or 81. This smacks of laziness. I get a certain satisfaction of getting good risers close to the changes. But usually you have to spot them well in advance. I would love SM to put out a schedule for the ratings in advance.

I've gone for players that I can stick in my youth team. My most wanted change would be a resreve team, over U21. There I could stick in all those Portuguese that I am letting go to the likes of Wycombe. Good on them though. I would love a reserve, and another place to put youths. With the 22+ year olds, they are more likely to be breaking in and starting than the youngsters, or younglings if this was LOTR.

Federico Fazio was another major signing, and one who was 2 years ago touted as a guy to buy in CB. I payed twice his value, but that mostly came down to getting good value from p/e's. Another old boy joins, Emilio Nsue. He has a bright future, and joined for chairman's value. I've missed out on a few players today, and both I payed max for, but I can do without them.

I have a lot of players, and some I have to sell at some point. Buying risers and selling, those over 21, will always bring in funds, but some of the U21's, I will keep and hope they hit paydirt later on if you know what I mean. I would like to buy more risers over 21, but I cannot because I don't want them in the way of the first teamers.

Anyways, cheers to all that read my mumblings. I tend to type out what comes straight to mind, and may go back and forth between stuff. Division 1 has been tougher than I expected, so if I do go down, with a fight, it will be a pleasure matching up with a few teams as Div. 2 will have a few deadly forumers in it to match up against. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

Coming close to the end of September, and the weather remains pretty hot. The summer officially ended 2 days ago, and this is what they call an "Indian Summer". I like being able to do BBQ's all the time. :D

34 games gone. I'm in 16th, 2 points above safety. Now it's getting interesting. I play bottom placed Newcastle, but the last time I played the bottom placed team, I lost. So, there will be no room for complacency. I hope to win, and possibly overtake Portsmouth in 15th.

Next season, I'll have to reduce the squad. I'm going to slow down on scouting as well, and I'll consider the one's I have shortlisted in the near future. The size of the team is 151, 21 out on loan. This will probably mean I start losing money at home as well as away.

A few Swedish players that I signed got smaller than expected rises. Although, Johan Larsson went up to SM's favourite rating change, 80. My 2 from Chile, Toloza and Parra, both hit that magic number. I notice SM change a lot of players to 75 or 80. These are the ratings where the wages jump a good bit from the previous rating. A way of keeping teams from signing a few too many players I feel. :D I did get Holgersson who went from 80 to 83. These players are usually signed for a p/e, but I also sold a few players for cash to externals. Zokora left for 11 million. Too good a price to turn down, although he may rise to 90. Bonnart left for 8 million, now he has joined Monaco, but I doubt he'll be a world beater there.

I do have outgoing bids ready, but I may hold onto some for p/e's. Most that I'd keep are usually U21's, or a few players on 3k, like Ali Kamel. It's tough to sell sometimes, as nearly all will rise a few points further, so I've got to sell those who will rise, but are limited to playing at a certain level, and those, who would net me a good amount of cash, and have bigger wages, but are playing fairly well in a good league. But, it's difficult not to pick up a few good players available, but I do stop at others who will also rise well. Sometimes I don't know why, it usually pays off, but sometimes, like in Sweden, it doesn't. Comes down to the gut I guess.

I've brought in 6 players, 3 U21, from Mexico. I'm hoping for kinder rises than some of those that I've noticed recently. I cannot fathom some rises, good or bad ones, sometimes. I tend to go for players who have played nearly every game if they are of a good rating, but where that goes wrong is when SM give big rises to those with less than 50% of games for the top teams in that league. Like I said, I just make a gut bid, so to speak. More often than not, it works out well.

Major players in. All brought in for good p/e's. Well before that, a few last minute buys in Brazil mostly worked out. And Emilio Nsue comes in, I'm hoping he will be worth it in the long term. He is one of many I've signed before. Juanmi joined for maximum cash value, just before his recent brace. :) Plenty of second division players, I went for U21's rather than older players who may get better rises. Macauley Chrisantus joins from Blackpool for 3 million. I saw him listed and went for it as he's doing okay out on loan. Even if I don't keep him long term, a rise of 2/3 should see me do okay selling him on. I do like buying players from fellow managers, and most are no mugs, they know their stuff. I've sold players in the past, when I knew they could have a bright future ahead of them. Coutinho to Southend comes to mind, I knew he was going to Italy when I sold him, but I never seen him getting any starts for a few years.

Major players in, part 2. :D Wout Brama for my 87 keeper Codina, who should hit 88 at Getafe. And Haurdic, an 80 to 83 riser who got good p/e value. The total was about 10 million, 4 more than needed as many teams bid on him, but a good bit less than I could have bid on him. He'll be on to keep an eye on, but he won't be hitting 89 in the next changes. Also in is Fabio Liverani. Nobody had him shortlisted, and as I'm going to sell Semak in the new season, I was happy to bring him in to replace. Hobbs and Pavel Sultes for him. The Czech Republic was really good for me, and I still have risers to sell/swap out.

Daniel Braaten joins from Toulouse. He's in decent form, and if Toulouse continue their good form, a +2 is not out of the question. I still have players in mind to bring in, but I'll probably sell off most before I do that. I'll check out their p/e value, as I've done, and cash in on those whose two differences are close enough, ie, cash in for 3.2, or p/e for 3.6. Something like that. I only wish Higuain, who earlier on was up for 70 million cash, was still available. Deal of the century, cash wise.

Welcome back Dave Izod. I'm really happy to see you back, and I hope you keep reading. Along with the usual crowd. Sometimes I feel as if I need a break from the game myself, and if I did go, I'd still hopefully hold onto Huddersfield Town in EC106, the best setup going, now back stronger than ever to that auld git, Longnose. ;)

Earlier I said I would reduce the squad size. I'll probably take cash for some, but 2 for 1 deals, ie, I give you 2 for 1. I want to make my team stronger for next season, I've had way to many big name droppers. I see Boateng is available for 22 million. I can only offer 19 million. Usually this chairman limiting this is okay, but now and again, he does get in the way.

Players I would consider going for a p/e, or maybe cash, which I usually don't need, until players go available for cash. (How about cash only setups SM.) Jose Mane. One of the best full backs in Spain. Signed before the player exchange changes for Emilio Nsue.

Vladimir Bystrov. Safe at 89, with 90 his next change.

Nicholas N'Koulou.

Marvin Compper. Due a rise to 88.

Herold Goulon. Free agent, has to go to a good club soon.

Bonfim Dentinho.

Matias DeFederico.

Anthony Le Tallec, ex Liverpool, I hope Auxerre can improve.

Eduardo Salvio, who would be included in a good p/e.

Sergei Parshivlyuk.

Gonzalez Raul.

Rodrigo Taddei.

Marcos Senna. Good to stay at 91, a p/e of a kind. Good performer.

Evaeverson Brandao.

Dmytro Chygrynskiy.

Jose Nunes.

Nicholas Otamendi, for the right p/e.

Kostas Mitroglou. Will rise in Greece.

Delvin Ndinga.

More players may go, especially those of a lesser rating. Also, I'm not saying I will sell any of the above, and most won't go for cash, but a good p/e, I give 1 and cash, or 2 or whatever, or you give me a good p/e deal or whatever. I'll post this last bit on the thread.

With so many players, it's hard to track all the minor players on here, but I will consider those in the lower eighties for a p/e. I do prefer to hold onto a player for a good while, as I hate regretting selling a player only to find out he signed for a certain team. I do need to bring in a few 90+ players, I don't mind older players, but anyone on a downfall and in a prospective exchange for Otamendi and Salvio will be told where to shove it. :D

Anyways, staying up would be deadly, like it is in real life. My attendance is the third lowest for division 1. It's 18,222 out of 24,500. So, a bit better than if I went down. But even if I do go down, I'd have a great tussle with a few people in trying to make the playoff's, nevermind automatic promotion. :D

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

It's down to the wire at Huddersfield Town. Losing today, and Fulham winning leaves it all to the last game. Man City are the other team that can decide which of this trio will go down.

I'll see, depending on where I end up next season, but quite a few players will go up for sale. Most in a p/e to get a better player. We'll see what happens. Most players I sell for cash are going for cheap enough, and if I was a new manager, I'd be taking advantage of myself if that's possible. :D

Liverani went out for Kouyate. That's my last loan out since my last update since a few days ago. Hopefully I can find Semak a good home and have Liverani as someone to back my starting CM's, Arteta and Marchisio. He will cost a few bob cheaper on wages.

Next season should see me cutting down on a few elderly players, and bringing in a few new faces from my team. Players like Elias, Plasil, Bystrov, and others will see their chance at the Galpharm Stadium. It's also hard to keep track on who you have said you will loan out, but we'll see.

New signings are Matthew Ryan, a promising keeper from Australia and Pedro Moreira, a promising player in the Porto ranks, out on loan at Portimonense. I'm trying to keep quiet on the signing players front as my wages can only hold so much. :D

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

First of all, I drew my last match against fellow candidates, Man City. This put Fulham down, and I kept my 16th place which I was in for most of the time. My record read at...

At home.

7, 3, 9, 28, 34.


3, 7, 9, 22, 30.

Total with points at the end.

38, 10, 10, 18, 50, 64, -14, 40.

My G/D was not as bad as the worst, -26 at Fulham, but Man City had only a -4. That goes to show that drawing games will be kind to your g/d, but you miss out on those important few points to put you in a safer position.

Well, it's time for awards, and I'll start with the loaned out players, and they have to have started about half the league games, sub appearances are not counted as much as those starts.

GK, nobody out on loan.


Evgeni Makeev got 21 starts, 2 goals and 2 assists for Colchester. 6.33.

Jose Mane, 31, 1, 0 at Bournemouth. 5.81.


Georginio Wijnaldum, 24(3), 5, 6, at Brighton. 6.55.

Jaroslav Plasil, 38, 6, 19, at Shorpe. 6.24.


Anthony Le Tallec, 18, 5, 6, at Grimsby Town. 6.56.

That's 5 out of 25 or so players that were out on loan for most or all of the season. Plasil is the one I'd give the top award to as even though his average rating is lower than the others, he was playing in Division 2 with one of the best teams. And I will be using him myself next season.

Onto the first team.

GK, Igor Akinfeev got a decent 6.76 in 38 starts. And 3 MoM's.


Dmytro Chygrynskiy only started 20 games, 1 goal, but got 6.1, which is very low, even by defenders status.

Salvatore Bocchetti, 30(1), 1, 1, got 5.86.


Claudio Marchisio, 32(11), 5, 0, got 6.57.

Sergei Semak, 27(2), 1, 4, got 6.42.

Marcos Senna, 29(1), 7, 5, got 6.18.


Gonzalez Raul, 32(4), 8, 9, got a lowly 6.03. But he also got 3 MoM's.

Thats how poor the team has performed. I guess Senna would get the overall award, despite his poor rating, he does score a few goals and assists.

Now, onto sales. Taddei joins Brentford for 4.3 million and Wilson Palacios. I was happy enough with that deal rather than selling Taddei for straight cash. As I am selling Semak soon, and Liverani when his ban is up, Palacios will fit in well when I am playing 3 CM's. Also out goes Sebastian Coates to Rochdale. He is a great prospect, but I felt I needed to sell rather than wait, and 7 million was a good price. I may live to regret it, but not for a while.

Jack Colback joins Hull for 3.5 million. And I sold loads of players before that just to cut down on my squad. This was a few weeks before these ridiculous p/e values came in. I'm not sure why SM felt the need to make it even easier for teams to bring in lots of players, and forego selling for cash. Especially if they are bringing in a squad cap. One 80 rated player and a small bit of cash can bring you in a player of 85 or above. It makes it even easier to bring in loads of good players, and "hog" who you want.

As well as a few minor young risers, minor as in low rated, I also brought in a few higher rated talents. Ilkay Gundogan , Dusan Tadic and Fedor Smolov come in to use up players. I spent my two Colombian Arias' risers to bring in Papiss Cisse who is scoring in Germany, and who I hope to rise bu 2, and finish the German season as an 89/90 rated CF. I missed out on a few players, but that's usually because I don't put in a big bid. There are plenty more players out there to bring in, and then maybe loan out.

140 players in the squad. I don't mind any kind of squad cap, even as low as 50. It just means I'll pay more for certain players, and keep a closer eye on their real life form. It's like when SM changed how the P/E worked. I used to be able to make good p/e's according to what kind of player the external team wanted. And I would use it to my advantage, I'd swap my 80 keeper valued at a million, and get 5 million from the external team who have a great player, and no good keeper. But when they changed it, it made it quicker for me to do deals, even though I miss out on these kinds of bargains. But now, the p/e's work like the old days, except for every player fetches a high p/e valuation. :confused:

The new season draws closer, and I need defenders of 91+ before anything else. Loic Remy will have a good season for me next season, as I'm likely to sell Brandao and Raul in the near future. But, I find 87's and 88's can do a good job up front, but they don't in the defense. Midfield and keeper positions are safe, although if a good 91+ CM or winger came up for cash, I'd jump on it. The youths are looking good, but I will sell off a few in the coming weeks if I can get good offers, or if I can use them in p/e's. But I find the longer I keep some risers in the youths, and I keep an eye on them, they keep playing, and will rise in the future. So, I tend to keep them, and on good wages as well. Pryima is a good example. He was bought at 74 wages, and as long as he keeps playing at a high level, it's better for me to keep him, than sell him to buy 2 players on much larger wages, who may or may not rise as much as I would hope.

Like last season, my best hope of glory is in the cups. And as such, keeping a good second team will be important. Some players will go out on loan, others will be kept. For example, Bystrov, Plasil, Palacios and Liverani will get a few games either in the cup, or in the league. I got to the semi's of the English Cup for the second time this season, and I hope to go one better, or two, this upcoming new season. My aim is to reach the top 12 in the league, and to go to the semi's in either the cup or the shield this season. But that's a tough task, especially a top 12 league position without 2 or 3 better players. But, maybe a change of tactics with this crop may do the trick. We'll see. ;)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

It's gotten warm again, just after I took out the a/c's. :mad: This makes sleeping way to uncomfortable. Anyways, I am waiting for tonight's result, and the EC106 thread is very quiet, so I thought I would give an update while waiting. Last week, I drew 2-2 with Burnley. That was okay, but I am hoping to draw less games and either win or lose those games, and finish at or around tenth. I'm tenth now though, but let's see in an hour.

2 major signings. First, Simunic joins for 5.9 million, Maciej Sadlok and Jakub Petr, 2 good young players who, at least Sadlok, won't rise much anytime soon. That was a big offer, but not as big as my 18.5 cash offer that I made, which I duly cancelled once it was accepted. I have the cash to spend, but, I have seen enough times in this setup, good players moving at times when I was low on the cash to make a bid. Way too many times. So, I need to keep a hold of money in the bank for any future possibility of someone selling a good player for cash. Like Higuain last season, who was up for 70 million. I was nowhere near that, and the manager ended up selling another forward and keeping Higuain.

In comes Anton Ferdinand, Just as I am low on British players, and he is also useful for me in the future if I need him, although not right now, and I've sent him out on loan. More youth join, including Nils Petersenfor 2.2 million. A lot, but a good future and rise are awaiting him. Players I sold for cash include one of my earliest signings, Marvin Compper for 8 million to Plymouth. He is underrated in that team, and he has to hit 88 in the next changes, depending on how his team are placed. Good defender who I could have sent out on loan, but I was happy to get the good cash bid. Also out go Matias DeFederico, for 6 million to Crewe. A good player, I felt I wasn't seeing as much as I would have liked, ie, playing more, than I would have liked. I was happy with a good cash offer from the Crewe gaffer, who has a penchant for young wingers rated 85. Like a fetish. ;)

I will have 2 players coming in, Egemen Korkmaz for a million and 2 risers. He is a good defender in Turkey, and I think he may hit 88 in the Turkish changes. Not a long term signing, but one for the cups. Also coming in is the top scorer in Scotland, Kenny Miller. He should hit 88, if Scotland had better pedigree in Europe, he would be a shoo in for 89. Again, he's not coming in for the long term, but he may do a job when needed. I will, however, put both up for loan, and will be recalled with notice to the loanee manager if and when I need them.

It's exciting times though at the club. I've been having a few good risers in Italy and France so far, and more to come in Spain and Germany. There are enough good young players that will be at the 88/89 point in a year or two. Out on loan go a lot of players who will surely be Huddersfield Town starters in a few season's time. And the first team contains a large amount of players who will continue on being first teamer's for the next few seasons as well. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

Wet and cool here in Boston, just like home. I await the first snowstorm with great anticipation. First of all, I lost in the first round of the cup to Fulham, 4-3. Not so bad, except I had left my team in from the league, and that means none of them can play in the next league game on Wednesday.

Onto the league. I have gone and got my fifth draw, 5 games in. This is slightly worrying as I am akin to Jack Charlton's side of the early nineties. As things stand after 5 games, 5 points and 6 for and 6 against. I am in 14th position, and that's likely around where I will be for the rest of the season. Which is why I am mad at myself for forgetting the cup game. The 2 cups are my best chance for glory this season, I hope to not frack up for the next one.

Big signing in is Cardosa Tiago, as even more cover in the centre of midfield for the cups/league games, and those injuries which will come. His cost was small, 1 million, and my 89 rated CB, Jose Nunes who was out for 6 weeks. Nunes picked up injuries for me before, and him out for 6 weeks meant he had to go. Nobody would have bought him, and his selling price was 7 million, compared with 10 million in a p/e. These p/e rates will now totally kill off selling to externals, as in the past he fetched me a lot less in a p/e, so I would have sold him for cash.

I also signed Ricky Van Wolfswinkle for a massive fee of 10.3 million. I am certain he will move somewhere in the future, and prove to be worth the fee. I am very glad to be able to spend that kind of money for a youngster, one who is a proven performer rather than splashing out big for a few new kids added to the database, who are 2+ years from being at a rating that would recoup those costs. I am hoping he has the talent to become a 90 player as I've sold 2 Dutch players that are scoring now, Jonathan Reis, I thought he got kicked out of the club for dope, and Mounir El Hamdaoui, signed at 84 for 4.7, sold at 88 for 10 million. I think I sold him as his form wasn't as good as in the previous season, nor his teams form.

With the countries announced for rating changes, I have found a few in Holland who are worth a punt. I will see, they may be worth holding onto if they don't go past what I want them to. Speaking of the Dutch changes, I have a lot of players to rise there, 10 or 12 who could rise a bit. Holland is arguably the best country, in Europe, for the greatest amount of big rating changes, and always has new kids starting in each new season. That's why I stuck in there early on, even after some of the best ones were gone.

I await the next few countries to be reviewed, and then I'll have a gander again in those leagues. Looking through the leagues at the last minute is one of my favourite things to do, as even though it's hard to find anyone, if you do turn up a player, it's like finding a gem. I would buy a few more players, but I am afraid that the rises for some at 80+ won't be rewarded. It's like a big team like Feyenoord won't have too many players drop, and a few who will rise. And then a small 12 or 15 points above will see there 80/82/84 players move up 1 or not at all, so it's hard to figure out if SM will move that 82 to 85 as it seems by looking at the stats, he deserves it.

Another big game tomorrow, at home to high flying Charlton Athletic who are in 5th. If I can get a win, that would possibly push me up to the European places. But if I was a betting man, I would count on a draw. Santi Cazorla and Marcos Senna are my two in form players, starting all games, and being 7.2. Both won't play, so a lot of changes will be made as all/most of my first team were left in for the cup game on Monday. I don't like to predict scores, and I think it would be a wonderful side thing in EC106, but I'll go with Huddersfield Town 2-2 Charlton Athletic. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

2 months since the last update, college was really hectic. It's harder to find the time to put in any kind of decent update. But I'm still around in the best (arguably) setup in town. :) I remember when I started this thing going, and there was a distinct lack of setup threads going, more than 1 page anyway. That's a very different story today. Last time I was on, Preston were a poor team, now they are near the top, and still in 2 cups. :eek:

My results are going okay, a win here, a loss there, and a draw in between. 23 games gone. 8-8-7. I'm in 12th, within 2 points of 7th. I am 8 points above relegation, so have to be happy enough as I was going for mid-table at the end of last season. But I'm out of both cups, and I was hoping to be in with a shout for 1 of them. Maybe next season. :o 29 for and 32 against isn't very good, but I have plenty of games to improve upon that. On;y 2 teams have scored less. Perhaps I should play with a defensive formation.

Onto the latest signings. There were many minor signings, some to get rid of players in their overly inflated p/e price than any real need to sign them. I am still addicted to looking up and buying players, and the closer to the changes, the better. :) Christian Brocchi came in as an 87 player, and rose up to 88. Plenty of +2's in Spain and Germany, ie, 83 to 85 or such the like. Mu Kanazki went from 85 to 86. One to watch for. Loads of Koreans, Japanese, and a few playing in America were brought in. Le Toux went from 78 to 82. :) Shoki Hirai from 80 to 84. A few +5's in Japan. Just to keep the good ship Huddersfield Town going. Plenty of good risers were had. At the last minute, Jungo Fujimoto went from 83 to 85. :) One destined for Europe as well. :)

The big signings were Joao Pereira and Juan Zuniga. I was suprised at no competition for a player going as cheap as he did, and at 87, and staking a first team place at Napoli, he was a deadly signing. Pereira is on loan, but I may consider selling him, but he is playing every game at Sporting Lisbon. Abdoulaye came in as CB cover and is also up for loan, but will be sold. Taison and Zanka Jorgensen come in as big prospects for big fee's. But the biggest transfer was Andoni Iraola for 10 million, Wilson Palacios and Garra Dembele. The Swansea manager was easy to deal with, he didn't say make me an offer and I'll see, he mentioned 3 players, 2 of whom I wanted to keep for long term, Vertonghen and Remy, and Garra Dembele. The latter is due a big rise in Bulgaria, and possibly the golden boot in Europe. Iraola joins recalled Coentrao to give Huddersfield Town a back 4 all on 90. :D

The players who mostly start and are doing well are Arteta (7.13), Dmytro Chygrnskiy (7.17) (which is great for a defender), Negredo (7.36) and Marchisio (7,33). Simunic, Nani, Cazorla and Senna are all above 7. Akinfeev is however on 6.61. A big weak link, but he is far to valuable to sell long term wise. I would consider swapping him for another keeper maybe.

Top scorers are Remy and Negredo on a paltry 7, and Marchisio on 6 with Cazorla on 4. Nani leads the way on assists with 6. Marchisio and Negredo have 3 MOTM's each.

Things are going well. I have a lot of money to spend, a good deep youth squad, and plenty of players to make money from. I wish Higuain was for sale at 70 million as he was. But less players are going up for sale as there was before, and I'm in the best position to pay top dollar for them. I don't mind paying a lot of extra dosh for a player, as they come around very rarely. By come around, I mean a worthwhile player who has a defined asking price. And I hope to add to the blog more often, every week or two, in the future. Cheers to all still reading. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

Time to have a look around at my squad and see who is worth keeping for now, who for the long term, and who to sell, soon or at the end of the season. :)


24, Igor Akinfeev, 91, CSKA. Sure to move in the summer to a big team, I've heard Arsenal were favourites. He will be my first choice for many years, and was happy to have sorted out that difficult position for the long term.

21, Matthieu Dreyer, 83, Sochaux. I held onto him for his rise to 83, but he seems to have lost his position at Sochaux. But I will hold onto him for now as he is still on 3.5k, and has a decent p/e value. But he is likely to be sold before the next French changes. But he could move away I've heard, so I'll see.

21, Murara Neto, 83, Fiorentina. Was the best, or among the best, young keepers out of Brazil. And Brazil churn them out. One to hold onto for a while, but I would use him in a p/e possibly.

20, Diego Marino, 80, Villarreal. Out on loan at their second team. He is someone I will wait a bit and see, but he should rise further.

21, Grzegorz Sandomierski, 80, Jagiellona. Big rise coming up for this Polish talent. His team are top and he has started now for Poland. One to hold onto possibly after a rise to 84.

19, Pierrick Cros, 77, Sochaux. The no.1 at Sochaux right now, and will se a rise up to 82/83 next time if he keeps his position. May hold onto him after.

18, Matthew Ryan, 72, Central Coast Mariners. He is a young keeper and starting all his games, and I expect him to get a big rise. After that I will probably sell him, unless I hear he has talent to play abroad. But even if he moves abroad, his young age will probably see him as a bench player.

That's the keepers sorted. If I had any keeper I had before Akinfeev, I would probably be searching for others to become the Huddersfield Town no. 1 in a year or two down the road. Out of the above, apart from Akinfeev, I don't see anyone being close to 90 in two years, but it's always good to have a hold of good prospects for use in deals down the road. Keepers are the easiest player to scout, most of the time they are starters on merit, and always get good rises. Picking ones up who will become potential national team starters is a good start to getting into the late 80's and 90 region.

Right Backs.

28, Andoni Iraola, 90, Athletic Club. Very happy to have picked him up for 10 million, Wilson Palacios and Garra Dembele. (I'd loved to have kept Dembele for a big rise, but not to give up a chance to sign a decent aged 90). Not starting anymore for Spain is not a bad thing, but he is a very reliable player and very consistent in his performances. I'd love to see him move elsewhere and get a crack at 91, as his team is not a top 6 one.

26, Joao Pereira, 88, Sporting Lisbon. I picked him up before Iraola thinking he had a chance at 89. That may come next time. An international, he should be one to hold onto for the near future.

26, Mensur Mujdza, 84, SC Freiburg. Picked up just before the changes at 82, he is still a starter for a team in the top 6, and still vastly underrated on that count. I will keep him till the next ones, and sell after.

20, Sebastian Jung, 85, Eintracht Frankfurt. One of my favourite signings. I picked him up after all the best German players were picked up, after doing a quick search on the off chance of picking up a gem. He went from 76 to 82, and so he proved to be one to keep. He looks about 12 in his pic!

21, Daniel Wass, 82, Brondby. He is moving to Benfica in the summer, and I'm betting it won't be to sit on the bench.

25, Juan Zuniga, 87, Napoli. Now, I was suprised to have picked up an 87 at an external that is still quite young. I also heard on a show with Tim Vickery, that he is immensely talented, just not doing it. He's not getting many starts, but playing for one of the best teams in Italy, he will be held onto for the time being, and I will be hoping he finds himself and starts playing.

21, Evgeni Makeev, 86, Spartak Moscow. Happy to have signed him as an 82, and I am hoping for him to become a force in Russia, and a squad player at least for Russia. I expect him to pick up a rise to 87, and will await and see how he progresses when the new Russian season begins. I may put him up for a p/e at the end of my season either. P/E meaning I use him as part of a deal for another player if possible.

That's my RB's done. All positions are those players with a given position as their primary game position, which may not be how it is in real life. Iraola will be my main man for a year or two, and Joao Pereira should be pushing him as well. I'm not sure who out of the rest will be likely to hit 89 in the future, but I'm hoping it will be Jung.

Left Backs.

22, Fabio Coentrao, 90, Benfica. Picked him up as an unassuming Benfica player getting a few games here and there in August 09. He went from 83 to 85, and I probably was looking to offload him until I heard he had broken into the national team. And after the WC, I was glad to have held onto him. I've gotten a lot of interest for him, including an insulting bid from a team who have managed to pick up some great players from new managers who are clueless, one of which left after selling 2 of their best players for bad players. He won't be going anywhere, unless I got a really good bid, and had someone of real quality to take over at LB.

21, Didac Vila, 83, Espanyol. Got him as a 74, and will keep him as he is still on those cheap wages. He's not a starter, but his team are doing well, and he may rise to 85 next time. I may sell him after.

20, Chul Hong, 82, Seongnam Llhwa Chunma. One of many Koreans I've signed, he rose from 75 to 82, and I am sure he will rise in the future. I think he could become an international soon.

19, Georgi Shennikov, 87, CSKA. A great signing at 75. I expect a rise to 88/89. He is one to hold onto. A future international to boot.

Coentrao and Schennikov will be my LB's for the long term. These wing back positions are more difficult to sign than CB's who are far more numerous. I'll be looking out for more.


23, Jan Vertonghen, 89, Ajax. I'm hearing plenty of rumours for him to move, and will be kept as an excellent utility player.

25, Anton Ferdinand, 87, Sunderland. I will probably sell him off at the end of the season, but that could change if he can become a certain starter for a team playing really well in England.

21, Fernando Navarro, 84, Atlante. I picked him up as a punt to fit into my youth team, and expect him to rise by 1 or 2 in the Mexican changes. I will probably sell him, depending on if I hear him playing for Mexico in the mean time.

Def's are always handy to have. A lot of risers I buy from Mexico and Korea tend to be defenders. In the future Vertonghen should get a primary position, possibly defensive midfielder.

Centre Backs.

24, Dmytro Chygrynskiy, 90, Shakhtar. I was delighted to have heard when he had signed for Barcelona, but Pique's rise put paid to him going far there. I'm certain he will move abroad later on.

32, Josip Simunic, 90, Hoffenheim. Hasn't played much lately, and I will have him TL'ed before the German changes in case he does drop. I will wait until then as he starts for me.

24, Salvatore Bocchetti, 89. Hasn't done much in Russia, but is still a talent according to Italian experts. One of my best ever risers going from 84 to 88. I do hope he moves back to a good club in Italy.

32, Abdoulaye Faye, 88, Stoke. Signed for the cups and cover, but as I'm out of the cups, and will use my Greek as CB cover he will be sold.

20, Mathias Zanka Jorgensen, 85, FC Kobenhavn. A massive talent destined for a move somewhere else. His team are walking the league, and he may rise to 86.

19, Jon Aurtenetxe, 83, Athletic Club. He will be held onto as he will surely rise again and again.

21, Jeong-Ho Hong, 82, Jeju. Got a good rise as he has broken into the international side. One to hold onto for the next changes perhaps.

19, Vasyl Pryima, 82, Metalurh Donetsk. Very young and playing a lot of games. I would expect him to move in the near future, and a rise to 84.

22, Nicholas Otamendi, 88, Porto. Seems to be playing more now, and I hope for him to be a possible starter for me next season.

28, Egemen Korkmaz, 87, Trabzonspor. Signed him expecting a rise to 88, that should come next time. I will probably sell him on at the end of the season, if I get a half decent offer.

23, Federico Fazio, 87, Sevilla. I signed him after I saw that he started the first game, but hasn't played since. I'll likely sell him.

21, Ondrej Mazuch, 86, Anderlecht. A rise to 87 will come, and I will possibly sell him after if I can get a decent deal. But it's also possible I would keep him as starting for a team in the CL is a good showplace for a young players talents.

20, Messias Manoel, 85, Atletico Paranaense. I'm expecting him to rise to 87, and I would be hopeful of a move to Europe as well. One to keep for now.

19, Leonel Galeano, 85, Independiente. Signed at 84 for 12.2 million at a time when I had a surplus of cash, I was expecting a rise to 86/87 instead. I can only hope he moves to Europe as his team were poor. That's how it is in Argentina, you can be top or bottom in a 6 month period. After paying that kind of fee, I'll be keeping him for a while to see if he can improve.

I have plenty of decent CB's coming through, the likes of Otamendi and Bocchetti should be there to take over from Simunic if he drops, and I'll see at the end of the season if I keep Korkmaz as backup. All of them will rise again, and I should have a clearer idea who to keep when my season ends.

Defensive Midfielders.

34, Marcos Senna, 81, Villarreal. He will maintain his 91, and his role in the Huddersfield Town engine room in the future.

31, Konstantinos Katsouranis, 89, Panathinaikos. His 89 is safe, and he is still an international. I have him listed for a decent price as I don't use him now being out of the cups, but he will be there to slot into DM or CB should I pick up a few injuries. 8 million is a fair price, most other teams would list him for p/e. He'd be a player I'd buy if I had just started in EC106.

19, Ariel Borysiuk, 83, Legia Warszawa. He looks to be playing towards an 85, and he seems to be a good prospect in Poland. I could sell him if I needed cash though, but not before others.

20, Slobodan Medojevic, 82, FK Vojvodina. Signed at 75, I expect him to rise by another few points before I decide to shift him on.

20, Nicholas N'Koulou, 87, Monaco. His team aren't doing well, and I feel he could drop if they get worse. He is one I may look to sell on soon as I do have better prospects, and he will fetch me a good price.

After Senna looks to be dropping fast, well he did before, but drop below 90, I don't know who will replace him, but I can betcha I will have someone in the future. I may be using CM's instead. Katsouranis may still be an 89 when Senna drops to 89, but I doubt it. Both will be moved on by then.

Attacking Midfielders.

29, Jaroslav Plasil, 89, Bordeaux. His rating is good, but his team are not what they once were, stifling any chance for a rise to 90. If I got a good price for him, I would sell, but that's almost certainly not going to happen. He will prove useful next season in the cups, but a fair price, or part of a p/e would be preferred. If I sold him today, about 10 clubs would be battling for his signature once he's off TB.

22, Lars Stindl, 85, Hannover 96. Players like him are available even right before any changes, and if nobody can be bothered to look, than I'll pick them up. His team are fourth, and I expect a rise to 87 after. One to sell at the end of the season or after his rise.

21, Vladimir Koman, 86, Sampdoria. I'd sell him for a decent offer, but I will likely end up holding onto him and see if he develops further, or a rise to 87.

18, Georgi Milanov, 78, Litex. I expect a rise to 82/83 for him. I've had him a while now, but would happily move him on in a good deal. But, at 18, he could grow much further before he is 22.

21, Yevhen Konoplyanka, 86, Dnipro. Another candidate for my best ever riser. A rise to 87, and a move to a better team are likely.

20, Llkay Gundogan, 86, Nurnberg. I don't see him rising much further at his team, but I am confident he will be playing football somewhere else after the summer. A good talent to keep hold of.

I don't use AM's really, not in the correct sense, so I'm not too bothered by not having any world beaters there. But those young players could go on further, but I don't know who is the best right now for the long term.

Right Midfielders.

23, Ahmed Elmohamady, 86, Sunderland. Picked him up expecting a rise to 87, as he is a starter at a good Sunderland team. I will hold onto him for the rest of the English season for further rises. I may TL him for a good price that takes in mind he will rise to 87 and 88 after. But will anyone bid?

26, Vladimir Bystrov, 89, Zenit. A small chance of a rise to 90, nonetheless one to keep as ample backup for any major injuries. But, again, I could use him in a p/e for a player I may need more in the future.

24, Vanderlei Jean, 87, Sao Paulo. I've had this guy a long time, and am hopeful that he can progress further, and move abroad. I am hopeful he can rise to 88, and I would be willing to let him go for a good fee, or p/e deal.

I will possibly hold onto Bystrov for the cups next season if I didn't get any kind of p/e deal for him in the new season. I'd love to keep hold of Jean, but I really should be selling players.

Left Midfielders.

18, Santos Zezinho, 80, Santos. One for the future, and I'll see what happens for him in the future, but I may move him on next season if he is not doing much. Out on loan at Bahia, I'll ask Insider about his future.

Central Midfielders.

24, Claudio Marchisio, 90, Juventus. Hopefully his team can improve and he will be a good bet to reach 91. A great signing for 11 million in June 09 when he was 89. May be a future captain for me.

28, Mikel Arteta, 90, Everton. Great player, who won't rise as long as Everton are performing as poorly as they are. He will be a future star for a few years to come at Huddersfield Town, unless I got an outstanding p/e deal.

29, Cardoso Tiago, 89, Juventus. On loan at Athletico Madrid, he's doing alright enough there to keep his rating. May look to move him on at the end of the season for a decent deal.

21, Ja-Cheol Koo, 86, Jeju. Another Korean star, and a future international who will end up abroad. I will keep him for now, and wait and see.

22, Manuel Schmiedebach, 85, Hannover 96. Like Stindl, a rise to 87 as long as Hannover don't plummet in form. I'll see what the skinny is on him after.

20, Bit-Garam Yoon, 83, Gyeongnam. I found the Korean ratings really good, higher than I thought. And I left 1 or 2 good ones on the shortlist that I should have bought. I will keep an eye on him and see if he gets called up.

21, David Meyler, 80, Sunderland. An injury for him kept him from building on his breakthrough season, but he seems to be back now. He really should be at a higher rating, but if he can maintain a starting spot at Sunderland, then he will rise further and further.

18, Moritz Leitner, 78, Borussia Dortmund. Out on loan at FC Augsburg, he is an exciting German talent for the future.

24, Wout Brama, 89, FC Twente. I was suprised at the rise, but I'm not sure if I will be holding onto him or get a good p/e deal from him. I'll likely use him if I move on Tiago.

34, Christian Brocchi, 88, Lazio. Picked him up when everyone else ignored him because of his age. Stupid, as he was cheap, and I could see him rising when I bought him. And I can see him rising to 89. After that, sold for a fair price. Or used in the cups if nobody is bothered.

25, Mendes Elias, 88, Atletico Madrid. Great to see him get that move to Europe after holding onto him since he was 72. I expect him to rise up towards 90 very soon, and will hold onto him for the future. I may use him in the cups next season as he will still be on 8k.

21, Andrea Poli, 88, Sampdoria. Out because of injury for a long while, I hope he gets back soon. Someone I'll keep an eye on for the time being, he is still young, but when selling, you get better prices when they are young.

22, Delvin Ndinga, 87, Auxerre. When he was 86, I was hoping for a rise to 88, and now with Auxerre's poor form, 88 looks unlikely. Will look to sell him at the end of the season.

21, Cheikhou Kouyate, 86, Anderlecht. Hasn't been playing lately, I'll hold onto him and keep an eye on him, but if I could get a useful p/e from him, than that would be welcome.

This is easily my best position, so many strong players that can come up, and a few I left out that I could end up keeping. Arteta and Marchisio will be starters for the future, with the likes of Tiago/Brama/Elias/Brocchi bing ample backups, and a host of youth players in reserve. I will also have to sell off a few at the end of the current season.


24, Nani, 91, Manchester United. A fantastic signing from Arsenal when he was 89, I'm certain the current Arsenal manager, Andyowls, would not have let him go for 4 million, Mickael Ciani and Benoit Pedretti. Those were useful players for me, but an example of what I want to do moving the club forward, swap out 2 good players for another. I will hold onto Nani as he is in good form and can rise far at his team.

26, Santi Cazorla, 91, Villarreal. He dropped from 92 after dropping out of the Spanish team, but that's no disgrace. He's playing really well for a team lying in third spot in Spain.

26, Jungo Fujimoto, 85, Shimizu S-Pulse. I had him on my shortlist, then I heard talk of Europe for him, and quickly snapped him up when he was 83. As a winger, he had scored nearly a goal every other game.

21, Mu Kanazaki, 86, Nagoya Grampus. I wasn't sure if he would rise, but as I was able to put him into the youth team, and he was playing for the Japanese champions, I decided he was worth a punt. I will wait and see wether I should keep or sell him.

21, Young-Cheol Cho, 84, Albirex Niigata. A nice rise from 80, and scouting Japan and Korea sure paid off. Heck, a lot of them I picked up quite late before the changes. People tend to look at 70ish rated players, and ignore those at or above 80. Same with the mention of risers on the forums, most concentrate on the big risers from the 70's. I don't mind one bit. I will await his progress, but players that get good rises like that tend to be worth keeping for the future.

21, Marco Fabian, 84, Chivas de Guadalajara. He is going to rise more, and should be getting capped for Mexico soon.

19, Christian Clemens, 80, 1. FC Koln. His team are doing poorly, but I expect a rise to 83 or so in the next German changes. I may then sell.

20, Eduardo Salvio, 87, Atletico Madrid. Have been tempted to sell in the past, and am waiting for him to make a breakthrough. Getting a few games on loan at Benfica, but won't be rising anytime soon.

21, Marco Reus, 87, Borussia Monchengladbach. I am so glad to have kept him even after he didn't rise when I bought him as an 80 in September 09. He is surely going to move from the bottom placed German team. I think Marko Marin came from that team, and I've heard he is at least his equal.

20, Georginio Wijnaldum, 87, Feyenoord. Same as above, excelling in a poor team, and won't rise there. But I'm sure he will be playing elsewhere in the future. Like Reus and possibly Salvio, a long term player.

24, Ashkan Dejagah, 87, Vfl Wolfsburg. I saw him available, and went for him. I was suprised that nobody was bothered about him. Simply trade away 2 risers of 80 and get an 87. I'll sell him at the end of the season.

22, Dusan Tadic, 86, FC Groningen. He is playing well at his team who are in third, and a rise to 87/88 would be fair depending on where Groningen are when the changes are made. And I'll likely hold onto him after that.

28, Daniel Braaten, 86, Toulouse. I signed him early during the French season after I had seen he scored a few goals and Toulouse were in the to reaches of the table. He has kept his place, but hasn't scored since, and I'd be doubtful if he rises this time. One to sell methinks.

Wing is one of my best positions in the game. Nani and Cazorla have sown up the starting positions, but Bystrov and Plasil play there, and maybe Remy and Jelen when needed. And I have a lot of top prospects in Reus, Salvio, Wijnaldum and Tadic to grow into 89/90 rated players soon. And, unlike DM or AM, I always use wingers, and if I don't, my formation will allow them to be used. And, they are among the easiest positions, with forwards, to find new players if needed.

Centre Forwards.

25, Alvaro Negredo, 90, Sevilla. He's my number one striker as I tend to play with only one up front. He won't rise, and ain't scoring much either at his club, but he is starting, so his rating is safe. I'll be keeping him unless I exchanged him for a better CF.

27, Srdjan Lakic, 85, 1. FC Kaiserslautern. His scoring record, 11 in 16 is very high, and he will likely get another rise of 2 soon enough. I'll likely sell him on then.

21, Emilio Nsue, 85, Mallorca. He doesn't score much, but he starts most games, and should rise again give Mallorca's decent league position. After that, I may sell if I got a fairly good price.

21, Tomas Pekhart, 82, FK Jablonec. Scoring loads in the Czech Republic, and will hopefully see him rise to 85. And, maybe a move like Necid's.

25, Papiss Cisse, 88, SC Freiburg. Another in Germany with a lot of goals, 13 in 16 for him. Let's hope he's not a flash in the pan, and can keep it up. I also heard rumours of a move away to the likes of Arsenal! I'll be keeping him to see if he can replicate his form next season.

22, Kostas Mitroglou, 86, Olympiacos. Got him when he was 82, and hasn't risen in over a year. And he's not playing much these days, and will be sold on at the end of the season.

Centre forwards are much harder to get than regular forwards, and so it's always nicer to find a good one. Negredo should be around for a while, but I'd like Cisse to be pushing him at 90 also. Nsue and Pekhart are likely to be kept for the medium term.


29, Ireneusz Jelen, 89, Auxerre. Not playing much at all, and I will probably sell him before he drops to 88.

24, Loic Remy, 89, Marseille. He's my second striker after Negredo, but he won't rise anytime soon. But he has the talent to succeed. I also overpaid a bit for him from Crewe when there was talk of him moving to a bigger team than Marseille. 5.7 million, Maxi Pereira (who I should never have sold but I wasn't using him playing 3 at the back) and Kevin Pezzoni.

23, Barcellos Taison, 87, Metalist. He's playing a bit in a good team, and I picked him up as I am weak up front. I will wait and see how he develops.

21, Marko Aurnautovic, 86, Werder Bremen. His team ain't doing well, and this will stifile any ratings increase for the time being. But, he is one to hold on for the time being, or used in a p/e deal.

20, Artur Sobiech, 84, Polonia Warszawa. A Polish international, I am sure he can move onto a bigger club sooner rather than later. Well worth keeping, although he is unlikely to rise in the next Polish changes.

18, Yuji Ono, 80, Yokohoma F. Marinos. He recently rose from 75 to 80, and I'm sure he will rise much further in the short term. And he only turned 18 a few weeks ago, and will surely be going much further as a teenager.

21, Bonfim Dentinho, 87, Corinthians. I had him a long time, and am hoping he can move out of Brazil very soon. He won't rise much further there, so I will probably sell him on.

31, Kenny Miller, 87, Rangers. Scoring lots, I'd have thought he would have risen in the last Scottish changes. He may in the next, but, I'll be selling him.

23, Seydou Doumbia, 87, CSKA. Has a knack of scoring, I will give him time in the new Russian season.

21, Ricky Van Wolfswinkel, 87, FC Utrecht. Great scoring record in Holland, it's only a matter of time before he moves. One for the future no doubts.

26, Anthony Le Tallec, 87, Auxerre. Hasn't progressed since I bought him at the end of June 2010, and I'll sell him on at the end of the season.

My forwards can be hugely improved upon, but playing only 1 upfront most of the time, this isn't the position I am looking to improve upon straight away. A few there should get better, especially Van Wolfswinkel, and Doumbia should come good as well. Aurnautovic needs to improve, and hopefully Sobiech moves out of Poland.

Anyways, that's the team review, and I have many other players I didn't look at as I don't think I would be keeping them for the long term, and a few I included could likely be gone in 2 or 3 months. I'll likely use this as a template in 6 months or a years time for another review, and there's likely to be a few gone, as well as a few new faces gracing Huddersfield Town. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

It's snowing out crazy, and we have been getting loads since Xmas. 2 feet will fall they say, it's good for skiing though, ain't it. :D With the recent January transfer deadline just passed, it had ignited a flurry of transfer activity in EC106 between some of our own managers. I am looking into doing a few deals, but will have to wait and see. The only major deals I did were Ireneusz Jelen out to Notts County for 9 million, Federico Fazio out to Bradford for 6 million, and Konstantinos Katsouranis to Rochdale for 6 million. The last deal was a bit cheap, I had him listed for 8 million earlier on in the season after I was out of the cups, but was happy enough he would go to a good home.

A few minor players come in, among others, Welinton from Flamengo rose 2 to 84, Matias Martinez rejoins for his third stint, and goes up 1 to 85, Viktor Vasin rejoins after he secured a place at CSKA, and Renan Ribeiro goes from 78 to 82 for Athletico Mineiro. Brazil is a hotbed for rising keepers.

I have a few more bids in for Brazilians, and I am waiting for Manoel and maybe Jean to rise, and should have a few good risers in Russia, including Schennikov, Makeev, Sapeta and Vasin among them. It's hard to know exactly where the next changes will be going, I can only guess. A lot of minor countries are getting passed over, some like Colombia only come around every year, and I don't know about the likes of Austria or Belgium. We shall see.

I am keeping my eye out for new players as usual, and more importantly, ones who can improve my team. A few new managers join every now and then, and there are always a few willing to negotiate for their better players. I have plenty to give in 2 for 1 deals, as well as cash, so I'm hopeful of bringing in a few new faces before the end of the season.

I am down to thirteenth, but recent results have been fair. I am 39, top is 51. The relegation cutoff is 31. No club is dominant. Everyone is capable of beating anyone else, and I am as likely to beat the better teams and lose to the bottom clubs. Ah well, it does make for entertainment. :D

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

With 35 games gone, I am in 14th, on 47 points, 8 points above relegation. But I am only 2 points from my mid-table target of 10th. Only 2 points between 7th an 12th, so I am still hopeful of getting in there. I probably need 2 wins from my last 3 games, but that is going to be a difficult task. My defence is very good, joint third in the league, but I am the second worst in the league for scoring, behind Tranmere Rovers. ;)

Today I am selling Elmohamady for 6.5 million, a fair price for both teams, maybe a little less than I could have wanted, as he is playing well enough for a rise to 87/88 in the next English changes. But I need to sell for cash now and again, and so am happy that I don't have to let him go for cheap to an external club. He is going to Norwich, who also bought Dreyer off me for 3.5 million. Dreyer was a great buy at 175k, but is behind another player of mine, Cros, at Sochaux. :)

No major players came in, although Carlinhos came in from Fluminense and duly rose 3 to 86. Oliver Baumann joins and he is a rising keeper in Germany. The biggest signing I made was Yuto Nagamato for my Stoke CB, Faye and another player, Wormgoor. Both players had good p/e values, and helped a lot to pip Man Utd to his signature. I was suprised there were no other bids, as Nagamato could become Inter's main LB in the future.

I am waiting on some good risers from the upcoming countries, Fabian in the Czech Republic, Tshimanga, Hubert, Mokulu Tembe and De Pauw in Belgium and Sandomierski in Poland among a few I got from Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. There were some good ratings there for me, but most will probably get sold or traded out. Daniel Wass and Zanka Jorgensen will be held onto though. I have found that there are always a few decent players left to pick up right before the changes, like Fabian Koch who I picked up 900k 2 weeks ago. I will be waiting to see which teams are announced next for review.

I will be putting up a whole bunch of players for sale next season, although I am still unsure who I want to keep and who to sell for a few players. I may end up sending some out on loan which may be okay for another season, but those concerns may start to pick up a lot more. Right now, a few players are at level 2, but a few of those will be sold, and the rest will have a place in the team for the cups. I will put a bunch up for p/e, but I would be the one looking to give 2 for 1, but I will expect a load of offers that I will not be wanting. One nice addition I'd love to see is for me to put players I have on loan up for sale now or next season, or available, and also to be give them new contracts without having to recall them. Roll on next season then.

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

Huddersfield Town have come to the end of a long hard and bitterly disappointing season. I didn't get anywhere, like a QF at least, in either the cup or the shield. And, my hope a for mid-table finish of at least twelfth didn't come off either. I didn't even finish 14th, which I was for most of the season till the last game. 15th, was the final finish. My goals scored tally was a poor 46, second worst. A brighter note was that my goals conceded was a fairly good 52, only behind champions Arsenal and 6th placed Manchester United. And equal with Preston who finished 5th. Joint third, and the next best was Everton on 58, who finished 4th.

So goals for is poor, but hopefully Anelka can score a goal in every other game, and make it more. This may be the key to finishing in a European spot. But, as ever on SM, nothing stays the same, meaning that whatever tactics I employed this season, may not work the next. The tables prove that those who finish top one season, may get relegated the next. Spurs are a great example, they had a formula that worked last season, but employing the same tactics, with the same more or less the same set of players didn't work this season. So, that may need to be watched. I don't want to find that I am conceding goals in the new season. I never even used defensive tactics more than 2 or 3 games, and I am not going to start that either.

One major problem I have is to replace Simunic, who went for 9 million to Bristol Rovers after he dropped to 89. I need to plug that hole. I drew 16 games, matched only by Arsenal. Wow, drawing games usually leaves you towards the bottom of the table, but they somehow managed to ride it out and finish top by 4 points. The thing about winning games is that you usually have to be on top in the possession stakes, and I may have solved that by signing Michael Carrick for the princely and fair sum of Georgi Schennikov and Ricky Van Wolfswinkel. I had the Russian since he was 74, and the young Dutch striker was signed for a hefty 12 million a few months back. Both have great futures, and will move on to higher ratings soon. But, I am always happy to sign a reasonably safe high rated player who doesn't have to be too young either, with 2 of my better young players.

Onto the recent ratings. It's perhaps my favourite part of the game. I was disappointed with Hubert's +1 in Belgium for the team on top of the league. I thought a +2 would have been the least he should have got. As Belgium won't be reviewed till about halfway through their next season at the least, I couldn't hold onto him, and swapped him out. Nani rose by 1 to 92. He will surely rise more, so I won't sell him anytime soon. Nagamoto hit 88, and I expect him to be 90 soon if Inter decide to keep him. Stindl, Lakic and Mujdza hit86 in Germany, and can rise further. Schmiedebach hit 87, and will be sent out on loan perhaps. Cisse hit 89, and there are rumours involving Arsenal who tend to go for cheaper players like him. Not cheap in the sense he is no good and so cheap, but in the sense that he is not a household name. Yet. Mazuch should have risen in Belgium, but will surely be an 88 come the next changes. Baumann hit 85. I have a few more to come in Spain, France and Germany, and one or two of those may be possibly drops, so I'll just have to wait and see.

Best purchases of the season? Discounting the higher rated starters of course. 111 million spent, 137 received. A few from Korea and Japan were good high jumpers who are also internationals. Schmiedebach was signed as an 80, and at 87 for a top placed team in Germany, he will get better. Zuniga was picked up at CV, and will rise in Italy. Zanka Jorgensen got a bigger rise than I expected. He will surely move to a big league soon. Wass is set to move to Benfica in the summer. Baumann can make it much higher. Nagamoto will hopefully be an Inter player next season. All are terrific signings, and most at minimum value as well.

I am looking forward to the new season already. I need a strong CB, and will always be looking to snapping up any other higher rated players if and when they become available. I have Transfer Listed some players for cash, some are good for lower clubs. I am in the process of looking at my squad and sorting out who I will sell for cash, and who to put up in a 2 for 1 deal or whatever. There is a flurry of transfer activity, and lots of messages in my inbox the whole time. For next season, a good run in either cup and a mid-table finish would be progress on my disappointing season. :)

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Re: Huddersfield Town EC106 Blog.

The new season is upon us, and my chairman expects me to challenge for the title. :eek: I can't remember what he wanted last season, I think it was avoiding relegation. I'm not sure why there was the jump in expectation, but it may have to do with signing 2 more high rated players after Carrick joined.

Carlos Marchena joined for Leonel Galeano and Ilkay Gundogan, and that deal barely went through. The cash I could offer? 666 thousand quid. :eek: We left that out, but I was thinking that if I couldn't offer 2 good young promising players, albeit, only 86, for a defender of 91, than what the hell is going on? I would have thought that I could have offered another 10 or 15 million on top of that. Well, that's the strong CB position sorted.

So, I had Arteta to use for getting one if possible. He wasn't needed, as the manager I dealt with was very specific in the players he wanted, and that makes things so much better. Just like the Anelka and Carrick deals. But, there has been a flurry of new managers, and the new manager was an Everton fan, and his avatar was of Arteta. ;) So, I looked at his team, and decided to do a 2 for 1 to get another high rated midfielder to join Carrick and Senna in my CM trio.

Pirlo recently dropped, but like a lot of Milan legends, he will be playing at the top for a long time to go, and even though he dropped, he should still maintain that rating for a few years yet. Arteta has the ability to regain his 91, and there was talk of him rising before he suffered that terrible injury, to 92. But that was a different Everton, and today they are not a team who will be looking to finish somewhere in mid-table this season, not Europe. Also out goes Vladimir Bystrov, a good 89 player I didn't need. He may get 90 in the future, but that would be his limit. I bought him in mind to use in the future later for a bigger player.

My first player in comes from the Tranmere boss, which is good as 90 percent of deals I usually do are with external. Zvonko Pamic joins for 4 million, he hasn't done much since joining Leverkusen, but he is now out on loan at Freiburg, and so I'll keep an eye on him. He is only 20, so I can sell him for a good price if he remains a bench player. I have a few bids into players from Spain that I really don't need, but they are there, and nobody else wants them. I keep seeing posts looking for an 86 this, or an 87 that. Well, there are a few good ones in Spain if you have a quick look.

Outgoing, Mujdza joins Colchester for a fair fee. This season, Brocchi goes out for a cheap 5 million. A bit cheaper than what I wanted, but I need to clear out players, especially to fellow managers if I can. The other was Taison, gone to Crewe for a good fee of 8 million. I'm not sure if he will rise anytime soon, but he does have the advantage of being Brazilian, and so he could come off big time in the future. :D

I have a bid in for Ferdinand, after p/e'ing him he was pretty vague, but the bid has not been turned down yet, so, we'll see. Also, I had talks with the Brighton boss over players for his David Luiz and Hulk. He want's two good players to replace each, and 2 other good players, of which I was happy to comply. My chairman was being a stingy so and so. I fear I cannot deal with him, unless it was deals broken down, and I am unsure if I want to do that with SMFA possibly getting in the way.

I haven't had much in the recent changes, but my Brazilian keeper Neto went up to 85. I hope he gets into the Fiorentina goal at some stage. Iago, a very recent purchase, goes up 3 to 83. Juventus own him, and who know's, next season he may get his chance. Della Rocca was a big jumper from 78 to 84. He was recently bought, so I may hold onto him for his next rise to 85/86. Vila Didac, a player I was close to trading out when he stopped playing, went from 83 to 85. Again, I'd like to see him play at Milan. And, Pierrick Cros jumps 5 to 82. He seems to be the no.1 at Sochaux, so I expect him to rise a few more points when France comes around again.

I shall probably use some kind of a 451 formation next season, with attacking wingers if needed. I may try a 352 formation if I'm at home, but I don't want to break up the trend of being a team hard to score against. I can only hope that Anelka can score more than Negredo next season. I am a long way away from challenging for the title, the big teams have a better team rating, but I can now say that a go in the cups, and an European spot would be what I am aiming for. We'll see. :)

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