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Help - I'm goin to get tanked !!!!!!

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Hi all,

Any and all advice gratefully received here, I am playing as Queen of the South and just about to get a seeing to from Celtic unless someone can come up with a formation that will help.

I've already checked and I can't put out a 10-0-0 formation. LOL!!!

Here's his last formation and team:-


Now here's my last formation and team which I won with and this is about my strongest side:-


It's OK I know it's a long shot but I'd settle for just losing 2 goals - LOL!!!

Thanks in advance.........:D

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Guest United

Re: Help - I'm goin to get tanked !!!!!!

My brain is smaller than a goldfish so I'm sorry, couldn't understand everything you said apart from Celtic are going to slaughter you and you wouldn't mind losing by 2 goals?

From experience, a 5-3-2 is a great defensive counter-attacking formation to use, you can use the two wingbacks as lm/rm/wingers with the running arrow going up, great for counters. Make sure you play everybody in position.


3 CB's

1 DM

2 CM



1 F

1 CF

And.. You will be a counter-attacking genius like me, the Madrid manager quit the Spanish Champ after a whooping from me on the opening day.. Want proof?


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