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Swindon Town| EC 4064|Rise to Division 1 |


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Re: Swindon Town| EC 4064|Rise to Division 1 |

Pre Season is over as Swindon Town looks forward to life in Division 3 starting tonight


The Swindon Town players getting through their paces for the last time before tonight game


This was where the training camp was in Mauritius

Swindon Town are getting ready for their first game in division 3 after their pre season tour to Mauritius. Manager Hans Parker decided to take his team to Mauritius as he feels like there was not going to be too much press behind their back in the beautiful country in the Indian Ocean. The players enjoyed the weather and had a couple of friendly's against the national team and every player came back with a beautiful sun tan.

Parker's choice to take the players to Mauritius raised a few eyebrows but the intensity during training was world class. Speaking to the club website Parker said;

"We had a great week in Mauritius. We enjoyed the weather, got to meet very friendly people and the standard of football from their national team was preety good as well."

"If people think we went there for a holiday then ask each and every player and they'll tell you that it was hard work every morning. We were up at 6 everyday; went for a jog on the beach until 7 then went to the pitches and had a couple of drills until 8. The players then were allowed to do what they wanted until 3 then we went in the gym for an hour and worked on the muscular side of football. In the afternoon we were then entertained from the locals and had a wonderful time training and enjoying the country."

asked if he would take his team back there next summer he said

"All the players have fallen in love with this country and we will surely come back in the future. Now I have found out why they call this country the jewell of the indian ocean. I will surely come back next year only if we get promoted to division 2 if not then we'are going to the coldest place on earth only joking."

Now about life in division 3 starting with Bristol Rovers away

"The level of playing will definetely be better that that in division 4 and we must be careful of each and every team in this division as there are some good teams in this league but we hope that we can have a good start against Rovers and kick on from there"

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Re: Swindon Town| EC 4064|Rise to Division 1 |

Haven't had much time to do match report lately but I will be picking it up again in the next couple of days.

I have been promoted to division 3 and I'm currently not doing that bad. Top of the league after 15 games with 38 points. I'm also in the last 16 of the English cup. I will be playing Coventry next and I'm quite confident I wil progress through to the last 8.

Last 16 of the English Shield as well. Got a home tie against Chelsea on the 1st of March. Will be tricky but I need to believe that I can wein.

Since my last post my team has changed Dramatically. Loads of 94+. Managed to sign the likes of Casillas, Iniesta and Ramos

Starting 11 (3-5-2)


Maicon Ramos Chiellini


Navas Sneijder Schweinsteiger Iniesta

Gilardino Milito

Bench : Lass, Tiago Silva, Perotti, Ranocchia, Schennikov

At the moment I have a pretty strong starting 11 with an Average of 94 but I need to work on my strength in depth if I want to have a better squad. Currently have a squad of 105 players so should be making some quick cash off risers in the next couple of months and hopefully improve my team.

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Re: Swindon Town| EC 4064|Rise to Division 1 |

Promotion to division 2 almost guaranteed as Swindon Town prepare for FA cup final against Liverpool


Iniesta and Sneijder. 2 of Parker's list of superstars

When Parker first took the job around six months ago, everybody thought he was never going to fulfill the promises he made. He promised to take Swindon Town into the premiership into three consecutive seasons. He promised a team full of superstars and this is exactly what he has done in the short time he's been at the helm. Not quite. He also promised a cup/ shield within 2 seasons and he has the opportunity to do that in tomorrow's game against division 1 giant Liverpool. A team close to Parker's heart. A team he supported growing up. But the main question remains. Can he achieve the goals he set out at the begging of his reign 2 seasons ago. The answers will be revealved tomorrow night.

The team has come so far since Parker has been in charge. Two seasons ago, Swindon Town used to watch the likes of Cuthbert and Greer at the back. Fast forward two seasons later and they've got the likes of Maicon, Chilieni and Sergio Ramos as part of their back four. In midfield, they've got the midfield to match any team in the country. The likes of Iniesta, Xabi Alonso and Wesley Sneijder shows the class that Parker has been attracting since taking charge of the club. Parker has admitted that he's frustrated with his strikers in Gilardino and Milito but says he can't get any beter strikers at the moment as most of the other managers are unwilling to sell their prized assets to Swindon Town. Bids of £70 million have been rejected from both Liverpool and Man Utd for Torres and Rooney respectively while a bid of £40 million + Gilardino and Milito was also rejected yesterday for Lionel Messi.

Speaking at a press conference this morning, this was what he had to say about the two seasons he's been in charge

We've came such a long way in these two seasons me and my backroom staff have been here. We always wanted to make Swindon Town the best team in the country and I think soon enough people will be watching us playing in division 1. We've almost won the league with seven games to go and our objective now is to try and win the shield for all of our fans. It'll be tough against a very strong Liverpool side but we've got the belief that we can beat them considering in previous rounds we've beaten the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal. We go into this game with a lot of confidence and all the lads in the dressing room are preety confident of coming back with a winner's medal.
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