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Anyone nearly made it professional?

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Re: Anyone nearly made it professional?

Told ya about the pro's from my school, now retired, Chris Powell + Graham Stuart (both former charlton + others)...

We have the under 16 UK Champ in boxing! UK! Whouldn't say mate of mine, we dont talk often but i know him, in my year, called Lerome Richards (i think), Lerome 1st name anyways.

Also have the under 15 bowling champion...weird i know, in the year below me.

Also all you cricket fans should know who he is, Neil Saker, now in the surrey 1st team, left our school a few years ago.

Also 1 of my fave bands Good Shoes left a couple years back, 2 members father is head of English still :D

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Re: Anyone nearly made it professional?

Still hope I can play professionally and I believe I will. At Rochdale (in league 2) atm and the signs are good as we near the close of my Under 15's season. I've played at this level now since my 10th birthday and I've played with some cracking players. If however something does go wrong, it will be great looking back on the internet and on TV, watching the players I have grown up with, playing against, making money out of it. I know I've met some top quality professionals who will definitley make it. But it will be great in a couple of years time to be able to buy myself on this game. A sure riser :D

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