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Alen Stevanovic Inter Milan Starlet Dubbed Next Zidane!


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Over the last few years, Dejan Stankovic and also Sinisa Mihajlovic opened Inter’s door to Serbian players. They recommended few talented players from this Balkan country famous for excellent results in youth categories. It is less known that Sinisa Mihajlovic spent time convincing Moratti to bring Branislav Ivanovic back when he was at the target of English clubs. Italians hesitated and later on the price on Ivanovic in Lokomotiv Moscow grew to the one only Chelsea could pay.

Now, Inter are determined not to make the same mistake again. They reacted on the scouts’ warnings so one of Europe’s most talented young players, Alen Stevanovic might just sign for Italian champions. Stevanovic is a Serb, but he is the son of Swiss immigrant. He is an 18-year old, raised in Zurich,who can play as offensive midfielder or even as a second striker. A season and a half ago, he caught the eye of Torino and Sampdoria scouting but he was determined to refuse, being that he believed he will end up in the big club. Obviously, Stevanovic was well aware of his quality as he is already in Inter sports centre Appiano Gentile and the way things are now, the club is very interested in hiring him. He drew a lot of attention and Jose Mourinho himself, at first suspicious about the scouting reports, is now impressed with what he saw.

Stevanovic is compared to Zidane in Switzerland; he went through youth national teams in Switzerland that has in the last ten years been a real talent factory. It is usually the second generation of foreign workers that saw their big opportunity in football. They combined hard working in youth squads with extraordinary talent.

Inter counts on Dejan Stankovic to help him fit in, and Stevanovic will probably spent the second part of the season gaining experience on loan in some of Serie B clubs.

Inter Youngster Alen Stevanovic Hoping For First Team Chance

The midfielder believes in his own qualities and is ready to grace the Nerazzurri's senior side...

Young Inter attacking midfielder Alen Stevanovic, who is currently playing with the Primavera, is not hiding his desire and ambition to play for the first team this season.

His aim is to one day reach the level of his three main football idols: Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic. For this reason, he has vowed to work hard to achieve his goal and impress everyone, starting from this season.

Stevanovic has a lot of respect for coach Jose Mourinho and is therefore hoping that the former Chelsea mentor will call him up soon.

"I only say one thing: for me, Mourinho is undoubtedly the number one," declared the young player to fcinternews.it.

"Last season served me to acclimatise myself, it's normal. For me, everything was new, but now I'm ready to play like I know how to.

"I must do so and I'm convinced that eventually the coach will call me up."

Stevanovic will be a player to keep an eye on for the future as Inter’s youth system continues to churn out potential superstars.

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Re: Alen Stevanovic Inter Milan Starlet Dubbed Next Zidane!

Found this on the Inter Milan forums

After some good performances last season for the Primavera, but mainly playing for the U-17, he's full time Primavera this coming season. I think he could make a couple appearances for us in Coppa Italia/etc games as well, and hopefully he develops, because he looks like he could be a world class AMC in the making

"Wait a minute, is this the kid that played in the Viareggio tournament? He was good!"


Our very own Messi"



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Re: Alen Stevanovic Inter Milan Starlet Dubbed Next Zidane!

Primavera: preparations to continue in Coccaglio

Monday, 10 August 2009 16:20:55

[FOTO Monday, 10 August 2009 16:20:55]

MILAN - Inter Primavera made a winning start to their pre-season with a 4-0 victory over Eccellenza category side Giaveno. Mattia Destro hit a brace, with Alen Stevanovic and Simone Dell'Agnello scoring the other goals.

Fulvio Pea has given his boys two days off before the second phase of pre-season training. Preparations will resume at the Centro Sportivo Giacinto Facchetti on Wednesday afternoon before a week of double training sessions in Coccaglio, Brescia province.

All the players in the 2009/10 Inter Primavera squad are on standby if they are needed for first team duty.

On 17 August, the Nerazzurri's senior youth team will travel to Rome for the Civitavecchia Tournament. The matches will take place in Santa Marinella, Bracciano, Manziana and Civitavecchia.

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Re: Alen Stevanovic Inter Milan Starlet Dubbed Next Zidane!

take it these 2 r nt on the db???

Great finds tho m8' date=' keep us updated![/quote']

Medojevic should be on the database..

However, Stevanovic isn't yet but he did score a goal for the Inter Primavera team..Which is Inter's B team aka reserves. Many are touting him to become a world class player.

He stated on goal.com that he thinks he's ready for some A team action and hopes Mourinho calls him up.

Some people from the Inter forums say that it's possible that he'll play a couple cup games this season hopefully. Just look out for his name as he's rapidly progressing.

He also scored his debut goal for Inter Primavera way back after he signed for Inter in January.

Quite the talent :)

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Re: Alen Stevanovic Inter Milan Starlet Dubbed Next Zidane!

"he has returned to Italy this season in outstanding form." Daily Mail

United among other Premier League clubs are keeping a close eye on him and he is said to be available for around 6 mill and is expected to be called up to the national team soon.

For as little as 360k on SM he seems worth picking up to me

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Riferimento: Alen Stevanovic Inter Milan Starlet Dubbed Next Zidane!

Although he hasn't much to share with Zidane (he's a right wing, really fast with outstanding dribbling), he is playing really really well this year in Torino, Serie B. So far he has been the best player of the team along with Ogbonna (already in the Italian national team).

I think it's realtistic to think that United is following him. In my opinion, this kind of player can do really well in Premiership, and Stevanovic has still a lot of potential.

As long as Serie B values will be revised, I'm sure he will rise at least to 80 (but he deserves even more).

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Riferimento: Alen Stevanovic Inter Milan Starlet Dubbed Next Zidane!

This year he isn't a starter for Torino.

He has Cerci and Santana in front of him, and sometime even Birsa.

In a not too competitive world, I would sell him maybe.

But at your own risk, as he is still really young.

Hope it helps!

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Re: Alen Stevanovic Inter Milan Starlet Dubbed Next Zidane!

He's a super talented player, but he's also a hot head which never works out well with management.

He's a very on and off player. He played superbly last season with Torino and even at the start of 2012, but he's since lost his place :rolleyes:

He's hot and cold. Really, it's a toss up. If you can get decent money for him and need it then sell him but if you have nothing to lose keep him. I could see him being a good player in Serie A or Bundesliga for a mid-table club but nothing more. I could not see him succeeding at Man United only because of his attitude--poor.

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