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Brazilian - Pernao

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Pernao (Rafael de Souza Rodolfo)

Club - Flumenise

Age - 16

Position - Striker


Pernao With Robinho

Young whizzkid know as Pernao looks set for a move to big spending Manchester City as Chelsea however look to miss out.

The striker has also been chased by an ever growing list of top European clubs, even though he is yet to play for Fluminense's first team.

Manchester City manager Mark Hughes is confident that a deal consisting of a £3million deal, plus add-ons, after further talks with his club and family.

I also going to make a seperate thread for him as I can ad more updated information on him and I think the potential shows a need to create one.

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Re: Brazilian - Pernao

I was waiting for someone to make a thread about him so I could roll my eyes.

All the hype in the media is laughable.

Lol I read about this in the Sun today (a little bit ashamed to admit I was reading such rubbish - front page; Kerry Katona sacked by Iceland after snorting cocaine... who cares!) and wondered how long it would take for a thread to be made. :rolleyes:

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