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Skint team needs help

Flying teacup

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Re: Skint team needs help

Ahh im in the same situation with my Millwall team, except probably a bit more money. I'm going to get:


He may not necessarily rise this time but he will be an amazing player in the future, linked strongly with Man Ut this summer, his potential vale is somthing like £60mil, about the same as Kaka:eek:


This kid is one for the future and has been playing recently for Santos, and scoring. He's been linked with pretty much everyone and looks to be a brilliant player. He's started five games, and come on as a sub 13 times, scoring four goals and bagging three assists.


He's a 10k riser, but I dont know too much about him, there's a thread on him, if u search around you'll find him.


Young RB has been playing recently, he's a money maker,looking to rise to about 78-80

Mendes ELIAS

Been reading about him on the forum,apparently he's long overdue an increase, he's started 15 games out of a possible 20. Not bad

Other youngsters include Marc MUNIESA, Kyriakos PAPADOPOULOS, Olazabal OIER, Matteo MUSSACHIO and Martin GALVAN, although I'm not sure they are going to rise.

Hope it helps. Reps appreciated:D

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Guest Park Ji Sung

Re: Skint team needs help

1. It's against the rules to ask for rep.

2. You're asking for rep from somebody who currently has a rep power of....wait for it.....zero! B)

Stop asking for rep!!!:mad::mad::mad:

It get's old very quickly, I'm sick of you at this stage.:mad::mad::mad:

Buy clintonnnn morrison, he's a magician.

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Re: Skint team needs help

The mods and super are getting a bit slack .... I remember *ahhhhh reminising about the old Sm days* when people were warned and even banned for asking for rep. :rolleyes:

Personally, I think it's overrated ..... rep means $hit to me! :P

I would prefer to see a system where you can THANK people instead. Simple but effective. :)

Anyway, let's help our newbie friend, the flying teacup! B)

Here's are a couple players rated 74-80 that should rise in very near future.

D. Diekmeier - young german RB, playing for Nurnberg in BL. Getting loads of minutes and games atm. Rated 78, should hit 83/84 next changes.

S. Reinartz - top young german prospect, at Leverkusen. Widely regarded as a huge talent who can play CB or DM. Rated just 74, should rise to 80+ depending on how many opportunities he gets this season.

C. Zambrano - young peruvian CB rated 80. Already capped at international level (8) at just 20 yrs of age. Starting CB for Schalke at present and will rise to 84/85 if he carries on starting for them.

2 other talents/risers at Schalke are C. Moritz (75) and L. Kenia (80). Plenty of info on forum about these 2 so do a search. Both will rise nect changes, the former moreso than the latter but Kenia could be a 90+ player in a season or 2. :eek:

Good luck (no rep wanted) ;)


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