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Must buy riser possible +13


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Re: Must buy riser possible +13

A present for everyone who has bothered to read this thread

Gianluca HAVERN Rated 63 ' date=' starter for Stockport probable raise +13 !

( actually +10 more likely but hey who know as Stockport have 78/79 ) rated players.[/quote']

This guy does not even play for Stockport. I believe he played one game before being released - has signed on at Mansfield.

Not worth investing in if you ask me, although still very young so could improve and move back up the leagues.

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Re: Must buy riser possible +13

Sorry Jammers and Swanseajack but I am right and you are not Re Havern ,Sorry he does play for Stockport

ESPN ( who can be wrong ) list him as starting 4 league and 1 Carling game.

as do Soccerbase

Sure he is still listed at Mansfield by SM but they won't normally be bothered to update until the next rating change. I have checked the match reports from the BBC and they confirm that this is correct. I don't think they will have missed a yellow card .

I suggest you goto the Stockport county official website and check as I did before posting.

The wikipedia page on Havern himself is out of date but the wikipedia page on Stockport lists him as resigned as of August.

He was initially a Stockport trainee but he signed for Mansfield due to Stockports financial plight, but only signed a 6 month contract, he then re signed for Stockport. If he continues playing he will rise to at least the average for a Stockport player in the next ratings ie 74/75 and then possibly higher if he plays 75% of their games.

One way of finding a bargain is to spot an incorrectly listed player ie a conference player who really plays in league 1, you will make a healthy profit or gain a low wage potential star. Also remember Stockport are now managed by the former head of Liverpools Youth Team so it isn't difficult to imagine where any decent discoveries will end up..

and finally try buying Havern in most of the setups, you won't be able to as he will have been snapped up by astute managers.

To quote John Naisbitt "We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge"

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