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Survivor Setup Official Thread

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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Welcome to the first of hopefully many Survivor weekly programmes giving us a insight into what is going on and including genuine interviews with the partici

Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread Johann Mendez Takes Over at Fenerbahce Johann Mendez has taken over unmanaged side Fenerbahce. The new manager had observed from the stands today during Fener

Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread SURVIVOR SHIELD SEMI FINAL FC SCHALKE 0 - 0 INTER MILAN A near sold out ArenaAuf witnessed a tense affair as neither side wanted to take chances in a vita

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Turn 7 - Sun 16 Sep 2007

Barcelona 2 - 2 Shakhtar Donetsk

Robbie comes from two down to share points with Wolfcatt

Bayern Munich 1 - 0 Sevilla

Jehans side go top four with single goal victory over Kev

Benfica 2 - 2 Valencia

Colin holds onto top spot despite being held by Adams struggling side

Chelsea 2 - 2 Manchester United

Champions miss out on chance to go top held by Bobo

CSKA Moscow 2 - 1 Milan

Unmanaged CSKA provide the shock of the day against Raz

Inter Milan 1 - 0 Fenerbache

Ivans side keep three important points at home against Anthony

Juventus 0 - 4 Lyon

Dannys side are beaten heavily by Teje's side who are looking good this season

Roma 2 - 2 FC Schalke

Nothing to seperate Sam and LS as points are shared

Villareal 2 - 3 Arsenal

Dan becomes first to lose to Pthame this season in the league

Werder Bremen 0 - 1 Real Madrid

Late goal for Frasers side puts him up into top five


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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread

Quick note to say' date=' havent deserted my setups. I am experiencing a bit of a computer problem and will be back on doing match reports as soon as RobbieM gets his butt up here . :D



...Wish he'd pick up a bloody phone and call me to let me know he's got pc probs!

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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread

Coming soon to a thread near you:


For all the goings on in the survivor setup and interviews with the managers(hopefully) catch the first edition of survivor weekly out over the weekend.

Really looking forward to this. Hope everyone has gave leamsteve some interviews hehe. Should be a good read!

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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread

Really looking forward to this. Hope everyone has gave leamsteve some interviews hehe. Should be a good read!

Dont get too excited it may not be as great as i am hoping' date=' have had a great response tho so thank you all and hope it wont dissapoint.

Have done the cover and am working on the articles now, will hope to have it ready soon.[/size']

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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread


Welcome to the first of hopefully many Survivor weekly programmes giving us a insight into what is going on and including genuine interviews with the participating managers. This is a work in progress so any ideas you may have to make this better is accepted.

We start off at champions Chelsea and find out why Alan thinks his side have struggled to get going this season. After being nearly unbeatable last campaign they are 10th and are finding defending there title a real test.

1)Current champions of the setup things arnt looking good currently in 10th and no win in your last few games. Whats gone wrong?

After winning last year have gone in to experimenting more this year with some of my youth and tactics,as you can see not going to well at mo .

2)You spent a lot of money bringing in Jeremy Menez from Monaco, do you see big things for him at Chelsea?

Yes i do, reason for spending a bit ,i know i already have a few great young forwards for the future i have heavily invested Aguero and Huguain being two of them but i think Menez will also give me more of an option ,A playmaker by trade, he is noted for being the youngest ever scorer of a hat trick in Ligue 1, the youngest ever winner of Ligue 1's player of the month award and has sometimes been compared to Zinédine Zidane and has also been called the French Wayne Rooney. So i am hoping under the BONES guidance i will fetch these players greatnesses out in him.

3)Your next couple of league games are against teams just below and above you, will you be taking adifferent approach to these?

Yes i will, At moment only 6 points behind having lost just two more than top team ,i am happy to be just that ammount with the experimenting ive done but i also know with the great managers above me i cant get to far adrift because the likes of Fraser wont drop many more points,up to now ive been playing around with my front men in diff positions and playing a V .attacking style ,well as you can see the goals are flying in the opposite net but also in mine .So i will carry on with my experiments for now as long as i am no more than 9 points by half way ,but for the upcoming games will revert from v.attacking style to try and stop goals leeking in but a style that will still allow my strikers the freedom to score.


Colin took over at Benfica at the beginning of this season and has shocked the setup by taking an early lead and holds onto the top spot.

1)You've had the best start of all the new managers and are showing some of the older a thing or two by sitting top, did you imagine after ten games you would be in this position?

Was hoping to be about mid table at this point but we have started like a house on fire.There was some great players here when i joined and iv added 7 players of my own and i think we can have a very good season

2)Although a dissapointing result against Man Utd do you think your guys can pick themselves up for the game against second placed Real Madrid?

It will be hard Madrid are in good form and have a great manager in Fraser but we are at home so with a bit of luck im hoping for all 3 points

3)Filipo Inzaghi has been a scoring machine for you since joining from Milan for £3,100,000 was he a player you really wanted when you signed him, or just the best of what was available?

He's a great player and it was a great price so yes he was a player i really wanted and lets hope he keeps up the good understand with he's partner Podolski and fire us to the tittle


Manager Paul Thame has seen better times at Arsenal but his side have struggled to get going, that was untill they tore Bayern apart in there last game.

1)A slow start to the season but now you have climbed off the bottom what are your targets realistically?

I must admit, a snail moves faster than our start to the season. But now the players have smelt the bacon and got their rear ends moving especially in the cup.

2)Did you change anything for the game with Bayern that made your players reward you with a goalfest, especially Lionel Messi's performance?

Our demolition of Bayern shows how much high-class potential I have at my disposal. Messi on a good day can be a one-man outfield team, and he proved that against Bayern.


Season one champs and top manager Ivan has a lot of talent at his Inter side but thats not stopping him from keeping his eye on other talent. We caught up with him after his sides draw with Sevilla.

1)You must be dissapointed with the draw with Sevilla after being 3-1 up?

Well i am disappointed, i think we have a better squad than Sevilla. Also the last goal was a tragic moment for us, we were in lead until the 89th minute, also the shot was deflected!!! I have a strong feeling that we spent all our luck in the season one.

2)You seem to be watching alot of players currently, will we be seeing some new faces at Inter soon or are you just observing?

I am looking for a right back and a replacement for Figo. I will try to sign Finnan as my second option because i didnt have enough power to bring Dani Alves. There is also the third option because he first bid was rejected. But its a secret as other managers could overtake me.

3)Dario Srna one of your latest signings seems to be struggling with life in Italy, is this a reason why you havent handed him a debut yet?

Srna is a class player, very professional so his personal problems wont effect his performances. Also i know his life is going very well as we have conversations in English among the players. Also he is here living with the other Croatians Modric, Dudu and Iličević so living in Milano isnt any problem with him. His debut will come, and he will possibly be the first option for the RM position as he has the best form between his teammates Figo and Maxi Rodriguez. I also expect his rating to rise soon, same as the other Croatians so he can be the regular member of the first eleven, together with Dudu and Modrić.


Milan are a side that like to entertain, likewise in the seven goal thriller with Schalke we caught up with Razz to see if Milan could challenge this campaign

1)A very entertaing game with Schalke on thursday, storming into a four goal lead, they fought back well in the second half but couldnt snatch an equaliser, your thoughts?

Fantastic game with plenty of chances created, and Schalke did fantastic to pull 3 goals back after my side got a 4 goal lead within half an hour. Because of poor fitness throughout the squad I had to rest plenty of key players with the likes of Ronaldo, Essien, Nesta and Toure having to watch from the bench, but I was extremely pleased with the players that got drafted in for the game - they stood up to the plate and got a great result for the side away from home.

2)Three league wins on the trot sees you in the top six and four points of the leaders, can Milan do it this season?

Sure there has never been any doubt since leaving Bayern after the first season, that Milan had the players and quality to claim a league title, but it has been tough trying to find the winning chemistry. Chopped and changed players, formations and tactics on a regular basis in an attempt to scrape some victories. It hasn't been plain sailing as I expected it to be when I took the job here at Milan and it is always going to be tough in a league with so many fantastic managers. But all in all, there seems to be plenty of belief and morale throughout the squad now, and to be 4 points adrift the top of the stack now - this could well be the season where the fans and players get the title of the Survivor that they deserve from all their hard work and effort on and off the pitch.


I will endeavour to do another SW later or tomorrow due to the overwhelming response from you all, it was better than i had planned for and will do my best to get all your answers up on here.

thanks to all.


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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread


Manchester United had a great win over table toppers Benfica despite a struggling start to the season, we caught hold of United boss Bobo for a few words.

1)You find yourself in an unusual position in 16th place, normally up the other end what has gone wrong so far?

Very unusual indeed, however with the amount of teams I have I cannot keep up too well with all, so I get limited time in certain setups. However I will not use that as an excuse. The team is done twice a week, so it's not a good excuse anyway!

We are improving slowly, however, and I reckon a top 5 finish is more than possible. An interesting sight is that from 1st place to us there are just 9 points, so it's no big deal. We could finish anywhere this season.

2)A great win over leaders Benfica shows your team are capable, who do you see as your key players?

The team is capable of being top of the league. We just haven't performed to our full potential, but we'll take this as a building season and concentrate more on next unless there's a dramatic change at the top of the table.

The team will improve around Zanetti, Morientes, Van Der Saar, Giggs and Angulo. They are vital for the team. The experience helps a lot. No one has an untouchable place in the side, but those are probably the most likely to stay, and have also been instrumental in our recent 'improved' form.


Another side hoping to pull away from the bottom is Fenerbache, manager Ant is hopeful of picking his side back up after slipping to the foot of the table.

1)Someone has to be there, unfortunately its you this week Ant after Arsenals thumping of Bayern, your draw with Roma has you bottom of the league, does that worry you at this early stage?

No, it doesn't. I feel my squad have a good understanding of each other, and we will be able to get to mid-table before soon.


RobbieM landed one of the setups top jobs when Barcelona took him on from Villareal. A good start to the season has the Spanish giants in 4th.

1)You was brought in by Barca this season to get them away from midtable obscurity, currently 4th things ar looking good, your view on things so far?

It was never going to be easy taking on such a massive club as people expect a team like Barcelona to be challenging at the top, but it takes time to get the right group of players together and playing the way I want them to play. Things are looking good at the moment but I won't take anything for granted and will take it one match at a time.

2)You've spent well bringing in ten new players, mostly youngsters. Are any of them likely to feature for the first team?

This has something to do with my response to your first question. I'm looking at bringing in the right players for the future and yes... hopefully a few will get a game this season. Micah (Richards) and Gabby (Agbonlahor) are both on loan at CSKA this season and have clocked up a few games this season too so I am pleased with the purchases and hope they can give me what I'm looking for over the next few seasons.


KevChe led Sevilla to cup glory in his first season in charge last campaign, flying high in the league Kev was not too bitter about going out of the cup he won last season.

1)A great game with Inter, coming from 3-1 down keeps you near the top, can Sevilla bring home the league trophy this campaign?

Yes team spirit is high,whether we can go all the way will depend on our squad keeping match fit.

2)Having won the survivor cup last season, it must be a shame you went out at such an early stage to Juventus?

It was great to win the cup last season and a bit of a shock to exit early but the League is our main priority and the Survivor element demands a good league showing.


A quick word with two new managers to this seasons campaign, firstly Dan Payne manager of Villareal.

1)Your first ten games with Villareal, how are things going so far for you?

I was elated at how the team got going at the start of the season, but in a league like this it's going to be tough. We have had some narrow loses in the past few weeks but we have a great team spirit here and the player's are ready to pull out the stops.

2)You've resisted putting your hand in your wallet to bring anyone in, are there any players on the cards?

The chairman thought we had a good enough squad for the time being and although I disagreed at first I feel that the squad is good enough to achieve a top 10 finish.

We have recieved interest from rival club's about the availability of Riquelme and I for one feel that every player has a value and Im more then willing to listen to offers.

3)Its been nearly three weeks since your last league win and now your occupying the last survivor space, is it too early too be worried?

The player's showed me and everyone else at the start of the season that we are capable of a top 10 finish and although we sit where the bookies placed us at the start of the season, I feel we wont be here for long!


Secondly Wolfcatt took on the task of giving Shakhtar fans something to sing about.

1)Its safe to say Shakhtar wasnt one of the more high profile positions in the setup, but you took them on and seem to be doing ok. What are your views on your first ten games in charge?

Shakhter had some decent players so it was a case of getting players match fit and trying to find the right formation and tactics. Results have been a bit up and down but beating Inter 5-1 and drawing with Barcelona show there is potential in the squad. Have done some deals in the transfer market and have strengthened the goalkeeper position by signing Manuel Neuer and I have a decent amount of money to bring players in.

2)Valencia are keeping a close eye on Robbie Keane, would you ever consider selling him?

Keane is not going anywhere this season. I have already sold Dario Srna for cash & Jenner in part ex so I am not looking to let anymore of my 90+ players move on.


Thanks to all that answered, sorry i couldnt print everyones answers, i was'nt expecting the response from you guys that i got. Stay tuned for #3 of SW next weekend.

P.S if you are not in this setup and would like to be, we do have CSKA who are unmanaged.

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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread

George takes over at CSKA!


George has taken full managerial control of CSKA Moskva in a shock move this evening.

Tomorrow night will see his 1st game in charge, in the cup against Leamington Steve's FC Schalke 04. A weakened side is expected to be fielded as the squad is currently suffering from lack of fitness.

More news on possible transfers tomorrow. :)

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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread


Welcome to issue four of the SW, we have three top managers views this week including two established forum members taking up the challenge of surviving with the best. We also look towards this weeks games and look at the key moments from sundays matches including a few hammerings.


Real Madrid announced they have given the managers role to Matt Jenkins, we find out what Matts intentions are just hours into the job.

Welcome to the setup Matt, Real Madrid are one of the top teams and you have big shoes to fill(fraser) and an ambitious chairman not to forget the supporters who want Madrid to win it all, feeling the pressure yet after a few hours in the job?

Thanks, well at the moment i dont really feel much pressure because ive only been with the club for a few hours but if the team get a bad result in the next match then i suppose the pressure will start building up and the fans will want good results in every match and i dont blame them Real Madrid are one of the best clubs in the world and should be winning the biggest trophies.

Obviously you cant let us know of your immediate transfer plans but with a squad consisting of seven 30or overs will we see a lot of changes at the Bernabeau?

Well, at the moment im going to stick with the squad that i have because as long as their getting the results i see no reason to change them but i may bring in some young players at the end of the season, unless i have some major injury problems that i need to bring in some replacements, we shall see how the rest of the season works out before i start thinking about transfers though.


Experienced forumer George also trys his hand by being given the CSKA hotseat, a position not coped too well with by previous managers will George have what it takes.

Welcome to your new position in charge at CSKA, so far they are looking good in 13th, a bit higher than we are used to seeing them what would you feel would be a good season for you?

Well a good season would obviously be finishing top I guess and there is plenty of time to do that. But realistically I'm hoping for a top 10 finish, improving on that next season.

You've inherited a good if somewhat aging side, will there be a mass clearout of the older stars and what plans in the way of players can you tell us about?

In time, the likes of Doni and Davids will be moving from the club and I can confirm that.

It could take time, but I'm definitely looking to the average age down sooner or later. Therefore players like Akinfeev, Vagner Love, Quagliarella etc won't be leaving at all, they have a big part to play in the future of this club.

At the moment I have no real targets, all concentration is on the cup game.


Matchday 15 saw an incredible 43goals scored with Chelsea(6), Real Madrid(5) and Fenerbache(4) being the highest. Barcelona reclaim top spot after they beat Bremen and Benfica went down at Bayern. Madrids destruction of Milan puts them into third.

At the foot hard times continue for Villareal who stay bottom after losing too Sevilla. Arsenal and Valencia also falter leaving all sides struggling to find points this week.




After the Barca/Bremen game we caught hold of Barcelona chief RobbieM to congratulate him on regaining top spot.

When we last spoke you were 4th with Barca and have now been top for a few games, you've adapted your style well here and it looks to be paying off doesnt it?

Hi, Like I said before, one game at a time. Yes we are playing well and yes we are top of the league but we need consistency because that is what will help us be there or thereabouts come the end of the season.

A great win on sunday over Bremen but casualties on two fronts, losing Zambrotta to a suspension and top scorer Henry to injury adding to Deco's sideline are you concerned going into the game with current champions Chelsea on thursday?

They are all big losses and Deco has been sorely missed but I've built a strong squad since I took over and its that strength in depth which fills me with a sense of confidence and optimism going into the match against Chelsea. Hopefully we will get all 3 points!

Of the Chelsea game they havent set the league alight this season, but as the champions do you have to beat them to consider yourselves worthy of going onto win the survivor setup this season?

Chelsea are having an indifferent season and as a manager you look at teams that are suffering and exploit that as a weakness. I think it would be great to beat last seasons champions, however it is not important who I beat on the way to potentially winning the survivor setup so no I don't think it does. Chelsea are a strong team though so winning wont be easy.


Tonight saw the quarter finals of the Shield take place with wins for Inter, Schalke, Milan and Bremen taking out Valencia, CSKA, Madrid and Lyon respectively. The semis have been drawn and pitch Schalke at home to Inter whilst Bremen host Milan so will it be an all german or all italian final or neither. The games are too be played 30th October.


A look towards thursdays fixtures sees the top game probably last seasons champions Chelsea hosting this seasons leaders Barcelona. Chelsea are slow starting this season but a win here would really help things along, whilst a couple of missing players may prove Barcas undoing.

Sevilla and Milan meet at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán with both sides hoping to crash into the top three. Sevilla have the luxery of a injury free sqaud whilst Milan are without Gary Neville and are unlikely to feature John Terry and Christiano Ronaldo.

A basement battle with three valuable points features Manchester United minus Javier Zanetti and Valencia who may feature some changes after taking part in tonights shield game.


Transfer talk and Schalke tie up the signing of twenty year old dutchman Jonathan De Guzman from Feyenoord for £11,200,000. The centre midfielder is rated 88 and will make a usefull addition to the squad.

Schalke are also rumoured to be selling Wes Sneijder to Milan but are struggling to find a fee to suit the clubs chairman, more to follow as it develops.


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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread

It's a fairly weakened side for CSKA tonight as they travel to Italy to face Danny's Juventus.

However, George still remains confident of victory in his 1st league game in charge, and depending on other results, that could lift them quite a few places in the table.

Making his debut tonight will be Diniyar Bilyaletdinov. photo.php?type=original&id=1158262982&x=250 He became George's first signing last night, as he joined from Lokomotiv Moskva for £11 million + Cristian Doni + Edgar Davids.

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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread


Issue 5 is slightly delayed in coming but finally arrives. Todays edition sees for the first time manager reactions to there games on MD16 as well as catching up with Milan man in charge Razz Hooley and also we see how George has got on in his first couple of games at CSKA.


George has given himself a tough task at CSKA and hasnt got off to the best of starts as he awaits his sides first win.

Q. Your first league game didnt go to plan, what do you tell your side in preperation for the visit of Bayern on sunday who are doing well currently?

Just to forget the past two games, enjoy it and play to the best of their ability. I'm not to worried at all with the form of any of them as it's a big change that has just happened. However, I'm definitely hoping to get our first win tomorrow and we go into the game targeting a win, which we will do every game.

Q. You made your first signing this week as CSKA boss bringing in the hard to pronounce BILYALETDINOV, how important was he for you to splash out a club record £11m for?

Very important, as I said previously the aim is to get the average age down, and the midfield is the biggest culprit. Bilyaletdinov is young, and talented so he fits what we wanted perfectly especially with the exchange of two of our older players in the deal.


Matchday 16 results

Lyon 1 - 1 Villarreal

Teje: The game against Villarreal was very even but I think that after Capdevila's red card we should have been able to win it. Although we equalized 12 minutes before the end of the match I think it was 2 points lost due to the fact that it was a home game and we had 1 more man on the field for 15 minutes.

Dan Payne:The game started well for us and I was pleased with the start we made. We got a goal after good pressing and a follow up from Riquelme and I was pleased to go in 1-0 up at half time. A fair result for both sides and we played well. We will build on that!

Arsenal 1 - 5 Internazionale

Pthame: One word: Shocking. There's no more to that.

Ivan Sakoman: We have finally found our tactics and some jokers from the bench. We also have some injured players but we have long bench so it didnt distract us.

Manchester United 2 - 0 Valencia

No comments from both managers

Bayern Munchen 1 - 1 Roma

No comment from Oobeee

Baseball Furie: i expected a win but at the end of the day a point is a point. I will be hoping to win this weekend.

Sevilla 0 - 3 Milan

Kevche: a bad defeat at home but not the end of the world or Sevilla's title challange.I decided to give Freddie Kanoute a bit of a rest and put him on as sub on 75mins.Looking back this was our downfall as the game was effectully over by then and we missed our top striker to convert our superior shots on goals!!

No comment from Razza

Chelsea 0 - 0 Barcelona

Alan Neller: Very tight game ,Robbie M came for the point and got the result he was after,he played a 4411 with only one up front on his own,the forwards Barca have it proved safety was his first option ,i am only 7 points still behind top place with plenty of games to go,still in race so happy .

RobbieM: It was a tough match against Chelsea and everything was even in terms of possession and shots on goal so its easy to see why it was a goaless draw but it could've gone either way. Sammy Eto'o missed a glorious chance in the 2nd minute where his shot hit the crossbar too. Obviously we were missing 3 key players and they are probably the difference between a draw and a win for us in this sort of match.

Fenerbahçe 2 - 2 Shakhtar Donetsk

Fenerbache are currently managerless.

Wolfcatt: After recent results this was a game I thought we were capable of winning. But we came from behind twice to get a draw and keep us in 10th place which the aim is to finish in the top 10 this season.

Juventus 4 - 1 CSKA Moskva

Danny Williams: Well the game was very satisfying and I hope for similar results in the near future,It looked like we were a different team,every player got on the scoresheet!!..Well almost

George: Hard to say really, I was shocked with it even though we had a lot of players rested. Obviously Juve deserved to win but maybe not by so many. Maybe it's the tactics so they might be changed for tomorrow.

Real Madrid 3 - 1 FC Schalke

Matt Jenkins: A happy man after this game, it was the first league game since i took charge of the club, goals in the first 15 minutes by Andrei ARSHAVIN (Madrid) and Jonathan DE GUZMAN (FC Schalke) saw the game get off to a good start and then on the 41st minute Raul (Madrid) made sure Madrid went into the second half infront. The second half was full of chances from both teams and in the 77th minute Ruud VAN NISTELROOY (Madrid) finished the game off with a stunning goal.

Leam Steve: Dissapointed for sure, i knew Madrid would be out to impress there new boss and they did there job. I was pleased with De Guzman's debut grabbing our goal.

Werder Bremen 1 - 0 Benfica

Dino Rezek: I can just say that some of my key players were tired so i putted some of my reserve players and i won the match finally.so that is it.

Col: We had a bad game but hat's off to Bremen who had a man sent off but still won, its now 2 defeats in a row but we can get back to winning ways with a bit of luck on sunday at home to chelsea


Raz Hooley has finally built a Milan side that looks like it can compete with the big boys, after his sides win over Sevilla we spoke to Razz about his hopes for the future.

Q. You finally got your man in Wesley Sneijder after a week of negotiations with Schalke, your chairman values him at £26m how important was he to your ambitions?

Wesley was someone I have been looking at for a long time. Centre midfield is a position that I had quite a bit of depth anyway, but I needed someone more attackingly minded to partner Essien. The negotiations were long-winded but I am pleased that both my chairman and the Schalke chairman came to an agreement, and Wesley has now joined.

Q. One defeat in eleven, a shield semi final to look forward too and third in the league, it must be nice being Raz at Milan currently?

It's turning out to be a great season. Its still all there to be won, but its also there to be lost. Whatever the outcome this season I will be extremely happy with my players' performances and attitude on and off the pitch. Morale is high, and theres plenty of ability on the bench if I ever need to make some changes. John Terry is certainly being missed, but will be fit again in a few weeks time and we will then be back to full strength for the run in at the end of the season. Weve all got our fingers crossed that we can maintain this form and we could maybe, just maybe land ourselves a double.


Many transfer moves this week and its been busy especially for Leam Steve and Schalke, having finally agreed a price with Milan for Sneijder, they also snapped up Pavel Pardo to replace the dutchman.

Barcelona secured the sevices of striker Antonio Di Natale but with Henry and Eto'o in the side its to be seen how the Italian will feature.

Roma spend £11,000,000 on striker Benni McCarthy who should form a lethal partnership with Francesco Totti.


Tonights cup semi final results sees a final contested between Fenerbache and Barcelona. Unluckily for Valencia and Shakhtar they were so near yet so far. Neither side has won before so a new name on the cup come 6th November.


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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread


Issue six of the SW is packed as always with manager reactions to there games and we also ask what they will be hoping for against there next opponents. Theres also the matter of the cup semi finals which were played last monday but as the cover tells you its a Fenerbache - Barcelona final.



Fenerbache hosted Valencia in the first semi and strangely both sides are unmanaged so to get this far is quite an achievement. It was a game that saw plenty of goals and Fenerbaches second half dispay saw them turn the tables on Valencia to win 4-3.

The second semi was contested between Wolfcatts Shakhtar who are much improved this season and RobbieM's Barcelona who are leading the way in the league. The game was one way trafic as Barca hammered Shakhtar to win 5-1. We talked to RM about his hopes for the Final on 06th November.

"What a result and will set us up well for an entertaining final against Fenerbache. Obviously I really want this piece of silverware to really put Barca on the survivor map so I hope we can perform as well as this on final day!"




Arsenal manager PTHAME"Our luck seems to have run out. Our performances of late are disgraceful."

Barcelona manager ROBBIEM"This was a fantastic score to get against a vibrant Arsenal side that are having a difficult season. We outclassed and out played them however results like this are hard to come by in this league so i won't be taken it for granted! One final note to say Gattuso was amazing today and showed us exactly what we were missing when he was injured!"


Bayern manager OOBEE"I was very impressed by the win, even though Villareal were last on the table, it was a game we couldn't afford to loose. Gabriel Heinze played great."

Villareal manager DAN PAYNE"Well it was a tough game as expected, Jehan is a top guy and has built a great side. We were dominated most of the game and although expected I was still a little dissapointed when they scored on the 75th thanks to Heinze's header. We have been good at defending set pieces recently and I dont feel we need to work on them at all."


Chelsea manager NELLERSNR"Well for the first10 min Roma could have been 2 nil up theirselves ,but once my wide men came into play they proved to good with the service given to my front men,with Toni getting Brace before half time and Shev getting third early in second to kill game ."

Roma manager BASEBALLFURIE was unavailable for comment


Inter manager IVAN SAKOMAN"We had an awful approach against Benfica and were lucky to get a point."

Benfica manager COLIN BAKER"It was nice to pick up a point away from home after losing the last 3 games"


Juve manager DANNY WILLIAMS and Milan manager RAZ unavailable for comment


Lyon manager TEJE unavailable for comment

Schalke manager LEAMSTEVE"Lyon are the leagues draw specialists but i was hoping for all the points. Going behind early on meant we had a lot of work to do and Hitzlspergers deflected shot helped us back into it."


United manager BOBO unavailable for comment

Fenerbache unmanaged


Madrid manager MATT JENKINS and Donetsk manager WOLFCATT unavailable for comment


Sevilla manager KEVCHE"Emphatic victory over Valencia,Kanoute was in great form chipping in with 2 goals bringing his total to 11 for the season,how my chairman only values him at 13 mill amazes me!!!"

Valencia unmanaged


Bremen manager DINO REZEK"Well i was the better team against cska,more ball possession,more shots on goal,and i think that i really have a good team."

CSKA manager GEORGE"Disappointed with this result, a change of the tactics made us stronger I felt, but it obviously didn't for this game. We managed to score at least, and put on a bit of pressure. We didn't exactly play bad though so we can take that as a plus point."


Only one transfer this week with Juventus signing Hamit Altintop from Ajax for £11,200,000. The 89rated former Ajax midfielder returns to the setup having made two appearances for FC Schalke in season one.




Four teams will be focusing on the shield this week hoping to reach Wembley by knocking out there opponents on Monday.

FC Schalke host Inter Milan in the first Semi and both managers had this too say about the opponents."This is the one i want to win, Inter are no pushover but i dont feel they are as strong as they were in season one. I'm hoping we can recreate the 3-1 win we had earlier in the season.""Shield semi finals are going to be hard, especially as we are guests. Its our main target this season so we will play our very best, fully fit squad.".

Werder Bremen host Milan and when these sides met at the end of August it was Milan who had the points, will they be able to book a place in the final when these two meet on Monday.


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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread


Previews for MD19 and league leaders Barcelona go to Benfica and RobbieM is a confidant man. "Tough team to play against. I'd like to say I think I could get a win but we will see how it goes on the day. We have a strong squad with quality players and whoever makes the starting XI will give me 110% on the pitch and that is all I will ask of them.". Benfica in 7th also have a plan as Colin mentioned "We are at home to a very strong Barcelona team but we know where there weakness is and will will aim for all 3 points.".

INJURIES: DECO(barcelona) ZE ROBERTO(benfica)

Real Madrid will fancy there chances at unmanaged Fenerbache who are 17th with the spanish side only defeated once in there last six. A win for Madrid could see them top if Barca lose.

INJURIES: ROBINHO(real madrid) ZACCARDO(fenerbache)

Milan will also be hoping the above two slip up so they can take top spot with a win over 4th placed Bayern Munich which should be the game of the day.


Chelsea visit a CSKA side still searching there first win whilst Chelsea are putting a few results together now. George though is optimistic "Definitely going to be a tough game, but we have to try our best. I'm undecided whether the tactics will remain the same, but we've had quite a few positional changes recently so that may have an effect. After recent performances, I would happy with a point.". Neller SNR sees only three points form this match "On both teams form i am hoping to pick up all 3 points,with my side not being beat in the last 6 games ,and Moscow losing last 4 . Dont really like to say much about another managers running of his own club ,but you only have to take a look at Georges full squad of players Morale to see all is not right ,only 3 happy must be the team talks he gives ."


Sevilla coach Kevche goes to his old club Shakhtar after a great win over Valencia heres his thoughts "Facing my old club Shakhtar will be a tough match as Wolfcatt seems to be getting the kind of football out of them that i knew they were capable of." A win for Shakhtar would put them above Sevilla and possibly as high as 6th place.


more to follow later.....

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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread

Johann Mendez Takes Over at Fenerbahce


Johann Mendez has taken over unmanaged side Fenerbahce. The new manager had observed from the stands today during Fenerbahce's win over Real Madrid and has been quite impressed with the side. He states that he hopes that he will help the side achieve success and hope to do it as soon as next week in the Cup Final against the Catalans. He states that it would be a very tough match against the leaders and he is looking forward to that.

Before that though, the new manager has to face tough opposition in the form of teje's Lyon at Gerland.

The new manager will be looking to have transfers almost immediately, hoping to strengthen the squad ahead of their big clash in the final.


Overall I hope I can learn something from all of you experienced managers here. I'm quite new compared to you all and hope I can be as good as you all here.

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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread




A near sold out ArenaAuf witnessed a tense affair as neither side wanted to take chances in a vital matchup. Both sides hit the woodwork and Jonathan De Guzman missed a tap in to send the game to penalties which was won by a single goal by Inter.

SW caught up with Inter manager Ivan Sakoman for this comment:

Im delighted with my teams result, but the hardest part is in front of us. I have a good feeling bout this and i think we can win another trophy and become the best team ever played in Survivor.


Weserstadion was one short of a full house and like the Schalke-Inter game things were tense and tight. Bremen came closest with Emerson and also a couple of spectacular overhead kicks by Reyes and Klose missed the target. Milan took the game to a shootout and went through.

So Italys top two clubs will meet 13th November and will played in the typical fashion of the Derby della Madonnina. Good luck to Ivan and Razz and a preview will follow later in the week.




Arsenal run out of time at the Bernabau as they are narrowly beaten by Madrid


Xavi's clever finish gives Barca all the points and leaves the home side top


Chelsea shellshocked at the bridge after taking the lead Milan hit them for four


Jesus Navas cracks in a superb effort to give the home side all the points


Benfica do well to hold off Roma after Babel is sent off early in the second half


Valencia get a much needed win and Ribery sees red for Munich as well as being there goalscorer


Julio Cruz double gives Inter all the points, but a late fightback with Pires netting makes it uneasy for the home side


Kompany and Alex on target for visitors in the first half which was enough for the win, Tevez hit back but there was too be no equaliser


Schalke hang on with ten men after goals from Milito and Pardo. A late Beckham goal gave Bremen hope


Two sides battleing well in the setup, Juventus are keeping up with the pacesetters but its new territory for Donetsk under new manager Wolfcatt who has them in midtable. Valeri Bojinov opened the scoring early on for the home side with an amazing strike. Five minutes on though and Donetsk were back in the thick of it Zvonimir Vukic striking well. Juventus powered on and Bojinovs second of the game restored the lead and only half the first half had been played.

Into the second half and straight from the restart Juve took a three one lead when Nedved showed skill and composure to finish. Shakhtar should of been finished but a never say die attitude led to Igor Duljaj grabbing one back before a leveller came courtesy of Vukic's second of the game.

SW caught up with Danny Williams after the game:

Q. Danny great game with Shakhtar, a commanding first half performance, your side struggled in the second and allowed Shakhtar back in, what were your views?

Well yes it was a very entertaining game for the neutrals but for the Juve fans it was a disappointing game.

Q. Valeri Bojinov on hand again to give you the lead, with him now suspended for a game and Thomas Rosicky out do you see a struggle in your next match?

Bojinov is a machine and gives 100% all the time,although he is suspended we are covered because Fernando Torres is raring to go


Fenerbache unveiled another new manager in the form of Johann Mendez. SW spoke to the new boss as he begins his reign and hopefully sticks it out through the thick and the thin.

Welcome to the setup Johann, an unknown entity to most of us, tell us a bit about yourself, what other setups you are in and what honours you may of achieved?

I am relatively new and less experienced than most of the managers here. Though, I am managing a Barcelona team in the Forum Fun setup and my personal high there is the runners-up of Division 1. I also manage Porto in Setup 555, which is doing quite well and stays at the top 6 of the division 1 standings.

How do you expect the cup final to go on monday seeing as you have just taken charge?

I just want my team to have fun there as well as play their best game. It is a big match for me, my players and Fenerbahce. It is an honour to be in the Cup Final. Of course, I hope to win, but it would be tough, seeing that Barcelona have a very good squad. I expect a very close match which could see either side win.

You've been busy in the transfer market taking on a couple of youngsters and Juanito and Galletti, do you expect a struggle or to rise up the table now?

Yes, I've been busy there. But as you can see, they were impressive. Galletti provided a superb assist for the team and Juanito defended well. As for the youngsters, they are mainly for the future. I expect the team to continue their current streak and rise up the table. We are just two points behind 13th place and we aim to try to at least get that. But you cannot predict anything. I've just been in charge for one match only, but I think that with the current squad and maybe few more new players, the team would fare well.




With the past two winners of this cup coming from Spain and Barca sitting on top of the table, the odds would certainly be stacked in RobbieM's corner for the third Survivor cup final on tuesday.

For Fenerbache they have appointed a manager which little is known about and may be able to provide a huge shock in his short time at the club.

When these sides met in the league back on 20th September it was Barcelona who won two one after Fenerbache had took the lead. Barcas form also looks promising having just suffered there first defeat in there last ten games in all competitions, perhaps only losing the last game due to resting the big players for this one.

Fenerbache have had a rocky run this season and got too the final despite being unmanaged for most of it. They are also on a good run with only two defeats of late and have got off to a winning start under Johann.

The dangermen for both sides will have to be on top of there game and for Barca that means the deadly partnership of Thierry Henry and Sammy Eto'o who have knocked in 37goals together this season.


New signing David De Souza will be hoping to find the net for his first Fenerbache goal whilst the engine will be driven by Alberto Zapater. Goals are hard to come by at Fenerbache this season and Hernan Crespo leads the way with only five strikes.


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Re: Survivor Setup Official Thread



Giallorossi Chairman Franco Sensi today revealed the future of the club is now under a new and exciting erra with the appointment of

vastly experienced Scottish born manager Mr.Friel aka JINKY7 AKA CAPO.

In a brief interview with the press Mr.Friel had this to say.

Interviewer:Mr.Friel first off can I just congratulate you on your appointment as the new A.S Roma coach, my first question for you is why A.S Roma ?

Friel: Thank you, why AS.ROMA ? don't ask silly questions, next please!

Interviewer 2: Mr.Friel how do you feel regarding the minority of fans disapproval at your appointment?

Mr.Friel: The minority of fans disapprove may be because the minority of fans at this club are arm chair fans and don't necessary have a clue about real football and what it takes to manage a top club like AS Roma.

Interviewer 3:Mr.Friel Franco Sensi has shown great faith in you and feels that you are (The one) in which will bring over due success to this club how do you plan to do this ?

Mr.Friel: There were obvious things this club was lacking before I was giving the opportunity here and 1 thing it was lacking was me. I have faith in my ability and faith in my current set of players, with one or two tweaks, maybe one or two signings and a new and improved youth policy, then i can guarantee success as long as the board back me which Mr.Sensi has said he will.

Interviewer 4Mr.Friel:Mr.Friel can I ........Mr.Friel:Wait...Wait Wait let me stop you there before you go on I no longer wish to be referred to as Mr.Friel, call me Braveheart or The One

Interviewer 4: Braveheart ? The One ? Ok Mr.Braveheart your first game has your team up against it at Cska Moscow whats your opinion on the Moscow squad and their manager George ?

The One: George like every other coach in this league is profeshional in how he conducts himself and he has a proven track record. I don't normally comment on other squads but Moscow's key man is obviously Vagner Love, but there is no worries there as I will have my team prepared for him.

Interviewer 5: Mr.One do you have any transfer targets that you wish to discuss ?

The One: Guys come on, you know as well as I do that I can't possibly comment on tranfers before they are finalized. One thing I can tell you is the club had a bid rejected earlier tonight for Portuguese winger Luis Figo. I can also tell you that Mr.Sensi and his associate are flying to South America tonight to have talks with serveral players none of which I can currently mention.

Mr.Sensi: Ok guys thats enough questions for today, tomorrow I will assign my P.A to re-schedule another press conference between 5-7pm.

Interviwer 2: Mr.Friel before you go may I wish you success for seasons to come while you are in the hot seat at the stadia de Olimpico in Rome on behalf of myself the media and the whole of Italy.

The One: Security take a note of his name and make sure he doesn't attend tomorrows interview.



There Is laughter from all around as the media prepare to leave while interviewer 2 is escorted out the side door


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