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How to make signatures can i have a tutorial.

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Allow (that): Absolutely no way  Big up:To praise or congratulate  Bung: alowed Completely drunk Lacoste polo Homme   Devo: Devastated  Drunk: dial Phoning/texting while under the influenceRalph Lauren Femme  Dry: Something tedious or dull  Fo'shizzle: Definitely  Gank: The act of stealing  Neek: Hybrid of nerd and geek  Owned: To be embarrassed Cheap lacoste polo t shirt  Safe: Cool  Skankaroo: Disgusting  Soz: Sorry  wipeout: When your cash cards stop working  Teek: Very old  Twoc: Take without owner's consent  Vamoosh: To go  Wagwan: What's going on?  Woop woop: Noise made to denote happiness。  Zoned out: Day dreaming

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