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Ciaran Clark - CB- Aston Villa - NOT ON DB


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Ciaran Clark


Aston Villa

26/09/1989 (19 Years Old)


Ciaran Clark is a classy and composed central defender - and an excellent captain too.

Clark, another product of Villa's renowned academy, has skippered the club's youth side and was also proud to lead out England on many occasions in the under 19 ranks.

He has impressed for the reserves over the past three seasons too, with his solid and dependable performances at the back.

Clark made the trip to Moscow for the UEFA Cup clash but was not called upon.

He is definately seen as another star in the making.

He has started in Villa's game v Fulham today :) It's half time at the moment, but we'll see how many minutes he gets.

I used the search tool he is mentioned in a couple of threads but does not have his own, I thought he should get his own because he's made a 1st team appearance in the Premiership.

With a few more appearances, he may get added to the database.

Majority of information taken from Aston Villa website

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Re: Ciaran Clark - CB- Aston Villa - NOT ON DB

do you think he will get many more minutes?

I hope so, but now that Young is seemingly going to get more games under any new manager that comes in and certainly MacDonald, Cuellar, last seasons RB will compete for his natural position of CB.

Meaning our CBs consist of:

Dunne, Collins, Davies, Cuellar and Clark.

So it will be tough for him to regularly get football. But i do hope he gets it, if it means selling Davies, who i like, and wasnt given a fair crack of the whip by Oneil, then so be it. Especially if the cash was ok.

I cant put a estimate on it, but i can pretty much guarentee he will have some involvement in the first team.

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Re: Ciaran Clark - CB- Aston Villa - NOT ON DB

I think he will probably be pushed up above Davies in the pecking order, especially if we keep Kevin MacDonald. He is a lot more promising than Davies, and I believe him and Albrighton are must buys (Albrighton especially).

Other Villa youngsters who will hopefully get a chance this season:

Eric Lichaj - RB/CB - 21/75

Andreas Weimann - CF - 19/75

Shane Lowry - CB/LB - 21/80

Barry Bannan - CM/LM - 20/78

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