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What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?


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Ok, so I never did Part 2. This should compensate for it.

Red = Young future star and riser

Orange = Young player to look out for in the future

Green = Riser

Sky Blue = Potential young star to be added

Magenta = Young player to be added

1.JOAO PAULO, Purcino - LB/LM - 19 - 76


Despite Flu being dead last, Joao Paulo is a player who has quite impressed with him calm attitude and decent long balls. Has started more for Flu then anyone else not named Conca, Wellington Montero, Marquinho, Luiz Alberto or Edcarlos. (88, 87, 83, 87, 86)

Verdict: Rise to 81, keep after his rise.

2.KIEZA - F - 22


Has been the most impressive striker thus far, filling in for Fred's injury and playing better then the ex-Lyonnais.

Verdict: Added at 79. Is a great buy if rated lower then 76.



Dieguinho has been quite severely injured in the last game after running into his opponent. He has only featured 5 times, to mixed reviews.

Verdict: Added at 74. Wait to see how he does after the injury, as he is very hit/miss.

4. DALTON - CB - 19


Has only played 4 games, but Flu have played very well in those four games. He is being brought up slowly, especially with Gum's recent addition, but he could turn out to be a big riser next season. Brazilian youth international.

Verdict: Added at 73. Worth getting if he's anywhere under 77.

5. MARQUINHO, Antonio - LM - 23 - 83


Key player for Fluminense this year, stepping in to fill the void left by Thiago Neves. Not quite good enough to play for a big team.

Verdict: Rise to 85, sell after.

6. CIRO, Silva - F - 20 - 77


Hasn't scored yet for Sport, but is a key player in their attack. He does know how to score, as he was top scorer in the Campeonato Pernambucano. Also called up and scored a few goals for the Brazil U20's, he's expected to play in the U20 World Cup next month. Linked to Lyon, Panathinaikos, Sporting and Shakhtar Donetsk, to name a few.

Verdict: Rise to 81, keep after.

7. GUTO, Pacheco Fraga - F - 21 - 75


Has played 8 times this season, scoring once. Also chipped in with a few goals in the Pernambucano. I'm not too exited about him, he's a bit of an enigma.

Verdict: Rise to 78, then perhaps sell.

8. GILMAR, Silva Santos - F - 25 - 80


One of the top scorers this season, Nautico's Gilmar has attracted tons of interest from France mainly. His 10 goals in 20 games is most on Nautico, and in the top 5 league-wise.

Verdict: Rise to 84. Sell after.



Anderson Santana broke a bone early in the season and was out for most of the Campeonato Pernambucano. His return was full in May, and he has since started 16 games in a row, making him the 4th most played Nautico player.

Verdict: Rise to 81. If you are patient, wait for him to crawl up to 84.

10. JOHNNY, Osorio - DM/LB - 24 - 76


Hard nosed midfielder who started every Pernambucano and Brasileiro game before getting injured, including 14 Brasileiro games. Attracted interest from D. Zagreb.

Verdict: Rise to 81. Then wait.

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

11. GALIARDO - D - 21


Ordinary defensive midfielder/defender who has featured 13 times. Will be added, but no one will care.

Verdict: Added at 77. Don't bother.

12. NILSON - CB - 20


Very talented young defender who was the heart of last year's impressive junior team, with Anderson Lessa. Has featured 10 times.

Verdict: Added at 77. Might be worth a buy.

13. DINDA, Elivan - AM - 20 - 75


Dinda got off to a good start, but hasn't featured in the past two months. He's an exiting player with a lot of potential, but is too raw at the moment.

Verdict: No rise yet. Wait a bit to see how he develops.

14. ANDERSON LESSA, Jose - F/AM - 20 - 72


Nautico's super sub. Has only featured 10 times this season, but that's because of an injury that kept him out over a month. Lessa is a dynamic young player, top scorer in the U20 Brasileiro last season, and he's scored three times, drawing a few pens in the process. Pre-signed for Cruzeiro next season.

Verdict: Rise to 77/78 and keep him after.

15. SIMOES DE OLIVEIRA, Victor - CF - 28 - 81


Victor Simoes is a key player in the Botafogo attack since arriving from Japan in January. He has scored 5 goals in his 19 starts and has set up many others.

Verdict: Rise to 84/85, then sell.

16. EDUARDO, Neto - DM/D - 20 - 77


Eduardo is a young player who can play anywhere in the defense or midfield and look comfortable. He often looks like he's playing 4 positions at once. Loves to run. Has started 18 of Botafogo's 21 matches.

Verdict: Rise to 83, then sell if you need cash.

17. WELLINGTON, Reis - CB - 20 - 72


Ex-Cruzeiro has not developped into the player we thought he would. No longer in the Brazil youth setup, he is starting to shine a bit for Botafogo however, and his 8 starts are enough to get him a small rise.

Verdict: Rise to 77 and keep him after.

18. LAIO - F - 20


Laio is a dynamic young player known for his speed. Finishing abilities and crossing leave a lot to be desired however, but if he can work on it, he'll be a good one.

Verdict: Added at 75. If he's lower then that, pick him up.



Another young striker who had a few chances early in the year. He has a lot of potential, very hit and miss.

Verdict: Added at 75. If lower, might be a good buy.



Hasn't been given any chances at Botafogo, he just subbed in once. But he's been called up a few times for the Brazil U20's and has impressed. He's just waiting for his chance.

Verdict: Added at 71. Get him if he's that low.

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

21. PEDRO KEN, Moreira - AM/RM - 22 - 82


The last of the "Golden Three" in Brazil (with Buss Henrique and Keirrison), Pedro Ken is still impressing at Coritiba, where he is growing as a player without being rushed. Give him a few more years and he'll be ready for Europe/Japan.

Verdict: Rise to 84, keep.

22. DEMERSON - 23 - CB


Coritiba's big #38 has looked ok so far. He's good in the air, but nothing to write home about.

Verdict: Added at 77, not worth it.

23. BRUNO BATATA - 24 - F


Bruno is a player who was wanted by many clubs before this season. Coritiba won the sweepstakes and he has since played in 16 matches, half of them starts. He has 3 goals to his name, and is just starting to come into his own.

Verdict: Added at 78. The price tag will probably be too high for him to be worth it.

24. RENATINHO, Ribeiro - AM - 20 - 76


Very flashy player who scores wonderful goals, but he is still learning the game and working on his strength. Has scored once in the Brasileiro and once in the Sudamericana, both half-volleys.

Verdict: Small rise to 78. Keep him after.

25. NUNES - F - 27 - 75


I'm not quite sure how the Santo Andre lineup will look on SM, but I know Nunes is in for a rise. He's their top goal scorer, with 5 goals in 18 matches.

Verdict: Rise to 82, then sell.



Brightest star in the Santo Andre academy, Ricardo Goulart has subbed in 8 times, scoring once. He also scored 4 in the Paulista championship when only aged 17. He's sure to move on to a better club.

Verdict: Added around 74. Worth picking up if cheap.

27. WILLIANS, Domingos - CM - 23 - 80


Without Willians, Flamengo would probably be in the relegation zone. He is without any question the star of the team since arriving from Santo Andre. 18 of 21 starts, the rest he was suspended. Could move on to Europe, he'd fit in fine.

Verdict: Rise to 85, keep him after.

28.EVERTON, Cardoso - AM/LM - 20 - 82


Everton has been another bright spot for Flamengo, taking over the left flank as his own. He has scored twice, but can drift in and out of games. A bit of a mystery player.

Verdict: Rise to 84. Sell/Keep.

29. WELINTON, Souza - CB - 20 - 75


Even though he hasn't had the best of seasons by any stretch, he has still started 14 matches and has a ton of potential. This U20 international will need to work on a few things, but with the right coaching, could be a star.

Verdict: Rise to 80 then keep.

30. EVERTON SILVA, Jose - RB - 21 - 74


Quickest player in Brazil. Still needs to work on controlling it and using it to his advantage, but be careful if you beat an offside trap against Fla, as E.S. will catch up to you. Only has 6 starts this season though.

Verdict: Rise to 78, then keep.

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

31. LENON - CM - 19


Has started the last three in relief of the injured Kleberson, and seems to be one of the only players for Flamengo who cares. Very encouraging performances, I like him a lot and think that he might be able to make some noise in the next two seasons.

Verdict: Added at 75. If lower, buy.

32. JORBISON - LB - 17


Lots of hype about this kid, but I havn't seen it yet. Very poor in the game I saw. However, that was just one game, and the critics love him

Verdict: Added at 74. Buy him.

33. CAMACHO, Guilherme - AM - 19


Subbed in 9 times, he's getting some exposure. Very shy on the ball, hardly puts his stamp on a game. U20 international, and could be a good player.

Verdict: Added at 76. Wait and see.



Havn't seen him play, but the hype is there. He's only subbed in twice though.

Verdict: Added at 72. Worth looking into.

35. MARCIO AZEVEDO, Gonzaga - LB/LM - 23 - 82


I do not like this player at all. In fact, even if he does rise, which he will, I'm still not buying him. However, Paranaense love him and he has 20 of 21 starts.

Verdict: Rise to 85, then sell.

36. CHICO, Luis - CM - 22 - 83


One of last year's biggest risers, this Edmilson type DM/CB has been one of the strong points for Atletico. He'll be moving on soon, probably to Europe.

Verdict: Rise to 85, then keep.

37. WALLYSON, Ricardo - CF - 20 - 75


Interesting player this one. Clearly a starter other then when injured, he's pretty much been Atletico's main man up front. Has 3 goals in 11 starts and has set up many more, he is a definate keeper. So fast too.

Verdict: Rise to 81, then keep.

38. RAUL, Guilherme Martins - RB/RM - 19 - 76


Started off really well but has tailed off lately and isn't playing quite as much. Still a top prospect for the future, he has been called up to Brazil's U20 squad lately. He has 9 starts and 12 appearances for Atletico, but they have been leaking goals in those games.

Verdict: Rise to 80, then keep.

39. MANOEL - CB - 19


Has played about as much as Raul, but isn't nearly as flashy. He's solid in all aspects, however, and has taken a starting role in recent weeks.

Verdict: Added at 76. Might be worth looking into.

40. PATRICK - F - 19


Has been talked about a lot, but I havn't seen much promise here. Played a lot while Wallyson was injured.

Verdict: Added at 75. Wait a bit.

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

41. FRANSERGIO - DM - 18


Looks like he's being groomed to replace Chico whenever he makes the move. Hasn't played that much and might turn out to be a riser in the future.

Verdict: Added at 73. Wait.

42. GABRIEL, Lima Oliveira - AM - 19 - 74


Better known as Gabriel Pimba, this U20 international hasn't had many chances with Atletico, but has impressed internationally. He has 1 goal in 5 sub apps.

Verdict: Keep an eye on him.

43. DIEGO RENAN - LB - 19


The revelation of the past month or so, Diego Renan is now the starting LB, replacing Kiev's Gerson Magrao. He has 8 starts and 4 sub appearances as well as 2 key goals. Has been Cruzeiro's best in the past month.

Verdict: Added at 80. Get him.

44. BERNARDO, Vieira da Souza - AM - 19 - 76


Anyone who hasn't heard me sing his praises hasn't been paying attnetion. One of the best young set pice takers around, Bernardo has a great future ahead, already having a 2 mil offer from Valencia. Has appeared 10 times, 4 as a sub, and scored one goal. Hasn't been playing much since the arrival of Gilberto.

Verdict: Rise to 79/80. Get him anyway.

45. VINICIUS - CB - 19


Nowhere nearly as impressive as Dudu, Bernardo, Diego Renan or even Aderson Uchoa, but Vinicius has featured 7 times without really looking out of place. Still an unknown quantity, with the number of CB's Cruzeiro have, he'll have a hard time.

Verdict: Added at 75, don't bother.

46. DUDU - AM - 17


Definate star potential here. The U17 international has impressed in his limited appearances and in international appearances. Is being brought up slowly, but you'll hear of him again.

Verdict: Added at 74. Buy him.



Ok, so he's only featured 3 times (1 start), and those were with B teams. But he has played fairly well, shown flashes of skill and ability. Won't play much more this year, but he may just have a future.

Verdict: Added at 72. Wait.

48. WALLACE, Reis Silva - CB/DM - 21 - 80


One of the best tacklers in Brazil at the moment, Wallace has gone from anonymity to top target in a few months. Has started 18 games and has a goal to his name.

Verdict: Rise to 84, then it's up to you.

49. APODI, Luiz - RB/RM - 22 - 78


Defensive liability, but on a weak team, Apodi sure can produce offense. Has 3 goals to his name in 18 starts.

Verdict: Rise to 83, then it's up to you.

50. VICTOR RAMOS, Ferreira - CB - 20 - 77


Has had his Vitoria career put on hold due to a possible move to Europe. Big, powerful centre back who can lead a team, future captain. Brazil U20 international. 15 starts, 1 goal.

Verdict: Rise to 83/84, then keep.

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

51. UELLITON, Silva Vieira - DM/CM - 22 - 80


Could become a good player if he learns to discipline himself. In 14 starts, he has 6 yellows and 2 reds. Decent DM plugger, though

Verdict: Rise to 82, then perhaps sell?

52. NETO BEROLA - F - 21


Has become the super sub, coming on in most games. He has 7 appearances total, with 2 goals to his name. Was a top scorer in the lower divisions, he has the potential to become it for Vitoria.

Verdict: Added 75. Wait and see.

53. MADSON, Formagini - AM/LM - 23 - 84


One of the top players in Brazil. Hasn't missed a game and has 5 goals to his name, quite a few times votes into the team of the round. Definate player to watch.

Verdict: Rise to 87. Then it's up to you.

54. PAULO HENRIQUE, Chagas - AM - 19 - 71


Just keeps getting better and better. 20 starts, 1 sub, 5 goals and impressive performances at that. Works great with Madson, Neymar and Kleber Pereira. Another gem.

Verdict: Rise to 84/85, keeper.

55. PARA, Marcos - LB - 23 - 76

Lost his spot, but is still in for a rise after 12 starts and 5 subs.

Verdict: Rise to 80, then sell.

56. ELI SABIA - CB - 20


20 year old centre back has made the spot his own since arriving and replaced Fabiano Eller. Decent player, nothing spectacular.

Verdict: Added at 78. Depends if you have cash.

57. NEYMAR, Silva - F/AM - 17 - 76


Brazilian wonderkid, bla bla bla, anyways, 6 starts, 14 subs, 4 goals. Keep him.

Verdict: Rise to 81. Keep.

58. ANDRE - F - 18


Decent young centre-forward who will someday replace Kleber Pereira. Grew up with Neymar and Paulo Henrique, he's definatly worth watching. Only 2 sub appearances though.

Verdict: Added 72. Wait and see.

59. ADILSON, Warken - CM/DM - 22 - 80


Not that impressive of a player. Only replacing Willian Magrao, yet has 19 starts so far. Good moneymaker.

Verdict: Rise to 84/85, then sell.

60. FABIO SANTOS, Romeu - LM/LB - 23 - 82


Great left back, who has been injured and will miss the next 2 months. It will be interesting to see whether he keeps his spot with Lucio arriving.

Verdict: Rise to 85, then be patient.

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

61. RAFAEL MARQUES, Pinto - CB - 25 - 85


Quality CB who has played a ton and scored a lot in the Libertadores. Also has 3 Brasileiro goals.

Verdict: Rise to 87 then sell.

62. JONAS, Goncalves - F - 25 - 85


He may not be a consistent starter (12 starts, 6 subs), but he is a consistent scorer (8 goals, leads the team). Always dangerous.

Verdict: Rise to 87 then sell.



Replaced Ruy as a starter on this team, and has he ever impressed.

Verdict: Added 79. Look into buying him.

64. DOUGLAS COSTA, de Souza - AM - 18 - 78


Hasn't been as good as people think. He's actually been quite anonymous, with 4 starts and 9 sub appearances. I'm a lot less enthousiastic about him then I was.

Verdict: Rise to 80, then keep.

65. MAYLSON, Barbosa - RM/AM - 20 - 74


Decent player still looking to crack the lineup. Gremio really should loan him out.

Verdict: Rise to 76, then keep if you are patient.



Good young LB who has 3 starts and 2 subs while waiting for Lucio to be ready. He really impressed in those matches and is worth waiting for.

Verdict: Added 74, if you are very patient, maybe pick him up?

67. LEANDRO CASTAN, da Silva - CB - 22 - 78


Defender has been a key part of the backline, starting 20 matches.

Verdict: Rise to 82/83

68. XANDAO - CB - 21


TRAFFIC loanee has started basically every game since taking his spot in week 4. Won't stay at Barueri for long.

Verdict: Added at 81. If he's mid to low 70's, he's a must buy.

69. ELIAS, Mendes - CM/DM - 24 - 78


Most played man on Corinthians, also a key part of their Copa win. Elias should've risen higher then 78 after starting 30 times last year, he's one of the top defensive mids in Brazil right now.

Verdict: Rise to 85/86, then keep.

70. DENTINHO, Bruno Bonfim - F - 2 - 83


Has finally taken the starters role and made it his. One can only wonder how long it will take before he tries his luck in Europe. 15 starts, 5 goals

Verdict: Rise to 85/86, then it's up to you.

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

71. JUCILEI, da Silva - DM/CM - 21 - 78


Relative unknown when signed in May from J.Malucelli, he has fit in perfectly as a replacement for Cristian and Andre Santos, playing both DM and LB. He has 15 starts and 3 subs, and he'll keep playing.

Verdict: Rise to 83/84.

72. DIEGO, Sacoman - CB/LB - 22 - 77


One of the worst players for Corinthians thus far, he hasn't impressed at all and is sure to see his playing time diminish even more now that there are new signings. However, he did start 12 matches.

verdict: Rise to 80, then sell.

73. BOQUITA, Rafael - AM - 19 - 76


Has been impressing much more of late and has taken over the title of "young AM star" from Lulinha at Corinthians. Scored a cracker a few weeks back, and has been called up for two spells with the U20 national team. 5 starts, 6 subs for Corinthians.

Verdict: Rise to 80, keep.

74.RENATO - CB - 19


A star for the youth ranks, Renato has started 4 when Corinthians played their B team, and hasn't looked half bad. He's actually scored a goal, and earned a call up to Brazil's U20 team. Don't expect many more apps this year though.

Verdict: Added 75. Wait and see if he's worth it.

75.MARCELINHO - F/W - 19


Starred along Boquita at the Junior level, he hasn't been able to translate that to the big team yet. 2 starts, 6 subs, but he hasn't done anything.

Verdict: Added 75, don't buy yet.



Brazil U 20 international has just started 2 this year and probably won't get anymore. Very promising for the future, however, he's been touted as Andre Santos' long term replacement.

Verdict: Added at 73, wait and see.

77. ARANHA, Mario Lucio - G - 28 - 78


The spider has had a big impact on Atletico since arriving from Ponte. He arrived, they started winning, he got hurt, they started losing. Still, his spot as starter is pretty much garanteed.

Verdict: Rise to 81, keep for more.

78. WELTON FELIPE, Marques - CB - 23 - 80


Tall, tough defender has been Atletico's backbone this season. Started every game he was eligible for, and has picked up 9 yellows.

Verdict: Rise to 84, then probably sell.

79. WERLEY, Ananias - CB - 20 - 75


Has taken Leandro Almeida's spot after his departure for eastern Europe. Average player, good enough for the starting 11. 14 starts.

Verdict: Rise to 81. Wait for more instructions.

80. MARCOS ROCHA - D - 20


Versatile defender has been filling holes all season. He has 4 starts and 6 subs, including 1 goal, but hasn't been that impressive.

Verdict: Added at 76, probably not worth it.

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

81. KLEBER - F - 20


Only 4 subs, but this player is worth watching in the future. A TRAFFIC investment, he's scored in Campeonato Mineiro.

Verdict: Added at 73. If less, buy.

82. MURIQUI, Luis - AM - 23 - 74


Constant starter, Muriqui has been one of the main men for Avai, who are surprisingly 5th. He has 21 starts and 6 goals.

Verdict: Rise to 83/84. Then sell.

83. UENDEL, Pereira Goncalves - LB - 20 - 75


Has been injured for a while, but he is the starter for Avai. Only has 10 starts though, that could impact the rating.

Verdict: Rise to 79. Keep for a bigger rise next time.

84. CRISTIAN - F - 19


Reporters in the state of Santa Catarinense are raving about this kid and his performances for the junior squad. We havn't seen much yet (4 subs), but he looks like a decent one.

Verdict: Added at 73. May be worth taking a chance on later on.

85. LAURO, Junior - Gk - 28 - 85


Starter for one of the best teams in Brazil all season, throughout their cup run and there's been interest from Italy.

Verdict: Rise to 87. Keep/Sell.

86. ANDREZINHO, Tavares - AM - 26 - 85


Inter's response to Madson and Cleiton Xavier. He has been the main man in the midfield, not D'Alessandro. Very good player, 16 starts, 3 goals in the league, that's not counting multiple starts in Copa do Brasil and Campe Gaucho.

Verdict: Rise to 87/88. Sell after.

87. TAISON, Barcellos - AM/F - 21 - 83


Hasn't been as good as in the Gaucho, where he won the golden boot, but has still been impressive. 4 goals in 12 starts.

Verdict: Rise to 85/86, keep.

88. SANDRO RANIERI, Guimaraes - DM - 20 - 78


Ex U20 captain, he's now been called up to be a full Brazil international. Linked with an 18 million Euro move to Tottenham, but Inter want more. Need I say more?

Verdict: Rise to 84 for now. Keep.

89. GIULIANO, Victor da Paula - AM/F - 19 - 75


Has really hit his form this past month. Brazil U20 international has been highly rated, but is finally playing up to his potential, which is great to see. 11 starts, 6 subs, 2 goals.

Verdict: Rise to 82. Keep.

90. DANILO SILVA, Aparecido - CB/RB - 22 - 74


Has been the first replacement when needed at the back. Hasn't looked out of place either, though he would probably be better at CB then RB. 8 starts, 3 subs.

Verdict: Rise to 79/80. Then wait.

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

91. MARQUINHOS - 19 - F


One of the top youngsters to pass through the Inter academy recently. That includes Pato, Sandro, Taison, Rafael and a few others. He's only subbed in once, for about 10 minutes, but he's worth watching, most definatly.

Verdict: Added 70. Buy.

92. DENIS, Cesar - Gk - 22 - 78


Replaced Ceni and won't get that spot back unless Ceni gets re-injured. Was still ok for 15 starts.

Verdict: Rise to 82/83. Then sell.

93. OSCAR, Emboaba - AM - 17 - 76


Quite possibly the second best attacking mid under 17 years old in Brazil. Even with Coutinho, behind Neymar. Only has subbed 5 times, he'll be brought up slowly, but expect him to explode onto the scene, like Kaka.

Verdict: No change yet. Keep.

94. TOLOI, Rafael - CB - 18 - 75


Most valuable 18 year old in Brazil, that's for sure. 14 starts for Goias, but he got suspended for 4 more and missed 4 for international duty. Which means he's started every game possible. Also has 2 goals, and is a rock in Goias' (2nd place) defense. I can't say enough about him.

Verdict: Rise to 83/84. Keep.

95. FELIPE, Menezes Jacomo - CM/AM - 21 - 81


Don't confuse him with FELIPE, the striker. Felipe Menezes has been a pleasant surprise, starting 18 and subbing into three. He has scored 3 goals as well, and plays a lot like Paulo Henrique.

Verdict: Rise to 85, then sell.

96. DOUGLAS - RB - 19


U20 international has started to impress on the right. Only problem is, he has Vitor higher up on the depth chart.

Verdict: 3 starts and 4 subs will get him added at 75. Wait and see.

97. BRUNO MENEGHEL, Reboli - F - 22 - 73


Surprise star of the Campeonato Carioca, he has been ok since transferring to Goias, 2 starts and 10 subs. He's added 2 goals.

Verdict: Rise to 77, keep.

98. CLEITON XAVIER, Ribeiro - AM/W - 26 - 86


The best player in Brazil. This playmaker has been everywhere for leaders Palmeiras, scoring 2 goals in 20 starts, with countless assists.

Verdict: Rise to 88/89, keep.

99. MAURICIO, Donizete - CB - 24 - 84


One of the top defenders in Brazil at the moment. He and Danilo struggled at first, but they are solid now. 19 starts, 2 goals for the league leaders.

Verdict: Rise to 86/87, keep.

100. SOUZA, Elierce - CM/DM - 21 - 76


Came out of nowhere to become one of the most reliable players in the league. Took away a spot from Mozart/SandroSilva/Jumar in the defensive midfield, he's the starter now, and he has 11 starts, 3 subs so far. Also been mentionned in "Team of the Week" a few times. Solid, solid player.

Verdict: Rise to 82/83 for now; keep.

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

Cannot wait jus bringin in Murqiui and Donizeti Mauricio now

My scout, after being pointed in the right direction by Mark ;)

Corr i better hurry up and by the players ive listed if they are in the coming weeks. :o

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Re: What to expect from the upcoming Brazilian changes/additions?

58. ANDRE - F - 18


Decent young centre-forward who will someday replace Kleber Pereira. Grew up with Neymar and Paulo Henrique' date=' he's definatly worth watching. Only 2 sub appearances though.

Verdict: Added 72. Wait and see.


Definatly worth watching. First goal on his first start today.

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