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Very very quick help needed!!!!!!!!!!


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this is my roma team. as you can see i have Buffon and Cesar. i had transfer listed both as P/E and hoped for a good deal to come but nothing came. now i received a bid of 31 million for buffon from an unmanaged club . with that money and the money i currently have i would get about 40 million.

with those i could but one of Xavi, Iniesta and alonso or any two of Zanetti Zambrotta, Arshavin toulalan , maxi marquez or abidal.

what should i do!?!?!?! i also have ferdinand injured 9 weeks out

quick pls as i have to go in minutes:(

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Guest Football8

Re: Very very quick help needed!!!!!!!!!!

I'd definitely do this, your getting a reasonable amount of cash for Buffon and with it you can buy World class players. You'll have Asenjo as a backup who can hit upto 90 this season imo. So sell Buffon for that.

In terms of choosing from the players you said, I'd buy Iniesta from the first lot and then sell Juninho (optional) and buy Toulalan and Arshavin.

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