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Switching between Tactics pages

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I'll start by saying this is a small change, but perhaps not an absolutely necessary one if it involves a large deal of work from SM side. As I was doing my tactics in a hurry for the umpteenth time yesterday rushing to finish before the 8pm deadline, it occurred to me that it would be nice to have a facility to simply switch to the tactics page of the various teams (bypassing the need to go to the overview page first).

I'll try and elaborate :) . Below the main taskbar there is a larger bay displaying the teams kits, Next game, competing in and the team name and gameworld number. Just below the gameworld number, there is an option to switch clubs. Currently, when you select a club to switch to, it defaults to the new clubs overview page. I would prefer that if you are switching clubs from the tactics page, that it would automatically take you to the tactics page of the club you are switching to (and not the overview page). It would be great for people like me who manage several teams and sometimes get in late with 10-15 minutes to do tactics for 20+ teams (although I guess I could do them the night before some will say, but my nightlife doesn't always allow this :D). It's particularly important when the website can be busy and each page takes some time to load up :)

EDIT: Couple this with a suggestion I made previously about displaying the next 3 fixtures as opposed to just the next one on the tactics page (perhaps in the aforementioned bar) and I think you have the recipe for less time requirement for all users (I estimate I could save 1 and a half hours a week :eek::)) and less traffic at peak times :)

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Re: Switching between Tactics pages

Ya nice suggestion, myself was thinking a while back that it would be nice sometimes that when i log into my team that instead of bringing me to the overview page everytime that i could select my account setting to bring me to the schdule page or to the tactics screen.

Schudule page after between 8pm-12am [After Matches To Check Results]

Tactics Page From 2pm/8pm [To Do Pre Match Tactics]

& Over View Between 12am-2pm [For General CLub Activties]

These Times/Areas could be chaged for each individuals needs & wants.

Obviosly This would save server space [Would it] but also mean less google ad hits if you will....

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Re: Switching between Tactics pages

It seems like a good idea for people who not only have many teams, but people who also have slow connections because it misses out the Club Overview page. I personally like it as it is as I only have two sides and my connection is very fast so maybe this could be switched on or off by the user to their preference. But yes it seems like a good idea.

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