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Great team, cant win

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GK-Valdes, Pint

Def-Puyol, Marquez, Pique, Oddo, Millito, Abidal, Maxwell

Midfield-Fabregas, Toure, Gerrard, Iniesta, Xavi, Neves, Bale, Varela

Striker-Leidson, Messi, Torres, Berbatov

Currently playing 3-5-2, with Toure in DM, rotating between gerrard, fabregas and xavi in CM, with Iniesta/Maxwell/Bale/Neves on the wings

Upfront Messi and Torres with Berbatov and Leidson on the bench

Tactics-Tackling style -normal, passing style- short, tempo- normal, mentality -normal, attacking style-through the middle, pressing-all over

Use playmaker, men behind the ball

I just cant seem to win, I've lost 3-5 games this season now to really **** teams, is this game just ridiculously random or is there something wrong with my tactics? Torres wont score despite me paying 45 million for him. Help me!

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Re: Great team, cant win

I had the same problem...i took over barca and then the league got blocked and after a few weeks there was only 4 managers left so it was really easy to buy big players off unmanaged teams. I had 1 98, 1 97, 2 96s, 5 95s, 7 94s and a load of youth players.

I had my dream team and was in 15th position in the league! :eek:

Then i went on holidays and lost my team that i spent months building :(

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