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The Biggest Riser??????? +15/16

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Re: The Biggest Riser??????? +15/16

as a man of having little sm experience compared to a lot of forumers and managers (Only being playing since June 08)

which player has a had the biggest rise.... Eg.. has a player got a +17???

Paulo henrique is in for a big rise +14 maybe...

but who has had the biggest rise ever on SM???

sorry im just curious ;)

What Paulo Henrique Are We Talking About, Chagas Paulo henrique Who Plays For Santos?

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Re: The Biggest Riser??????? +15/16

Sorry, I know it's not the place, but how come a 60 rated 30 year old CM (Michael Pattimore, 25k) has a higher SM value than Torstein Aase, a 70 rated 17 year old forward?

Just one of the little irritances... makes no sense! :D

Kambolov, Dzagoev and Skogseid are the biggest risers in my memory.

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Re: The Biggest Riser??????? +15/16

I was really fortunate and snagged some good risers this summer, including Soliman







These were all anywhere from 10 to 13.

lots of 7-9 as well.

I thought it was a pretty generous summer for rises ;)

This of course is largely due to the hard work of people who have been posting some excellent scout reports. Very much appreciated guys.

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