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Whats your opinion? Does it **** you off? Personally I think its absolutely hilarious, this week its had me in tears of laughter at the extreme reactions of some people. Talking specifically about Killzone, you just go into a room, when everyone first spawns, aim the launcher at the floor and BAAAAAAAAAAAM -15 points for the team! Hahaha, cue the swearing and chavvy idiots shouting at you. So funny, lemme guess, everyone on here hates people like me?

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Re: Teamkilling

TK'ing, ahhh, the memories! :D CounterStrike: Source was my forte back in the day, and that had the best options after a team kill if the server was using the correct mod. Most options, when selected, would affect the culprit team member in the following round, and included:

  • Forgive player

  • Freeze player

  • Kill player

  • Burn player

  • Turn player into beacon (gives away their location on the map)

  • Blind player

  • Drug player

  • Time bomb

  • Fire bomb

  • Ice Bomb

It seems that as FPS games have become more competitive and the online metagame has evolved, team killing seems punishable only by kicking the player from the game, which can be both a good and a disappointing thing.

Remember kids, if you're going to kill anyone on your team, make sure it's Kev. :)

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