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SM Predict Season 5 Week 5

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Well Low Scoring Week, But Once Again One Fixture Stood Out With Many People Getting The Charlton-Brentford Scoreline of 2-0 and a few I'm Glad To Say Once Again Got The FGS Correct With Predicting Deon Burton As The Scorer of The First Goal.

Only One Person Got Into Double Fiqures & That Was David Bax Who Was The Only Person To Get the ESB Correct of Notts 1-1 Draw With Burton Alb.

Remember this past weeks scores go into both the overall table and the monthly table for september ;)

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Re: SM Predict Season 5 Week 5

Saturday 12th September

Lazio 0-4 Juventus (ESB)

Torino 1-0 Albinoleffe

Gallipoli 3-0 Sassuolo

Sunday 13th September

Bologna 0-0 Chievo

Palermo 1-1 Bari

Udinese 3-1 Catania

Siena 1-3 Roma

Genoa 1-1 Napoli (FGS-Quagliarella- Napoli)

pretty wild but i'm not the cleverest,

I am bottom of the league, typing i am bottom of the league!!!!!!

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