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England vs Croatia - Pay Back!


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Well it's England vs Croatia tonight at Wembley and if England win we have qualified for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

England line-up:




Terry ©








So Englands line-up looks very strong, happy to see Lennon in their with his blistering past he'll be sure to cause some problems :D


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Re: England vs Croatia - Pay Back!

Our best winger finally gets his chance to start :) Lennon could be a hugely important player at the World Cup, great to see him in the side.

Probably one of the few, but glad Heskey is starting again. He works well with Rooney, Gerrard etc and even though he doesn't score many, he adds a lot to the side. I think Defoe will be better off as the sub coming on after half time if we need a goal, kind of like Solskjaer was for Man United a few years ago.

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Re: England vs Croatia - Pay Back!

no-one marking Steven Gerrard for his goal:confused:

i know england has a lot of the worlds best play' date=' Lampard, Gerrard, Terry, Ferdinand, Rooney ......... but you wouldn't see that when Liverpool are playing[/quote']

Probabably because they haven't got Lennon. :o

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