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New Barca side,,, Please Help!!!


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Ive Took over Barca and to be honest a part of me is sorry I did, I chose them from new set up........... They have a low rated keeper and no wide players, I think these are two areas i have to improve on, but its a world set up and probably hard to get quality.... Im a bit gutted to be honest, didnt realise they lacked so much,,,,,,,,,, Any help would be appreciated,,,,

Also, they have the following players in the youth,,, is anybody really worth keeping??? havnt heard much about any of them.... Again help would be good,

OIER, Olazábal GK 19 78

FONTAS, Andreu CB/LB 19 78

MUNIESA, Marc CB/LB 17 75

RUEDA, José Manuel CM 2 77

GAI ASSULIN, Yigaal AM/Fwd 18 78

FASCIANA, Franco AM/Fwd 19 78

THIAGO ALCANTARA, Nascimiento AM 18 77

JEFFREN, Suárez Wing 21 78

EVIS OGUDE, Onyema Fwd 19 77

I have about 33m to spend................ I have put bids in for the following players ( either for future or to make cash) These buys come to about 10m


WILLIANS, Domingos


CIRO, Silva

I know when i took a side over before I got a lot of good advice and i would really appreciate it this time..... Thanks in anticipation.............

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Re: New Barca side,,, Please Help!!!

jeffren ' date=' alcantara , rueda and muniesa amazing youth players not sure about rest of them[/quote']

Cheers mate, I'll look to keep them then.........

I really need width, im probably gunna have to P/E............... I want a ribery or robben, The byern manager sounds as though there could be a deal.......... Im having to play messi and iniesta out wide which isnt great at all......... Im thinking about P/E' ing Kieter, would this be right?? Or is there anybody else who is dispensible, who may not get a raise or may start reducing?????????????

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Re: New Barca side,,, Please Help!!!

Keep the following youngsters:




Gai Assulin

The rest either don't have the talent (Ogude) or have too much competition (Jeffren)

As for the main Barcelona team. You have very expendable players in your CBs Marquez and Milito who both look set to drop and lose their starting position to either Pique or Chygrynskyy. As for the lack of width, maybe you should just try 433 formation which is pretty much what Guardiola does and it seems to work fine.

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