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Dutch and Belgian talents and risers


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Dutch and Belgian talents

This is my seconed post on dutch risers my other post includes other people similar to these players




Fejzullahu is a 21 year old 77 attacking midfielder playing for NEC in the Dutch league. He has started 4 out of 4 games and got himself a goal. He was awarded player of the season at Mjallby solvesborg starting 14 games and scoring 12 goals before moving to NEC. Now that Fejzullahu is at a good side in dutch division 1 and playing in the first team he could be in for a good rise

Current rating:78

Predicted rating:83


Bart Biemans is a 21 year old CB playing for Dutch division 1 team Willem. The 21 year old defender has started all 6 games and because he has a very attacking style of play he has 2 goals as well. On soccermanager he is rated just 74 and for a first team player that’s quite low so he is in for a good rise. AZ have shown interest in the Dutch player and have put in an undisclosed fee for the young Belgium, but as of this moment I don’t know what stage the transfer deal is at.

Current rating: 74

Predicted rating: 82



Jo Coppens is an 18 year old 70 rated keeper currently playing for the Belgian side cercle brugge. This season he has started 5 out of 6 games for Brugge. The old first team keeper for cercle brugge is rated 84. Because of this if Coppens holds on to his first team place I think he will get a good rise.

Current rating: 70

Predicted rating: 80



Alderweireld is the best player I have found whilst scouting players from Belgium and Germany. The 20 year old Belgian CB has started all 6 games and scored a goal for the German side Ajax. Ajax have produce some very good young defenders including, Gregory Van Der Wiel Vermaelen and Vertonghen and Alderweireld is no different, he is a great prospect and if he continues to play first team he will get a good rise.

Current rating: 78

Predicted rating: 84



I scouted Koc a while ago when he had been transferred to Fc Groningen. I said I would keep people posted about his progress. Koc is a 19 year old 77 and has started 3 games and had 2 subs playing over 200 minutes for Groningen. He will get a small rise if he starts a few more games but he is a great long term prospect.

Current rating: 77

Predicted rating: 80



Dimitri Daeseleire Is a 19 year old 78 RB currently playing for racing Gent. Last season he had a rise of three because he had started 4 games for his team since then he has started 18 times, 14 last season and every game this season. Rubin have shown interest in the 19 year old but the Gent chairman has said he does not want to sell any players, especially first team players during the absence of their manager. But this still cant stopped Daeseleire talking to rubin, but the vvv-venlo manager job Jan Van Dijk is in talks with the club and so Daeseleire could be kept as a first team playervfor a few months. But at Gent he is still a great player and because of his first team position he should be in for a good rise. The rating I have predicted he will get depends on him keeping his first team place which is almost certain.

Current rating: 78

Predicted rating: 82

By pat


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Re: Dutch and Belgian talents and risers

What abou carcela-gonzalez from Standard Liege?

Your right to bring him up he is a good talent, but after looking at him i didnt think it was worth putting on the forum. He should get a rise of 2 or 3 but i will looked into him and keep you posted

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