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World Cup Stars


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ineed some help!!

how is going to be a 2010 World Cup star

this is my team:

ADLER, René - Germany

FOSTER, Ben - England

DANIELS, Luke - England

MANNONE, Vito - Itlay

FILIPE, Luís Kasmirski - Brazil

SCHAFER, Marcel - Germany

MISUN, Milan - Czech Republic

ANSALDI, Cristian - Argentina

EVERTON SILVA, José - Brazil

ECKERSLEY, Richard - England

MILITO, Gabriel - Argentina

ONYEWU, Oguchi - USA

EVANS, Jonny - Northern Ireland

WERLEY, Ananias - Brazil

COATES, Sebastián - Uruguay

MACDONALD, Cameron - Scotland

ALEXIS, Ruano - Spain

HINES, Seb - England

HUNT, Stephen - Ireland

BENAYOUN, Yossi - Israel

MACDONALD, Shaun - Wales

PAYNE, Josh - England

CATTERMOLE, Lee - England

ALEX, Raphael - Brazil

MCGEADY, Aiden - Ireland

DI MARIA, Ángel - Argentina

PATO, Alexandre - Brazil

GIGNAC, André-Pierre - France

FLOCCARI, Sergio - Italy


CHURCH, Simon - Wales

GOMEZ, Mario - Germany

HUGO ALMEIDA, Miguel - Portugal

MILEVSKIY, Artem - Ukraine

CHAMAKH, Marouane - Moroco

Who in my team do you think are goin to be a world cup star:confused:

Help will be rewarded

Cheers!! B):D

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