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rising spanish duo

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Juan Manuel Mata and Alberto Bueno rising stars of spanish football.

these to currently play for real madrid b but they are both linked with moves to chelsea and liverpool. i watch them play for real madrid castilla and they mostly do all there work inclusing there goalie adan who is also linked with liverpool.

here the link were i found the info. :)


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Re: rising spanish duo

i think every body needs to take a look to Mata

Ductility, flashes of genius, speed: Juan Mata is an offensive player of 172 cm in height, very little substance and subtlety. He can play wide left even on the line of midfielders, outer striker ever on the left, second striker and sometimes used in Castilla also as 10: a fundamental weapon therefore to give to the team speed in being offensive, unpredictability and consistency in goal area.

Already because on the contrary to what one might think, Mata has a good feeling with goal: his coldness is under the goal is proverbial, saw the the words game, created by his fans, "Cuando te Mata remata, te mata", or "When Mata affects you, kills you. "

The favourite foot is left, but the right is good for be a lefty, and is used with sufficient results for toss to companions. The technique is refined, but never gets used to ham it up, as an effective dribblin: not being a wingback, the play of Juanin does not need sensational performances, it is already more than sufficiently valued by his qualities, including the ability to cross quite developed.

The speed and suppleness are certainly two crucial qualities of Mata, who for that he is used also in the lateral side of field.

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Re: rising spanish duo

anyone know if Bueno's gonna kick on and break in to the Madrid first team or leave for another top division club?

I don't think he will be making too many first team appearances in the near future, nor will he be moving too any other club as he is no doubt a talent. So if your looking for instant results don't go for him. He's more of a long-term investment (albeit a good one) ;)

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