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Derek Asamoah - Riser!!!

Kieran Smith

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Derek Asamoah

Derek Asamoah born the 1st of May 1981 hes a 28 year old striker who has been around playing for many clubs, like Hamilton Academical and Shrewsbury Town. Hes now transferd to Lokomotiv Sofia over the summer and is now scoring goals for Lokomotiv.



Im sure many of you have heard of this guy with his blistering pace, always putting the defenders on the back foot. Hes a small striker who is very agile. Hes played 5 games and scored 2 goals so far for Lokomotiv Sofia this season.

Goal VS Wrexham

I believe he will be in for a massive rise in the next Bulgarian changes.

Rated at 73 i could see him rising to the 80s or maybe 79.

Comments guys Expecially TRENT The Bulgarian Guru.

Regards Kieran

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Re: Derek Asamoah - Riser!!!

I'm not fond of Loko Sofia players and even though I watched their match with Levski last weekend, the TV was a few meters away with the volume turned down [was on my brother's wedding actually :D ], so I weren't able to watch out for Asamoah.

As I mentioned in the Bulgarian League thread, he's definitely not playing as a striker, since Baldovaliev and Kamburov are also on the pitch along Derek.

His goal against Pirin is quite something:


[Hosted on a Bulgarian site, so it might take awhile to load, if it does at all for any of you]

Beroe - Loko Sf 2:1


Asamoah's goal starts at 0:23

Looks decent ;)

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Re: Derek Asamoah - Riser!!!

I can't comment on the quality of the Bulgarian league but I've seen Asamoah play several times for Lincoln City in what is now League Two. Now, that is a very poor league and Asamoah failed to impress me then. Granted, he's extremely quick, but he seems to think he's better than he actually is. Me and my pals just urged him to knock the ball past the defender and run, but he insisted to try and pull off fancy tricks, which he rarely succeeded with.

I would imagine that Lokomotiv Sofia are one of the top teams in Bulgaria and that the other sides in the division are of a poorer standard, but that may be me just being presumptuous. Perhaps he is flourishing at this level, and perhaps he will rise in the next changes, but, for the long-term, he is very average at best.

Also, what was the cerfuffle with his move to Nice? He never played a game did he? I heard someone say that Nice got him mixed up with Asamoah Gyan, which would be bloody funny, if true! :D

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