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Re: Wrexham Challenge

Players Set To Sign

Wrexham have put 7 bids in for youth players.

All expect to be from holland 8 million pounds worth will be spent on players who should rise but theres no loss as all players will fit into the team with there current rating beating Wrexhams 69 average rating.

The biggest money signing will be for Dries MERTENS a 22 year old from FC Utrecht which sees Wrexham splash out 1.85 Million on him alone

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Re: Wrexham Challenge

Manager Speaks Of Take Over

Today new Wrexham manager Rose spoke on his recent arrival.

" Its a huge challenge for me , my aim is to get Wrexham up the leagues in my first season its a case of just getting this team into the top 10 it will be hard seeing the state the club is in but i will fight hard to get this team back in the spotlight.

We have a nice big ground but cant get in the attendances we need to show the fans if they come what we will provide , im aiming to get this small club from North Wales full attendances and playing big teams and competing in higher leagues

Its will be hard but the whole of Wrexham is in my hands now "

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Re: Wrexham Challenge

Team Vs Bradford

Rose takes charge of his first game with injured players he has headaches over NMF players and a small team already in trouble at the bottom of the table

GK - Vrteski (74)

RB - Diekmeier (78) (New Signing)

CB - Alderweireld (78) (New Signing)

LB - Leerdam (75) (New Signing)

RM - Koning (78) (New Signing)

CM - Mertens (78) (New Signing)

CM - Donald (76) (New Signing)

CDM - Flood (75)

LM - Verhoek (78) (New Signing)

CF -Schieber (78) (New Signing)

CF - Fejzullahu (77) (New Signing)

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Re: Wrexham Challenge

Wrexham 7 Bradford City 0

Rose had just 2 days to get a Wrexham team in 18th place with average rating of 69 in shape and did he do that!

A 7 goal cracker for Wrexham sends them shooting up the table after 5 games and just 1 game in charge for rose there now 7th 6 points from top stop.

Just 3,319 fans turned up to the match with the stadium capacity of over 15 thousand a struggling Wrexham team with bad support it all looked so bad before the game.

Schiber 4,39,60 MOTM

Verhoek 22,59

Koning 29

Fejzullahu 80

Every player who scored was signed by Rose in the 2 days he had in charge before this game , 9 of the players Rose signed started the match

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Re: Wrexham Challenge

5 More To Sign

Wrexham are set to sign yet more players , an other 5 could turn up to the racecourse ground tomorrow.

Wrexhams manager Rose has already brought in 13 players spending 12 Million and now is set the spend his last 2 Million on an other 5 players


STOCH, Miroslav



MAROH, Dominic

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