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The Official Boxing Thread

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Re: The Official Boxing Thread

Does Anthony Joshua fight anyone of any mention? 12 knockouts in 12 bouts all in under three rounds now.

He is an animal though.

He fights Kevin Johnson in 3 weeks. Although he is another fighter he should easily beat it is still a step up in competition.

Personally I feel they are doing a good job with Joshua' date=' he has only been pro for 18 months and in that time he has been out injured for 5 months.

No doubt he has the skills, build and power to be fighting much better competition but when you start to get to the higher more elite levels you need more than that. Being strong mentally and having absolute confidence in yourself is what sets many great fighters apart.

Look at what happened to Audley Harrison, he had the pedigree and the physical attributes but mentally he was weak when it came to stepping up a level.

What a great fight that Ricky Burns V Figueroa fight was, a complete throwback fight just two blokes standing toe to toe.

I thought Burns was washed up but that was a great effort albeit in defeat but you gotta love Boxing like that, ok not a lot of great technical stuff but in terms of courage, fight, grit, sheer brute will that was a great fight, the right man got the decision but I was impressed with Burns considering how rubbish he had looked previously this was a very decent display against a good operator away from home.

Fantastic fight and not a bad showing with Mcdonnell and Kameda either.

Always liked Burns but like you I thought he was finished as well after his last couple of showings. Good to see him put in a real effort and show case some grit.

I also thought Luke Campbell and Callum Smith did very well tonight, Smith doing the better out of the two with a fantastic 1st round stoppage of a guy who is pretty tough.

Looking forward to Alvarez v Kirkland later.

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Re: The Official Boxing Thread

I think it was a smart decision to give Joshua a warm up going in to the Joshua fight, it was pretty much a spar and you got the feeling he could knock him out any time he wanted to but you don't want to take the risk of him unnecessarily going in to his first real proper fight on the back of a lengthy injury.

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Re: The Official Boxing Thread

It made me laugh the way they are building up Johnson. The guy couldn't finish his dinner never mind knock out Anthony Joshua...

Zumbano Love wasnt much cop. Been knocked out in 2 of his last 3 and now 3 of his last 4 fights. Don't let that stop you making the matchup though Eddie ;).

As of right now, Joshua has a lot to prove, he is all smoke and mirrors. Until he gets in with a live opponent (Im not counting Kingpin, he is over the hill never has been) I will reserve much of my judgement.

I do believe however, he may just be the real deal. So unpolished mind. He lacks head movement. Something he will pay for when he fights the best of the division if he doesn't change that tendancy now.

Please no more taxi drivers Eddie, not only is it pointless but it is beginning to become dangerous for the fighters.

So pleased for Jamic Mac. Great performance against a tricky customer. Take that Haymon :)

Canelo knocked out Kirkland...did anyone expect anything different? Didnt tune in because obvious KO is obvious.

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Anyone watch Eubank fight I forgot about it is how good is he ?

He's a very talented boxer. His major flaw atm is his cockiness, as seen in the fight (ill link you a vimeo vid in pm of the full fight if you want to watch yourself) with Blackwell he was caught a fair amount of times when he was taunting/show boating.. and as well all know, it only takes that one punch to knock someone out. It's just the fact he done it multiple times, he eventually stopped but it was a little late after being hit 3-4 times needlessly. 


Nick Blackwell deserves HUGE props for his performance in that fight, the lad was on the end of countless uppercuts, jabs and body shots but wouldn't give up despite having a flowing nose for the majority of the fight. Continued to throw punches after being on the end of some crazy quick combos from Eubank. If it was down to Blackwell and not the ref/doctor (though rightly the fight was called) he'd have for sure went for 12. He certainly looks like he's one of the people that would rather die than swallow their pride! Or maybe it's a case of dying doing what you love.. who knows. I heard Blackwell never came through the AM's, rather unlicensed boxing? Not sure how true that is. Though it would explain why his jaw is made of complete iron, probably been in a lot of bare knuckle fights.

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