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World Cup 2010


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Its a little early. But with teams qualifiying especially England for most of us, I decided to create a World Cup thread.You can discuss anything to do with the World Cup. Even the qualifiers. If someone has created a thread already then please tell me becuase my search filter is down.

Lets start with the teams who have qualified.


South Africa

African Section


European Section




Asian Section


Korea DPR (North Korea)


Korea Republic (South Korea)

South American Section



Now its a little early to predict anything but all im going to say is, England are looking good, and its looking better because Portugal mite not qualify! Thats what we need. Because lets be right, we will never win anything if Portugal are in.

Cheers Mark :)

Free to discuss...

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Re: World Cup 2010

i think Spain and Brazil are strong in this competition:)

True they are 2 of the definite favorites, however i think its really too early to tell because we are only at around the half-way point of the club season. we dont know who will get injured, lose form, etc. so i dont think we can really judge a team until their players have played their full clubs seasons

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