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There should be a 72hour maximum wait after a manager applies for a unmanaged club in a private set up. The current rules are open to abuse by the GW owner, the indefinite period of wait for a accepted/rejected application is unfair on other GW managers. 4weeks in limbo is not right.

At the very least, clubs who have a manager application pending should not have a transfer ban on them.

I have been deliberately sabotaged by my GW owner who gets dodgy ID's to pick unmanaged clubs then asset strips their players to his favoured teams. :mad:. I was prevented from snapping up the barcelona players at chairman valuation because of this 4week transfer ban.

Something should be done. Either a maxima/minima length of time for a manager application before automatic rejection & free of transfer block. Or do away with 'you can't do any transfers with this unmanaged club as they have a manager application pending'.

Maximum 72hour transfer ban for a pending manager application would be the most suitable.

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