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100 Not Out / The 100 club

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Re: 100 Not Out / The 100 club

Turn up' date=' win the trophy, quit?

Must be the only person to have more honours then games at 1 club....[/quote']

first its impossible,so what in real life managers come and quitting before finals after finals,so what if i take mediocre team and try to beat team full of stars,its still deserved,no matter am i there 1 game or 200 games,some people are taking clubs---cause transfers i take them to try win some competitions with it,ofcourse its easier in later stages,but still it s not guarantee,and those guys who completely change squad in 2 days and quits later,are those transfers undeserved?Why managers in real life taking clubs like Mourinho from Porto to Chelsea then to Inter then to Real he s taking clubs that could win trophies and gave him better salary........Ancellotti,AVB,etc ,yea some staying like SAF but thats exception

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Re: 100 Not Out / The 100 club

Having achieved my first GC title in July 2009 tonight I managed to reach GC title number 100 as Udinese beat Sampdoria on penalties in GC11 to win the Italian Cup.

There were some memorable titles among those – winning the World Cup with Mali in GC26 was clearly one of them (and almost doing it again a few weeks ago but losing on penalties in the final).

The only SMFA Cup win with Fenerbahce in GC22 happened with my unfit second team that had played only the night before the final (and I had forgotten to change the squad).

And my favourite team Hertha BSC clinched the only SMFA Shield for me in GC6.

This is the full list:

GC1 (Boca Juniors): 6 titles (2x Charity Shield, 2x Domestic Cup, 1x Domestic Shield, 1x League)

GC5 (FC Midtjylland): 9 titles (3x Charity Shield, 3x Domestic Cup, 2x Domestic Shield, 1x League)

GC6 (Hertha BSC/Germany): 6 titles (2x World Cup with Germany; with Hertha BSC 1x League, 1x Charity Shield, 1x Domestic Cup, 1x SMFA Shield)

GC11 (FC Salzburg/Udinese): 7 titles (with Salzburg 2x Domestic Shield, 1x League, 1x Charity Shield; with Udinese 2x Domestic Cup, 1x Charity Shield)

GC13 (Palermo/France): 4 titles (1x World Cup with France; with Palermo 2x Domestic Shield, 1x Domestic Cup)

GC14 (Enyimba): 1 title (1x Domestic Cup)

GC16 (Palmeiras): 1 title (1x Domestic Cup)

GC17 (Feyenoord): 10 titles (5x League, 4x Charity Shield, 1x Domestic Cup)

GC22 (Fenerbahce): 9 titles (4 League, 2x Domestic Cup, 2x Domestic Shield, 1 SMFA Cup)

GC26 (AS Monaco/Mali): 4 titles (1x World Cup with Mali; with Monaco 2x Domestic Cup, 1x Domestic Shield)

GC37 (Millwall): 3 titles (Consecutive titles Div. 2-4)

GC38 (Bochum): 2 titles (2x Domestic Shield)

GC51 (Mönchengladbach): 5 titles (2x Domestic Cup, 1x League, 1x Domestic Shield, 1x Charity Shield)

GC59 (Nacional da Madeira): 6 titles (3x Domestic Shield, 2x League, 1x Charity Shield)

GC60 (Goias): 10 titles (4x Domestic Cup, 3x Charity Shield, 1x League, 1x Div. 2 winner, 1x Domestic Shield)

GC78 (Sporting KC/Arsenal): 6 titles (with Sporting KC 2x League, 1x Domestic Shield, 1x Charity Shield; with Arsenal 1x League, 1x Charity Shield)

GC100 (Monterrey): 8 titles (4x Domestic Cup, 3x Charity Shield, 1x Domestic Shield)

GC102 (AFC Wimbledon): 3 titles (Consecutive titles Div. 3-5)

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