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    • Give him a 94
    • He should stay at 95
    • He is great and should go to 96
    • He should go up to 97

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One point possibly two.

had had a good world cup for someone playign with a half broken ankle, and his form before the injury last season and his form this season has been close to amazing. Scores a lot fo goals and lays on even more. At the moment probably the best player in the italian league, only Kaka and Luca Toni are close

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Best italian player for a number of seasons now. Has had quiet spells' date=' but honestly have a look at Romas team, its not comparable to AC's, Inter, Juve's but they still manage to compete with them thanks to Totti's ability.

Got to be worth a 96 even if he is mercurial and temperamental.[/quote']

well if u watch Serie A every week u will notice that sometimes in a game he becomes quiet and its almost as if he is invisible at one point in a match (although that doesnt always happen and its not that frequent)

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Ha Ha' date=' that’s what I was thinking.

I think Totti`s rating is justified, great player, word class, getting on a bit.

He can grace my team any time.


great to see orgy again...(ahem..)

i thought he had left for good.

as for your comments on totti i agree with you 100%. as do most italian's. they would love to see him play for italy again though the expectation placed on his shoulders when wearing the azzuri blue seems to have put him off a national team return for good.

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