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Gold Championship 3!!!

pthame 3d

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!

Yes but you counted him the offer YOU wanted' date=' he accepted and then you cancled, you shouldnt cancel deals because it isnt fair and he wasnt bad mouthing you he was just saying dont bother making an offer because you will just cancel it after, which is pointless

Sm Upgrade : No Cancel Deals Button :)[/quote']

I Know I Was Wrong But Was There Any Reason In Coming On Here A Bad Mouthing Me

(PS. No Cancel Deal Upgrade Would Be Ridiculous)

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!

I Know I Was Wrong But Was There Any Reason In Coming On Here A Bad Mouthing Me

(PS. No Cancel Deal Upgrade Would Be Ridiculous)

You are wrong for canceling!!!!!

You countered to what you wanted!!!! And then Canceled....

Leigh has every right to say what he did, hes not actually bad mouthing you, he is warning people that you go back on deals that you actually choose!!!

Its wrong, you should have PM'ed him before you canceled explaining your reasons, he still wouldn't be happy but that would have been a better thing to do!!

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!

Seems Like I Am Being Picked On Here....Therefore I Will Not Be Commenting On It Anymore But Do I Not Have The Right Tio Cancel The Deal?

You do, but there saying it's annoying, and when you counter what what you want, then cancel it's just extra annoying, and stop starting every word with a capital.

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!

If You Have A Problem With Me You Wont Be Wanting To Do The Deal Plus I Received A Better Offer From Somebody Else So Dont Bad Mouth Me On Here Just Because You Didnt Get Fabregas If You Have A Problem Speak To Me About It

RIDICULOUS:mad: :(:mad:

I'll say what I like thanks! I hate people that cancel deals and have made that perfectly clear on the forum many times. Your not the first to be mentioned and won't be the last! Like has been said the least you could have done is send a PM explaining why but you are clearly ignorant and that is beyond you! I'll just know not to deals with people like you in the future!

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!

French Shield Round 3


Sochaux progress in style

343.gifSOCHAUX 7 - 2 GUEUGNON321.gif

After an early exit for Sochaux in the French Cup last week, Winston's team looked determined to not repeat this in the Shield tonight. They fielded the strongest team possible and really went for the win as the scoreline shows.

Sochaux were 4-0 up by half time with goals from Jerome Leroy, Karim Ziani, Guiranne Ndaw and Fernando Salazar. Winston looked happy on the touchline as his team were performing well.

The Welshman's team started the second half by conceding a goal on 48 minutes through Wilfried Niflore. This was canceled out within 5 minutes as Sochaux netted another three goals as Leroy and Ziani netted again with Araujo Ilan getting on the score sheet from the substitutes bench.

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!

Im not Going To Argue Anymore But...

I Recieved A Better Offer Abnd I Did Send Him A Message About It About 20 Seconds After I Canceled It And Im Not Making It Up About Getting a Better Offer It Is From Porto Manager Thang Cong Vu Ask Him Yourself Currently Negotiating With Him

Sorry, And I Am Not Going To Say Anything More.

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!


Fenerbahce appoint Mattis as manager

In the early hours of this morning, Fenerbahce annouced English born manager Louis Mattis as there new manager. Mattis agreed paper work with the chairman and the board which will keep him at Fenerbahce until 2011. Fenerbahce sit in a comfortable 7th place and play Olympiacos in tomorrow's mid-week game.

Mattis has named Bakary Kone as the captain and will lead his team out tomorrow night.

Mattis has also annouced the team he will play in most league games, it is as follows:



-=Paulo Baier=-=Baris=-=Serginho=-


-=Diogo Rincon=-



(The Ivory Coast international will captain Fenerbahce)

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!


95.gifAscoli 0-2 Juventus110.gif

Juventus wanted to climb back up after their cup defeat at the hands of Atalanta on Monday.

However, they managed to keep their 100% winning record in the league after an impressive win against unmanaged side Ascoli.

Juventus climbed up to a magnificent 7th on the table, taking them closer to their Euoprean dreams.

Manuel Blasi and Luigi Pieroni scored to seal all three points.

The Italian giants will play second place Palermo on Saturday on what seems to be Sparky's biggest game in charge.

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!



Sochaux lose but stay top

345.gifToulouse 3 - 2 Sochaux343.gif

With Winston's second team hit with rating decreases it was going to be tough in the League from now on and it showed tonight against Toulouse. Winston's League team has done well so far taking them top of Ligue 1.

Winston is saving his first team players for the cups that he wants to win this season, he also does not want to give up on the League but has stated that it is not the main priority this season.

Sochaux had a lot more shots than Toulouse but were unable to make most of them count, especially in the first half with Winston's men missing chances that they should have scored.

They ended up going into half time 1-0 down as a result of this.

Sochaux looked like getting back into the match in the second half as they rained shots at the Toulouse goal with no real result. Toulouse actually doubled their lead rather than Sochaux equalizing.

This did make Sochaux come out and actually find the net just 4 minutes after conceding the second when Blas Perez scored to make it 2-1 to Toulouse.

Winston's team let that goal go to their heads and straight from the kick off Toulouse went 3-1 ahead when bad defending from Sochaux left them wide open at the back and they were punished. Winston was not happy at this point.

The Welsh manager made changes and seemed to want his players to go all out attack ad the did which resulted in Karim Ziani scoring a consolation goal for his team late on and Winston's team left with nothing.

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!



Sochaux keep dream alive

343.gifSOCHAUX 3 - 3 MAN UTD49.gif

Sochaux's Welsh manager was delighted after his teams performance tonight against a very strong Manchester United team. Winston picked his strongest starting 11 to try and pick up a result which will give his team confidence going into the last 2 group games.

After losing in the first match against Man Utd at Old Trafford 3 weeks ago after an amazing performance Winston was determined to get his own back especially as his team is proving to be hard to beat at home.

Man Utd took the lead after just 2 minutes when Ryan Giggs rounded 2 defenders and slotted home to give Sochaux the absolute worst of starts.

The lead lasted just 8 minutes as Sochaux started to play after going behind and got an equalizer after Gael Givet found him self in space following a corner and he smashed the ball into the roof of the net making the score 1-1.

Man Utd went in at half time luckily 2-1 up after a rare attack earned them a corner and from that resulting corner Rio Ferdinand rose above everyone and neatly glanced the ball into the far corner. The goal was against the run of play and Sochaux seemed to let their heads drop.


(Giggs and Ferdinand gave Man Utd a half time lead)


(Gael Givet scored the first half goal for Sochaux)

Sochaux came out for the second half looking like a different team, Winston must of given the speech of a lifetime and really given his players a boost. Man Utd were under pressure for the first 10 minutes of the second half and were lucky not to concede, they broke forward in numbers with even defenders getting up and supporting the attack resulting in them taking a 3-1 lead after Mikael Silvestre of all people smashing the ball home.

It was looking like being another disappointing Cup defeat ahead for Sochaux unless Winston could get his players up for the task in hand. The response by the Sochaux players was very impressive as they were knocking the ball around with intent and just 7 minutes after going 3-1 behind a lovely passing move was finished off by Momo Sissoko to give Winston's team a chance.

The game was level within 10 minutes as a wonderful curling strike from Momo Sissoko flew into the net making the scores level and capping off an amazing comeback to earn a draw for his Sochaux team.


(Silvestre scored to make it 3-1 to Man Utd)


(Momo Sissoko scored a 15 minute brace to give Socahux a well deserved draw)

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!



League lead stretched again

343.gifSochaux 6 - 2 Lens327.gif

After an amazing performance last night against Man Utd Winston rested his first team and played a second team that is performing beyond all expectation. The Welsh manager is said to be delighted with his League team, as they are now called, as they have given Sochaux a 4 point lead over Lyon again.

Jeremie Brechet scored a very early opener for Sochaux after just 3 minutes, just 6 minutes later Winston's men were reduced to 10 men after just coming back from a suspension for a red card in his last appearance Edgar Castillo kicked an opposing player and received another red card.

The sending off did not stop Sochaux from dominating large periods of the match, they went 2-0 up just 5 minutes after the red card when Brazilian Araujo Ilan netted.

Winston's team continued to press and did go 3-0 up before half time as on 38 minutes Romeo Castelen continued his good run of scoring form as he pounced to put the ball in the net.

The score at half time was 3-0 to Sochaux.

Lens did show some signs of a fightback in the second half and they pulled a goal back just 6 minutes into the second half through Nery Castillo to give his team a chance of a fightback.

Sochaux responded and attacked again and within 10 minutes extended their lead to 3 goals again when Araujo Ilan scored his second and Sochaux's fourth. Just 2 minutes later and Lens were back in the game as they scored a second to give them a glimmer of hope as Rodrigues Alceu scored for them.

Again, Sochaux responded positively and 8 minutes after conceding they extended their lead again through Blas Perez. Winston's team capped off a fine goal scoring performance as just before full time Romeo Castelen scored his second to give his team a 6-2 victory.

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!


First win for Mattis

Fenerbahce 2-0 Sporting

Tonight, Louis Mattis got his first win in his second game incharge at Fenerbahce. 45,000 turned up at the Fenerbahçe Stadium in which a game Fenerbahce dominated possession with 61%, but had a very poor 2 shots on target to Sporting's 14!. Fenerbahce opened the scoring on 19 minutes through Augusto Diogo Rincon poking the ball into the net to give Fenerbahce a 1-0 lead at half time. Fenerbahce added there second to the game on the hour mark, Augusto Diogo Rincon picking up his second of the game rasping home a screamer from the edge of the box giving Fenerbahce a comfortable 2-0 win.

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!


Cardiff have signed Gazlad as manager, gazlad decided to come in gc3 after some consideration....

Looking at the squad they seem pretty decent side, but i feel that we need a few more new faces already put a few bids in and bidded for two players on loan, we have a tough game on wednesday as we face 2nd place everton and we will be looking to put a dent in there bid for promotion, as we find ourselves in 8th 7 points from 3rd place arsenal and there a many games to go for us to challenge for a top 3 finish..

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!


German Cup Quarter Final - Mon 7 Apr 2008

Borussia Dortmund progress to Semi-Finals were they face Dynamo Dresden

Match report:



Borussia Dortmund's satring 11:












1 FC Koln starting 11:














Borussia Dortmund took an early lead goin ahead after just 7 minutes trought a goal by Benjani Mwaruwari then Broussia Dortmound had all the possession in the first half which lead to another goal in the 35th Minute Brussia Dortmound scored again to put themselves 2-0 up throught a goal from Nicolas Pavlovich witch made it look like Brussia had won te game ten 13 minutes from time Emanuel Villa scored a concolation goal to make the game end up 2-1 to Brussia Dortmound.

(MOM: Nicolás Pavlovich)


Injuries: Brussia Dortmounds Nicolás Pavlovich


BD:56% 1FCK:44%

Shots On Goal

BD:21 1FCK:14

Shots On Target

BD:13 1FCK:7


BD:9 1FCK:4

Yellow Cards

BD:0 1FCK:1

Red Cards

BD:0 1FCK0

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!

Borussia Dortmund


392.gifBorussia Dortmund Vs Dynamo Dresden394.gif

Borussia Dortmund faced Dynamo Dresden tonight at Rudolf Harbig in Dresden with a capacity of 23,940 in German League on the score sheet was German League leading scorer Louis Saha in the 13th minute to give Borussia the lead then in the 38th minute with a goal from Benajni who earnt a starting place after his recent cup form after the game we interviewd Borussia Manager Nick Justice he said " I was pleased with the result and i hope we can pull it off again against Dynamo Dresden in the Shield Quater Finals and we thoyght our battles well and all i can say is im more than happy with my current teams proformnce, I would also like to wish Dynamo Dresden manager Geordie Best the best of luck for the rest of the season. We face a though task at Werder Bremen on Saturday witch will be a good game."


Louis Saha (13)


Benjani (38)


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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!



Impressive League form continues

320.gifGrenoble 0 - 5 Sochaux343.gif

Sochaux traveled to Grenoble 4 points clear in Ligue 1 and have picked up another win to keep this lead intact. Winston is very impressed with his second team as they are winning the League for him.

This first half was dominated by Sochaux but was amazingly 0-0 at half time. This baffled everyone in the Stadium and it was looking like not being Sochaux's night.

Winston must have just said keep it up and it up and the goals will come and Sochaux dominated exactly as they did in the first half and found the net virtually straight away in the second half as Valeri Bojinov netted, he went on to bag a hat-rick, Blas Perez also scored as did debutant Ebi Smolarek who came off the bench after his move from Borussia Dortmund.

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!



Gazlads first match in charge of cardiff was a winning start as they beat 2nd place everton 2-1 to put a dent in evertons promtion bid and cardiff move 7th with 28 points, 5 points of 3rd place..

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Re: Gold Championship 3!!!



Bernabeu sees Real dumped out by Sochaux

163.gifReal Madrid 0 - 3 Sochaux343.gif

Sochaux manager Dai Winston is singing the praises of his team after the impressive and surprising victory over Real Madrid. Sochaux not only won tonights match but they completely dominated possession and performed out of their skins.

The first half saw only one goal through Pavel Pogrebnyak who gave Sochaux the lead after slotting home from a rebounded shot.


(Pogrebnyak gave Sochaux a 1-0 half time lead)

Sochaux had their tails up in the second half and really started positively, they created numerous chances and eventually took one as right winger Jerome Leroy skilfully took the ball around Casillas and finished from a tight angle to make it 2-0.


(Leroy impressively put Sochaux 2-0 up)

Just one minute after extending their lead Sochaux suffered a blow that could have cost them a win in tonights match as defender Fernando Salazar received a second yellow card for a rash challenge.


(Salazar received a red card for Sochaux)

Sochaux were put under pressure after Salazar's sending off and Real were finally showing some signs of being the team that they have been in the past. They were unable to break through a very dogged and determined Sochaux defense who were not going to give their lead up without a fight.

As Real pressed they were leaving massive gaps at the back and it was looking inevitable that they would be hit on the counter attack and with just 2 minutes to go a break away by Karim Ziani left him one on one with Casillas and he dummied him and passed the ball into the empty net to round off an amazing away performance from Winston's team.


(Ziani capped off a brilliant night for Sochaux as he made it 3-0 late on)

With tonights victory Sochaux move onto 10 points in Group B just 1 point behind leaders Manchester United. Real's loss tonight means they have only 5 points and no chance of catching Winston's team.



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